Monday, May 30, 2016


As we honor those who have served let us remember, and know into applied knowledge (wisdom) that war ultimately is no longer an alternative when we have weapons that can destroy us all. Let us evolve where killing is not an acceptable solution and create a another way to resolve our differences realizing we all need the same things, and there is plenty for all.

A Loving Request this Memorial Day,

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder The Angel News Network

Saturday, May 28, 2016



A Reminder Through Love,
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder The Angel News Network

Monday, May 23, 2016


World Happenings: Exactly What, Why And What Can You Be And Do About It
From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian
Received By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Dear Beloved Humans Beings Being Human,
Your world and many of your personal lives appears in upheaval and chaos at this time. Please allow we of the consciousness of the archangelic realm of Uriel to assist and support you at present. It is our intention to give you the tools necessary to understand, accept and forgive what you are creating at this time, dear ones. Yes, you are creating it and can make another choice, if you so choose. The question is can you receive and apply what is given to you at this time? We shall never give up sending you the love and support you need until YOU fully integrate it into your being human.
Beloved humans, how are you are being and doing simply is not working. Through your freedom of choice and will can you make another choice at this time? It is your destiny to do so; how and when you achieve this change/shift is up to you.
Allow what is about to be received as preparation for our next DIVINE DISCUSSIONS gathering with your brethren and other Divine souls through The Angel News Network:
Let we of the higher realms give you another perspective beyond the dimension you currently chose to reside within. As many of you are aware, your planet and your human species is involved within an Ascension process of evolving into a higher consciousness, thus higher frequency of existence. This is your destiny at this time. How and when you get there is up to you but it does not have to be the struggle to survive life it has been in the past.
Dear ones, you are actually evolving much faster than any other time within your recorded history. But when you look at your cultural, governmental, political, religious and corporate arenas it feels and looks like you are moving backwards rather than forwards. This is not the case. There is always a breakdown before the breakthrough. Moving forward is not always a simple, consistent step forward. There are times as you move forward that you can move what looks like backwards in order to integrate the energies to move forward. So it might be four steps forwards and one back. That’s okay.
Each year within the present Ascension energy is like many years of the past. All of the areas of humanity attempting to control what they did not create are changing/shifting. You are moving so fast now you need time to assimilate the balancing of the new replacing the old. We urge you not to become impatient with what is currently within your world and lives. In reality you have chosen to learn this way. Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it?

