Sunday, September 2, 2012

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Beliefs, Truth & Freedom

A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Beliefs, Truth, Freedom
The movement towards world service is based in truth.

What is your truth?

The process of self-mastery is mastering your truth.

Mastering the depth of the essence of you.

Mastering the knowing that the truth is love, the love of self, expression of self, and love of embodying the self.

Love of giving and receiving in balance.

It is time to become present with the present and look at your beliefs. 

Look at how your beliefs resonate or do not resonate with your truth that you have become conscious of. Are you committed to walk deeper into the revelation of your truth? Beliefs lie in your mental body and are a result of your conditioning and what you have been taught. Your truth lies in your heart.

This road within is not an easy road and it will get a bit bumpy along the way. You will find that you will be tested. Many of you may feel that this is too much for you and can’t go deeper any longer.

“I must stop now because I have come this place and see a wall.”

Many of you have come to this place and wonder if you are powerful enough to break down that wall. Some of you see a mountain and you know that you would like to climb it, yet wonder if you are powerful enough to do so. Some of you come to the top of a stairway, look down into it and see nothing. You now have a choice to make,

“Do I stop here or continue on into what I don’t know but know that I am powerful enough to stand in my truth along the way?”

You are at a place to bring yourself present with the present to reveal a greater depth of your truth. Many of you talk about truth, but are you embodying it?

Are you willing to move into world service not based upon what you have been taught and conditioned with thus believe, but willing to be a powerful, individuated, healing master of the self, realizing and expressing your truth?  

Many of you are just uncovering aspects of your truth.

Your truth is something that cannot be explained in words, it is as it is.

I know, I remember, I am...

What most of you fear most is freedom. Most of you may not know what freedom is. Freedom for most of you comes with conditions. 

If I will be safe here then I will be free. If it is safe there then I will have freedom. If I believe this then I am free.

Most of you are learning what freedom and the power of it really is.

Many of you, if not all of you are unlocking the chains within to free yourself from your conditioning so you can stand individuated in your truth and in your power.

Many of you have moved to a place within where what is being revealed about you, about truth and your truth is quite frightening.

You may feel it physically and feel as if you are hitting a wall, you are not sure where to go and you may be reacting to all of this.

There may be pockets of energy surfacing in your physical body that overwhelm you and you are not sure what to do here as well. 

You are finding that there are obstacles before you. Many have found that the obstacles are actually within you and they are what you believe, old beliefs

Again, it is time to be present with the present be in the 3rd dimensional realm.

Stand naked in the 3rd dimension looking out at the world with your truth.

Fully realize that you are having this human experience and step into the 3rd dimension not by being of it, but by just being you, in it. Walk in it unattached.

Move out of your hibernation and stand in the world and look at what is happening. Know that you are becoming united within yourself.

Look now at your fears and what you believe.

Many of you say:

“I need to change that, I don’t believe that, but I am frightened.”

“What I have believed all along is what I have been taught and I have given away my power to, and it is bigger than me.” 

Is it?

What are you frightened of?

What do you think will be taken away from you if you let go of that belief?

Might it be your freedom?

“If I buy into this will they take away my freedom?”

This is why We ask you to look at freedom and what that means to you.

Am I free?

Write down your definition of freedom.

What is it?

When you do this then ask,

What have I believed that I think will give me my freedom?

Bring yourself now to “What is” and ask:

Am I embodying my truth or still discovering it?

When I look at what I believed regarding power, what fears come up?

Am I standing in my power because my intention is world service and what I have to give to the world?

Am I being truthful when I stand in my power and teach it, and proclaim myself to be a light worker, a healer to change the world as it is?

In order to be a part of the shift in resonance in your world you heal aspects of yourself and this shifts your resonance. Be aware of and present with what is going on in your 3rd dimension. You must bring yourself to the place that you intend to shift and change.

It is time to come out of the cocoon of the self, rise up and see what is in the present and where you stand with it based upon the resonance of your truth.

The main question to ask if you so choose is:

Am I powerful enough to walk through that wall, climb that mountain, and walk down that staircase even deeper?


What resonates for me out in the world, and what doesn’t?

Now that I am present and conscious of me, what resonates where I now stand and where I am with “what is” in the present?

What resonates for me at this time in the 3rd dimension and what doesn’t?

Pay attention to both because this will reveal a depth of your truth and what you still believe. 

Jeff Fasano is a trance channel, soul photographer and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart