Wednesday, July 30, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Love and the Heart


Channeled by Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Love and the Heart

By operating through the heart. The heart is the synchronistic pattern of the soul. Everything in the earth plane is synchronized to the heartbeat of the earth. The heartbeat of the earth moves at a certain number of hertz or vibrations per second. And the human body, based upon the heart, is synchronized with the heartbeat of the earth. That's why when you go into nature you calm down and you feel at peace. The heart feels at peace and opens because you are synchronizing with the heartbeat of the earth. So allow your heart to lead you because the heart is the doorway to the soul. The heart is the intuitive organ that relates directly to communication from the soul. The soul is the divine aspect of being that governs the law of synchronicity in physical matter.

Love is a force of creation, a force of being. Learning to love means learning to awaken, realize, accept, express and experience in the fullest way possible the experience, expression and potential of your being as an individual. The divine plan is to learn to love, to learn to embody love by expressing the truth of your being as an individual in all of its knowledge, all of its expression, all of its experience and all of its form.

Most define love as a feeling of affection or a sentiment. That's love attached to a feeling. That is part of what love is. They're in the process of expressing love, expressing who they are. You connect with others, and in that connection you feel certain feelings. You may feel compassion, affection, tenderness, closeness. Those are all attributes of the experience of love. But they are not what love is. They are all feelings that you experience in the expression or the experience of love, but they are not what love is. The core of what love is, is the expression of your being, the revelation of your being, showing and sharing all of who you are with life, with the world, with every other human being, with one individual human being. All of that is love.

Most people are locked in a stage of development that remains in infancy. They are locked in a codependent stage of development that has to do with motherly love, which is the expectation of unconditional love no matter what I am or what I do. So mother's unconditional love teaches an infantile love. I am loved and therefore I love.

But that's dependent upon if I am loved. If you remain locked in that condition, you remain in a state of narcissism where love is concerned. I have to be loved before I can love. Therefore, love is not dependent upon me. It is independent of me.

It relies upon someone else to make me feel that I'm safe, loved, cared for in order for me to then feel I can love the object in return. That's infantile love, a state of narcissistic love. It's just the beginning of learning what love is that the infant experiences, which makes the infant feel safe in the physical environment for the first time.

Then you move beyond that as you grow in childhood to learn what fatherly love is. Fatherly love teaches the child, under ideal circumstances, I can give love and by giving love I can produce love (which hardly ever happens because the father hasn't learned what love is either). The father is the one who takes it into the world and shows the child how to give of himself and share who he is, and by doing that produces the act of love, produces a reciprocal cycle.

Then moving into adolescence the child learns, under ideal circumstances, the experience of brotherly love. Brotherly love is the love of equality, the love of two individuals. Brotherly love says: You are an individual. I am an individual. I respect you as an individual and love who you are as you are, and you respect and love me as I am. I love you for your individuality, your individual expression, and I can love you because of who I am as an individual. And by loving you through my individuality and by sharing who I am, I then produce the experience of love in you, and love awakens in you. And you give love back to me by honoring who I am as an individual and sharing yourself with me as an individual. So the combination of those three types of love then produces the wholeness of love in your being. But most people remain frozen in one or more of those stages of love and never get to the point of integrating all three of them.

In Western civilization, most of you live in a state of infantile love. Look around you and see a bunch of children who have their arms and mouths open saying, "Give me love, fulfill me." It's all about me. It's all narcissistic. The world is centered on me. I don't produce love. I don't give love unless I'm first satisfied, unless you first love me, unless you validate me, unless you respond to me, so I feel safe enough to then love you in return. So my love is determined by the unconditional love that I receive from my caretakers. And now my projection of mom gets projected onto the world, and I want the world to take care of me, my government to take care of me, my economic situation to take care of me. I want all the amusements to take care of me. I want my job to take care of me. And I'm not willing to exercise my individuality in that. As a matter of fact, in order to remain a child, I must give up my individuality. I must fit into the herd consciousness. I must remain as a child.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Channeled Through Jeff Fasano

Michael 7/25/14 Channeled Through Jeff Fasano

You are seeing and sorting out aspects of your life that no longer resonate for you, as you go deeper into your heart space.

You are opening up to all the parameters of life, misconceptions of life, the illusions of life. You are seeing the myths and illusions of your life. All based on the conditioning from mom and dad and also seeing past life overlays into this life which is coinciding with your conditioning—what you have learned in this lifetime along with the past life overlay.

It’s important to go into your hearts to feel the feelings you have suppressed and have avoided feeling, going into your heart where you have experienced past trauma that you have not experienced that coincides with repressing and avoiding feelings.

Look into your hearts at what you say you want. Are you living the life you say you want or are you still searching for that life but is that life is clouded? You may think you want that life or this relationship or you think you want what you think you want.

You may be living the life you think you want; yet, there are aspects of that life that are old. That is where you turn into looking at yourself, looking at the aspects of your life that are old. You are still repeating the old habits, patterns and rituals, blaming and shaming creating victimhood in your life.

It is about speaking truth to yourself. It is about opening up to the truth in the depth of you when you hear the feedback from the mirror that we have provided for you in your body of teachings known as the Laws of Beingness. When the mirror is reflected back to you, are you seeing that and acting upon that to shift and change the old behavior?

As you prepare to make the choice to embark on this new journey, it is time to take a look at everything in the depth of you and the relationships that you are having outside of yourself. It is time to take what is in the darkness of your closet in your relationship with another and bring it to the fore.

As you bring this to the fore you will then see the relationship at hand. You will be able to make a decision and a choice whether to continue that relationship or not. It is time to open your eyes to what is, to the relationships that you are having.

