Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! Dedication by Phillip Elton Collins



Taking to Angels Today…

Whether you believe that angels exist or not and we can talk to them really does not matter. What matters is that we know we are love and capable of being loved since we came from the building block of love. If you can receive this truth, then you may support the idea that these loving forces from whence we came are still here assisting in maintaining and sustaining us.  This concept is how humanity initially created the idea and knowledge of angels.

What matters about this book are not where or whom the messages came from but what is being said. Even if you think I made it all up that’s ok (it’s just the angel in me). Use your own resonance and discernment, your freedom of choice and will and see if any of what is being said here can support you. Ask yourself what is the intention of this endeavor. Is it to help or deceive? What does it feel like? True or false?

It’s not necessary, but if you are able to connect with the energy/consciousness that what is being said in this book is from a higher realm to love and support us…good for you…but again, not essential. The higher realm forces that love and support us don’t need us to believe whether they exist or not. They are going to love and support us no matter what.

Throughout the many eons of human history, it appears there have always been major breakthroughs to support our advancement. Where did these ideas/concepts come from? Were they always from a human mind? Is there wisdom and consciousness outside the human mind that has been guiding us all along? This is the great challenge for humanity to accept the idea/reality that there is an intelligence outside ourselves loving and supporting us…call it angels, god, source, ALL THERE IS.

We are all born with a divine soul plan (our purpose/reason in being here, why we came here).

All the wisdom, tools and messages in this endeavor are to assist you in activating your soul plan. This will bring you great joy and assist in creating a world of equality, harmony and balance through your talents and gifts. Are you ready to activate? Here’s to the angles who are helping us…

Monday, April 28, 2014


Archangel Michel channeled by Jeff Fasano

Photographer and author of JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART

Highlights from the forthcoming LAW OF BEINGNESS:

To create new parameters.   To create a new paradigm of beingness for the love of the self.

It is a body of teachings that will enable you to define and refine why you are giving and why it is important for you to receive love.

Each of you has attachments that are in your blind spots

Law of Beingness will allow you to connect with the energies of mother Earth and ground yourself in Mother Earth. You have chosen to be in the 3rd dimension and to complete your purpose and fully connect with your soul’s divine plan.

Essential in 2014 to ground your energies into what you call Mother Earth and be the grounding rod. Entrain in yourself the impulses and vibrations of Mother Earth. For that is where you are. It is through this that you will then be able to ground yourself in the beingness of where you are and then fully connect the multi-dimensional energies in a pure sense of doing that.

We will take you through a process to see if your attachments are still in the 3D realm because it is time to make a clean and perfect by-pass of the low density vibrational energies of the old world of form.

You will look at your old fears and feelings.

Are you connecting with and feeling your feelings? You are feeling beings.

Remove clutter from your mental body and fully immerse yourself in your heart space to know yourself as never known before.

Up to you and to look when mirror is held up to you.

It is about the full disclosure of you. By disclosing you you will be being you.

Are you really living We consciousness? Can only attain it by dropping and releasing the mask and needing validation outside of yourself.

Also about looking why your are in or not in a  relationship. Move into the Beingness of Self.

How you communicate with brethren.

Look at where drama still is in your life

It is a comprehensive look at you, if you are available to look at yourself.

How available are you to face yourself?

Vortex opening up.

Michael: This is a teaching of the heart. Have you moved into your heart space? Are you allowing yourself to feel those feelings? The vortex will be opening May 1st and ending on the Summer Solstice around June 21st. The format we suggest is to find the pointed aspects of the vortex itself.

Do it on the third day of each week.

The first Wednesday after May 1.

Many would benefit.

Can be an open forum if you so choose. Allow guidance to move through you and your need and needs of the endeavor.

Series of a body of teachings that will allow you to move deeper into your heart space.

Interactive can work with another. You will be picking a partner to do this with.

Choose partner after teaching is given. Can archive it.

Vortex opening planet wide.

Covering expanse of Mother Earth. Vortex open on May 1st through Summer Solstice so your population can receive the download.

Teachings moving from Realm of Michael to the expanse of the Earth.

The Beingness of Self or the Law of Beingness.

About creating this in oneself.

One law being love of self.

Help each person to ground self into Mother Earth so they can receive multi-dimensional frequencies.

