Tuesday, March 26, 2019



The terms ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ are often assumed to be interchangeable. They are not same. Our soul is the nonphysical aspect of us while we live in physical bodies. When we physically die our soul transmutes into our eternal spirit that can never die. How the soul and spirit are connected with our incarnational cycles is vital wisdom.  Our spirit allows our soul to complete what is necessary from former lives and supports our advancement/ascension into a higher state of being.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeld by Jeff Fasano

 Clearing the Path 
to the 
Wonderful and Powerful You

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you now as you continue on this wonderful and most extraordinary journey into the depth of your heart.

We come to now to speak to you about clearing the pathway as you move towards what you say you want with intention and commitment. This pathway leads to the most extraordinary parts of you and it is now time to clear it by looking at all the wonderful aspects of you. It is time to take them out, place them on your mantle to look at them, adore them, see them, honor and value them, and hold them dear to you.

In the past we have asked you to look at the mirror to tell you where you are with “what is” in your life and as you do this, many continue to look at what you have labeled the “negative” aspects of yourself, and state, 
“When I look in the mirror I continually see the aspects of myself that I still need to work on, that I still need help with.”

It is now time to solidify your power and we suggest now that you begin to look at all of the wonderful and glorious aspects of yourself. Look for those in your life who mirror this now, not those who mirror aspects that you label not good enough or “negative” and think you still need to work on. See these as well but release making them your focus point. Many of you “get stuck”, so to speak, when you think you still need to work on this or that before you get to where you can see the wonderful aspects of you and your life. Many are focusing on what you have not done yet, what you still need to work on, and what is most challenging.
In doing this you are in effect negating all the wonderful aspects that are being mirrored back to you as well.

This represents another aspect of duality within you.
“I am either this or that.”
I am either working diligently on my challenges or I am seeing the wonderful and glorious aspects of myself but never shall the twain shall meet. 
Look now and see all the wonderful aspects of you, take them out as if they were trophies and put them on your mantle. Take out your polish and clean these trophies, the glorious aspects of you that you simply adore.

Or do you adore them?

As you see the challenges before you, your sole focus perhaps has been there and on nothing else. Look now at “what is” in your life already.
Write down your accomplishments. 
As you look at your challenges, you forget that what coincides with them are the greatest aspects of you that allow you to entertain these challenges and move through them. Look at how far you have come to reach this point in your life, and see that you have faced many your challenges. Pat yourself on the back because it is you who has done this. Take a step back from looking at your challenges and move within to pull out all the wonderful aspects of yourself. Look at them and cherish them because all of these glorious aspects of you, your talents and gifts, your assets and attributes may have been collecting dust over the a period of time.

Focusing on your challenges has been more important than being with yourself in the moment and acknowledging what is wonderful about you. It is time to pull out these aspects of you, clean them off, and wipe away the dust. Wipe away the dust that has accumulated on you and the light that shines in the depth of your heart, the radiatory light of you.

For many, the radiatory force of light within has become dull and clouded  because your main focus is on your challenges and the drama that surrounds them. This is all well and good in its time, but this message is about taking out the aspects of you, dusting them off and reconnecting to you.
Re-connecting to the wonderful-ness and the glorious-ness of you.
Re-connecting to the power within.
It is time to fully re-connect with you in silence.

Monday, March 18, 2019



The cause knowing the effect of the mass shooting throughout our world at present are the result of the deep inner wounds within each individual involved and humanity at large. It is time to process those wounds and permanently heal them by knowing we are all each good enough and worthy enough to receive and give love. It is time to celebrate our diversity by knowing we are each other in disguise.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019

St. Patrick’s Day 2019
Being of Irish descent, I affirm that St. Patrick’s energy is forever driving the ‘snakes’ from humanity and the shamrocks are always revealing the divinity within everyone.
May the luck of the Irish be with you this day and always,
Phillip Elton Collins

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Moving from a False Reality to a New Reality
Love, Intimacy and Connection are Real!

Are you experiencing your life in the depth and breadth of your heart space by allowing yourself to feel your feelings?

A key to healing is to allow yourself to feel your feelings and nurture yourself though the experience. You can connect with others who can assist, support and guide you and nurture you through the process. This is how you can create greater depths of intimacy with others. 