So we ask each of you in your relationship with each of you, what is old? What haven’t you resolved yet? What is important for you to resolve? Write that down, if you choose.

There is an undercurrent, an underlying aspect of each relationship that is still there that may not resonate for you. Also, look at what resonates for you.

It’s about looking at the glass as full. The only way you can do that is to go to the aspects of the relationship and see what you need to express to another. At the same time look at what does resonate in the relationship because, when in the wounds of the defense, many simply look at what doesn’t resonate and you focus on that and possibly miss what is in the relationship and resonates for you. 

That is simply a reflection of yourself, a reflection of the defense system, a reflection of the oral defense where nothing is ever enough.

So it is time to take this step, if you so choose, to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to see the relationships at hand—what resonates, what doesn’t and then look at your list and ask, what am I focusing on? Where do I place my main focus of attention? What is on the list that does resonate? What is on the list that doesn’t resonate?

As you now embark on this process, to then the culmination of the process, make a choice as to whether it is important for you to embark on the journey with the relationships at hand. It is now about moving into the purity of relationship, dear one and see if you can co-exist and allow yourself to heal what needs to be healed and allow yourself to define and refine the relationship, to tweak, in your vernacular, the relationship but ultimately come to a conclusion that yes or no we can take this journey together.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Truth and Honesty

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we come to as you are moving deeper into your heart space and into a place of truth and honesty you have never known. It is a level of truth and honesty with self, and as you look into the mirror it is now time to measure this level of truth and honesty as you move through your process.  

It is not about looking outside of yourself to see the truth and honesty or looking outside of you to measure yourself based upon those outside of you. It is how truthful and honest you are with you.  

It is time to look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself:  am I being truthful with myself and being honest with myself?  Because now it is time to take that responsibility. Am I fully being truthful with myself and am I fully being honest with myself as I move through life?

We ask you to look at truth and honesty and have a simple exercise for you:

Take a mirror, a physical mirror and look at your own eyes in that mirror and ask this question as you gaze directly into your own eyes: 

Am I being truthful with myself and am I being honest with myself? 

It is up to you now to be impeccable with yourself.  The impeccability and integrity of the word begins with you, everything,  begins with you.  It has nothing to do with anyone outside of yourself. 

Once you begin to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space  to fully know you, to fully love you, to fully honor you, you then stand as an individuated adult, powerful in the knowingness and the truthfulness of you.  And here at this point you realize you have choices, you have choices as an adult, you have choices to move on the pathway of powerfulness into bringing you to the world as you are, without looking to others for gratification and validation.   

This process is about moving into individuation and  into the knowingness of self, to stand in that powerfulness so you can now choose to take your next steps in your individuated adult life.  

So it is about truth and honesty, dear ones. Are you taking steps in your life based upon truth and honesty of self or  do you move into the mental body when you are faced with the next step in life and wonder what mom would think, what dad would think, what they "out there" would think?  I have this choice in front of me, can I choose to make this choice based upon my love of self?  Am I making choices in the world based upon love of self or am I still looking outside of me wondering  if my choice affects others and will I still be loved?  And staying in the quagmire of that existence.  

This message is about you moving into your powerfulness of self.  

Are you tired of remaining in the quagmire when you are faced with choices and wondering when and if you make that choice if it will affect others and their gratification and validation of you?

You are now ready to stand in the truthfulness and honesty of self.  So We ask you to look into the mirror, look into your own eyes and ask yourselves, how truthful am I with me, how honest am I with me?  Am I making choices based upon the reaction others will have with those choices if I make them, thus remaining in an aspect of the narcissism of me, thinking it is all about you.  

If I make this choice it will affect her, if I make this choice it will affect him. That is the mind of the wounded little girl, the wounded little boy who thinks that everything they do affects mom and dad. 

You see, dear ones, the choices affect you.  When you are making choices as an adult, they are choices based upon love of self.  Are you making choices in your life based upon love of self?  Are you making choices in your lives based upon how much you love you? This is why We asked you to look directly into your eyes in the mirror and ask: am I being truthful and honest with myself?  Am I loving me, am I living my life based upon sense of self and love of self? 

Once you begin to move into the depth of loving yourself you will then know what it is to truly love another.  Loving another is simply allowing them the freedom to love themselves.  It is not up to you how your choices will affect the depth of love that they have for themselves or the depth of love that they may have for you.  It is no longer about making choices wondering what the effect will be on others and if they still will love you.  Are you being honest with yourself?   

Are you being truthful with yourself?  Honesty and truthfulness are based upon love of self.   Full love of self means that you will be honest  and truthful with you and once you are honest and truthful with you, the impeccability of your word and your integrity will follow.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: A Rage Within by Phillip Elton Collins

With all the upheaval in the world at present, I thought it helpful to review the poem from SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES by Phillip Elton Collins:


What mysterious opiate origin lies deep within humanity’s ancestral rage?

From whence its ancient source that can kill and conquer, we ask?

It lives deep within us all. And yet it can frighten us when it reveals its cruel countenance in duality and confrontation.

What is the cause, knowing its effect, of this monstrous force, we ask?

The moment is upon us to understand, release, and heal this ugly anger from our being that has kept us imprisoned so long…

Dear Souls, this ragged rage comes from our so many Golden Ages, loss. Loss due our ‘mighty minds’ that thought they could control creation, replace it, be it.

A fierce force came upon us that could not, would not accept and trust our divinity, and connection to creation; whence once we could.

As humanity went its own way, deep within we knew we had lost something most precious. We became enraged at self for being so selfish, so foolish.

This self-rage has reflected out, and created the much madness in our world for millennium.

