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Beyond this reality of our emotions, thoughts, duality and separation there is a dimension of love and oneness. I shall meet you there…

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Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for October 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Taking Responsibility for You and Your Life

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are opening up to new parameters in your life. Many are now beginning to shift their life and shift the perspective they have of their life. As they have looked at the world outside of them and the relationships they are having with others, they are seeing their perspective of their life in relation to their perspective as to what is happening in the third dimensional realm.  

We come to speak to you about shifting the perspective you have of your life. This is based on your inner journey within, to look within at your self and your life in perspective to what is transpiring in the world outside of you.    

Ask yourself:
Is there abundance in my life?
Is there joy in my life?
Am I living the life I say I want?

We have asked these questions many times before, but as you move into your month of October it is imperative for you to see what your life is about. Look now to see what your life is about. Is it about service to the world?  Are you opening your heart to receive love? Are you giving love?  Are you surrounding yourself with yourself? Are you constantly in the narcissism of the self, thinking about your life? Who are you giving to? What are you giving to others? Are you raising the resonance and vibration of others?   

We speak to you about this because at the beginning of your year of 2018, We asked you to begin to create a new collective consciousness.  We asked you to look at your own personal collective consciousness. What is your consciousness about your life at this moment in time? Are you fully living your truth? Are you fully being who you are?  

Many now are looking at their lives and see they are in a constant state of flux. Still chasing after what they say they want. What is most important now is to see if are you using your tools that have been given to you? Or, are you consistently looking outside of you for what you say you want?   Are you yearning after what you say you want? 

So the question We ask you now is; What IS in your life? 
We have spoken to you about this as well.
What IS in your life right now?  
Or, are you consistently looking at What Isn’t in your life? And in a constant state of yearning after what isn’t in your life? 

As you now move to the last three months of your year 2018, look at your life. It is important not to scrutinize your life, simply look at your life and ask; what is my life right now? Or, are you constantly searching for what isn’t in your life and creating more of what isn’t in your life? 

Doing this and asking these questions of yourself leads to taking responsibility for yourself in your life. Your month of October is about taking responsibility for you and your life. Are you doing this? Or are you in a constant state of victimhood that is based upon what you see transpiring outside of you in the world and allowing that to dictate your life? Is what is transpiring in the world outside of you and your relationships running your life? Are you using this to propel you into a state of victimhood? When you see what is transpiring outside of you do you say: I can’t do anything. I can’t have what I want.  

We have asked you to look outside of yourself and ask; What resonates for me and what doesn’t? This is the first step of taking responsibility. Can you take responsibility for what resonates for you?  If it resonates for you how does it make you feel? If it doesn’t resonate for you, how does that make you feel?  Are you placing an inordinate amount of attention on what doesn’t resonate? Are you placing and inordinate amount of energy on yearning after what isn’t in your life? As you yearn after what isn’t in your life, are you hoping and wishing that what isn’t in your life will come to you? Or, are you taking charge of your life with full responsibility for yourself? 

Look at what is in your life, at what you have accomplished where the well is half full or maybe even full and you might not know it.  

It is time now to ask yourself; Is there Joy in my life? What brings me the greatest amount of joy? What am I focusing my attention on and where am I focusing my attention?  Am I in a place where my resonance is at a low, dense vibrational level? Am I constantly yearning after what I say I want? Am I focusing my attention on what isn’t in my life? Thus, living your life at a low, dense vibrational level.  

Are you in a state where everything is about you? Everything that transpires in your life is about you? How what is transpiring in the world outside of you affecting you? Is it all about you? 

Are you letting your wounding run your life? Are you allowing the conditioning from mom and dad run your life? In essence you are allowing the wounded child run your life. The wounded child who is seeking mom and dad they never had. The wounded child who is sinking and indulging into their wounding thus surrounding yourself with you.  

It is time now to open your heart to you. It is time now to open your eyes to you and life around you.  It is now time to take into consideration all of what We are talking to you about right now.   

Is there Joy in your Life? 
Are there moments of joy in your life? 
What is joy for you?
What raises your resonance and vibration? 

It is time, if you are sinking and indulging into the bubble of your own life, to open your eyes and look outside of you. Look at your relationships and see what is transpiring in them. 

It is time to open your heart and use your tools that have been given to you. It is time to take responsibility for where you are in your life. It is most important as We ask you to do this, to be aware when judgment and shame of self may arise. This may trigger another part of your defense system and you may sink or indulge into shaming and judging yourself. If this arises simply be conscious and aware of it.  
It is important now to be conscious and aware of where you are in your life. It is important to be conscious and aware when you begin to shame and judge yourself.  

We have asked you to ask this question many times before, so We ask you to ask it of yourself again; Where am I in my life right now?   Can I accept with compassion and love of self, where I am?  Can you summon the energy within that is based in love to shift and change your life where you choose to shift and change your life?  

Look at what you have accomplished up to this very moment in time in your life. If in fact you have remained in a personal process and have moved within and shifted and changed your life, take notice of this.  Also take notice if you continue to yearn after what you think you don’t have in your life and place your focus and energy on what isn’t in your life. 

It is all fine and well to have goals in your life. Each and every one of you has achieved what you have set out to achieve. Yet, the mindset from your wounding constantly has you focusing on what isn’t in your life and this is where you remain. 

It is time to open your heart to yourself and ask;
What do I want? 
What is most important to me?
What are the relationships in my life that are most important to me that raise my resonance and vibration?
Or, do you focus on relationships that mirror back to you where you are in your life which may raise your resonance and vibration, but also may keep you in the old state of looking at what isn’t in your life and complaining about it?  

If you are here to serve the world, create a new collective consciousness and a new world of community, harmony, equality, peace, love and all inclusiveness, We ask you to take a good long look at your life in this month of October. Begin to take charge of your life, take responsibility and begin to raise your resonance and vibration within you when you see what is in your life and what you have accomplished.