When you receive the transmission you will be a conduit of frequency of the multi dimensional realms into Mother Earth so that can be transmitted to many.

It will help raise your consciousness about your soul plan that has been activated and that you are living. It will allow you to connect even more deeply to that soul plan by releasing aspects of yourself that you hold in place of the old--the old consciousness, behaviors, rituals, habit and patterns, and the old conditioning.

We are taking it one step further. It is not just information that you can store in your mental body. We are bringing it to you so that you can experience it. That’s why you are doing it with a partner, so you can experience it through each other.

You can create greater intimacy with yourself so you can move out of narcissism and self centeredness of self. See how another is affected by you as you are affected by another. Full transparency and authenticity.

Pair off in the process.

We the (Realm of Michael) are simply a frequency to help you fulfill your divine soul plan.

This frequency has no plan, we are here for your sustenance. We are here to move through a channel for you to experience our frequency and the teachings of this frequency.

These teachings have been brought through in various golden ages.

We ask each of you to begin with gratitude.

For Jeff, the channel: Stay the course for you know your purpose. Jeff is making a full recognition to God force, divine experience.

This teaching will allow you to fully connect with the Christ Consciousness energy which will be revealed for all souls who take the process. So you can bypass the low vibrational energies of those who still may be deified in your 3D realm.

You have been warned of what is to come. We ask you individually to move into your heart space individually and collectively and ask yourself, "Am I ready to be revealed?"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Origins of Man

by spiritual journalist and author Joel D. Anastasi

with Channel Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Joel: I’ve been reading about the population trends in our country. Apparently, what we refer to as minorities as a percentage of the population will become the majority by 2050. And the implications of that, it seems to me, feed into the original intentions of the United States.

Gabriel: Yes, exactly. You see, if you look at it from a different perspective, if you look at it from a higher perspective, if you look at it from the perspective of the North American Indians, they spoke of their prophecy of the return of the rainbow tribes. The return of the rainbow tribes is also referred to in the Jewish religion as the coming together of the twelve tribes of Israel and the discovery of the New Jerusalem. Both of those references are related to the coming together of the twelve star systems, which produces the ascension of your planet because your planet is originally made up of twelve star systems. This is the first planet ever that has decided to create a process of evolutionary ascension by bringing together twelve star systems in one unit.

Joel: We discussed that it would be valuable to create some context or big picture of man’s journey here on earth, man’s origins. It sounds to me like you’re doing that now. Could you restate what you have said in a clear way?

Gabriel: Each of what you call stars now in your immediate solar system and galaxy, what are now stars, originally were planets. Each of those planets went through a stage of evolution—as Earth is going through now—from a primitive phase through an advanced phase. Each of those planets eventually came to a point of ascension, which is where it went into light. That is why it is now a star.

Each of those planets became stars as the populations of those planets ascended individually. In other words, the Sirians ascended as Sirians, the Orions ascended as Orions, the Pleadians ascended as Pleadians independently. Then the intergalactic community—we’ll call it that—decided, “Let’s create an experiment in this new solar system where twelve of our star systems that have recently ascended get together, and let us create a (physical) body that we can all descend into with all of the qualities of all of our star systems. And we will create an ascension process that creates a unification of twelve star systems, and we will bring those together.” And so that unification of the twelve is the ascension process on your planet. This is also why you have different ethnic backgrounds and traits. Those are some of the ethnic traits of some of the star systems that have bred into the one body the star systems chose to inhabit, the human body.

Joel: Is there any special reason why it was twelve?

Gabriel: Yes, because twelve is the number of completion. Twelve is the number of wholeness. It is the number of ascension into spiritual unity. The twelve star systems are encoded into the physical body of each human being through the endocrine glands and the twelve power mind centers of the body. As the power mind centers awaken and the endocrine glands awaken, it will awaken the information of the star seeds within each person. So each person now, because of the interbreeding over the millennia, is now interbreeding all of the star systems, and all of their genetic material into the body of each individual. So eventually you can have the awakening of the entire ascension of all twelve star systems in each human being, although some beings are predominantly in their origins from an original star system.

Joel: So the ascension of the human race would produce the ascension of all twelve star systems.

Gabriel: That is right. 