Throughout the eons we have carried this self-sabotaging sense, and inflicted it upon self, each other, and our unconditionally loving home, Mother Earth.

Dear Souls, the time has come to accept with compassion, thus forgive how we have chosen to learn through our freedom of will and choice.

It is time to re-connect with Creation. To know we are a divine aspect of it.

We have travelled as far from the truth as possible. Let us now turn around and head home…

When now, at last again we consciously connect with creation, our rage shall ramble away like an angry child replaced by cosmic love, as adults.

For only through our connection to creation can we embrace our final Golden Age in service to ALL THERE IS.

Are we ready to release our furious face, and create a world knowing we are god experiencing self? An equal, balanced world without the angry ‘me’, replaced by the loving ‘we’…

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Excerpt from SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESAAGES, by Phillip Elton Collins:

Council Message #18:




In message #17 we spoke of the connection to ALL THERE IS through Universal Law. But when we and other advanced civilizations on this planet choose to lose our connection to Universal Law (moving from the heart that knows to the mind that believes), we might call that Universal Choice. Since all beings on Earth have a freedom of choice and will (that no one can tamper with), the Universal Law of Unity/We Consciousness was never forced at any time. We were, in effect, choosing to learn what is through what is not—a tough way to learn but a way. You on the surface of this world have embraced and continued this teaching tool for eons. But that timeline/end time has come. Through duality, separation, and confrontation, you have gone as far from yourself, one another, and Source as you can go. Have not you, Dear Ones? There are many teachings, once again, coming to you to balance this situation. In the past you have killed and destroyed teachers bringing you the truth. Allowing the alter ego within the mental body to be assertive has created much of your negative past. Are you willing to accept with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn in the past and present and move into a new way of being and learning?


Now through the ascension process, the mind is moving into service to the heart—the heart that knows, the mind that believes (and beliefs shift and change, but truth/knowing remains constant). We are not speaking of eliminating the mind but have it work in balance with the heart. They both have many things to contribute. The reason this heart/mind balance is happening is due to the reality that the planet has chosen to ascend; thus, everything within and upon her body needs to do the same. And this includes you, Dear Ones. Only through the loving heart can this take place—a heart that cannot shame, blame, nor judge neither self nor others and sees all in equality, harmony, and balance. You are learning to think with your hearts, Dear Ones, and create a new world paradigm.


Here are some qualities of the ‘knowing heart’ that are supporting your personal and planetary ascension processes. Many of these teachings you have been taught in the past/present and ignored them. Are you ready to see the meaning, value, and purpose in them and embrace them at long last?


Qualities of the knowing heart: equality, harmony, and balance; acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness; unconditional love; balance of giving and receiving; gratitude for what is allowing abundance; trust and surrender to higher realms and the unknown (allowing the probability and possibility of manifestation); releasing attachment to drama and glamour as a comfort zone; not choosing negativity and confrontation; living in the now moment; being conscious/aware; being in joy and blessing for life and all living things; being open to learn from sources other than the human mind.


And these are just a few, most likely not new, for there are many aspects of the heart. There are many books and teachings on these wondrous qualities, but you get the idea. These qualities are essential in building your new world paradigm. The existing old-world paradigm is dying right before your very eyes. Have you noticed?


Through your freedom of will and choice and resonance and discernment we shall leave it up to you. Are you ready to raise your individual vibration and thus that of your world so our two worlds can join in one? This portion of our higher frequency world was saved in order to show you the way back home. Then we can show you wonders beyond your imagination that will thrill and delight you and connect you once again to the universe. Are you ready, Dear Ones, to commit to creating a new you and world—a world that never has to be destroyed again?


- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Helpful Hints on Healing by Phillip Elton Collins


Helpful Hints on Healing
From Archangel Raphael 

Dear Beloved Humans in need of healing, We Energies of Healing greet you,

All your health issues, whether physical or mental or whatever your accepted medical community calls them, are created by imbalances within your emotional body. In order to balance and heal the physical or mental bodies, you must first recognize and release the feelings (emotions expressed) that cause the imbalance. When balance is restored in the emotional body, the rest of you will entrain to the emotional balance, and true healing can become everlasting.

Emotions are one of the most important aspects of humanity and the least understood. Emotions are the (energetic) dynamic expression of your divinity within this frequency. Many of you often cannot access your emotions due to your conditioning and belief systems. Many have been taught that good boys and girls simply do not express how they feel. Thus, many emotions become suppressed.

Through the misuse of your freedom of choice and will, unexpressed and uncontrolled negative emotions have created great stress within your physical and mental bodies and throughout your world. These unexpressed emotions not only collect within your atmosphere, creating your weather and affecting world events, they collect in your bodies, creating havoc and dis-ease.

It is time to become conscious of your emotions, their cause, and their effect on you and your world. Many of your emotions are your wounded little boy or girl screaming through his/her wounds and ego defenses to be heard. From higher realms, there are many teachings on wounds and defenses available to you. It is time to absorb these truths and stop seeking other solutions.

It is time to wake up and know how to heal by knowing the cause and effect.

All true healing requires an investment in and deep exami- nation of the self. It is time to apply the wisdom and teachings presented to you here again. As you heal your inner pain and trauma, you will heal not only your physical and mental bodies but also all the difficult situations in your life.

External pain and difficulties mirror your inner pain and fears. These reflect what needs to be transmuted through your consciousness. When your emotional body is not in perfect balance, it affects all other aspects of your being.

By transforming your consciousness through the balancing of your emotional body, you are integrating higher vibrations that will transform all of you (and your world).

Dear ones, you actually have emotions embedded in your emotional body from past and present lives. These were the result of lessons you chose to learn during your ascension process. Now is the time for the final cleansing, clearing, and healing of all this.