When something transpires for you outside of you in your life in the third dimension it will trigger you and aspects of the wounded you. It will bring up wounded aspects of yourself; Am I good enough? Am I worthy enough? You then may turn on yourself and say; I should have known better, I should have done this or I should have done that. 

When what has transpired outside of you does so, you will, with support and guidance take of the situation at hand. Yet when something happens or a situation arises outside of you in your life it also triggers you within. It triggers feelings, deep wounds, and this is what is most important. 

It is most important to understand that what transpires outside of you in your life does so, so you can move through the healing process within yourself.  If you look back at your life at situations that arose in your life outside of you, most of these situations have always “worked out” and have been satisfied and come to a conclusion.  Whatever needed to take place in the third dimension to bring the situation outside of you to a conclusion did so. It has always been satisfied.  Yet what may not have been satisfied is what transpired within you.

Many are quick to jump to satisfy, fix, and change what is transpiring in their life outside of them right away. I need to fix this problem, I need to fix what is transpiring in my life. Most ignore why it has transpired and what it has triggered within you.  You now can look at what is transpiring in your life outside of you as a gift because it will trigger something within you, what you have suppressed and repressed and what you have avoided.  What transpires in your life outside of you has always been taken care of. Yet, the question we have for you is, Have you taken care of what it has been triggered within you? 

You will find the gifts that the situation in your life presents.
What have you learned from it? 
What have you allowed yourself to feel? 
What have you allowed yourself to begin healing? 

When others come to you to help with the situation, are you receiving their love or are you looking at them as a way to help you take care of the situation? 

If your journey of self-mastery is first and foremost in your life, know that what transpires in your life outside of you will always be taken care of. What you are seeking is to be taken care of emotionally. Open your heart space to those who come to your aid to assist, support and guide you with the problem or the situation. What the situation is actually doing is allowing you to open your heart to receive love from others. To also see as they come to you with support and guidance, they are doing so because you are worthy to be loved. This is the lesson and the gift of the situation.  

Many may be opening their heart to you now and perhaps you are getting a glimpse of it. Many are offering support and guidance and love. What you may see as this happens is how you have isolated and separated yourself from this. This is happening now, so you can begin to receive love. This is the beginning for those seeking to open their heart to intimacy and love on a deeper level.

Can you now see those individuals who support and champion your highest good? 

Many now may not understand this because their nervous system is conditioned for non-support, thinking you will never be loved. What is opening are the wounds from mom and dad. Seeing how you never received the support, guidance and nurturing you needed and have always wanted.  You are now seeing those in your life coming to you easily, offering their service and opening their heart to you. It is now time for you to open your heart and allow it in if you so choose.  

This is the beginning of moving from isolation and separation to intimacy with others. It begins by shifting your consciousness, so you can see those coming to you who are tapping on your heart space with the support, guidance, love and nurturing, you have always wanted.  What you are used to however, is the opposite.  

Many have created an illusion that support, guidance and love is an illusion and what is real is the opposite.  You are moving now from a false reality to a new reality that intimacy, love, connection, is real.   You now can open your heart space to receive this and allow yourself to be in the process of it.   

You are retraining your nervous system. Many are retraining themselves to love and receiving it.  You are shifting the old resonance and vibration of the perceived reality that you are not worthy or good enough to be loved based upon conditioning from mom and dad. 

When something in your life transpires and you seek support, guidance and assistance and it comes from many, you now can open your heart to see that this is no longer and illusion, it is real. You can now open your heart space to allow love to land. 

Now dear ones, simply be. Connect with others who are also moving through this process of learning to love and receive love. Learn to trust that love is ever present. It is up to you to open your heart space and begin the process of receiving it.  

Sunday, March 10, 2019


Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for March 2019
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Month of Illumination

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you have emerged from the first two months of your year of 2019. Many have emerged unscathed some with scars perhaps. The first two moths of 2019 for many have been a bit intense as you have moved deeper within and aspects of the old have moved to the surface, as well as deep, repressed and suppressed feelings. Aspects of your core wounding have been illuminated for you and you have been made aware of where you have been repeating old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors.  

