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Gathering Togetherness,
Archangel Gabriel

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Friday, November 28, 2014

THE SECOND COMING: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New age: Chapter 15

Chapter 15:

November 29, 2004: Election 2004/2012/God and Religion/Two-Thousand-Year Cycles/Root Races/Polar Shift

J: This is our first discussion since the 2004 U.S. presidential elections. I’m concerned that Bush won because of the connections you said exist between the Bush administration and the World Management Team.

G: What you are experiencing is the unfolding of the final stages of a plan that has been in inception ever since the beginning of the creation of what you call the United States. If you examine the roster of presidents and their bedfellows, you will find that without exception every single president you have had was either a member of the Masons or a member of another secret organization such as the Knights of the Templar. There has been a plan since Egyptian times.

J: Are current political developments undermining the mission of the United States, which you have referred to as the New Jerusalem?

G: They are not undermining that [mission]. They are doing what they do. Is the other faction doing what they do? Or are they waiting for permission from the faction that is? That’s the question to ask yourself. Because from that place of questioning is where I can take responsibility for my participation, how I participate, how I don’t participate. I have the right and the freedom to create the reality I want.

J: Most people would believe your warnings are just wild conspiracy theories.

G: Unconscious most of the time.

J: In our last conversation, you seemed to be saying it didn’t make much difference which candidate was elected because, essentially, it was just a different mask.

G: Yes, but you don’t want to come in condemning another belief system or condemning the people who institute that model of reality because by opposing them, you empower them. Then the reality that I have for myself is always based upon what I am opposing.

J: You have said the more effective way is to create an alternative.

G: That is correct, and that alternative grows until it becomes of such magnitude that it builds to millions of people who are beginning to consciously seek the light behind the form. When that takes place, you begin to build a resonance. Then when others come into contact with you that are not of that resonance, it begins shifting them.

J: I would like to move to a subject of change on a much larger scale. You said last time that the contraction of the universe would begin in the year 2012. I speculated that would take billions of years, but you said it could happen in the twinkling of an eye.

G: But most likely it will take billions of years.

J: You added that a polar shift was one occurrence that could change the time frames. Some metaphysicians were predicting a polar shift would occur around the end of the last millennium.

G: It’s already taking place as you speak. The polar shift you are experiencing now is less damaging and dangerous and less extreme than it has been in the past. In the past, it has happened instantaneously, within a few hours. The planet is a thousand years overdue for a polar shift if you look at it in terms of past evolutionary cycles. However, a polar shift is very dependent upon magnetics and gravitational pull and the energetic force of friction produced as a result.

When you are dealing with energy and transformation, you are dealing with fire. The element of fire creates transformation from the point of view of death and rebirth, destruction and construction. That which was is consumed by the fire and is alchemized. From that which is destroyed or broken up is created the new reality.

You are starting the process leading to the year 2012 of the fire, the burning away of the dross, the alchemical moment of the transformation of lead into gold. The lead is the old reality of duality. And that is being transformed. That changes and shifts you into the next millennia, the millennia of quantum shift and transformation from the destruction of the old. This process is the process of transformation that is now taking place.

J: The process will be completed in 2012?

G: It is the completion of the cycle that marks the synthesis of the out breath and the in breath, which then brings about the awakening of the new force, the solar force—the soul beginning to radiate from the inside out and reality shifting for all time from the reference point of its meaning and its purpose lying outside of myself.

J: So the polar shift is not a sudden shift of the earth, but is rather happening gradually?

G: It is happening, but it is happening less and less because the north and south poles are gigantic holes in the magnetic fields of the planet. For several years now scientists have been observing a gradual shift in the poles of the planet. It is happening in slow time so that the shift will be experienced in two ways. One, it will be experienced from a place of fullness, a place that comes from you as the source. On the other side it will be experienced as a tragedy and disaster—no matter what I do, I cannot get away from death

J: Are you talking about a worldwide physical disaster?