Joel: And that was their goal and what they intended to happen? 

Gabriel: Exactly. 

Joel: Why?

Gabriel: So they could have a communal ascension, which had never been done before. Each of the star systems chosen has a specific archetype that relates to the divine plan. So it’s a way in which God, God that’s all there is, is able to bring together the twelve main archetypes of its being into physical form in the ascension experience.

Joel: Why those twelve star systems?

Gabriel: Where your earth system and your evolutionary process through soul development are concerned, those twelve star systems are the best possible archetypes to choose for this experiment. It is to bring together twelve archetypes of the divine plan that are related to this particular solar system and the part of the divine plan it represents.

Joel: Is it just an experiment, or is there some larger good or purpose associated with it?

Gabriel: Well, its larger purpose is to integrate twelve archetypes of the divine plan. But it’s an experiment in the sense that it’s never been done before.

Joel: It’s never been done in other galaxies or any way? 

Gabriel: Not in this way, no. 

Joel: Is there another way of explaining what was to be achieved by combining the twelve archetypes? So the archetypes are combined. So what? 

Gabriel: Well, it allows you to experience twelve aspects of the divinity of the force of love, tolearn through those twelve aspects and to bring a communal experience. 

Joel: How did it all get started?

Gabriel: It got started by the seeding of the twelve star systems through the star gate of Sirius. Sirius is the star gate into this solar system.

Joel: What is a star gate?

Gabriel: It’s a dimensional opening in time and space. All the star systems came through the Sirian system and created a common vision, a common plan, a united nations, if you will. Isn’t it interesting that you have created something you call the United Nations on your planet, which is a physical manifestation of an attempt to realize the integration of those star systems? And in making it an experiment that is experiential, the divine gave this solar system freedom of will so that all star systems would have their own freedom of will to sustain and maintain their own progress and process of development into this intergalactic wholeness.

Joel: When did this start? 

Gabriel: Millions and millions of years ago.

COMING HOME TO LEMURIA: Archangel Michael Message

Michael’s Message (Channeled by Jeff Fasano):

Welcome. You are beginning to find your pathway, all you people enjoying this wonderful evening. Meandering about at the beginning of your pathway, that new pathway into the realm of the unknown, you can now move out into the world with your talents and gifts and begin to give to the world. Each and every one of you is looking for the new beginning on the new pathway. You are being rebirthed and you are meandering about, looking to find that place, that specific place where you need to begin, where you need to build a foundation. Some of you have the foundation you seek. Some of you are not quite sure what the foundation is. You’re beginning to look for the foundation.

Each and every one of you is curious about what your life holds for you as you go forward and toward your new life, for each and every one is looking to build a new life. Many of you are not quite sure what that new life has in store for you. Yet, the most important aspect of where you are is building a foundation so you can use it as a springboard toward a new life.

First, it’s important that you realize who you are. It’s important to go through a process of moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space to find out who you truly are. It’s important to learn to love, honor, and value yourself in the deepest sense you could ever imagine. This means coming to love every aspect of yourself fully, even those which you shame and judge. You have been conditioned to shame and judge these aspects by Mom and Dad. You’ve been taught by Mom and Dad.

It is time now to fully move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to learn about you, to love you, to honor you, to value you—and to the greatest extent you have in your life. When you do this, you can look in the mirror and know in full who you are and what your talents and gifts are.

What are your talents and gifts? What are the things you simply love doing and giving to the world? What are they? Do you know what they are? All of you know there’s something or many things that you do that you enjoy and can bring into the world. Now you can begin to look at all of these things with a new meaning, value, and purpose. You may know what your talents and gifts are, but you’re not quite sure what meaning, value, and purpose they have.

It’s time to embody you, to begin to know what your needs are. Begin to know that as you move out into the world, it’s important to give to yourself. Give to yourself that which you say you want. 

Live the life that you say you want to live.

Are you living the life you say you want to live? It’s an important question because you are all living the life that you have right now. Is this life you are leading the same life you say you want or are you just meandering about in your life getting by, struggling to survive your life? This is about giving to the world from the depth and breadth of your heart space so as to create the life you say you want to create. Are you creating the relationships you say you want? For others, getting to know you is about getting to know the relationship you’re having with yourself.