Many endeavors such as The Angel News Network and others have facilitated ‘sacred journeys’ at various portals/vortices throughout the planet to network/connect various ley lines of energy to assist the ascension process of the planet, thus humanity. These endeavors as well as individual efforts anchor higher vibrations of energy allowing an increased level of consciousness of humanity. In fact, a new grid of energy has formed planet wide consisting of light workers and way showers. If you are reading and resonating with this message you are most likely these individual’s. Your efforts/intentions are balancing the many imbalances and returning humanity to a less stressful, new normal evolutionary path.
The final 2,000 Earth year cycle of the planet began 12/12/12. You are now integrating one-third more light at present than prior to this date. The increase in light speed will take place as you further enter the ascension process of the planet and humanity. Remember dear humans, you need to integrate these new energies within your emotional, mental and physical bodies. These energetic integration’s take place through the further activation of spiritual DNA and awakening of higher chakras (which were shut down through abuse in the past and are being re-booted at this time).
Many of you are aware of some of the “ascension symptoms” that are taking place such as fatigue, and fear. Be aware of these and support one another with the many tools being given to you at this time.
Let us look at how the “human pie” slices up during this exciting period. Although there are subcategories, there are basically two sides; one creating duality and the other unity. One side intends to move forward through love while the other side is vacillating through fear (the absence of love). These appear to be completely opposite of one another when in effect they are aspects of the same oneness. This is a very challenging wisdom for humanity to grasp but until you do you will continue your struggle.
Housed within many of your mental bodies is the truth of “what you resist persists.” Please understand dear humans, your life with self and one another is not a battle/war against evil or darkness (all aspects of the same thing, as teaching tools). You have heard “you cannot know the light without the dark.” All of life is about integrating it all rather than judging and taking sides. Not integrating has created the duality and separation and often confrontation in your world for eons. Not learning/discerning this yet has created the world you have now. So what is the key to mastering the truth?
At a time when your governmental, political, religious and corporate arenas are shaming and blaming one another and saying who is right, who is wrong, and fighting to be in control rather than stating what they will actually do to effect change for the highest good of all, many feel lost and helpless. When there seems to be a dramatic terrorist attack every day you might feel and think your energy and endeavors are not having the profound effect you intend. We wish to again give you guidance and a solution to your dilemma.
WARNING: The ego housed within your mental body is not going to like this solution at all. It will require the attachment to drama that has kept the human nervous system activated for a long time to be released. So this is going to be like a drug withdrawal for some. In your vernacular, “fasten your seat belts.”
Even within these seemingly challenging times there is a simple technique that works quite well. It is called forgiveness, and this is not an easy state of beingness for humanity. What would it take for you to forgive someone who beheaded a loved one? What would it take for you to be in the circumstances of the one cutting off the head? What would it take for you to instantly find yourself in the situation of someone doing something you know was/is horribly wrong? This is what it will take to resolve everything through creating communities of equality, harmony and balance.
It may be difficult for you to move your believing into knowing but this is the epoch of evolving into equality, harmony and balance (your Divine destiny). Actually there is more harmony on your planet than ever before. The question is HOW CAN YOU CREATE EQUALITY, HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH THOSE WHO WOULD DO YOU HARM AT ANY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY? This is the game-changer; dear ones and the way you have chosen to learn and evolve as a species. A tough way to learn for sure but this is what you have chosen to assure your learning, and a permanent healing of self (reflecting ALL THERE IS).
You always entrain to the highest frequency within the environment, so when light shines on darkness they become one. This is why we explain they are aspects of the same thing, and not actually opposites. It is only the erroneous belief systems of duality that humanity has been attached to that has caused you to continue to create your world of separation rather one of oneness.
In realty dear ones, separation through erroneous belief systems do not belong here: this creates the opportunity for extreme behavior by inflicting fear. What those who are trying to control you do not realize is that NO ONE CAN EVER BE CONTROLLED BY FEAR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. You cannot control what you did not create. Yes, dear ones it can have a dramatic effect for only a period of time because you have a built in internal balancing gyro system - - this is your Divine Eternal Light that no force can diminish. You are within the process of awakening to this truth and learning how to use this balancing system through a healed loving relationship with self; in effect, achieving self-mastery becoming life mastery that allows service to one another and the world.
Your balancing internal gyro system also contains the tools of discernment (how you think about it) and resonance (how you feel about it). This system supported by you eternal Divine Light will allow equality, harmony and balance if you so choose to use it. You can have the life you say you want and stop fighting and killing one another now. Dear ones, it begins with compassion which can be a challenge for humanity through your many wounds and ego defenses. By learning about others you can understand what they feel, need and their belief systems and what exactly guides and motivates them. For in effect, you all have the same needs to love and be loved.
Without love you all fall back into the field of separation, duality and often confrontation where you do not have a balance of giving and receiving love. There is never a case in creation where the lack of love overcomes love. We ask dear ones that through love of self-reflecting to others, you shift your reactions to responses through love, and forgiveness. First and foremost forgiving how you have chosen to learn.
Humanity is a band of consciousness maintained and sustained by the highest frequency of existence, love. We ask that you send love to all aspects of humanity for they are all part of the evolution of your species. Much of humanity has been limited by the lowest vibrational aspects. This is shifting with the ascension energies coming into the planet at this time. It is not about moving the lowest vibrational people to the highest dear ones; it is about forgiving them since they are a reflection of you. And you are healing all aspects of self (being a reflection of ALL THERE IS) at this time. Remember, this creates an opportunity for you to heal something within yourself rather than react to someone’s behavior (seeing the mirror).
You have an emotion which creates a thought that allows a physical action. This is most of your current reality dear ones. It is time to free yourself from this form of creation. Let’s see how.
Forgiving self and others is the next step for humanity creating a higher consciousness frequency. This gives you the opportunity to set positive energy into motion for yourself rather than reacting to someone else’s emotion.
Let’s look at some of humanity’s old behaviors that really never worked:
Most of humanity has been controlled by fear without being conscious of it. Appeasing anger works on the individual and collective levels. What happened when there was the 911 “attack”? The first thing your leaders wanted to do was to blame someone. Then attempt to create a motive in order to create a punishment. This is creating separation and duality leading to confrontation..
Dear ones, let us share a cosmic law:
It Is Not Possible To Solve A Problem On The Same Energetic Level That It Was Created. The Solution Is To Build A Parallel Path Beside And/Or Above It.
Again, you have heard what you resist persists. If you so choose, step out of your negative emotion and start creating a higher frequency of love (which carries more light).
The Christ Consciousness energies have been teaching “love thy enemies” for eons. Let us expand this to love anyone different from you since they are a diversified version of you and creation. You are all each other in disguise dear ones. It is this lack of love that is keeping humanity right where it is!
Dear ones, you are all players on the stage of life on this planet learning to love (the highest frequency in creation). This is the Lover-versity, indeed. This is the reason you chose to come here. Before you decided to return to this planet you were collaborating with the very beings you are in conflict with now. You were agreeing to the Earth-dance you would do to learn what you needed to learn. How does that make you feel, dear ones. What will it take to wake up and know this now?
What it will take to wake up dear ones is that you all reach a critical mass on this planet where you each know the truth. This will disintegrate all built-up old energy. Instantly the old paradigm will be replaced with a new one based on love creating equality, harmony and balance. Knowing that all of you are simply being human, the Divine souls creating separation will simply dissolve through reaching quantum critical mass.
Dear ones, you are Eternal Divine Beings Of Light having this human experience by choice. Every cell within your body is shifting as you evolve from carbon based existence to a crystalline light experience; this is now happening on a mass consciousness level. Begin to apply the knowledge you have into wisdom. You know that war and killing one another does not support creation nor does it work. Through reaching critical mass (you determine the number of you necessary) you can begin applying forgiveness (acceptance+compassion) and then watch how fast everything shifts. You then arrive at a level of balanced growth and expansion and evolve into a new paradigm of equality, harmony and balance.
You have all really been pretending to be separate from one another and doing a pretty good job. But being made of the same cosmic light with the same needs to be love and loved, you truly are not separate . Can now finally give yourself the glorious gift of a new future filled with forgiveness? Forgiveness opens the pathway of non-resistance thus allowing all possibilities and probabilities to manifest forward without the denseness of duality.
Begin now by storing your light and love within your Divine Being and expressing it through your truth (who you are and why you are), your needs and boundaries within all relationships. Know dear ones you are the Creator creating all the time. If you so choose, now is the time to create a new reality. Are you ready?
Place your hands upon your knowing hearts (knowing your believing mind is moving back into service to your knowing heart) and take a deep breath, dear ones. Allow that breath to be a Divine Union of you and all the Light and Love that made you and this world possible. You are greater than you ever imagined, and the truth you need to set you free from self is upon you. It is a magnificent, magical time to be on planet Earth. Billions of you chose to be here for this glorious event. And this event and this world would be incomplete without each and every one of you!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 The "learning tools" you are creating in life are manifestations to know if you are truly committed to creating the life you say you want.

