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Teachings of Michael
A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

It Is Not About Me 

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart and open to the grandness of self to move out into the world in the grandness of self. We come to you at this important time and ask you to take a look back. 

We also ask you take out a pad and pen and at the top write down, "It is Not About Me" and then make a list of your intentions. If you have taken the oath to move into We Consciousness we ask you to look in the mirror. When the mirror faces you and you look into it might you see that what is reflected back may be where you may have made it all about you? Are you truly in We Consciousness? This a period of time where you could look at all the aspects of self that surfaced within you. If in fact you are moving into We Consciousness it is time to take a deeper look at what is being revealed to you in the mirror. Look dear ones at where you still may be making everything about you and may not know it because you are in a blind spot. At this time this is very important as you move into We Consciousness. 

So We ask you to close your eyes and ask yourself, "Am I still making it about me?" 

Then ask this: "When the mirror from my brethren and others reflects back to me, can I look at where I still might be making it about me? Am I open to receive this?" 

If you are moving into your heart space and opening to receive love to refine and define yourself on your pathway to self-mastery this is a vital step in We Consciousness. If it is important for you to master the self, then when in We Consciousness, it is important to allow the mirror to reflect back to you what needs to be refined and defined.  There is no judgement and shame with this dear ones. It may simply be a mere suggestion for you to look at where the narcissism of the me is still involved that is based upon your wounds and old defense patterns. 

This refine-ment and define-ment process is to look at where you still may be in the narcissism of the me so you can see this and bring it to the fore.  Have your feelings that come up within you when the mirror reflects back to you what you may not see in your blind spot. All of this is based in the narcissism of the me and in your old wounds. Dear ones it is not "all about me".

After you do this write down your intentions that is based on manifestation. What do you intend to manifest both personally and in your endeavors. 

Your portals of energy will be opening to guide those who are committed in the idealistic theory of We Consciousness. Look at the idealistic concept of we consciousness. If you are walking the path of the light worker and way shower it is about embodying and being We Consciousness. This is why We suggested to look into the mirror to see if there is a blind spot where the narcissism of the me is still in effect where you make it all about you. There will be five specific multi-dimensional energies from fifth dimensional sources that will move in to guide and support those who made the choice and taken the oath to move into we consciousness.  

What We are bringing you at this time is the first step in refining and defining to bring you to a greater awareness and consciousness of yourself as you begin to move into We Consciousness. You are therefore human and from time to time move into blind spots. When someone may simply bring to the fore your blind spot, how does this make you feel?  Are you reacting? And based upon your conditioning may think you are being judged and shamed, doing it right or wrong, this way or that way, either/or? This process is a part of We Consciousness. For those who intend to make others aware of their blind spot it is important to be aware as to how to communicate it so it can be received by another in their open heart with love.  Since you are committed to move into We Consciousness it is important to be aware of this. 

Most of our messages will now be geared toward We Consciousness. We have brought many teachings to you and most of them have been guiding you to self realization consciousness through exercises, lessons and messages.  In many ways you have reached the capacity of these teachings. It is now about implementing these teachings, messages, lessons and exercises.  So We will come to you with how you can begin to implement  the teachings within yourself and  giving them to the masses. We have just given you the first "How To" step to implement we consciousness by making your list and seeing if you still make it about you. 

As these five multi-dimensional energies move into your earthly plain they will form a high vibrational energetic corridor that will support and guide you into We Consciousness. Fifth dimensional energies will more readily join and remain with you in the third dimension. Fifth dimensional beings are now moving into your third dimension, And based upon the individuals resonance and vibration, some will be able to see these beings and some will  interact with them. This will happen at specific vortexes on your earthly plain and you might be called to a vortex to join with these beings. This is all based upon your resonance and vibration to connect with these beings and energies on your earthly plain. Some of you may see them in the physical form. Some may connect with them energetically in their heart space and with a knowingness that they are connected in the form of the third dimension.  These energies will reside in the new form in your third dimension that is community, harmony and equality and we consciousness. 

We have come to you with the We Consciousness Conversations and called them conversations because We included you. So We ask you: 

Are you having conversations when you are giving your endeavors and your modalities? 

Are you including others? 


