Saturday, February 28, 2015

THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK by the Two Marys: Creation & Compassion


The Two Marys are the combined energies 
of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

 Interviewed/Edited by spiritual Journalist, Joel D. Anastasi
Channeled by Jessie Keener


We are the Two Marys entwined in this frequency for the purpose of supporting humanity in the Ascension process. We bring you great tidings of joy today for both of you and the students reading this must understand that if you are hearing these words, if you are reading these words, there are congratulations due. There has been much inner processing going on for everyone concerned. Great cleaning of the unnecessary from the glorious gardens you are growing. Great care and nourishment makes sure that what is essential to grow is being given what’s required.

We have said to you before and we continue to say to you, it is all about doing your inner work to keep the path to your heart open, to keep your flow into your heart free, to keep yourself free from the addiction and glamour of the part of the mind that needs to know or wants to engage in anything but compassion. And students, beloveds, congratulations are given now because you have been earnest in your work.

You have earnestly sought the results of our teaching. You have earnestly turned away from some of the most horrific news of late and have said, now that I know where to send compassion, let me just do that. Do not go into the details, let me just send that entire area compassion while I recharge my compassion for myself.

Most excellent, students, most excellent, beloveds. You have taken the words. You have brought them more into your being. You have allowed the frequency of the healing and the spaces in between the words—for this is the most important part—you have allowed the spaces in between the words to allow great fruits for yourself.

Again, what are these fruits borne of? Compassion. Compassion for self, compassion for the way things are outside of yourself, compassion for the part of you that recognizes that, of course, you are co-creating all these various circumstances that you are having compassion for. So it is as if a tsunami of compassion or a tornado in the most positive and powerful wave of compassion has begun to grow inside of each and every one of you.

That is necessary, beloveds. For if you visualize within yourself the giant whirling that is open, open to the infinite, always receiving more, always gathering more. Can you see that coming into the core of your being? You recognize, yes, this is what I have been doing. I have been correcting myself in my own environment.

I have been doing simple things such as shielding my eyes from the details, such as setting a boundary, such as allowing myself time to restore, such as allowing myself tears of both grief and gratitude. Beloveds, this is the stuff that fuels your Ascension.  We shall pause here for a moment for our beloved Joel, indeed, wishes to express some aspects of his full self-expression. 

J: Well, if all those things you just described have fueled my ascension, I must be on a rocket for take off.

Two Marys: Indeed, all of you who are gathering before this dissemination of knowledge are indeed on the rocket ship and, as we have said, the true fuel is compassion. Once you start to truly navigate with that, then, of course, you can course correct with ease and utter grace. And in the task for many and most of you, course correction in your life involves enormous suffering and upheaval, giant loss. And as you are now beginning to see, sense and to know, that, indeed, was the old. And within this new you can course correct, indeed, quite powerfully with great potency but with far less of the egoic mania. We use that word intentionally, mania, that you used to experience.

This is the time of great enwholement. This is the time where more and more are awakening to the absolute truth of the period of the heart, the absolute truth that all is God, that everyone and everything is, indeed, God.

Beloveds, you well know and recognize as we speak this to you or as you read this, you recognize the joy and the quickening of gratitude in your heart. For you are seeing it everywhere you look. Yes, you are still noticing the illusion nipping at you, much like little tiny insects, but you are becoming more able to stay neutral and make more intelligent observations with more awareness of what is actually happening versus what your egos are projecting. So, beloveds, the kingdom actually is here. The kingdom is now. And you are beginning to understand the truth of this.

In many ways, as we have said before, there is actually not a need for much more new information. Much of what is happening now through simple practices, through simple pure intention, is the emptying out of the old from your intentions and your practices. Now what is happening is the strengthening of the muscles, so to speak, that already know how to navigate this, the new. That already know, of course, it can be easy. Let me learn how to do it with that ease.

Of course, I can move from point A to point B. And part of the old is nipping at my heels. Ah yes, there can be trauma. Just thinking about it is traumatic. Yet there is a part of yourself that is saying, ah, but I have a better way. I have the way of compassion. And my compassion can even include the childish egoic nature that I still have at times. And I can bring it literally in the bosom of my own charge. Does that resonate, beloved?

Joel: Well sure. You’re talking about that wisdom to lift our eyes so that we’re not just looking at our feet stuck in the muck, that we’re able to see the journey and the path and our vision and the mission and all the rest of it.