What is the relationship you are having with yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you honor yourself? Do you value yourself? Are you using the relationship you are in now to get something? Are you using the relationship that you are in simply to resist moving out in the world as an individuated adult having the life you say you want? It is quite important that you move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to know who you are. Then you can move to a place of realizing, remembering, and rediscovering your talents and gifts.

You are all ready to change. Some change to a greater extent. Some are subtle changes, some drastic because you’re all realizing that the old lives have lost their meaning, value, purpose. Some are asking, “What can I do? How can I live? Or more so, how can I give? What can I give in a third-dimensional world of upheaval? What are my talents and gifts to give and who am I?”

As you move through the process of discovering who you are, discovering and remembering your talents and gifts, you move to a place of peace to find your purpose in the third dimensional realm. What is your purpose in this lifetime, the lifetime you chose to live, the lifetime in the human condition you choose to live? Moving forward is quite practical. It’s practical in looking at your brethren, your fellow man and fellow woman around this room, wondering, “How can I give to make this world a better place to live?” since this is the lifetime you are living.

It’s most important to ask yourself questions as you now look for this new life, as you stand at the doorway, at the precipice, at the intersection, at the crossroads to the new life. Do you honor, value, and love you? Do you even know what that is? Can you give to yourself the life you say you want? What is the life you are living now? Can you see your talents and gifts? Can you remember your talents and gifts? Can you discover your talents and gifts?

So we ask you simply, what brings you the greatest joy in your life? And what we ask you also to do now is to write down that which brings you the greatest joy in your life. Realizing that you are often looking for an outcome, how, when, where, and who will this come from? Can you simply be in a place of finding that which brings you the greatest amount of joy? Then, once you have identified that, ask: What talents and gifts do I possess that bring me the greatest amount of joy in my life? This will lead you to find out why you are here. Because the natural state of being is being you, can you be you? Are you fully being you?

Reveal who you are to the world. Reveal the depth of you and who you are. Are you revealing who you are, the essence of you, the depth and breadth of your heart space to the world? Are you revealing yourself to the world? If so, are you enjoying, valuing, and honoring the process of revealing yourself to the world by simply being you?

You see, moving into your heart space and revealing to the world the depth and essence of who you are is the greatest, most joyful process you can ever be in. To be that essence in the world is the greatest state. The greatest sense of joy comes when you allow yourself to release the layers of the mask you’ve created around your heart space.

Perhaps you created those layers to be someone else or perhaps so you could be who you thought another person would like you to be, so this person would love you.

You see, moving forward now is simply about being you. But first you must know the essence of you, know the depth of you, so you can walk into your new life simply radiating with the effervescent joy from your heart space: being you, and then, along with that, bringing forward your talents and gifts. What you love doing in the world is embodying your talents and gifts. There is joy in doing whatever it is you do, using whichever talents and gifts you utilize out in the world. What do you enjoy? What are these talents and gifts? What brings you joy? When you do all of this, you’ll move organically on the pathway toward realizing your purpose.

You see the only way in which you can find your purpose in life is through embodying your divine soul plan in this life-time. When you have fully honored, valued, and loved yourself and embodied the depth of you and your talents and gifts, you have activated your divine soul plan.

You see you are all moving to this precipice. So we ask you again, do you love you?

Friday, April 25, 2014


by Channel and Author, Phillip Elton Collins 

The most significant connection I would make at this vortex was with Adama, my personal spiritual guide. When he spoke to me, his intention was to speak to all of human-kind.

“Welcome, beloved proxies, to our spiritual and physical home. Even though your Michael has advised you not to expect, you have been waiting with much expectation for this journey, haven’t you? And we have been waiting with expectation for you, for only through your ascension and advancement can we advance, since we are one. We cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and your will; nonetheless we continue to bring wisdom into your world that can make it easier for you. We have been doing this for millennia, but few have listened. Maybe now that it is essential for you to listen to higher truth, you will do so. That is our intention.

So the big question is this: Do you want to move into a higher vibration and the world that has been shown to you or do you wish to stay where you are? You can stay. You just won’t be able to do it here, for the planet herself has shifted vibration and all those upon her body who would stay must do so also. It will be much easier to choose to shift to a higher frequency than to stay where you are. There is going to be much change upon the surface of this planet in order to affect the necessary shift into a higher vibration. This is the way the planet will cleanse and clear herself.