You all have emotional trauma and pain from your many lifetimes stored within your DNA that has been passed along from lifetime to lifetime. Are you ready to finally release all this, which is no longer serving you? We are here to assist you at this time of opportunity by teachings such as this; to assist your complete and true healing by assisting in the removing of your many layers of emotions to reveal the true you: a divine being without any imbalance or limitation.

Call upon us as you sleep to further assist your specific healing. During your sleep you will absorb new truths about yourself and factor them into your waking consciousness. Dear ones, your awakened state to your divinity is your eternal medicine.

As a complete healing takes place, the emotional cause is released (the most important aspect of your healing). If you so choose, it is time to release all feelings of rage, anger, sadness, abandonment, betrayal—pain and suffering in your soul and the soul of humanity that you have carried far too long.

The time has come to thoroughly heal the past and the present, and embody and embrace a new you and world paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance. Dear ones, your heart is the direct link to your soul and Source; it holds all of you always. Through opening and trusting your heart and loving yourself, you can release and heal all old and present negative emotions.

For many, negative emotions have become comfort zones, habits, patterns, and old friends to hold near no matter what. But it is time to release all that no longer serves your highest good nor is a good use of you r energy. Your emotions have consumed a large portion of you. Where you are headed, they will not exist nor be needed.

The healing process is a unique personal process for each of you, since you are all unique. Endeavors such as the Angel News Network offer much support in this process. Are you ready to submit to whatever process is necessary to free yourself from yourself? You are being offered one of the greatest ascension opportunities ever. Are you ready to join us and be free at last?


We know the cells in our body
Are not so oddly programmed for eternal life. 
So why don’t we honor our cell design, And live all the time.

Higher realms are quite puzzled
Why humanity continues its struggle

Of self-created lack and limitation 
Where we insist upon decay and disintegration.

It is quite puzzling how humanity 
Is blind as to why our bodies and mind 
Seem to continue to fold and grow old. 
So if our cells can eternally renew 
Why can’t you?
Why do we as a race,

Seem content to continue death,

At such a good pace?

While we clasp to youth, 
And beauty and life,
We still hold onto our strife. 
So what we cling to most, 
Can’t be boasted in life.

Just maybe it all has to do 
With our losing our connection 
To our Inner-Power-Presence, 
While looking outside self, 
For all the inside message.

And let us also balance and check
Our immobilizing emotions and terrorizing thoughts, 
At the door, that’s a good idea too,

Then we’ll never have to grow old, anymore.

*The poems in Activate Your Soul Plan are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: Lemuria by Phillip Elton Collins

Lemurian Council Message #2:


Lemuria is often called the Motherland, the Father of humanity, and 'seeded' the evolution of human development. Lemurians came to this planet from another galaxy on a divine mission.

The Lemurians were some of the original civilizations to embody in advanced physical format what now is known as Homo sapiens. Other ‘colonists’ arrived elsewhere on the planet.

The planet was and is to be a divine experimental laboratory for the universe, a bringing together of as much diversity as possible.

You are still attempting to learn how to see yourselves as a diversified version of Oneness: the purpose of your planet.

Please allow this to begin a dialogue of where you came from, why you are here, and where you are headed...

- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12.

Lemurian Council Message #3:


Early in the Lemurian civilization when the Lemurians experienced living within a dense, physical body, it became obvious that in order to stay connected to ALL THERE IS and create an advanced civilization, their makeup would have to be a combination of physical body and spirit. And the spirit component would become the essential blueprint.

The higher realms’ connections, where we all come from and return, would allow the necessary access to our true home of equality, harmony, and balance.

This spirit aspect would also allow souls to explore other dimensions throughout the universe in order to constantly grow and expand. A major benefit of staying connected to spirit is that you always know who you are and why you are here: a process we in 3-D are still examining. Later we shall examine how the Lemurians stayed attached and conscious of their spiritual essence... A path for us now...

- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12.


Some say Lemuria was the bases of the myth/story of The Garden of Eden. Well, whether it was or not it was ceratinly like the fable of old. Days were spent with perfect weather created by awakened consciousness filled with spiritual, creative and joyful abundance. There was a love of beauty beyond your comrehension now that was expressed in our physical bodies and environment. Everyone's soul essence was honored and we knew abundance through gratitude and balance came from our connection to ALL THERE IS, Our self-empowerment came from kowning and living our true soul plan. Because there was not true separation from our physical and light bodies there was no separation of emotions nor thoughts. There was an integration of all things through telepathy. Since you knew what others were thinking, it eliminated deceit and the denial of deceit. We were claivoyant, and we all honored Universal Laws of Oneness. ALL THERE IS energy was combined in all our existence. We practiced unconditional love knowing when we interacted with another we were in the presence of our mutual divinty. Now knowing all these wonderful things about Lemuria, you may ask how did we come to lose it? What caused it? And how can you prevent it from happening again when you achieve what we did? THIS IS THE GREAT LESSON FOR HUMANITY AT THIS TIME. There have been Godlen Ages on your planet that have come and gone, Now you are being given the opportunity to create a final Golden Age that will not, cannot end so you may go out into the universe and be the master teachers you are intended to be. We chose to leave and shift to a higher frequency of existence due to the imbalance of the assertive masculine energy (Atlantis) against we the Lemurian receptive feminine energy. You are now being given the opportunity to finally balance these two forces of giving and receiving so you can create an entire world of equality, harmony, and balance; a worldwide we consciousness of oneness. Do you choose to now create a true Garden of Eden and join our civilization in the higher realms or stay in separation and confrontation? Your Mother Earth has made her decision, all within and upon her body will be a higher frequency or they will not be here. If you so choose not to shift you will continue your dense path elsewhere, knowing some day we shall all arrive at the same destination...what do you choose? 

