Saturday, October 31, 2020






Humanity can liberate itself from repeated incarnational cycles by increasing their consciousness and frequency vibration to ascend to a higher frequency of existence which is the destination and destiny of all humanity. 


Here are qualities of the knowing heart that support our personal and planetary ascension:


Equality, harmony and balance; acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness; unconditional love; balance of giving and receiving; gratitude for what is allowing abundance; trust and surrender to higher realms and the unknown allowing the probability and possibility of manifestation; releasing attachment to drama and glamour as a comfort zone; not choosing negativity and confrontation; living in the now moment; being conscious, aware; being in joy and blessing for life and all living things; being open to learn from sources other than the human mind. 


These qualities are essential in building your new world-paradigm. The old world-paradigm is dying before your very eyes. Have you noticed?






By Phillip Elton Collins

The emotion of fear

Is most often ever so near,

It so appears.


Some say fear

Is an ear not hearing love,

Looking through the rear

View mirror of life.


We’re not born with fear,

So how does it become so dear,

To so many?


It is carefully caught and taught,

And through it we,

Become completely distraught.


Fear based thinking

Closes our heart,

And makes it harder

To access others’ emotional parts,

Of self.


So let’s kill fear,

So it’s never near again.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020



Uriel Message #9:

Moment of Now

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the Be-Loved consciousness and en-“light” en-ment of the realm referred to as Uriel, in your earth realm.

At this time, we would like to talk to you about “time” or should we say the WarpedClockillusion of time. Time is a “creation” of your physical, third dimension so you may experience yourselves more fully. But the creation of time is a myth, a fiction, a non-reality. For within your time there is a “past” and a “future” when in reality there is only now (containing all time).

And it is human’s focus upon the past and future and the inability to focus upon the reality of now that creates much of the imbalances, separation and foolishness within your world.

Much of your existence is focused upon the past, worrying about what could have been, what should have been, or focusing on the future projecting what might happen, what will happen. Neither is reality, dear ones. For in each moment of the “now” you are given (it is your divine right to receive) exactly what you need (not what you always want).

Stop and think about it. You’ve always received in each moment of the now of your life what you need. You always have, you always will. It’s most often your thoughts about your fictitious past and future that get in the way of experiencing the now, the only true reality there is.

So how can you better enable yourselves to focus upon the now and not the past and future? By truly experiencing the now fully. Stop, breathe, see what you are seeing, taste what you are tasting, know what you are thinking and feeling…become conscious and now know the now!

Fill your heart with gratitude for the now. For in each moment of it, you are fully loved and supported always. Only your non-belief in this prevents it.

Only your lack of self-love prevents the now from existing.

Other = N-O-W (no other way)

In reality there is “no other way” (now) than now. Know this truth, and you’ll set yourselves free from the prisons of the past and future, prisons that kept you behind bars long enough, dear ones. The doors to that prison have always been open in the moment of now.

Begin living NOW and know the only reality there really is by stepping outside that prison door and acknowledging each moment of the now, bringing you all you’ve ever needed or will need.

Trust in yourself. It requires trust to fully know that you don’t need anything else but the now. The rest of your “time thinking” is not serving you, dear ones.





As the channel or “receiver” of these messages from St Germain for both The Refounding of America and this companion volume, Divine Dialogues with St Germain, I wish to assure you there is nothing special or unique about this ability.


We all, in our own unique ways, connect regularly with higher realms through prayer, meditation, revelations or moments of déjà vu. Throughout history we humans have always been guided by forces beyond us to assist in our advancement as a species—and, as St Germain reveals in both books, that guidance is growing exponentially as mankind moves into its seventh and final golden age on Earth.


Now, once again, our world and nation are in crisis and chaos. Remember, crises and chaos are key components for creating the new. Through our free will and choice, we can choose to create an enlightened world supporting the common good of all, or we can regress

to authoritarian regimes in which the few control the many.


The empowering and extraordinary wisdom shared in these divine dialogues helps us choose enlightenment (oneness) over authoritarian repression (separation) and to understand what is happening in our nation and world—and why.


As has been explained, these dialogues between Joel and St Germain took place while developing The Refounding of America.  If you wish a free e-book of this book click on this link


As the dialogues progressed and the wisdom discussed expanded beyond the mission of the book, St Germain and Joel agreed it would be valuable to publish the dialogues separately to preserve this wisdom for mankind.


It is my greatest hope and intention that you resonate with and are able to draw on the wisdom contained in both books to create the world we all want: one based on love, equality, harmony and balance.


I can see the beacon of light the United States of America is destined to be in the world—just over the horizon. If you are reading this, you, most likely, can see it too.


Remember, all is in divine order,


Phillip Elton Collins


Spiritual partner in this divine endeavor

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Allow the Truth Within to Guide You


The soul purpose of the Pandemic is allowing you to step back to take look at you. The energies moving in to your earth plain now are allowing another step in that process and why they are moving in in September and October and fully laying the foundation in November. What will transpire during this time is your illusions, feelings, and wounding will surface within you. The layers of the old will release. You will see the wounded child for what it is and move to a more centered place in the adult space, in the heart. 


Eventually what will transpire as you move into November is the myths and the illusions of what has been transpiring in your world in 2020 will come to fruition. You will see the truth of it all. Many are beginning to see the truth of it from the periphery.  The illusions and the myths of what has been transpiring in your world in the next few months will come to the fore. 