Two Marys: Indeed, and so for all concerned who are resonating with this frequency, we wish to give you one of the most joyful symbols that this frequency can ever give you as a symbol, which is, of course, the very birth of the Christ child. Now, take that symbol of that glorious infant fully illuminated, fully of the light, and witness that deep in the jewel of your heart space. That is what we are speaking of. Your compassion is the midwifery.  Your compassion is the team that made it possible. Your compassion is the correct use of will that designed the birth of the Christ itself for the highest good and glory of all humanity and, indeed, the highest of the one source.

Now understand, beloveds, that is fully born in your being. Who will give it the strength? Of course, it will be you and your team. Some of them are invisible, some of who will help that child develop strong legs and arms so that navigating and renewing is natural and elegant. Some of the invisible entities are at work right now giving you this information. Others will be members of your soul family. Others will be people we will loosely call husbands, helpers, servers along the way. Witness and behold the child of your heart is fully born. The Christ is awake and fully born within the beloved.

There is no need to ever suspect that that is not true. Now develop the muscles that navigate from there. And they are muscles. They aren’t muscles of force. They are muscles of flexibility. They are muscles that say, I perceive many options and my resonance says they are all beautiful. But my resonance says this one here has the most light for me. Let me proceed there. There’ll be many questions arising for all of you, particularly involving direction. Direction that can be as subtle as, do I keep this relationship with this person/job/business/structure that keeps me very much distracted from giving nourishment to my new Christ Child within me? For a baby has very high needs, at least initially. There are around the clock feedings.

Many of you are having around the clock awakenings, literally awakenings at two to three hour intervals throughout the night. Just like our beloved Mother Mary did for infant Yahweh, the son of God. Around the clock feeding, others coming in assisting. You will need others to assist your physical—the laying on of hands, the energy work, the anointment with essential oils. You will do this for yourselves. You will do this for each other. You will strengthen that beautiful new born within so that it can have the full power that it is destined for. Does this resonate in the depth of your truth, beloved?

Joel: That is so powerful. What a visual, to strengthen the newborn within. That’s exactly the description of what I’m dealing with, where I am.

Two Marys: Indeed, it is bringing great tears of recognition and joy to this beloved channel as well. And here is the utter synchronicity. It is where everyone is on your surface no matter what pedestal you have placed them on. There are only a few who actually have achieved sufficient illumination to hold enormous light space for the ultimate pathway of fluid movement for all of your connections.

Indeed, most of you are still in the state of awe that this is even possible and are very vulnerable and at times fragile such as when that new born requires so much tender coddling and protection from harsher elements.

The harsher elements have been named over and over again, not just by us, but by many sacred beings and by many on your planet that hold leader/guru/mentor positions. The harsher elements are everything from the harsh environmental elements to the radiation elements to the thought elements, to the personal elements of ego that are still toxic, to the foods and the behaviors that are toxic.

So, indeed, the responsibility is quite large. The best part is this: you already have everything it takes. The only requirement is to continue to awaken the light body. The muscles already exist. Your brain capacity already has the pathways. They are just not illuminated. Let us be perfectly clear. It already exists in your structure. It is already there in the junk DNA. One hundred percent of your brain and your heart and your highest heart already exist in the etheric. It is already here now.

Those of you who wish to proceed will proceed with great attention to their breath work, their sound work, their simple movements that are traditional and sacred such as Yoga and Tibetan rites and pastoral structural sacred motions and, of course, meditation, the allowing the mind and the great flowering of the pineal to reveal what aspect of the mystery is literally up for you in that time space.

So great news, beloveds, we have such glad tidings in the aspect of us that is distinct that resonates with humanity. In human terms, from our hearts to yours rejoice. The child is born. It is time to develop that infant into the God/Goddess that you already are. Your structure already exists. No more denying. No more settling and no more playing small as if you were not the Christ born of the one source. Do you understand, beloved?

Joel: I think I have it.

Two Marys: Indeed, we have spoken and your hearts have resonated. It is done and so be it.

Joel: That is probably why I’m feeling, that the next phase of my life, in order for it to unfold in the way it needs to unfold, I must physically take myself there.

Two Marys: Indeed, it is calling you loud and clear, beloved. And once again this channel is having that physical experience of recognizing sacred truth and the recognition of your divine soul print as it unfolds and the joy in her own human heart that she will be allowed to participate in an aspect of this blueprint that you are saying yes to more fully. Of course, it is a way of saying, let me nourish myself. Let me become more potent in my own forward motion, in my own heralding of the truth.