-  Phillip. with The Lemurian Council of 12.

Friday, July 11, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: What is Life and the True Cure for/of Disease?



Dear Beloved Angel News Network Community,

With so much clearing and cleansing taking place in our bodies at this crucial time, I thought it essential to again discuss the energetic components of life and what within these can effect a cure for the diseases we have and are manifesting. There will come a time when humanity is freed from disease and lives in an immortal state of perfect health. But until that time, allow this “divine discussion” to support our highest good. This life-empowering, medical-altering teaching is adapted from The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, by spiritual journalist and author Joel D. Anastasi, channeled by Robert Baker.

The Light of Source never fails.

Phillip Elton Collins

What are the energetic forces that create life?
What are the true cause and effect of disease that standard medicine does not know or recognize?
Why are we still largely treating symptoms? Are we sure to “cause no harm”?
Why are immune deficiency diseases like cancer and HIV now some of the largest killers in the world?
Most of our current treatments involve “fighting” a disease. What we resist persists. Is there a “neutral” way to heal?
Do we really die or transition into our permanent nonphysical form?
Is the human mind the only resource where we can answer the above questions? Are science and our minds ready for solutions that do not come from the human mind, but support our highest good? Has it always been this way during our evolution as a species? Yes, it has!

There are sixty-four on-sites in DNA (current science knows forty-four). An on-site is a place in the DNA molecule where a waveform (energy) moves across it connecting two points. In connecting these two points, it produces the amino acids needed to create the chemical interactions in the endocrine system (which we are just beginning to learn the importance of), to bring strength and balance to the immune system and reproduction of the cells to restore the life, balance, and harmony of the physical body. DNA regenerates life. Without these connections, life in the physical cannot continue.

Our bodies renew all their atoms every year. Every few months our skin renews; some of our organs completely reconstruct on an atomic level. This happens through a production of mitosis and reproduction through the instructions of our DNA molecule, since the DNA molecule instructs organisms through the genetic code. So, when the on-sites connect, producing amino acids, it restores health, well-being, and balance to our bodies. Current science has figured out much of this.

When all the DNA on-sites (forty-four to sixty-four) are connected, this will bring about immortality in the physical. This is your destiny as a species, and our science is catching up to the importance of so-called “junk” DNA as the source to this immortality.

Your bodies are designed to be healthy and well all the time. Disease is a distortion of the processes of the physical body. Disease is a distortion of the emotional, mental, and physical processes. What we feel and think has a dramatic impact on the physical. Our sciences are also catching up to this reality.

The human body has three energetic diaphragms. There is one in the anus, one in the solar plexus, and one in the throat. A spiral of energy moves up from the base of the spine to your crown (the Kundalini sexual spiral). The other, the erotic spiritual spiral, moves down from the crown to the base. When these forces are unimpeded, it creates a wave called the orgasmic wave through the body, an experience of orgasm that creates a sensation of pleasure and excitement in the body, and supports your desire to be here. This is the life energy itself that current science cannot explain.

When we experience pain or trauma, we begin to shut down our ability to experience those waves of pleasure and excitement for life in order to get rid of or avoid the pain. When this happens, we begin to develop armor rings of blocked energy and blocked emotions in various layers in the body, like layers of an onion. These are horizontal rings, chronically impacted in the muscle tissues, which prevent movement of the pulsation wave up and down in the body to create the sensation of life and pleasure. The pain becomes a “wound” and we develop “ego defenses” to survive/protect the wound. (A discussion of wounds and defenses is an entire teaching in itself, but know that we can identify an individual’s wounds and defenses easily and assist in diagnosis and healing.)

Where are these armor rings? There are seven armor rings altogether. There are armor rings in the ocular layers around the eyes and cheekbones; another in the area of the jaw, lips, and tongue; another in the throat, upper shoulders, and neck; another in the chest and arms; and others in the solar plexus, the upper abdominal region, and the pelvis and legs.

The armor rings develop at various times during childhood development, creating experiences of shutdown with the sexual energy, the erotic force, and the love force (the various energies of life, and lessons unto themselves), restricting the ability to experience the flow of life through the body. This creates a disconnection from our nonphysical, eternal soul and the armoring of the five primary ego defenses. Your ego then maintains and sustains these layers of armored defense chronically in the body. Your body becomes more self-contained as life goes on. You grow into adulthood and shut down more and more, experiencing less pleasure and excitement for life, limiting your life force into a “comfort zone” where you are living or responding to little of life.

Your nervous system then becomes an editing system that edits out everything except what the ego has decided is safe.

So, in effect, we are often living through the illusion of our ego, defending ourselves against life, which stops the flow of energy of the above three forces. The flow of the balance of giving and receiving—the masculine and feminine energies where love and the expression of being connected live—is stopped. We stay in the “me” consciousness, not able to move into “we” consciousness. This is currently changing within our species.

The energetic structure of your body is the key element missing in standard medical practice. The body is the vehicle through which the spirit (energy) expresses itself when spirit is awakened (conscious). The energetic spirit aspect of the body cannot be conscious if the body (emotional, mental, and physical) is armored within its processes. The energetic aspect of you is always there—it is not something outside yourself—but it cannot function properly if there are layers of wounds/defenses between you and it.

Through ownership you can begin to ease and free yourselves from disease. All disease is caused by each of you (as a tool to learn what you came here to learn; it is not to make you a victim). All disease is simply caused by imbalances in the functioning of the individual, based upon imbalances in the individual emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

Until you understand and accept that life force (energy) interfered with or interrupted is what creates disease, you will never be able to conquer the illusion of disease in which you currently believe (which is shifting).