Are you still standing at the pulpit and telling everyone what you know? 

This is based upon your wounds. 

As We conclude at this time, We now let you know that  specific multi-dimensional portals will be opening. It will be a combination of star realms including those of the Arcturian and Pleiadian star realms. A portal from the Inter-Galactic Federation will open that will guide, support and in many ways protect those who have chosen to open to the being-ness in their heart space to do this work.   We use the word protection not as a defense mechanism for what you may think may be out there to circumvent your pathway. 

No Dear Ones, this is a protection of love, peace and equality.  It is an intention.  Two additional portals will open. One from the Orion Star system that will contain various messages. The Arcturian portal will be a streamlined masculine energy. The Pleiadian portal will be a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. These energies will ground the entire portal. The Arcturian and Pleiadian portals will balance the male and female energies.  

The Inter-Galactic energy will move directly down the center.  What will form will be a five pointed portal. The Inter-Galactic energy will move down in the center to hold the portal in place. On the upper right will be the Pleiadian energy. The lower left will be the Arcturain energy.  The upper left will be the Orion energy and the lower right will be the Lemurian energy.  These energies will balance each other. It will be a five sided star where four sides will intersect through the middle where the Inter Galactic Federation energy will be. The four energies will combine in the middle and surround the individual moving on the pathway as the way shower and light worker. These energies will work in concert with each other thus forming a fifth dimensional We Consciousness. 

So as We take out leave We ask you, "Is it still all about you?"


Bountiful Blogs #36: Personal Oath
I now take the oath of communion in We Consciousness. I now release all that no longer serves the highest good and the purity of We Consciousness. I now release all that no longer serves my brethren and me. I now take the solemn oath to move into We Consciousness with my brethren and with those who resonate and vibrate as I and those who have a similar purpose and mission as I. I now move in We Consciousness in resonance, harmony, community and equality with those who share my vision in world service.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Welcome to Journey of the Awakened Heart
Teachings of Archangel Michael

"Allow Your Heart to Become the Guiding Force of Your Life"

As we continue our journey on the pathway of self mastery, many of us are seeking support and guidance as we move within uncovering deeper aspects of ourselves. It is for this reason I would like to share with you Teachings of Archangel Michael that I have been a messenger for since 2002. Michael's messages give us the loving support and guidance we seek so we can continue on our journey.

Today I am sharing with you a wonderful message from Michael where he asks us to Open Our Heart to Release Our Mask and Reveal our Essence to the World. 

You can scroll to the bottom to read Michael's message. 

Wonderful Workshop
Transcendence Wellness Center
Kansas City

A Pathway to Loving, Honoring and Valuing You 

I had the good fortune of presenting my initial workshop A Pathway to Loving Honoring and Valuing You at Transcendence Wellness Center in Kansas City KS. It was wonderful meeting and working with so many amazing folks on their journey. When we do this work we have our own experience when we are sharing it with those who are there to receive it. We see a mirror in the experience and I surely learned so much about so many things including myself.

Thanks to Jessica Alstrom and Susie Dressel for proving a wonderful space in which to work and share the Teachings of Archangel Michael. And thanks to my friend Willam Kollar for his support to all of us by lending his expertise as a videographer, meditation leader and silent teacher. 

I plan on doing this workshop that is taken directly from my book Journey of the Awakened Heart in the future so stay tuned for where and when. 

Divine Discussions:
Gathering with Archangel Michael
With Trance Channel Jeff Fasano

Thursday July 30th, 4pm (Pacific) / 7pm (Eastern) 

Join me and The Angel News Network this Thursday, July 30th for a Gathering with Archangel Michael.

This is a sacred gathering where you will have opportunity to speak with Archangel Michael directly and with his assistance move through what is transpiring in your life now.

This gathering brings together like-minded and spirited individuals seeking to move deeper within, and raise their level of consciousness and awareness of who they are and why they are here.

Archangel Michael’s teachings deal directly with Self Empowerment and the Personal Process. By experiencing his energy you will gain greater clarity to move forward on the pathway in your life. 