G: Well, that is a possibility. Everything lies in potential. Because of the shifting, the polar ice caps have broken away and are melting. This is creating a radical mutation in all of the life forms in the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth. Because of the shifting climactic conditions, all of the animal and plant species residing in those areas will begin to become extinct.

J: So the melting of the polar ice caps has more to do with the polar shift than it does with global warming?

G: Global warming has accelerated the patterns that produced the polar shift. It has accelerated the shift. It is not the source of it.

J: Wouldn’t a gradual shifting of the poles affect navigation?

G: It does. It causes navigators to adjust their instruments. True north is no longer true north. They are adjusting their instruments. This also affects the alignment of the heavens in your solar system and the influence of the other planets. Astrology also needs to make adjustments. We said years ago that consciousness has shifted reality. So the slowing down of the polar shift is an affirmation of what you have been doing as individuals and the power you have to create radical change, because that is radical change.

However, you may ask, if we can do that, Gabriel, why can’t we do it with George Bush? Why? Because you don’t have the same attachment to the earth that you have to George Bush. You’re not trying to get rid of anything where the earth is concerned. You’re concerned with balancing. You’re concerned with maintaining it as a harmonious experience. With Bush, you would just like to get rid of him. Therefore, you set yourself up as an antiforce. And in doing so, you strengthen his position. More people were [voting] in opposition rather than voting to move toward what they wanted because they don’t know what they want unless it is to oppose something that affects them. Their extreme opposition is the height of the experience of duality.

J: You said last time the souls that were “incarnating now at the highest resonance levels for the most part are dormant because they have not been activated. What you have to do is inspire them and they will become activated and they will respond.” What would it take to activate them?

G: What did it take for you?

J: It has been a lifelong pursuit of the truth.

G: What was the key thing? What caused you to suddenly desire to wake up? You didn’t suddenly wake up, but you opened the door. Something triggered it.

J: The Conversations with God books helped open me to new ways of understanding.

G: Yes, so you see you were not open to the truth from the beginning. What you were open to from the beginning was finding and discovering things that you could attach to in different ways that would absolve you from responsibility and put you in a place of feeling safe. So you could give your power to a God who would take care of you and you didn’t have to take any responsibility as long as you just obeyed the rules and did the right thing. That is not the truth.

J: And that didn’t feel good any more.

G: That is correct. And why did you think that didn’t feel good any more?

J: I didn’t believe it.

G: And why do you think you didn’t believe it?

J: Because there was a new rationale that made more sense to me.

G: That’s correct, and that initiated the awakening of the new possibilities, a new level of your development where your soul’s awakening and its consciousness is concerned. Do you see? 

J: So perhaps this book, like the Conversations with God books and others that come along, will be a catalyst for the awakening of others.

G: Exactly. And also keep in mind what you do not want to do. You do not want to create the information of Gabriel as a dogma. You do not want to create it as something that is imposed upon anyone. You want to make it available to those who resonate with it, and they will find it. That doesn’t mean you don’t do everything you can to get it out there to as many people as possible. You see, it contains its own level of consciousness. Anyone who does not resonate with that level of consciousness won’t go near it. They won’t even see it. They won’t even find it.

J: I want to ask you about the Antichrist. There are so many references to it in Christian literature.

G: If you are in resistance, you’re in fear. If you’re in fear, you are 
opposing or anti-love. Christ is love. Love is soul. Soul is Christ.  Soul is love. Anything that is not of love is in opposition to life, and, therefore, it is the Antichrist.

J: So it’s not some figure, some powerful person.

G: Again, you see all your different stories and myths in your Christian theology about your relationship with God were all created by men. Let us repeat this as we have said many times: religions are made by men. The Antichrist is simply resistance to love, to the movement of life. It is unconsciousness. It is the destructive force of fear.

J: Is this another example of the misinterpretation of scripture?