Again, life force interruption occurs within your physical body when you have rings of energetic and emotional armoring in the tissues of the body that prevent the life force from flowing freely up through the body. That energy has to go somewhere. If it is confined in a limited space, it attempts to move and interferes with the organs or the areas of the body where it is trapped. There are forms of energetic healing (Reiki, light ascension, hands-on) that greatly assist by allowing the energy to flow properly.

Your mass medical community has no cognizance of the fact that energy is the source of creation (although this is beginning to change). Therefore, what happens with energy is what creates disease, not what happens with the physical body. The physical body does not create disease. The physical body simply registers disease because it is a hologram or a barometer of what is happening in the areas of creation that produce the physical body.

So, all disease starts energetically, emotionally, and mentally. Then this is translated into the hologram reactions of the physical body. The physical body simply registers symptoms. Thus, the medical profession at large treats symptoms. Its practitioners try to get rid of symptoms. But they don’t get to the source of the disease because they do not understand or refuse to understand energy. They do not understand how emotion creates the movement of energy, and thus creates the balance of the immune system and the balance of the conditions of the physical body. And most don’t understand or care how the mental belief systems impact the body (our thoughts and emotions create our reality; that’s how powerful we are). Your thoughts and emotions can actually be stored within your DNA cellular memory. Since they are not curing most diseases, some doctors are opening themselves to the new truth here. Let’s be careful and not kill the messengers of new truths, as in the past. Let’s accept with compassion and forgive what we do not know and where we need to change.

More people die of cancer and HIV than ever before. Cancer has become the leading killer in America, overtaking heart disease. Your cure rate with these diseases is low, since you do not yet fully understand the cause/problem. Any immune deficiency disease is created on a cellular level. It involves the cellular reproduction of the body. Therefore, this disease, at its source, is a problem or a trauma that basically involves shame of self on a very primitive cellular level. This shame is often the result of not accepting who you are through self-identity. It is the lack of a loving relationship with self (the way in which people use the force of creation in their lives to experience and express the power and identity of who they are).

Sexual identity issues are often seen in cancer and HIV. Cancer often strikes women (breast/reproductive organs) and men (prostate) related to their sexual identity. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease related to one’s sexual identity. It is related to energy that is blocked that does not allow the cellular memory of the body to reproduce itself at a healthy rate. It influences production of the T-cells, which reproduce the physical body.

To better address the cures for these diseases, which produce deterioration of the physical body largely based upon shame and a lack of self-love, you need to get to the core. You need to get to the issues of shame and a lack of self-love on a cellular level, where the right to be, the right to have life, the right to be you, is concerned. These issues have to be cleared. The traumas locked in certain regions of the body have to be cleared. The energy then has to flow through the body, because the energy flows in the body determine the rate at which the cells can reproduce.

All the emotional memories of shame and a lack of self-love are taught/programmed into the spiritual aspect of the DNA at a very early age. This is encoded in the DNA, which is what makes it a cellular disease and one of immune deficiency, because immune deficiency comes from the inability of the connecting points in the DNA to connect. When this happens, they cannot produce the amino acids to create the chemical interactions needed for the reproduction of cellular memory to restore the physical body. When that process breaks down, when the sense of self is shamed, it affects the immune system.

The immune system is not created to fight anything. Most disease cures are set up on the premise of fighting something. What you resist persists. The immune system is created to assimilate the experiences of life. When it is forced to fight, it breaks down. This affects the production of cells. Therefore, the source of the emotion has to be gotten to. There is a reason cancer and HIV are so rampant in our society. It is based upon shame of self that produces lack of intimacy and connection. This is reflected in our wars, politics, marriage and divorce rates, and our dualistic civilization, where it is often every man for himself.

You are in the process of learning that without equality and unity you cannot advance as a species and survive. There are several new therapeutic processes that allow you to heal needs to be healed.

New therapeutic processes have been created to allow the necessary flow of energy throughout the body by releasing the emotional and mental programming that’s trapped in the muscle tissues and organs. This trapped energy creates the energetic armoring that blocks the energy flow throughout the body.

These processes work like this. Each energetic construction is based upon where and how the energy is armored in the body. As stated earlier, there are seven rings of armoring. Each one of those layers is related to a state of development in childhood. Each of those has consecutive layers of energetic armoring that create tension and stress in a certain area of the body and block the flow of energy there. When the energy is blocked, it cannot flow through the body, so it literally explodes because it is locked in. This predetermines what areas of the body later in life will probably break down and become diseased—heart, digestion, arthritis, cancer, HIV, etc.

What happens depends upon where the predominant layers of armoring are based, the particular defense structure of the person, and which levels of emotional development the child locked into.

Humans largely deal with disease on a physical level, discounting energy’s role. So you often deal with disease on a level of microbes, viruses, and cellular balance and imbalance. What you do not yet fully understand is that if you got at the source of how disease is created from the perspective of movements of energy, you would no longer be working with physical symptoms. When you work with the flows of energy, you will not have disease anymore. It is your destiny that this takes place in your evolution.

As humans begin to fully understand the functioning of DNA and how to manipulate this, you will be able to eliminate disease altogether. Remember that DNA is the cellular structure recording all the information that moves through the body. The DNA holds not just the physical genetic implications but also the emotional, mental, and energetic patterns. Basically, DNA is a blueprint of patterns that the RNA has sent it. The RNA records the information from the body and sends it into the DNA. The DNA unscrambles it and sorts it into blueprints or patterns. In the past, the RNA molecule has been functioning in one way only. It sends information to the DNA from the body system and through the endocrine system (which mirrors the star systems that seeded this planet).