We offer this via Teleconference: #1-805-399-1000
Access Code: #565060

(To play back the class dial #1-805-399-1099 / Access Code #565060)


Attend live at our classroom at:
1550 NE 26th Street
Wilton Manors, Florida

We share this with you on a LOVE OFFERING basis.

You can click on this link to make a donation of your choice: Love Offering Donations

Brand New Video Series

Archangel Michael's message is to love, honor and value ourselves. As a trance channel, I have been a messenger for Michael's teachings since 2002. So I decided to create a weekly video series entitled Journey of the Awakened Heart based on Michael's teachings. It is a series of simple and helpful messages and exercises that will allow you to move within and give you tools to help you along your pathway to self mastery.

If you would like to view them simply click on this link:

My Book

If you would like you can purchase a copy of my book click right here:

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For information about Jeff and his work please visit: 

One on One Private Session 
with Archangel Michael

Many of us now are in need of individual communication and healing concerning the shifts taking place in our world and within us as well. This is a One on One session with Archangel Michael for in depth guidance and support for your personal growth. In these sessions Michael guides and supports you exactly where you are in your life. They can be transformational and a wonderful way to support you in your process to live your life with greater clarity, purpose, ease and joy.

A session with Michael is personal and private and can be done in person and by phone as well. It is one hour in length and you will receive an audio recording of each session.

The cost is $100 per session

To purchase a session with Archangel Michael click here: 

A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Open Your Heart and Release the Mask

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space and moving into the grandness of self, the greatness of self, the wonderment of self. As you move on your pathway and move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart you open up to a greater sense of who you are and towards a greater love of self. The reason for this is you are opening your heart to yourself.

So We ask you to OPEN YOR HEART. Open your heart to transparency and to authenticity. Open your heart to show the world the essence of you. How does this make you feel? As you open your heart and present yourself to the world, how does that make you feel? This, dear ones, is where you are headed. Opening up the depth and breadth of you, in full revelation of you, revealing yourself to the world.

As We speak to you about opening your heart and revealing all of you to the world, does judgment and shame arise within you?

It is time to move into the full beingness of self and allowing yourself to recognize the uniqueness of you. Do you recognize yourself? Do you know you are unique?

Moving into full recognition of the essence of you in the depth and breadth of your heart, is only attainable by releasing your mask. Each and every one of you, to some degree have a mask in place from time to time and it is important to notice and observe when you are doing this. 

Are you fully being you? Do you take a calculated risk and reveal only aspects of you when walking out amongst others in your third dimensional realm? Are you frightened to expose all of you to the world? Do you keep the mask in place just enough so you will feel safe and secure? Is your objective to feel safe and secure? Projecting the mask outside of yourself will give you the false notion or pretense that you are safe and secure. 

You see, the reason why the mask has been put into place is because each and every one of you is seeking love. You want to be loved. The old behavior was you would do something, perhaps anything just to be loved. You might give yourself up to be loved. 

Take care of others needs to be loved. You created a mask to be whatever others wanted you to be so you would be loved. 

So We ask you to open up to the love in the essence of yourself and allow that to shine out on the world. Look into a mirror directly into your yes and say to yourself, I am me! I love me and I am going to show me to everyone out in the world. Be with the feelings that come up. You may feel exposed. You may feel not good enough. You may feel not perfect enough. 

It is when those feelings arise within you, amongst many more, the heart may shut down. You then move into the mental body and utilize the mask to avoid those feelings. I am feeling exposed, I am feeling not good enough, I am feeling not perfect enough, I am frightened. I am feeling unsafe. I am feeling out of control, so I will put up my mask and then I will be control of everything. Might this sound familiar?

It is time to fully feel your feelings and be who you are. It is time to release the behavior of avoiding your feelings. If you continue to avoid your feelings you will remain repeating old habits, patterns and rituals to create the mask to avoid your feelings. You are not those feelings, they are just feelings

Dear Ones, open your heart space. Allow your effervescent white light in the depth of your heart to shine out on the world in the full beingness of you in transparency and authenticity. It is time to be you. It is time to release looking for acceptance outside of yourself. It is time to ask yourself: Is it okay to be me? Is it perfectly acceptable by me to be me?