G: Yes. Understand, people create religions. God did not create religions. God has no use or need for religions. God does not have to explain itself. People create religions based on their own agendas. You look at every single religion, and you will find the construction of the religion, every one of them, is based upon a patriarchal system, a tribal system, a system of: You’re Superdad. I’m the bad child. If I don’t do as you say, I’ll be punished. If I do as you say, I’ll be rewarded.

J: I can certainly see how that perspective comes out of the patriarchal system. But it is harder for me to understand why some things are not intrinsically good or bad.

G: No, they are not. That is a judgment of experience based upon something you have created called pain and pleasure as a measuring stick of experiences that come about through resistance to movement, resistance to change, resistance to life. That is all. That’s all you are experiencing when you have, for instance, a Hitler who kills several million people. All he is doing is mirroring your commitment to your resistance to life, not being good enough to live it. Fighting the feeling of not being good enough. That is all. That is all that is taking place. All the rest is judgment. That’s wrong. That’s bad. It’s simply people reacting to their wounding.

J: You said that mankind evolves over two-thousand-year cycles.

G: Yes, two-thousand-year cycles that are astrologically based and ray-based. In the evolutionary process of the planet, those two-thousand-year cycles create a process that relates to the evolution of humankind through specific archetypes. Those archetypes of influence are the archetypes of your particular astrological sign, which is the influence of a particular star seed that is exerting its influence and teaching the population about itself in that two-thousand-year cycle. It’s how the star seed has the opportunity to be on the “lecture circuit” for two thousand years and speak to the whole population to educate them as to their people, their customs, their experiences of life, and their challenges where their soul growth is concerned. So that humanity as a whole, through these cycles, can contain the awakening of the experience of all twelve star seeds.

J: Your references to root races seem to be tied into two-thousand-year cycles. But when you refer to root races, you only talk about the Lemurian, the Atlantean, the Ayrean, and now the Spiritual. That is only four. We have had many more than four 2000-year cycles.

G: But you see they are not singular in nature. In other words you have carryovers of integration processes. In a two-thousand-year cycle you will have the influence of the previous root race working through the influences of a new root race. There is a whole complexity of influences. A particular star seed of astrological influence teaches and trains its archetype of consciousness in two-thousand-year cycles depending upon the dominance of the particular star seed such as the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces. But root races operate and manifest over thousands of years.

But time and reality have been accelerating in the quantum physics process. That is why there was more progress in the last one hundred years than in the previous five thousand. Now progress is doubling every decade. That is quantum shift. The same thing happens with the influence of cycles and the progressive learning process the cycles contain. They are able to handle more. They are able to move more quickly. Now does that mean that in this two- thousand-year cycle the entire root race of spiritual man will form and develop? This two- thousand-year cycle will introduce the birth and the inception of this new root race into the physical. Will it go into light during this two-thousand-year period? It could, but not likely. At the present rate of progression, we do not see that. We do not see the manifestation being that rapid where the quantum aspect of it is concerned.

Now look at the earth and the shift of the poles. The shift of the poles is largely influenced by electrical friction, so it’s the realm of creation through opposition. The more opposition there has been, the more rapid the polar shift took place. As you progressed, there has been less opposition and less friction. As change takes place through less resistance, the earth becomes less susceptible to instantaneous movements and shifts. That is an indication you are moving out of cause and effect and into resonant causation.

In resonant causation, shifts are instantaneous and almost imperceptible even though the shift itself may be extreme. All of a sudden all human beings everywhere on the planet one day will drop their guns. There is no more desire for violence. You may say, well, that’s dramatic. No, it’s not dramatic because the dream we’re referring to is the dream of dysfunction created by resistance. On the other hand, the quantum shift happens out of love

J: There seems to be such a gap between where we are and where we want to be.

G: That is because there is still so much resistance. What percentage of people embrace life with divine love? How many people embrace the teachings of Christ? Take a guess. What percentage would you say?

J: I would guess a very small percentage.

G: About 2 percent.