Joel: That feels exactly right. I feel as though Jessie and my energies have been growing together, sort of like our energies are mingling.

That is how I am perceiving it in a way that I don’t need to define but I sense that is really happening. Do you have any observations about that?

Two Marys: Indeed, and it is most beneficial that you have read and enjoyed so thoroughly, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.  (The Marys mentions the communion with others that Anna often refers to in the early part of book on many dimensions—the communion she had with others in the community and other distant masters.) They would be communing, sometimes on the physical, sometimes on the astral in what most would call a dream like state, sometimes in even further dimensions. 

This has begun for you. It actually began a long time ago. You are now recognizing a larger and more universal aspect of your communion with this one keynote, Jessie. You are now starting to vibrate with more of the timelessness and the multidimensionality of the connection. That is something you hadn’t really considered before. That the connection itself would give birth to yet a whole other something un-nameable until it unfolds and can be named.

Joel: That’s sort of happening with the whole spiritual experience, isn’t it?

Two Marys: It is indeed. It is truly happening. That is why it is so important that we bring the human element to humanity at this time.  For as you get deep in your heart space, as you go deep into the new, as you decide to flex these invisible muscles that are very much required, that is the essence of what is happening. The whole new aspect that is once new and on the other hand familiar.

This aspect of your spiritual connection is literally going through the roof. Many senses, multi sensory perceptions, all kinds of a-ha moments, all sorts of refinements. All sorts of downloads that you do not need to know of, but you will simply think later, that must be a new aspect of myself that I was able to do X, Y and Z with such grace and ease. Much of it will happen as an after thought as you look in the mirror briefly and reflect on what just happened and what you just realized. Indeed, your intelligence is increasing at great speed and that is most empowering.

Joel: It feels like a whole new consciousness and awareness is dawning around the whole spiritual experience. It’s like I had only been scratching the surface and I’m beginning to break through to a much larger and fuller understanding and experience of it all.

Two Marys: Indeed, and does this not make sense? Look at the calendar and the timing of where you are in time, where all of you are in time. It is all, of course, in divine order. There is, indeed, a giant surge of awakening that is occurring.

Joel: That’s wonderful to hear. I’ve sort of been experiencing that on some level. It’s wonderful to talk to members of my soul family to get a reading of what everybody is experiencing. We’re all sort of experiencing in one way or another what you have described.

Two Marys: Indeed, it will read out differently for each and every one of you, but there will be a general consensus that holy WOW. You will discover that you have less and less to say and more and more to simply experience. 

Joel: Yes, enough talk.

Two Marys: Indeed, for as your beloved channel has noted in the past, the minute it is spoken it is conceptualized through ego. You will all be extremely pleased to be communing very soon without the language that you have known in the past. You will all be telepathically connecting. It will be joyful. You will be able to disseminate and write it down and discuss it later. But there will be great, great dances of communing and vibrational interaction and you will be deeply, deeply fulfilled by this. The veils are literally disappearing completely. Know this and proceed with your eyes and the eyes of your heart space wide open.

Joel: Well, I welcome this. I have such a hunger for community. What is drawing me is this hunger for community and spiritual community.

Two Marys: Indeed, and there is so much that you and this channel can discuss as far as openings and spaces that she is manifesting and co-manifesting and co-creating already. That will be of great value to you. There is something very magical happening in South Florida. As you well know that time has come. It has taken a long time to get this particular geographical area more “lit up” shall we say.

It has occurred and it is occurring. Part of it needed to happen with the great passing of the multiple hurricanes to humble people, the economic devastation to humble people. Now, if you witness, there is great deep growth in the metaphysical communities that are truly practicing the ways of the heart, the simple communal gatherings of love. Not the stories, not the settling of each other’s stuck ways of being, but the true spiritual communities that are doing serious work. There is so much happening in Florida and South Florida. Yes, there is a giant opportunity for those light workers, light weavers, light warriors.

Joel: I don’t want to make this a conversation about me, but there are a lot of practical steps I have to take to make a move happen, finding a place to be and executing the move. I intend to be very focused on creating the vibration just as you and others have counseled about drawing to me the exact people, circumstances, events, etc. Beyond that do you have any observations or counsel to guide me?

Two Marys: Beloved, it is personal and it is not personal. For if you look even at the symbology of what you talked about, you can easily see that it applies to each and every student on the path who wishes to move.