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TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Open to Love Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message From Archangel Michael 
Channeled by Jeff Fasano


From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful most glorious time as you continue to move into the unknown. We come at this time to bring an unrequited lesson of love as you now move to a greater depth of love and the giving and receiving of it. 

What lessons have you learned about love? Are you opening to the depth and breadth of love in your heart space. 

We ask you one and all to now open to love. 

We have come to you in the past to move you into the depth and breadth of your power.  Along with lessons to move yourself through the aspect of the ME, so you can move to a greater love of the self and into a power known as the self.  

So what we ask you to do is take stock of yourself. 

Look at what you have learned about love. What you have learned about the love of self. What you have learned about the love of others.  Look at the steps you have taken where you have moved to the depth and breadth of the glory of self-love. 

What have you done for yourself in the most recent past where love of self is concerned? What we are talking about Dear Ones is now moving from the ME through the ME into the WE where it is not always about ME. It is a place known as THE WE where you bring yourself, THE ME, into THE WE and the horizons before you where World Service is concerned. Because each and every one of you is being called for World Service. 

You are moving through times of great change, dramatic change, an inordinate amount of change where the souls upon your earthly plain are concerned. So at this time you are being called upon to move directly out of the ME into the WE. There will be those who will come to you for your assistance where love is concerned.  You have been called to be in a place to look at love and to define what love is for you. So we ask you to look at where there is resistance to receiving love. You are now being called upon to give an inordinate amount of love. Because of the dramatic changes on the earthly plain, many of you will be called upon to give an inordinate amount of love.  So it is time for you to take stock as to where you are as it pertains to love for yourself. 

You are moving from the depth of the narcissistic ME where everything is about ME. Moving from being in the ME where everything that happens around me is ME to now look at the overview of the grand plan of the WE.

It is important to see where you are truly honoring your talents and gifts and loving yourself.  We ask you to find out where you are giving to yourself. Giving to yourself nurtures the ME so you can learn to give to others. 

Dear Ones each and every step of the way in your process on your path is toward self- mastery. It is a path of guiding yourself through all the aspects of the ME and giving to the ME because you cannot truly give to another unless you give to yourself.  See now where you are giving to you as opposed to getting from outside of yourself.

It is time now to move to a place of fully expressing yourself with love.


Where am I now able to give love as I am called upon to give love, without attachment?

Thus taking the narcissistic Me out of the equation and moving towards the We and making that choice. It is time Dear Ones to move into worldliness. 



Sunday, July 26, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! A Divine Destination: Your Divinity

A Divine Destination: Your Divinity

From the Great White Brotherhood 

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

All of your lifetimes lead to the same destination (how and when you get there are you choices): the eternal connection to your divinity. You need not believe this, it does not matter. For you will come to this truth on your own when you are ready through your freedom of will and choice.

You will reach your divine destination when you have learned all you need to learn by not knowing it. One of your favorite learning tools is learning 'what is' through 'what is not.' You have eons of examples of this. There are easier ways to learn but this seems to be the one most of you prefer and need.

Your judgment, shaming, blaming, duality, separation and confrontation are some of your favorite dense frequency tools to the divine destination of which we speak. Dear ones there are no right or wrong, or good or bad to the process: it simply 'is' These are all aspects of the same thing. Darkness allows you to know there is light.

When you reach your divine destination (your direct connection to ALL THERE IS) only you need to know and accept and welcome your arrival.

Dear ones, your life on this planet have been a constant beginning, not an end. Your extended purpose in being will grow and expand when you set yourself free from the dense frequency where you currently reside; to become the master teachers of the universe.  (The reason you signed on to all this!). The most essential tool in gaining your freedom is your resonance and discernment; these will show you your UNIQUE PATH to your destination of divinity.

As you have heard many times before, the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you (this includes the minerals, plants and animals, as well). Can you receive this truth now? Take a deep breath and receive some more of this truth now.

None of your journey is about real or unreal, seen or unseen, or knowledge; it is about truth and wisdom (collected over many lifetimes). Wisdom is truth reflecting the Cosmic Law of Love that being you and God.

Love and truth are inseparable, eternal and unchanging. These can be known but not changed. Love and truth are the essential aspects of ALL THERE IS; they are beyond teaching and time. These can be best found within and through a personal process examination of yourself. (See LIFE MASTERY).