As you now move into your month of March, many are beginning to see glimpses of the light as they have moved through a shadow period. Many in the month of February began to nurture themselves with compassion. This is now required as you continue to move through the transition period that will end at the end of March.  

As you move into your month of March many are emerging from the nothingness and the unknowingness and getting a glimpse of what they do know and want. It is most important to keep an eye on this. What is transpiring is that some are beginning to look at new aspects of your life, moving from the cocoon of January and February and beginning to emerge in your month of March. Yet, this is a slow process, it is a step by step process.  As you continue to do your inner work moving deeper within and revealing layers of wounding and old behaviors, what will transpire is change.  It is now time as you move into March to begin to affect change in your life. 

Perhaps it is time to do things differently.  
How are you conducting yourself in life?
How are you communicating with others?

As you continue in the transition period into your month of March it not a time for making great change, it is about making change in increments, subtle change. Change will occur in a a step by step process as you move through your month of March. Perhaps you can look at an aspect of your life, an old behavior, and ask yourself; How can I shift and change this and begin that process?  It is simply about acknowledging where you are right now, what is transpiring in your life and what needs to change and begin the process, step by step. 

Each month of your year of 2019 is a step in the process of illumination. March is about seeing what has been illuminated for you as to old behaviors, old thought patterns that have been conditioned within you. 

It is most important to open your eyes in your month of March and begin to look ahead. Many in January and Februrary have been looking behind themselves. Looking at what you have done and perhaps what you think you should have done, or should be doing. Lamenting that what you had done has brought you to this place where you are right now. It is important to be aware of what you had done and move to loving, honoring and valuing you more deeply so you begin to affect change in your life.    It is time now to open your heart.  Perhaps it is time to allow yourself to rest a little as you move into March, yet begin to move forward and towards what you say you want. 

You are moving into the final month of the transition period, transitioning to what will transpire for you in the next three months of April, May and June. 

You month of March is the beginning of the process to affect change in your life. It is an incremental process. You can begin by asking yourself; What do I need? What do I want and what am I feeling right now about myself?

Many have moved from the shadow to the light, from the light to the shadow quite often.  Many on a day by day basis. One day you are full of light, one day you are seeing the light and the next day you move into the shadow. The next day you see the light, feel it and feel your resonance and vibration raise and the next day move into the shadow once again.  It is most important to be in this place because this is what will transpire throughout your month of March. You will be moving through ups and downs, ins and outs. It is most important to be conscious of where you are and what you are feeling and utilize the tools you have to move through this process.   

It is now most important to open your heart space to you and to the depth and breadth of others. Quite possibly it is time to forge new relationships, and seeing the relationships that are coming to you. Wonderful and most glorious souls are opening their heart to you and offering their support, assistance and guidance. What We mean by opening your heart space is to see the new relationships and move into a great depth of receiving love. This is what will begin for many in your month of March, opening up to allow yourself to receive love. 

Ask yourself now:
Can I receive love?
Am I open to receive love?
When I do open to receive love, what surfaces within me?
What fears surface?  

Your month of March is about opening to receive love in a step by step process. Love is coming to you and is already there in your life. What may frighten you about opening your heart space to receive love? 

You month of March has many facets to it, ups and downs, hills, peaks and valleys. It is about moving within and maintaining equilibrium, maintaining neutrality within you when you move to a peak where the resonance and vibration raises and you see the light. Then move to the valley of the shadow where your resonance and vibration may lower. It is important to be conscious and aware of this. Yet most important to see what your behavior is. What old habits, patterns and rituals and behaviors surface when you move into the valley of the shadow? Might you  repress and suppress your feelings? Quite possibly repeating an old behavior that allows you to avoid being in the shadow? This is most important to raise your awareness and consciousness to so you can open up to the depth and breadth of your heart space to love honor and value yourself and nurture yourself thought this month of March.





Friday, March 8, 2019



“ You may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as it should be, “ Michelle Obama.
Without the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet we cannot and will not balance as a human species.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart 
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Allowing the Pieces of the Puzzle of 
Your Life to Fall into Place

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are moving through compartments of your life and seeing life in this fashion as opposed to looking at the big picture of your life and where you are headed in your soul fragment’s divine plan.      