J: I have been wondering about this next question for a long time. When you announced to the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, you said she would give birth to the Son of God. Why did you use that phrase when we are all sons of God?

G: Because Jesus the Christ is the Son of God, the son of the soul. He is a man who demonstrates for you what you are and what you have always been. You are the Christ and the Christ is you. You are the Son of God, the sum of God, the solar force of God. You are the ensoulment and embodiment of a living God, living and moving and having the experience, the individuated expression, of God’s being.

[The tape was not decipherable from this point. We scheduled another appointment to complete the interview on December 10, 2004.]

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



We often focus on what is not, Rather than what is, In our lives. 

Maybe it’s time to turn the not, Into thanks and gratitude for the what. 

Most of us live life after life Without once thanking or sending Gratitude, and never mind love, To the Divine Fantastic Forces, Which flow through us, all the time. 

When and where do we give regular thanks, For the thousands of good things Surrounding us all the time. For the Godly-forces that created this good, Who don’t even ask anything in could or should. 

Many even shame life, Even hold a grudge, And won’t budge, From blaming life, For "woulds" or "coulds", or "shoulds", They created themselves. 

Let us fill our hearts with Gratitude and offer a multitude Of thanks for every single person, place or thing, We create, and make possible, The good and grungy, Without any further platitudes, Of non-thanks.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Given by the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) 
The Angel News Network

Dear Humans being Human,

At this time we shall present Eight Sacred Principles of Leadership which are largely missing in your world, and are employed within advanced civilizations and higher realms. When you choose to employ these within your world, they will greatly assist you moving into a higher state of consciousness and allow your beingness to create your doingness.

1. All leaders need to be involved in a continuous process of self-mastery/knowledge. Most of your leaders today do not know their purpose in being here (who they are, why they are here) and are involved in selfish or controlling hidden pursuits. 

2. All leaders need to fully know and apply the true nature/purpose of leadership: to be in compassionate world service. Most of your leaders today are all about the ‘me’ and not the ‘we.’

3. All leaders need to apply the concepts of Unity Consciousness, knowing the interconnectedness of all things into oneness. Your present leaders are largely not aware of the integration of all things on this planet; what affects one, affects all. 

4. All leaders need to know their home planet is a living, conscious being and they are stewards of their home. With all your concern about weather change and energy alternatives, who is speaking of this?

5. All leaders apply learned knowledge into wisdom by knowing what has not worked in the past. Your present leaders still believe killing one another in war and attempting to control what you did not create is acceptable.

6. All leaders know how to create conscious teams to manifest new realties. Your leaders today do not know how to effect collective positive change for all, realizing change is all there is.

7. All leaders know no one individual is in charge and understand the nature of pluralism. Your present leaders are often motivated by individual greed, wounds and ego defenses.

8. All leaders need to fully understand, be responsible, and accountable for their actions. Many of your leaders today are working within fear, doubt and ignorance.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

COUNCIL OF CREATION by Phillip Elton Collins

Given by The Council of Creation 
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans choosing to be human,

The intention of this message is to introduce ourselves to humanity at this most important juncture within your evolutionary path. To simply know of our existence can change your reality, if you choose.

We are The Council of Creation in service to ALL THERE IS/GOD/SOURCE come to you through your I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness energies, your eternal, divine beingness.

We are the bands-of-consciousness and energies through which your divinity (connection to your eternal higher selves) is maintained and sustained, dear ones.  We come to you to support your process of what you call Ascension: moving into your destined higher frequency/vibration of existence.

What exactly does this mean? You are an eternal being of light that has chosen THROUGH CHOOSING TO BE HUMAN to forget at times that you are a Being of Light reflecting ALL THERE IS. The purpose of this (and the way you are choosing to learn through your freedom of choice and will) is so that you never forget again which you have done many times in your past.

You are in the process of remembering and applying who you truly are and knowing why you are here (as we, at The Council of Creation), to be in service to all Creation, beginning for you with world service.  You have chosen to be all aspects of being human; that includes all aspects of ‘what is not’ in order to fully know and apply ‘what is.’ This is the only way the human soul could imprint the needed truth in order to transcend into eternal spirit.