Dear ones your journey has no beginning, it has no end. IT SIMPLY IS a choice you made in agreeing to be human, experiencing all aspects of humanity being God. In reality none of your 3D life path can exist apart from the higher realms from whence it originated.

Your 3D world is composed of beliefs in opposites and separate wills, often leading to confrontation. Look at your world right now. This world leads to constant resistance since it is not really who you are.

The good news is that you are in the process of waking up and knowing your life and world have been illusions you created in order to learn from it and to leave it. It's all been a 'Lover-versity'. The world you have created is merely a reflection of your internal relationship with yourself based upon a lack of love.  Since love is the building block of ALL THERE IS, and ALL THERE IS is all there is; it can ask for nothing else.

As you continue to wake up from your 3D illusion by accepting with compassion and forgiving why you created it all, you can chose forgiveness. Through forgiveness you can remember who you are and why you are here by releasing/graduating yourself from the cosmic classroom you created to now know the truth:

You are God experiencing itself in all ways in order to master density, release yourself from it in order to enter and be in service to ALL THERE IS.  Remember always, this will allow you to become the master teachers of the universe, your purpose in being here.

Now you are remembering. For what we have just said is all stored in your heart. Access your heart dear ones, when you forget again. It is all eternally stored there.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages 
by Phillip Elton Collins. 


In reality formless best describes 
Our true state of beingness.

Right now I am housing my formlessness, 
In a human body,
But oddly enough
I am almost ready to set that form 
Aside and ride away
And decide another day,
If I’ll come this way, again.

One’s form serves only a brief respite 
While relates to the journey 
One supports,
In a particular point in time,
And port.

No matter what form I choose,
 I can never really lose 


Greetings from the White Brotherhood from the halls of Amante in what you call the advanced civilization of Atlantis.

We come to you at this time to recognize the healing of the assertive masculine energy that your endeavor has recently gone through.  An endeavor that we learned all too painfully ourselves in Atlantis when we were a divine ten island civilization in the Atlantic Ocean many millennia ago.

The new endeavor has been working with the balancing of the masculine and feminine energy with the endeavors and journeys that you have been participating in with our beloved Lumeria and their home upon Mt. Shasta. We come to you at this time because your work also includes the balancing of the masculine energy with the feminine directly working in concert with us.

The gateway to us lies underneath the great pyramid in Giza. It is no coincidence that all of you have taken your initiation in the temple above this Gateway. It is your connection to this mission at this time. The Great Pyramid was built by we of the Great White Brotherhood. It was not built by the Egyptians nor was it built when your histories are telling you it was built.

This telecommunication center you call the Great Pyramid is part of a global inter-solar and inter-galaxy telecommunication system which was activated by the statue of what you call the Sphinx in front of this great pyramid. This activation of what you call the Sphinx had been deactivated due to the density of the veil put upon humanity through the misuse of its power. Its misuse being directed to all that is.

The time has come for the reactivation and the rebooting of the Sphinx, which was originally built for a goddess whose name has been lost in your Earth time, who was in charge and still is in charge of all the pyramids throughout your planet and all of the pyramids throughout your solar system.

All of the pyramids and the crystalline information that lies within them is being activated at this time. And you are aware through many ancient scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Emerald Scrolls and other scrolls that are being activate. The resonant information that will come out of these scrolls will be downloaded into each of you directly. 

It will become a very important part of your mission, if you choose to accept it, to bring these truths in concert with the Archangelic Realm that we work in concert with; to humanity as part of the process you call the Ascension Process of your planet.

Many of you are planning important celebrations and ceremonies on your gateway point. This is one of many activations that will be taking place.

You will, as a part of each of your divine soul plans, be participating in this in addition to the resonances you have with the frequencies that are uniquely a part of each of your divine soul plans via the Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Adama, the mother Mary energy or any other star frequencies that will be coming into your realm.

You have gone through a great healing, dear brothers. You have been tested. You are continuing to be tested in your relationship with self and in your relationship with one another. But you have moved beyond the half-way point of that, haven’t you dear ones? Acknowledge the healing that was necessary for the work that you are about to embark upon.