Know in your heart of hearts the perfect place for you in the next iteration of you already exists. Practice the gratitude daily that it is done. See the light within your state around what you would call home. You do not need to visualize it as a physical structure even. You can simply visualize it even as a beautiful egg such as the home of a baby bird. That is a beautiful symbol.

See it as silver, golden and illuminated fully and let you belong to it and it belong to you, and it already exists in perception. By practicing your daily gratitude, by emotionalizing the feelings, by not only feeling grateful but bringing that gratitude to such a high plane in your being that tears run down your face. There is a lump in your throat and goose bumps on your skin so that you are that perfect spot. You claim it. You know it. You are it. For is not ascension the perfect permanent dwelling? That is the best we can put in language and even that falls short.

Joel: You practically brought tears just with that description.

Two Marys: Indeed, so basically, beloved, to move physically, to practice the physical aspects of finding the correct place to be and letting go of the old, the gathering of power and momentum to physically complete that move requires everything we just spoke of, and then it requires something that you and this channel are getting very adept at. It requires the support and midwifery of other human beings who love you and understand your process. So remember to ask for help at times and to reach out. Know that you will be understood. For anything that you would say, any question that you would ask, any sense of doubt that has come up for your healing will be served by the communing with it with others.

Joel: We discussed the potential life threatening disease of a good friend and the difficulty of anticipating his potential passing. It is painful watching a friend die.

Two Marys: There is no suffering whatsoever involved in the actual releasing of the body. The suffering is the resistance to releasing the body. All of that that everyone endures that does not embrace and surrenders sufficiently, all of that that we as humans have this chronic illusion needs to be cleared out and cleaned up.

Then, of course, once we illuminate that to you, beloveds, do you not see that what there is to do for this person that is not embracing the light of his being yet is to simply do what any human can do which is to pray for that other, to let them know you are praying for them whether they like it or not, that you are holding them into the light and that you in your own humble way acknowledge the greatness of their life and the way they have contributed to you.

Whether you ever send that information to them or not, you ask their higher self to commune with you and you have that gracious moment in time. You acknowledge with great joy in your heart and tears washing the earth the significant contribution they have been for you. That is the way you serve them and your highest good.

Joel: Thank you for that.

Two Marys: Indeed, It is time for humanity to rejoice in watering the Earth with their tears. Your heart is breaking open over and over and over. This channel’s heart is breaking over and over and over. Everyone reading, everyone listening, all of your hearts are breaking over and over and over. Get fantastic at letting yourself tear up at that breaking of the heart.

You will soon find that short releases of tears are followed by great songs of joy, by songs of thanksgiving, Embrace the ancient ways, beloved. This has always been the way, acknowledging the truth of the shattering of the illusion, allowing the tears as you shed that hard shell of the illusion. Let those tears wash that hardness and embrace the soft. I have the strong sense that as everything unfolds that we have been talking about spiritually, all the teachings that we’ve been generating will become more and more relevant.

Two Marys: Indeed, it is absolutely the destiny of all concerned. There are already very large openings that this channel has begun to create for all kinds of realities in South Florida as far as creating group space, larger classrooms, multimedia screens, multimedia presentation capabilities, theatrical type classrooms. So it is all underway, beloved.  There will be other spaces connecting within that and you will see that your heart’s desires are quickening and that your actualization skills are strengthening. For that is what we are discussing.

In a very interesting way this channel has been having discussions with other co-creators and their agreement is that reality as a word is fairly ruined because reality as most humans speak of it is actually conceptualization. So what they are tending to choose, rather than the word reality, is the word actuality.

So your actuality is the manifestation of your truth. We will be referring to this from this point on more and more. It is a very important step in the collective consciousness of Ascension that reality sort of being let go of and that your interest level becomes very pronounced with actuality and that will become more understood as you go.

Joel: You’re talking about us being creators.

Two Marys: Creators, immortal, multi-dimensional.

Joel: That’s what our work is all about now.

Two Marys: Indeed, nothing more and nothing less.

Joel: What a wonderful way to bring this discussion to a close. Asked if they had any more to say about anything.

Two Marys: We are complete at this time. As you have noticed, this frequency, this resonance, is a very, very high level discussion. Therefore, we simply wish to remind you, as you review it, as you work with it, as you share it, there is a very high frequency associated with it. That is why at times you could feel your eyes tearing and this channel could experience the same. Understand there has been an enormous download, beloved. Be good to your body. Keep your body hydrated, stay very hydrated and continue to breathe fully and freely.