As we begin to open the spiritual (energy) aspect of DNA, it begins to operate as a two-way system. In the future, it will begin to send information it has recorded in the DNA out into the consciousness of the individual. So we will be able to access what is recorded in the DNA on a conscious level and begin to manipulate that. This will be a life-altering game-changer for how we live!

Until the above information becomes commonplace, stay connected to like-minded/spirited people, gaining a greater understanding of how your own physical body operates and taking responsibility for balancing its energy flows. You can raise the vibration of your body, overcome disease, and maintain your body in balance and health. You can also begin to share with others what you know. Studying Reiki energetic healing is one method whereby you begin to understand energy: how to access it, how to make it flow, and how to balance it.

The more we investigate the origins of life from the energetic standpoint, the more it becomes something that people embrace, the more it becomes common knowledge and less mysterious and threatening to established medicine. Then we can develop comprehensive/integrated medicine.

Reiki (energetic) healing is a method of learning to use the universal life force of energy. But that is not enough. You also have to have an understanding of your own personal process (which requires a deep examination of your relationship with self). When the author took his training as a healing arts therapist, he had to be in a personal process so he could better receive his healing in order to assist others in theirs. Participating in a therapeutic process is necessary because the vehicle must be clear in order to sustain the movement of energy. One of the reasons there is so much diseases on our planet, so many immune-deficiency diseases, is because there are great imbalances in our physical systems.

Many of you were taught that germs create disease. Since then, science has reversed that, saying germs do not create disease. Germs can contribute to creating imbalance, but they do not create disease. You are exposed to germs all the time. You have germs in your body constantly. Why do some people take those germs and create disease and others do not? It has nothing to do with the germs; it has to do with how the body is responding to what is taking place, how it is using it.

Take the immune system, for instance; people have thought the immune system is used to fight disease. It does not fight disease. When the immune system has to fight, it breaks down. It is used for bringing balance to the body. When the immune system is balanced, there is health and well-being. When it is out of balance because it has to fight, it breaks down, and disease occurs because it becomes weakened.

The energies of the planet have been raising their vibration over the past seventy-five years, particularly since 1987 (on the author’s birthday), when the Harmonic Convergence occurred. This created a massive step-up of that vibration. Since then, the Jupiter comet occurrence in 1994 and other cosmic events have taken place. Each has created an infusion of higher vibration of consciousness and energy into the Earth plane and the bank of DNA around the Earth. This is creating a mutation of the planetary DNA and also creating a mutation of the human DNA.

Because of these events, and because your bodies are so polluted or blocked, when the vibration is raised it starts an entrainment process that brings up everything that is diseased in the body, everything that is out of balance, everything that is in resistance, everything that is in conflict. Does this sound like our world today? And the body simply becomes a mirror of the conflict!

When you start this entrainment process, all your “stuff” comes to the surface and all the toxins start to surface. So you go through a kind of healing crisis because you are disturbing energetic blocks within your body that have been there for years. Most of you have learned to live with this with a certain degree of stress and shutdown, and you have accepted it as normal or part of growing old.

The experience of humanity is not one of becoming more open and available to life. The process of living, aging, and getting older has become a process of gradually shutting down to life. This has become the normal process, quite the reverse of what it should or is intended to be.

There is no reason why the body has to age and fall apart. The only reason it does is because as you grow older (because of your wounds and defenses), you shut off to more and more life. And you often create a smaller and smaller frame of reference for living. You often fight change, fight development, and fight growth.

You humans often seem to accept limitation and lack rather than growth, expansion, and development because change appears threatening. But the process of living is the process of changing. The process of living from a soul/energy perspective is the process of growth and expansion. That’s all your soul is interested in! Your wounded ego is interested in confining, limiting, and keeping things in a comfort zone that it can understand and attempt to control.

By allowing the ego, housed within your belief system’s mental bodies, to surrender to your knowing hearts, you can allow yourselves to surrender to not knowing and allow the void to reveal all possibilities and probabilities of life—a new way of being and healing.

How much you are able to breathe in determines how much life you feel you deserve, how much of life you are able to receive. This is a direct indication of your receiving pattern. How much you breathe out is going to be determined by how much you breathe in. So it is an exact indication of your ability to give of yourself, to share yourself, and to expose yourself to life.

How you breathe is the key to how you live. This is the fundamental key to the universe; it is the key to life.

As much as you are able to breathe in is as much of life as you are able to receive—that you feel you have a right to receive. Therefore, you will limit yourself to receiving life according to how much you limit your breath. If you limit your taking in of life, you will also be limiting what you feel you have to give to life, what you feel you can be exposed to life, what you feel you can give to life without feeling you are giving up something or giving yourself.

Giving and receiving are the exact mirror of each other. In effect, they are the same thing. As you give, you receive. As you receive, you give. If you are only breathing out, only giving, you will die. If you are only breathing in, only taking, you will die. You must be able to breathe in and out. Most people use only 15–20 percent of their lung capacity. This is an indication of how much you feel you deserve where life is concerned and how healthy you are.

You are literally living a life of starvation. You are starving the brain of oxygen and its capacity to function as a physical unit to be able to interpret and take in consciousness. This is why most people are not very astute where conscious awareness is concerned. They are asleep because the brain itself is not oxygenated, so it cannot fire neutrons.

Being able to breathe in, or not, also interferes with the functioning of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the distributor of energy to the various chemical processes that nourish and nurture the organs and systems of the body. It is the doorway between the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the superconscious.