It is an exciting and challenging time, and as you know, it will be a time of chaos within your frequency as those entities and frequencies that have held control of you for the time that they have comes to an end. They are willing and able to fight to the end.  Know this truth. It is only your light and the work that you are embarking upon that will support the divine destiny of Mother Earth who has chosen to ascend to a higher frequency thus intern all of you within and upon her body to do the same if you so choose.

 As has been explained to you, it will be a difficult time for those not choosing this choice at this time. And if necessary, many of them will be relocated to other galaxies to continue their incarnational cycles of freedom of choice and freedom of will which has been a blessing and a curse to your planet. But it is a gift that has been given to you and we and all other frequencies working in concert with us have no desire, no right to interfere with it.

More of you on your planet at this time are participating in this. Some of you are conscious of it; some of you are not. Some of you have no idea what is happening and many of you are making it happen.

So this will be one of many encounters you will download yourselves. It will not be just through the channel we are coming through at this time. He has alerted you, if you so choose, one of your next sacred journeys will be the participation of the vortices located with these endeavors. They are throughout your planet, some most actively in the northwest portion of Brazil. They are within the Madeira platforms on your continent. They are within the Peruvian Machu Picchu range and elsewhere. (Something about them being activated.) And you will be alerted and connected to all of those in your endeavors who will be likeminded, like spirited and like endeavored with the work that you are embarking upon.

Endeavors that you have been involved with thus far are only a beginning and a foundation of where your work can and will go if you so choose. We support you. We acknowledge the difficulties you go through within your frequency and we thank you for making that choice which you did make many, many eons ago to remain in this frequency and see through the lifting of the veil, dear ones.

It has not been an easy journey but it has been a necessary journey for you have needed to experience every aspect of the veil in order to prevent returning to it again. As you know, Lemuria and Atlantis and the early stages of Egypt, now the civilizations, whose names have been lost to you, did not succeed. They failed in their divine soul plans. Many chose to go into a higher frequency to hold the truth that is coming through them to you at this time to be preserved.

We take our leave at this time with this message, and know, if you allow we will come to you periodically and we will come to any one of you at any time.

It rather startled the channel that we are coming through this morning that this was to happen. But he received it joyfully and we ask you to do the same when it comes. So remember, dear ones, there are beautiful, beautiful endeavors of higher frequencies surrounding you. You are a formless eternal being of energy and light. That is your true nature. That is your connection to all that there is. And soon we shall all be connected in oneness. 

Friday, July 17, 2015


Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received & Written by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

“Freedom of choice and will and your divine destiny are promised to each of you and integrated in your purpose (soul plan) in being here,” Archangel Uriel.

Dear Beloved Angel News Network Soul Family,

As we approach the end of 2014 and head fast into the New Year 2015, let us review some tools and wisdom from higher realms which can assist us in creating the world we say we want, knowing we are the creators creating.

If it resonates, let us now open our knowing hearts (moving from our believing minds) to all the possibilities and probabilities of us creating a new paradigm, rather than resignation to what has been in the past and currently in the  present, knowing “being present is the present.”

Within the unseen higher realms there is an unbroken wholeness, a divine order, out of which all events manifest. It is the lost truth of this which has and is creating much of the imbalance in our world. All we humans have chosen to be an essential aspect of this unbroken/united/integrated whole (call it what you may).  One of the most important roles of humanity is to individually and collectively allow an opening/portal (moving beyond our minds) to receive the divine order manifesting. This allows the integration of higher realms with the human soul and spirit and our being into doing.

The integration of the higher realm with the human allows an extraordinary empowering personal process, assisting humanity in feeling and creating new realities. We humans move from children to adult allowing all needs and questions of the child to be fulfilled. In effect, the wounded inner child is healed and freed to become the elevated adult.

The conventional view of our reality is largely based upon positional personal power and ego based accomplishments. But the ascended view of reality is based upon creating a frequency in which we constantly expand and grow and become more capable of participating in our unfolding future. This allows the tools of synchronistic nature and marvelous miracles to manifest.

The opportunity and ability to truly participate in our unfolding future has to do with our ‘being’; our doing based upon our being, our awakened state of being conscious. So often our lives are based upon doing without knowing neither who we are nor why we are here. Once we have the who and why in place as our foundation, we can build the what, where, when and how.