Joel: Asked about the blog I wrote based on the last discussion having to do with peace in Syria and on Earth. I said the writing is coming easier and asked what they thought of the blog. I pieced together a lot of their teachings and connected them to what was going on in the world. It seemed to create a logical flow. What do you think?

Two Marys: (Laughing.) Beloved, any time that you share with humanity our wisdom it elevates all of everything to the next higher order of integration at some point, level, time/space continuum. Therefore, how could we not be overjoyed in that aspect of us that connects to humanity about such?  Of course, we’re overjoyed. And in addition to that, we’re overjoyed that you have stepped into your next actuality.

You have allowed yourself to let go at yet another level so that you can allow your gifts and talents to simply be as you herald in the truth of your being. So that is another development. And so to complete the circle, that is you exercising new muscles that are invisible, yet quite natural and even were already there.

Joel: I want to spend as much time as possible developing and doing that so I truly want to live the rest of my incarnation as joyfully and productively as I can and to contribute, as Jessie I believe wants as well, to be a role model for what all of us can be.

Two Marys: Indeed, so at this time let us all join in gratitude for it is done. It is done. Let us rejoice.

Joel: Thanks so much for this absolutely splendid time together.

Two Marys: Indeed and with one last burst of violet flame into your being we anoint you. We bless you. We bid you peace.


A Message from Your Creator

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Daughters and Sons being human,

We are your Cosmic Mother and Father, a combination of the balanced universal divine feminine and masculine energies, coming to you at a crucial time within the evolution of your planet and species. Your destiny and birthright is to evolve into a higher state of consciousness, by raising your vibrations/frequencies through a universal process called Ascension. This will allow you to create a world of equality, harmony and balance through We Consciousness/Unity in order to be in world service ( moving from the unhealed me to the healed we). An essential aspect of this process is you accepting and knowing and applying you being the co-creators of your existence. You are a direct extension/child of your Cosmic Mother and Father, your Creator.  

You have many of our same powers within you and your time of full self-empowerment has come.  This is not unlike your Superman story where he discovers his original and true powers and how to use them for the good of all. There have been many forces within your paths to prevent you from knowing this truth; especially your fear or disbelief of the divine power that lies within you. The time of awaking is upon you!

Dear Children of Creation no matter how things appear in your outside world, and within yourself you are transmuting from childhood to adulthood through the acceptance of you being divine beings, co-creating your reality.  If you so choose, it is time to know we are The Founding Family of Creation. Throughout transitioning yourself from children to adults you will transform your world into one of equality, harmony and balance. Through accepting with compassion our co-creatorship the mission of this planet to learn to love is being achieved.

We fully understand that the reality of you as co-creators may be challenging for many. You have been taught otherwise for a long time.  It may be an intellectual idea but not an actual truth. But a new teaching and learning is upon you, dear Children. You were originally created to be co-creators with the divine and that is what is awakening now. Through your present ascension process you are coming to a complete comprehension of what and how being co-creators means.

Through your ownership of the reality of being co-creators you are joining your divine Father, Mother and Family. Through your false teachings you have been dumbed down to not remembering or knowing that all of what we spoke of now is true. When you look at your outside world and many personal lives in constant upheaval of duality, separation and confrontation it is challenging to know you are who you are. But the mask of not knowing is dropping dear children. The governmental, religious, financial, and personal challenges creating emotional, mental and physical imbalances can create a feeling of powerless. This allows a victimhood consciousness that can be only transformed through ownership (a way you have chosen to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it). Victimhood says you are a powerless outsider who can never transform your life and world. This outsider attitude creates an erroneous belief system that you are helpless.  This feeling is what is creating the terrorism in your world today reflected in inequality, environmental and energy issues. As an outsider you remain personally or globally unaware of the people around you who can utilize your compassion and help; even if it’s only for them to be heard.

Dear Children you are disempowering yourselves rather than self-empowering yourselves, by not participating in stopping the abuse of your home planet, making other choices on who governs your world, holding leaders accountable for transparency and truth, or that you can comfort another who is in pain.

You are being bombarded with more information than ever before within your recorded history. Much of this is negative. This negativity and the addiction to the communication technology create a negative perception.  Dear Children your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality. Are your emotions joyful and your thoughts manifesting magic or are you focusing on the next possible dilemma.  