Let us further give examples of how the above process is taking place within your history and present existence.

First and foremost, dear Humanity please  know and remember humanity is not in control of the existence of your reality or the universe. You cannot control what you did not create.  You have a given divine soul plan as a species to return to higher realms of existence from whence you came. You are in the process of returning to higher realms through your freedom of choice and will (a gift and learning tool from Creation). We at The Council of Creation are observing the often folly of humanity through your choices. Full acceptance and compassion and forgiveness for this process allow transcending the process. If it resonates, we ask now that you begin to look deeply at your past and present choices in order to see, through wisdom, applied knowledge, if you wish to begin to make other choices which reflect your divinity.

Dear Ones, you all came from the same Source with the same needs, created from the same eternal elements. When are you going to see this Oneness, and know we have created enough for all of you without your further attempting to control that which you did not create? You have created duality, separation and often confrontation (as a learning tool) which in reality do not actually exist. When are you going to choose to wake up from this insanity?

As you have moved further and further from the truth, in order to maintain and sustain your divinity, humanity has from our Council received dispensations to allow your shift to higher frequencies of existence.  As at present, there have been many times in your human history you have chosen to separate from the higher realms that have maintained and sustained your past advanced civilization through the connection to ALL THERE IS.

Much of your true history and evolution as a species is not known. It has often been kept from you by those attempting to control you. It is time (if you so choose) to know and apply your true evolutionary process in order to prevent your history continuing to repeat itself. It is time, if you so choose, to stop the karmic wheel of cause and effect, duality/separation and life and death and step into your true format of eternal,  divine, formless beingness. The time-line of this is upon you dear humans. You are entering the final phase of learning the way you have in the past and awakening and allowing the true you to appear. This is your destiny not matter how things may appear in your world today. The forces at play at present are clearing and cleansing all the unhealed aspects of humanity that have caused your inequality, harmony and balance.

Let us give some examples of the past, many of which are not known or accepted by humanity. The intention dear ones, is to not continue to repeat the past. You have had many past ‘golden ages’ (supported by higher realms) upon this divine, learning laboratory of love, planet Earth. These civilizations achieved much more than you have at present. As many of you know, the purpose of the creation of this planet is to learn to love (the building block of all creation), and apply that love within the creation of a world of Unity Consciousness. This is a preparation for joining we at The Council of Creation in service to ALL THERE IS.

Lemuria, Atlantis, early Egypt, Aztec, Mayan and several others before and after these existed on your planet as a result of their connection to the higher realms (archangelic servicing humanity, star systems which seeded the creation of your planet, Galactic forces from other solar systems, Ascended Masters who once walked the Earth and Inner Earth who once resided upon the Earth surface). Each of these civilizations reached a point of advancement beyond where you are now due to their connection and support of higher realms.

Each of these advanced civilizations failed due to their disconnect to the higher realms that maintained and sustained them. The human mind (through its freedom of choice and will) thought it could be and do it a better way.  As a result of the higher realms disconnect many of these civilizations went into interior and external conflict/wars. Not unlike your recent patterns of behavior. 

As a result of their advanced weaponry, the surface of the planet became not a pleasant place to sustain life. As a result of this, many of these civilizations were given dispensation through our Council to shift to a higher frequency of existence and create a new reality, a higher vibrational world within the core/interior of this planet. The purpose of this action is so that humanity will have a sustained path to its destiny/destination of divinity.  At present, unknown to most of humanity on the surface, there are many advanced civilizations within the core of this planet supporting your advancement on the surface. The goal is that when humanity on the surface is consciousness enough the two inner and surface worlds will join in Oneness (fully connected to higher realms) in order to advance the evolutionary process of humanity as a whole.