A Gentle Reminder,
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder The Angel News Network


Life is a balance of giving and receiving self (self being a mirror of All There Is).

Myself Loving you,
Phillip Elton Collins

Thursday, May 12, 2016



From Archangel Uriel, World teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans being human,

Being prosperous and/or abundant is a process of inside out, not outside in. It is all based upon your relationship with self (self being a reflection of ALL THERE IS), and mirroring that out into your relationships and world.

 At this time your planet and lives are currently experiencing unprecedented ascension energies allowing you to shift into a higher state of consciousness/being (moving from me consciousness to we consciousness). This is your divine right and gift at this time. No matter how things may appear in your outside world of clearing and cleansing this ascension process is taking place. We of the Higher Realms are sending you once again many messages and tools to assist your process. These tools need not cost you anything except your ability to receive them, or a love-offering if you so choose through your freedom of will and choice, as a balance of giving and receiving.  Way showing missions such as The Angel News Network and many others are here to assist you through direct connections to Higher Realms. You are all designed and destined to be in direct connection with the Higher Realms. Are you ready to receive us?

Please use your resonance and discernment (your internal gyro system) with any one “teaching” you how to be prosperous or abundant when often times they are the ones monetarily profiting from the endeavor and their lives may not reflect what they teach (being your message).

Your concept of being prosperous and abundant is also shifting as your governmental and financial/economic structures also shift through free energy becoming available in your world. Dear ones you can no longer use the organs of your planet as fuel and survive as a species.

Dear humans as you continue to seek prosperity and abundance outside self,-know that the solution for this lies within your knowing hearts where all the applied knowledge (wisdom) your need is stored within your heart’s DNA from past and present lives. You are indeed learning to think with your hearts as your believing minds move back into service to your knowing heart.

Are you ready trust and surrender to this truth now?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Destined & Designed to be higher realm channels

We are all destined and designed to be higher realm channels:



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

It’s no secret how much
Mankind has abused and
Misused Mother Earth.
We rape her body, so oddly,
By taking her vital organs,
Air, water, oil and minerals,
Like there is an endless supply,
Not thinking or caring we are killing
The Mother whose body,
We so rely.
The time has come for Mother Earth
To protect and serve herself,
Due to the lack of consciousness,
Among us.
All nature is self-purifying and protecting,
Let us now stop
Mankind’s endless capacity for destruction,
So new constructions can begin.
Mother Earth’s method of self-defense,
Is to return to humanity her offense.
That which has been imposed upon her,
For eons past, that shall no longer last.
So mankind shall now experience
Universal Law:
What you cause others to experience,
You shall experience yourself,
In the end.
When mankind, not being kind,
Has fully awakened and gained further wisdom,
We may join in perfect cooperation
With the magnificent force of Mother Earth,
Creating heaven on Earth,
Being One again.

Enjoy more sacred poetry from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages: To Change Your Life & The World like emoticon
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