Many of you at this time are trying to figure out what life is for you and wondering what the next step is. Your month of February was an in-between period in the three-month transition period that began at the beginning of your year 2019. February was a month of compassion and as you move into your month of March aspects of your life will begin to flourish and come to fruition. Answers to many of your questions will come to you as well.  

Many in February felt as if they were in a place of limbo, a place of nothingness as if nothing is happening and may still be feeling that. Perhaps there have been many questions as to what the next step is in your life. Many are moving from a place in the old life into a place in the new life and getting a glimpse of what that is. 

What is most important to understand now is it is all about resonance. It is about moving from your mental body of what you think you should be doing, or thought you should have been doing and move into a place of resonance in your heart space to feel your way through this transition period. Gravitating towards what raises your resonance and vibration. Gravitating towards what for you as an individual feels right for you. For many this is new. It is now about trusting this. It is about moving within to trust your intuition. Many are feeling this energy rise within them as if they have the answers yet cannot articulate them. You may not be able to articulate the answers yet you are feeling them.  

So as you look at what is transpiring in your life now and what has transpired up to this point in time, see what resonates for you and what doesn’t. This is what the transition period is about. It is important to have compassion for where you are. Allowing yourself to be in the not knowing, in the unknown, and with all the questions that seemingly you have no answers for. As you move into your month of March many of your questions will begin to be answered, yet not quite in the way you think they will be.      
What will come to you will be a resonance of a knowingness. You will feel your way towards what raises your resonance and vibration.  You will feel your way in relationships and towards new relationships.  In many ways things will go unsaid. You will no longer hear what you need to do, you will begin to feel what you need to do and who you need to do it with. 

In many ways your life is changing.  It is shifting and changing towards a greater purpose in this lifetime as you move through and navigate your soul’s divine plan. You are shifting from needing to know what is next. This is simply a need that lies in your mental body, to satisfy your nervous system. Looking outside of you for all the answers and the next hit to your nervous system that will satisfy the craving of the addiction of the need to know.  

Though it may now seem as if life is moving slowly, it is important to allow yourself to be in the moment of now. Begin to feel what the next step in your soul’s divine place is. For many this can begin by looking at what no longer resonates for you.  How do you feel about this or that?
How do you feel about doing this or that? 

Move into the place of unknowing and allow the doorways to open. For many these doorways are beginning to open. Many are trying to piece together the puzzle of life. The more you try to do this, the more frustrated you may become because you are trying too hard to piece the puzzle together. It is important to simply be in the moment of now and allow the pieces to come together on your pathway based upon resonance and vibration.      

For many it is still important at this time to clean, cleanse and clear your pallet. Releasing old relationships. Releasing old dogma perhaps.  Releasing old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors. Simply allow yourself to move through this transition period. Be where you are. Allow yourself with compassion to be where you are. If you are confused, frustrated, if you are trying to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle to get it right and know where you are headed, you may find you are in a place of frustration that this is not happening for you right now. You may be in a place of the unknown where you are not quite sure, yet in some ways you are sure. What you may be sure of is what resonates for you but not quite ready to move through this. 

As you move into your month of March, many of you will see a clearing. You will gain more clarity. Relationships will come into play.  What is most important now is to open your heart space. Many are moving through a shadow period and your heart just may be a bit shut down. You are clearing a pathway within you so you can open your heart space to be clear, cognizant, conscious, and aware of when those doorways open and many of the answers to your questions come.

You are in an energetic period where life may have slowed a bit. Quite possibly you are feeling out of control in the unknowingness. Yet there is a knowingness that change is coming.   

Now, simply be, be where you are. 
You may feel anxious, as if you are stagnating, as if you are in a place of nothingness.  What is transpiring for many now is the mental body is grappling with the heart space. Your mind is grappling with your heart. The voice of the old wounded ego is trying to get you to be where it wants you to be.  There is fighting between your mental body and your heart, your mind at times moving to fragments and tangents, thinking what’s next? Yet your heart is saying this is, what is, now, this is where you are. Can you accept with compassion that this is happening? You are moving in transition from the need to know in your mental body, to try to control everything into a place in the depth of your heart to simply trust.