The channel we are coming through at present and his brethren at the so named Angel News Network are evolutionary members of The Great White Brotherhood in serve to this Council.   The energies of the I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness (your eternal higher selves) empower this brethren-hood and are the God-given tools of this Council of Creation.

In Eternal Support and Love of Humanity,
The Council of Creation

Saturday, November 22, 2014

HUMAN COSMIC CONSTRUCT Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Given by Archangel Uriel, 
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
The Angel News Network

Dear Those Choosing to be Human,

It is time you know more about your creation and the truth of your existence which will assist you moving with grace and ease through your evolutionary ascension process (shifting into a higher frequency of reality).

Your  Cosmic Construct and evolution is mirrored within the structure of the cosmos. You are now beginning to see yourselves reflected within the cosmos, thus knowing the integration of this truth and wisdom.

The pattern of your solar system planets, initiating with the sun (light) from Mercury to Pluto reflect the evolution of your species. You began in light (from the sun) and you are destined to return to light and begin anew through your freedom of choice and will. 

This is an eternal, endless process of creation.

Your being on each of your solar system planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto ( and unknown planets soon to be revealed) are a ‘road map’ of your evolution as a species. Each planet represents your further awakening. Each planet is a history unto itself to be revealed when you are ready. This has not always been a straight line forward. Each of your evolutionary cycles on each planet is a process of growth and expansion and self-mastery preparing you for world and universal service as master teachers. What is unique about the planet you currently reside within and upon is that it is composed of twelve star systems further preparing you for movement further out into the cosmos. Once you finalize your solar system process, you will move into galactic reality, followed by universal and multiversal.  Your entire journey is a light to light process never ending.

Dear Ones  you are  realizing there is much to be achieved where you are right now prior to moving on. Having a ‘roadmap’ is intended to assist you within your current process and journey. The purpose of this message is to reveal the magnificent journey you have chosen being human, and its divine design. The entire cosmos has coordinated and is supporting the choice and journey you are making. This is an unique divine experiment, lover-versity of learning, if you will. Once you master the love of self, others and your world and create a unity-consciousness reality of equality, harmony and balance you will be ready to proceed…

Within Each evolutionary cycle you are given a supply of energy to use as you will through your freedom of choice and will. As you may now realize, you have not always used this energy to the best of your highest good or that of others.

Now further knowing and accepting with compassion your joyful journey into service to ALL THERE IS, we higher realms continue to be in service to the divine cosmic choice you have made. At present your planet is in the process of clearing and cleansing many issues from the past and present. No matter how things may appear on the outside, please know locked within your DNA is all of which we speak guiding you forward. How and when you get there is your choice. It does not have to be with pain and suffering unless you so choose.

Your Cosmic Guide and World Teacher,

Archangel Uriel

Friday, November 21, 2014


By Phillip Elton Collins


Do you see me as thee?
The real reason I exist, for thee,
Is for you to see me, as thee.

For in fact, we are ONE,
In order for me to be thee.

If we can only really see,
That you and me create
The WE to be truly free.

Once free, we can see
That we simply be,
In order to serve the WE…

All this WE-BEING
Is created through you,
Loving you enough,
To see as me,
For WE is the real reason
To be.

We know the old adage,
Love Is All There Is.
Well, the ole Masters say it
This way: There is only One Law of Life,
And that is Love.

Love is the highest vibration in Creation,
Allowing all manifestation making.

Through man’s thoughts, emotions and deeds
Man really never ceases
Creating his needs.

The absence of love
Is ever present,
Most often in fear, ever near.

That not of love
In effect becomes self-centered darkness
Moving in its own orbit,
Not allowing any love sparkness.

When the Law of Love is enforced
All negativity goes to sleep,
And we have no need to weep.

Through love the glorious God-Power
Within you awakens,
You release and express love
And there are no longer any hateful hours.
For you have allowed
The love-flowers, to bloom,
And there will be no further room
For anything other than what love can swing and bring…
Love is the vibration and glue
That created everything,
Especially YOU.