Creation is a moment by moment domain in which we all constantly deepen our wisdom of reality and choose to participate in creating the future. Then we can individually and collectively see what is needed to emerge in the world and have the compassion and commitment to create what is needed.



The planet, the Earth is a living, conscious being with organs (air, water, minerals, oil, gas, light, etc.) in order to maintain and sustain itself, like ourselves. The ignorance and arrogance of humanity and how it continues to abuse its very home is a reflection of how humanity feels about itself. If we intend to survive, it is time to create a new awareness that knows the planet, humanity and the universe is an open, dynamic, integrated organism. What effects one affects all.  Once we understand and accept the true reality of our world and the universe, this immediately closes the old doors and locks them and opens new doors for change and improvement. We know that the future is not fixed and controlled by the few over the many, and we can shift from resignation to creating the new. What do you choose?  Our leaders reflect we who choose them.


It has been spoken for eons that “the only relationship we are having is the one with self”. How we feel and think about our self is constantly reflected out into our relationships with others and the world. You cannot judge, shame or blame another without first doing this to self. Once we have mastered self, we shall no longer have wounded little boys and girls running the world and often destroying each other and our planet. This is a healing process of inside out, not outside in. In fact, relationship is the organizing principle of the universe. All relationships are reaching inward then outward to all other things. Since we are all dense energy, through interaction with other energy sources, we create. Once we know that relationship is the defining principle of the universe, we can see and accept one another as essential aspects of the whole. The universe would be incomplete without each of us. The next step is to then know we are all one.


Our readiness to commitment is fundamental to any shift. Many of us believe that commitment is doing anything in order to succeed. But there is a higher frequency aspect of commitment beyond human will transcending into willingness. This is an inner divine voice (aspect of self) that gently guides us through our soul plan (our reason to be here). The key ingredient within this type of commitment is a knowing trust that allows a statue of surrender.  This surrender (to not knowing) to all possibilities and probabilities allows us to know the fragments within our soul plans, our destiny. It is at this consciousness we shift our relationship with the future. We know and see ourselves as an essential aspect of this world and unfolding future and universe. It is at this point in relationship to self and all there is, this state of beingness, our life is organically fused with meaning, value and purpose. We release our unhealed self and unfree will to our divine beingness. At this point we see the power and gift of commitment.

The moment we fully commit to anything there is no fear, doubt or ignorance (the monster of mankind). Once we commit, we move beyond our wounds and ego defenses to be and do who we are. Not being who we truly are kills countless manifestations of creation and prevents the elementary truth: We are the Creator creating. Then a pathway is cleared with grace and ease that no human ever dreamed before. You know your feelings, thoughts and actions are the countenance of Creation, your commitment.


Once we are able to commit, a cosmic flow of energy (meaning, value and purpose) commences. Through our resonance communities of equality, harmony and balance begin to form. When we are in a state of surrender, the universal laws of attraction come into play due to the authentic and transparent truth of our beingness (not because we are special; we are simply showing the way), and the full possibilities of the future appear. Through commitment and the communities we create, we move from self, to others, to the world and beyond in full service and gratitude for what is (rather than what is not).


At this crucial time in our planetary and human evolution many universal laws and messages are coming to us again to further support our pathway (such as this one). Understanding synchronicity is one of them.  It is no accident or coincidence that this message or the people in your life are there now. The events and people we need in our life now are the very people we need in correlation to our commitment. Old doors close and lock,  new doors open, a sense of grace and ease develops and we find we are interacting in a cohesive community of people who may not even be (yet) conscious of one another. In effect we have moved and are acting from the me to the we in a new paradigm of unity. This is the cosmic wheel of divine order moving all events forward. Then our lives become a series of non-mindful, marvelous miracles.


Again, all of the above is a process of inside out, not outside. The non-mindful, marvelous miracles of life are about our consciousness of character through our being more than our doing. Our world and humanity stand at a vital juncture in our evolutionary path. If we so choose, it is time to free ourselves from ourselves and allow our destiny as divine beings to emerge and create a new and glorious future. What do you choose?


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