Here is the good news: no matter what your personal conscious level or spiritual consciousness there is a co-creator DNA molecule within each of you that is an essential aspect of your divine birthright. This divine aspect is always within you. There have been many forces throughout your history that have accepted to access or control this birthright but they cannot and will not.  This co-creator conscious is a living aspect of the planet and you upon and within it. It is through your emotions, thoughts and choices that we are continuously co-creating together. Your use of your free will (something else no one can take away from you) is a limitless creative ingredient to the unchangeable Laws of Cause and Effect. Each time you make a choice, together We activate a chain of events with both intended and unintended consequences (applying the cosmic equation: Responsibility = Consequence).

As an essential aspect of the activation of your soul plans is that you are realizing there is a determination that governs the activity of physical life.  The Law of Cause and Effect maintains and sustains the actions of material matter. There is an aspect of creation that is not determined by the Law of Cause and Effect. These two aspects exist within We, The Creator and you.

We, The Creator have an impersonal aspect, called Divine Empowerment, which powers the physical forces within the Universe.  There is also a personal aspect of We, The Creator as the Divine Mother and Father. This aspect has been identified as your I AM PRESENCE, your consciousness within that is always aware. Dear Children it is this awareness that views all that manifest inside and outside you. It is this awareness that reveals the non-determining aspect/dimension of life. You are in the third dimension of feelings, thoughts and physical bodies and within the process of ascending to higher dimensions of love and light.

You quantum sciences have begun to observe and further explore the interaction of the above dimensions through the study of the interaction of electrons and atoms.  You natural sciences are beginning to intersect with spiritual science. You have learned that energetic forces behavior cannot always be predicted without factoring in awareness/consciousness; it is the same with you. Many of your choices cannot be predetermined since you are gifted with free choice and will. It is your free will and choice that prevents predetermination. We, The Creator do not interfere with your future choices but once you determine a choice the Laws of the Universe determine the effect of your actions/choices If you cannot follow this  simply know within your hearts, dear Children, all is in divine order. There are many Laws and Equations keeping all of Creation in balance. It is your destiny to eventually master them all.

It is your free will and choice that eternally connects us to our co-creative reality. So, dear Children what will We co-create together?  How about a world of equality, harmony and balance where you become the master teachers of your world in full service to one another and the world!

If remember only one thing from this message and teaching let it be and know and understand it is your divine birthright to be in full co-creative relationship with the forces that created you. We are expressions of one another. Whether you are aware of it or not you are already creating your life within each and every one of the now. So We ask you, “What type of life is it that you say you want? What kind of life are you actually creating now? What kind of life can we create together tomorrow?”

In reality, dear Children it is not what happens to you in life (as a learning tool you are choosing) but how you choose in your free will to respond.  Within your soul plan’s limitless creative capacity, you are always co-creating past, present and future into the now allowing another choice.  When you are not sure what you need to do, do what you can dear Children, and then hand it over to We in higher realms; let go and hand it off to your Co-Creator!

As we began this message/teaching We realize your world is experiencing a great clearing and cleansing from inequality, and lack of harmony and balance. Look out in your world and begin to realize that your needs are the same (even those who seem so different) and there is plenty for all. Realize dear Children that change is a process of your healing from the inside out and bringing that healed you out into the world. Our making the world a peaceful, loving place is our true Co-Creatorship! There are many tools and teachings coming to you from higher realms. You are not powerless.  Are you ready to apply them?

Dear Children true healing begins with nurturing by allowing yourself and others to be heard in order to awaken your divine, authentic sense of self. You and your world are divinely changing. It is your destiny to do so. Together, We are building a better tomorrow that you and your children can come back to. Can you see everything about you and your world as a reflection of what needs to change and how We are being/doing this as a Co-Creation.

Things will change when each and every one of you help create the change. You are all responsible for the past and present which becomes the future which becomes the now.  Where and when do you wish to take our conscious Co-Creation dear Children? Remember you are divine children becoming adult of a loving Creator. Together We are bringing higher consciousness spirit into the Earth. Our collective creation is within our hearts and hands…What do you choose as you move from childhood to adulthood?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Feelings

By spiritual journalist, Joel D. Anastasi

Archangel Gabriel  


Channeled by Robert Baker

Everything that you see around you is an aspect of you. Everything that everyone experiences you can identify with on one level or another. Now you can accept it or not according to how you are able to accept and integrate it into yourself. So, in other words, when you can accept all of your feelings in yourself, then you are no longer ruled by your feelings or your emotional body because you are no longer trying to avoid anything, which then keeps it in your face as resistance and produces the pain of avoidance.