Breathing controls the functioning of the nervous system through how it balances or distorts the serotonins and various chemical processes that are produced in the brain. The breath is also the source of the reproduction of life on a cellular level. The breath is the source of all this!

You have been given the gift of life in the breath, the secret of life in the breath. If you use that secret of life, you have the ability to regenerate life endlessly. The one thing that keeps you from regenerating life and reproducing it, which results in aging, disease, and death, is in fact that less than 1 percent of the body can reproduce itself. The cells of the body are programmed with messages of trauma and therefore stimulate the release of the emotional charges held in the body that keep the damaged areas in place.

If, on the other hand, you are able to free yourselves from your personal history in the body, you have the potential of immortality in the physical body.

Scientists have called the forty-four on-sites that have never been stimulated the junk DNA, but they’re beginning to understand that it is not junk DNA. It is spiritual DNA. It is the potential for immortality in the physical. As they further uncover the secret to the DNA molecule, they are now predicting the possibility of the average life span increasing to two hundred years over the next fifty to one hundred years. And within the next two hundred to five hundred years, they are predicting the average life span increasing up to five hundred or more years.

These are speculations based upon what scientist have discovered thus far. However, those speculations fall far short of what is possible. Look at the cases where a life-threatening disease has had an instantaneous healing. That healing happened because more than twenty on-sites in the DNA were activated. By activating a few more on-sites, the disease was eradicated from the body instantaneously. If you were using ten more of those on-sites on a regular basis, think what could be possible.

As discussed earlier, incorporating personal processing and breathing, you further access the sensation of being. Remember, you stop breathing because breathing produces feeling. And feeling is the sensation of the movement of the life energy through the body.

When the movement of that life energy through feeling is associated with pain, you begin to stop the breath process to stop pain. This begins early in childhood and gradually increases into adolescence. By the time you are an adult, you have pretty much begun a slow movement toward annihilation simply through the process of shutting off feeling.

The DNA molecule is influenced by feeling. It holds all your emotional patterns of resistance and acceptance in place. When you are holding feelings in the body, you are holding the life force and preventing it from movement, preventing it from having expression. When this happens, it creates a length of waveform in the DNA that misses connecting the on-sites.

Therefore, it does not produce the necessary amino acids and chemical production in the endocrine system that brings about the balance in the immune system. So when you are holding emotions, you are having a negative experience of emotion because holding or suppressing creates resistance, which creates pain. Pain creates fight, and any form of fighting or resistance stimulates a closed system that is feeding upon itself and the system breaks down.

When, however, the DNA is affected by a wave of movement of feeling, which means you are accepting and experiencing your feeling moment to moment, it produces a different length of waveform. It is a matter of allowing all feelings, negative or positive. The DNA is stimulated by the allowance of all feelings. When there is a flow of feelings, it produces a length of waveform that connects the on-sites in the DNA molecule. Connecting those on-sites produces and stimulates the production of those chemicals needed to bring about the balance of the immune system, and thus, the physical body.

Remember, the entire process starts with your breathing; breathing is the source. Without breathing you cannot think or feel, because breathing awakens the consciousness in the physic body. When you breathe into the body, you stimulate awareness. You stimulate life. You stimulate consciousness. So the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body are dependent upon the breath. Everything in life is dependent on three things: the breath, movement, and sound. Life is movement. Resistance is not moving, which is death.

All healing is a manifestation of knowing on some level—the ability to know the perfect state of being and to hold that perfect state unflinchingly, without doubt. To hold it with the wholeness of your being, with absolute knowing of the perfection of that state of well-being and health. To focus not on the disease, but on the healing. Not even on the healing so much, because when you focus on the healing, you are focusing on the expectation of process rather than the knowing of the state of being.

When you encounter a disease such as cancer, allow yourself to embody the truth of that life force; to embody it by becoming neutral, taking it within, allowing it to pass through you, and allowing it to radiate forth to those who will receive it.

Worry simply adds to the problem. It sustains the cancer. Worry is not love. It is fear. See yourself or another in a perfect state of being, without doubt. Move into the quantum field of possibility and probability, which is the pregnant void of creation. It is the place of all probability and possibility that exists simultaneously at all times. (Doubt, fear, and ignorance are the monsters of mankind.)

When you dip into the seas of possibility and probability where reality is concerned, let yourself be sure to dip into it with a very clear focus of that intention, so that you pull from it the probability that you want to create most specifically.

Focus your consciousness, your feelings, and your intentions. You can surround the cancer cells with absolute love. Embrace them with absolute acceptance, nurturing, and love so that you are not fighting them. Because the minute you have to fight anything, you are aiding and abetting the very thing you want to destroy.

Affirm that you are in a perfect state of health and well-being. That it is your divine right; demand and declare that it is as it is. You are perfect here and now. Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need.

Begin to approach life and disease in a different way. In doing so, you will approach life and disease in a way that has faith in life, trust in life, and that honors life through the choices you make in life that are different from the ones you are making now.


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.


Light is matter, energy and luminosity, 
One in all three,
So you can see light.

That makes up, and wakes up

The eternal spiritual body, all right.
This immortal light body is 
Composed and condenses,

In a sense,

By your I AM Presence, in residence, 

Which is self-maintaining and sustaining, 
Ever expanding, ever perfect purpose, 
And the catchall of divine light, Truth and Power
From the very heart-center of creation.

This white light body,

Is your eternal, individuated 

Lyre of life, and heartfelt center 
Of manifested form.
In its present form,
We can only behold, not hold this holy form, 
Not even for a half-second of a second. 

But someday soon, if we so choose, 
We shall ascend into,
This white body of light,

And leave never more. 

Interviewed/Edited by Joel Dennis Anastasi

Channeled by Robert Baker  (1948-2013)