Let’s go through a few teachings we have learned that may help you now, if you choose to shift your vibration. Can you give up all the thoughts, words, actions, and needs that keep you in the third dimension? In the fifth dimension we have learned that there is nothing you need or have to do. Everything is always a choice. 

Can you choose to change the thoughts, actions, and needs that have created the world you have now? Moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension requires willingness to leap into the unknown, to surrender to not-knowing. Surrendering allows for all possibilities and probabilities to exist.

Can you be open to possibility as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing, and being? Put the state of beingness before doingness. Are you ready to live in the now moment (since that’s all there is) without expectations of particular outcomes. We expected you on the mountain, but we have no expectation of the outcome of your visit. Holding on to what you have known (which is not always the truth) will keep you in the third dimension. Can you see yourself as good enough, worthy enough to be open and have the equality, harmony, and balance of the fifth dimension?

What is needed is for you to integrate and apply the teachings that we and Michael have given you, rather than for you to move on to learn other truths without applying these. We call that ‘metaphysical masturbation.’ The heart already knows all you need to ascend; the mind and body just need time to integrate this wisdom. It’s simple to shift; just love yourself enough to come all the way home now. And if you don’t know how, turn the matter over to the energy of higher realms that can transmute what prevents you. Almost everything you have learned in the third dimension won’t serve you well in the higher vibration of the fifth dimension.

Here’s the formula. Become the love that you are + embrace the higher vibration all the way + let go of the old = ascension = fifth-dimensional reality = coming home.

Are you willing to release everything you know, that which you have learned in the past, which no longer serves your highest good? Are you willing to trust yourself and step into the unknown, where everything you have ever dreamed of is waiting for you? We await you.”

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coming Home to Lemuria: Message from Archangel Michael

by Phillip Elton Collins, Channel and Author

Archangel Michael: Go with what you feel in your heart space, as opposed to feeling yourself through self-imposed limitations in the head. When you move into your heart space, do you feel any self-conditioned limitations? No. Allow for the joy of discovery and you’ll allow for the joy of living life. Allow for the joy, the excitation of the magical inner child you connected with in your first ritual. You’ll also find where you are still trying to control everything outside of yourself based upon the feelings that you are continually looking to avoid because you are, naturally, never in control of anything.

The reason why you move from your heart space to your mental body is to try to figure it out, to try to put down rules, regulations, and the way it should, could, might be. Deep-seated and deep-rooted feelings come up when you move into your heart space and release trying to control it all.

Can you contemplate breaking free of the wounded child? What we ask you to do is to picture yourself breaking free. This is an important turning point on your journey where you are breaking free. When you do, look at your urges and feelings. Where is your focus on “me, what I’m to receive, what I am to get, and how I am going to change”? Is there an equal focus on the “we,” the tasks, the mission?

Also, have you found your purpose? Do you see your purpose? Do you care about your purpose? Is your purpose important to you? Or is it important to you to allow yourself to stay in lack and limitation, and to struggle to survive life? Do you see a bigger picture for your life?

You’ll be writing this down in your journal.

Begin now to see this as well, for in silence you’ll have an inordinate amount of free time to begin to focus on what is important for you and important for the new group order.


Phillip: With Michael’s words swirling in my body and soul, I went to my bedroom window once again to kiss Mother Mountain goodnight. Tomorrow would be another adventure upon her body.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Duality

By Joel D. Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Archangel Gabriel: The Christ Consciousness is the awareness and it is the job, so to speak, of the Christ to awaken the awareness of the soul. The Christ Consciousness is the ascendant master who awakens the awareness of the soul in physical matter. Therefore, it awakens the connecting point between spirit and matter, the physical. So he is the one, so to speak, who trains you, carries the information energy to awaken that within you. Jesus the Christ was the physical embodiment of the Christ Consciousness and became Jesus, the Christ, man of the soul. So he embodied the teachings of mastery of the Christ Consciousness.

Jesus the Christ taught about the awakening of the heart, which is where the soul awakens. He taught about the divine feminine because until you awaken the emotional body, you cannot awaken the soul. The emotional is the feminine. He worked with the ascendant mastery from the Sirian system, which is the vortex that opens the solar system to the divine plan.