If you are able to accept all of your feelings within yourself, then you have no problem in relationship to others because you will not be using them to either get rid of a feeling or give you a feeling. Therefore, you will no longer be creating desires and attachments with other people for them to determine your experience of reality, your feelings or lack of feelings, your positive or negative feelings. 

When you can accept all of your feelings and take responsibility for your own behavior, your own choices, so that your choices are not determined by someone else, then you don't make someone else responsible for the experiences that you have in life.

You are responsible for your own experiences in life by what you choose, how you choose and through what kind of commitment you choose. Whether it is to try to avoid something or whether to accept and love something. That makes you free. Every aspect of another human being is an aspect of yourself because you are a part of the collective consciousness and you are a part of every experience that every human being has. And you will go through all the growth patterns that they go through. And they will experience the same thing with you because everything that you see around you is a part of your growth process, your learning process, your unification process.

You will then see where you are able to unify within yourself or not according to what you are able to accept within yourself or not as you see mirrored around you. For instance, you know that if you are fighting a feeling, you will have people and circumstances around you that will give you the opposition necessary so that you can continue to fight that feeling.

Joel: So if I don't like certain people, they'll keep showing up?

Gabriel: Oh yes, because it'll be based upon the feelings they evoke or seem to evoke. It's not that you don't like the person. It's that you don't like how you feel when you're in relationship with him or her. You don't like the things the person does that evoke certain feelings with which you're not at peace. You can't love that part of yourself or accept that part of yourself; therefore, you're not going to accept that behavior in the other. 

In any given situation all you need do is ask yourself: how do I feel? Then when you ask yourself how you feel, ask yourself: am I honoring what I need in this situation-or not? Now, based upon how I feel, if it's a negative feeling that comes up, obviously there is something within yourself that you are not honoring because it's evoking a feeling you are having a difficult time accepting. So you need to ask yourself, what is it I need in this circumstance? What is it I need but have not expressed that is taking me out of balance, is making me resistant to what feelings are coming up? Because those feelings are coming up for a reason. 

They are coming up to indicate to me that there is a need behind this feeling that I'm not acknowledging. Behind every feeling you have is a fulfilled or unfulfilled need. If it is a negative feeling, then it usually is evocative of a need that has not been exercised, fulfilled, and/or identified.

For most people it is a need that has not been identified. So maybe somebody is dominating the conversation and I feel left out. I feel unheard. I feel unseen. What is the need behind those feelings that I am making the other person responsible for? The need for me is to speak up, to express my feelings or my opinion or my point of view or what is important to me in the situation, to give myself equal space and time in the situation to express who I am.

GOD'S GLOSSARY: Religions Transcending into Christ Consciousness by Phillip Elton Collins

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

There have been more wars and killing in the name of religions and their founding figures than any other force on Earth. Today we continue to see extreme, distorted examples of this.  We have taken our religions which are filled with spiritual truths (love one another) and used them as an abrupt example of duality, separation and confrontation. This does not mean that many religions have not done and continue to do good work. They do. But the time has come for our religious to transcend into communities of equality, harmony and balance through We Consciousness/Unity; moving from the wounded me to the healed we, controlling no one in equality.  All the founding figures of religious shared at their core universal truths through something called Christ Consciousness which is about connecting humanity to our divinity, not through any one religion. We all have some form of attachment to the word “Christ’ be it positive or negative. It is time if we so choose to better understand this ‘Christ Consciousness,’ its meaning, value and purpose beyond and including all organized religions.

GOD'S GLOSSARY: A DIVINE DICTIONARY defines Christ Consciousness as the reality and connection to your divine essence; there have been many embodiments and messengers of this teaching throughout human history; it lives within each of you waiting to be awakened.

Realizing that words can get in the way, this force, consciousness, state of being called the Christ Consciousness has been on this planet ever since its creation. It is a band of consciousness to unite us not separate us which mankind has attempted to do with it. Let us further examine this divine energy called The Christ Consciousness’ with the intention to bring us closer together while supporting whatever religious or spiritual beliefs individuals need to embrace. It is essential as a species that we support each other’s freedom of choice and will while speaking truth.

The Christ Consciousness is not about any one religion; it is about the essence of humanity and our united divine destiny and destination to be God experiencing itself. All of our many lifetimes on this planet have been to know our connection of oneness to one another and Creation, call it God/Source/ALL THERE IS. The Christ Consciousness energy, many times incarnated in religious founding figures throughout our Earth history, is a pathway back to our divinity for each and every one of us.

Throughout our often mistranslated and intentionally biased history and personal experiences the word "Christ" has received many definitions and terrible things done in the name of it that do not reflect the true meaning of Christ Consciousness.  (The initial response to the name Christ for most Christians is ‘positive’  for most  non-Christians the response is negative). Many religious figures and founders have received the Christ Consciousness energy within themselves through various means and given those teachings to the world.  The word "Christ" is a union and oneness with Creation/God. The Christ Consciousness’ is a way showing to that union. We might say Man Power becoming God Power. Whoever the individual or the religion, or other spiritual path, the consciousness is about reuniting with the divine and returning to a state of oneness.

This story of reuniting with the divine has been told many ways through many religions throughout our Earth history. We were once connected to the divine and through various human activities were separated from that truth. Our ‘human contract’ and journey via our freedom of choice and will was not always in accord with Universal Laws and Truth. This was and is the way we choose to learn what we needed to learn the way we needed to learn it (through separation, duality and confrontation). A tough way to learn but an effective one!  We are beginning to wake up in our world today, in spite of continued upheavals, to our true beingness and destiny to oneness.   At some point we shall completely wake up and make the choice to return from whence we came and experience self- mastery and devotion to world service. It’s just a matter of how and when for each of us.

The personal process in consciousness is a self-mastery or a self-empowerment, self-realization leading to life mastery connecting the higher self (the Christ self), allowing the self to be fully realized through its divine essence.

Rather than being a messenger restricted or exclusive to any one religion, the Christ Consciousness embodies a universal truth of self for all of humanity. So no matter what religion you choose or your personal belief systems, the ‘Christ energy’ exists in possibility and probability for all of humanity.

Seeing the Christ Consciousness as a template for humanity is helpful; like an older brother or sister who had been there before and is lending a helping hand; a loving hand showing us the way back home:  A cosmic living sibling combining Earth and spirit showing us that each one of us also shares the same relationship with God/Creation. We are all ultimately ‘Children of Creation’ made of the cosmic stuff, learning that one child needs are no differ than the other. We are all evolving into becoming a (human) being reflecting the divinity within the Christ Consciousness itself, the real second coming.

We humans are not only ‘Children of Creation’, we are divine destiny becoming ‘gods-in- the-making’ since everyone is an aspect of Creation/God; finally realizing that everything in the universe is integrated.

Discovering cosmic Christ Consciousness witnessed throughout our human history (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Roman, Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, etc.) allows us to know the divine-consciousness within each and every one of us.  This consciousness has little to do with our religions per se, and everything to do/be with the individual’s soul growth and expansion. This cosmic Christ Consciousness reflects a living cosmos filled with presence that knows the soul of mankind is immortal. We come to know that the universe is balanced by bands of a loving consciousness that is the foundation of creation.

Christ Consciousness is filled with the energies of love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, patience, and oneness allowing the individual to move into caring for others through self- love, thus generating world service. In effect we become companions with Creation reflecting our evolutionary soul plan activation of knowing we came from love, are love, and are loved, and lovable. Love as the building block allows us to construct a new Earth paradigm of We Consciousness/Oneness.

Creation’s way to download consciousness to humanity is through Christ Consciousness in which life experiences itself in a continuous personal processing of awakening. We are entering an ascension epoch (moving to a higher frequency of existence) where humanity experiences the complete total of their individual consciousness moving into wholeness: to know thy self.

Another purpose of Christ Consciousness is that it allows the universal to be observed, allowing creation to become conscious of itself through evolution. Humanity knows it is here and can ask the question where do we come from? Why are we are. Who are we? (No other life form on this planet does this or has this need). Christ Consciousness has within it an energetic blueprint that will answer these eternal questions, containing universal wisdoms contained in the foundation of most religions.

Christ Consciousness teaches us that all truth inevitably comes from the same cosmic Source.  Truth is stored within the DNA of your knowing heart from life time to life time, allowing the believing mind to move back into service to the knowing heart. We in effect are now learning to ‘think’ with our hearts. In reality, each of us chooses from life time to life time the best learning experiences/tools we need to learn what we need to learn, the way we need to learn it.

Our Christ Consciousness is our light worker and way shower within, a gift from the gods, the very best aspect of self, all loving and forgiving while nurturing the wounded me moving into the healed we; finally arriving at our divine destination: our united divinity.

GOD’S GLOSSARY: A DIVINE DICTIONARY defines DIVINITY as your connection to your soul; oneness; achieving higher consciousness; true self; Christ Self as One; God Consciousness; spiritual causation balancing non-perfection.