Joel: You said that Jesus taught about the divine feminine and linked that to the awakening of the heart and the soul. These wars the United States is engaged in, I would guess, reflect the patriarchal system.

Gabriel: They are the extremes of duality acting out of the physical objectification of the world. They are simply mirroring what is going on inside, the wounded child inside of each and every one of you. What happens in the collective is mirrored in the microcosm. 

As long as there is duality within between the mental and the emotional, between matter and spirit, between the inner child and the adult, between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, until soul and spirit are joined together in the physical, you will see the duality acted out in the world. What you are seeing right now is the battle between the patriarchy of the masculine as it has been interpreted for power and control in its distortion. You’re seeing the ultimate acting out of its distortion and its denial of the divine feminine.

Joel: Are we in a period of healing of that? 

Gabriel: That’s what you’re going through right now. You’re going through the healing. 

Joel: We don’t know how it will end up. 

Gabriel: That’s entirely up to you. 

Joel: If we’re going through a healing, wouldn’t all these energies aid in the healing process? 

Gabriel: You are going through the healing process. You are being given all the energies needed to be able to create the balance. You will create the balance according to your choice. You will either create it through pain and suffering, or you will create it through divine grace and inspiration. The more of you who choose divine grace, inspiration, and acceptance rather than resistance, the easier it will be. That is where freedom of choice comes into it. It’s man who creates pain, not God. Man creates pain through duality. 

Duality is created through holding onto the past. The wounded child within is the child who holds onto the past, all the past emotional memories of trauma in its experience that created its defense patterns, and it then has to defend itself against the world.


Archangel Gabriel
From The Second Coming
by Joel D. Anastasi
Channeled by Robert Baker

The spiritual development of the past has been based on duality, the separation between the divine and the physical. Spiritual practices and religions have been based more or less on the idea of the division between man and God, and that man must in some way make himself worthy of that connection. Allow mankind to see that they are not separate, that they are a part of all things, that nothing is divided from anything else, nothing is separate. It is an illusion of division and separation because human beings fight for their isolation rather than sustain their individuality. The universe is a unified whole. Nothing is separate. 

Yet, human beings defend their separation, fight for their separation because they haven't become attuned to their individuality. Their individual needs, their individual feelings, their ability to contain their own sense of self, to be autonomous on all seven levels of their being, all seven stages of self development of childhood. Each level of consciousness is united with every other level of consciousness. Separation is something that can only be understood from the perspective of the reality that embraces it. 

From the God force, it cannot be understood. It cannot be understood that I have to separate myself in order to experience myself as an individual. The God force cannot be understood from the ego perspective in that sense. The ego force cannot understand how individuality can be sustained and maintained without a strong independence or separation. And that is because they (human beings) have been unable to see being as it really is and that is at one.

When you are in opposition to something, you are trying to stop the movement of its life force. When it tries to move, it will feel your opposition, and it will oppose you. Therefore, the more pressure you place upon it, the stronger it becomes because the harder it has to work to oppose you. What you resist persists.

Begin to embrace a new level of conscious awareness of healing the world's soul and serving the divine where your soul is concerned, taking your place in the divine plan. This is an alternative that celebrates the formation of, the honoring of, the integrity of the individual.

This is up to you. You are the brave new world. You are the mapmakers and the dream weavers. You will unfold the future of your earth. And so, as the dream weavers, you must entertain the dream. You must dream the dream. What appears to be taking place now is to prevent you from dreaming the dream. What must you do to dream that dream, to explore it, to cause yourself to be activated, to be stimulated, to live a dream through your independent, individual self, self-contained, self-empowered, making choices based upon your contributing your life force to something greater, to something that includes you but is not all about you? It's something that is about the whole of humanity, the whole of the world, something that is going to create a new world, where the questions are different and so are the answers.

Remember that consciousness wins out. Any focus of energy that maintains and sustains itself as a resonant field, a dominant field of vibration that operates at a high frequency, will begin to entrain itself to the higher vibration, not the other way around. That's the advantage you have if you're working at a higher level of vibration. You have a greater influence.

Therefore, you have the capability of changing your reality at will once enough people embrace a cause, causing a resonant effect, a resonance.