The truth of what is transpiring in the world is within you. It is how you relate to what is happening in the world outside of you.  The truth is up to you to guide and support your life based upon what you are seeing in the world and how it affects you. This is why We ask you to move into the powerfulness of your truth and begin to create a collective consciousness that can shift and shed light on what is transpiring in the world.  


It is not so much about what is transpiring in the world. What is transpiring is so. Yet We have asked this question many times: Are you allowing what is transpiring in the world outside of you to dictate the life you are leading now? This is just another test for you where that is concerned. As you allow your personal process to unfold and allow what is transpiring outside of you to unfold, you can ease into the transition of adulthood.  


You all know what the truth outside of you is, it is about allowing the truth within you to guide you.  


Many are still in a place of fear where the wounded child is still looking for mom and dad to take care of them. There are many who understand the truth, move within and simply look at where they are and at what is transpiring in the world and say: What is my life?  What is important for me? Then allow this to shift and change your life. This is why We ask you to create a collective consciousness like this with others. In effect creating a new world that is unlike the low, dense vibrational aspect of your third dimensional realm.  


The more energy you lend to what is transpiring in the world outside of you, the longer it will live. So the question is, what is your truth and where are you learning to say no? 


It is important to allow the new energies to move in and infiltrate into the third dimensional realm. This will rapidly shift and change you to further release the dense, deep attachments you have to the third dimensional realm. In many ways it is about trusting the divine plan and support from the higher realms. 


At this most important time on your earthly plain is a time of great learning. It is a time of the greatest sense of truth about you that you have never experienced before. A time to move into a complete individuated, self supporting, self responsible adult. What you are seeing transpiring outside of you is the antithesis of this. Allow your divine plan to unfold moment by moment, day by day, week by week and month by month. It is about moving into the moment of now and living in the moment of now fully. As opposed to looking at what will happen in one week, two weeks or three months. It is about doing your part in shifting the energy by creating a new collective consciousness. 


By accepting the new energies that are moving in to your earthly plain, they will shift and change the molecular structure of your physical body by releasing the old, you are shifting and retraining the nervous system.  You are moving from fight or flight, opposing and fighting what is transpiring outside of you. It is not about accepting what is transpiring in the world. It is about looking at it and seeing how it affects you. What is being triggered inside of you? What is most important for you to do? 


You can now move into a place of fully experiencing life.

Ask; what is my innate truth based upon what is transpiring in my life and in the world outside of me?


It is always important to be reminded of the inner process, the inner journey to see that what is happening in the world outside of you is a reflection of your inner journey. This is why We ask you when you look outside of you in the world what is it triggering within you, what is coming up for you? If you are conscious of what is being triggered and the feelings that are surfacing, and what is transpiring in your physical body, and nurture yourself through it, you will be able to release the old energetic structure where the wounded child played a big part of your life and move into the adult space as well as utilizing your tools. 


XXXXX In all of what is transpiring in your world today, it is most important that you keep in mind the dive plan. You own personal divine plan, the divine plan of your country, the divine plan of the world and the universe. If you subscribe to this, you will then see that everything is unfolding perfectly. Yet this does not mean that you sit back in your easy chair and watch life happen before you. 


This is why We ask you if you see yourself as an ingredient in shifting and changing the energy of the world by creating a new collective consciousness.  Or does your wounded child look outside of you and look for mom and dad to take care of everything for you so you can be safe?  


The difference between sitting back and saying:  Since this is the divine plan, it will all happen accordingly and I will sit back and watch life and hope mom and dad will keep me safe and secure and take care of me. Or; Choose to move into the depth and breadth of my heart space and become self responsible, self conscious. A part of the divine plan is your purpose and mission in this lifetime. Many will sit back in their easy chair and watch what happened in the world in total indifference. What is beneath that indifference is fear. Underneath the fear are feelings of inadequacy, not good enough, not perfect enough. Feelings that have been lodged in their physical body, the mental body based on the conditioning and programming from mom and dad. Sitting back and waiting for someone to do something that will affect them and change their life. 


As We say, let the divine plan to unfold, it is important for you as you move into the adult space, seeing your mission and purpose in this lifetime and you being an ingredient in the shift of what is transpiring into a new collective consciousness. The more energy of peace, love, community, harmony, and equality that you send to the world this will shift and change an other.  This is done through your beingness. 


As the energies begin to move in and dislodge the old wounded energy, feelings will surface and energy will move. You may begin to question your place in the world. Many are doing this right now.  


As We bring this information to you to allow you to process your self, and give you tools to do that is to simply enhance you. To move into the greatness and powerfulness of who you are and express this to the world with love. It is not through opposition or fighting or protesting. It is about speaking your truth with love. Expending energy of peace, love, community, harmony and equality which is your truth. We come to you to support you to navigate what is happening in your third dimensional realm without an attachment to it.


XXXXX It is important to understand that it is not about shifting and changing the structure of the world outside of you.  It is about shifting and changing the hearts of many. Shifting and changing how others look at what is transpiring in the world. It is about purporting an energy out into the world that will shift and change the minds of others so they can see how they are perceiving what is transpiring in the world. 


It is most important now to speak your truth. Speak your truth to the world with love. Leave the doors of self expression wide open to love. And when you see those doors of self expression begin to close, stand there forcefully with love in your heart, and stretch out your arms to never let those doors close.

Archangel Michael Speaks: A Message for October 2020: Do You Still Need Your Mask? Channeled By Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks 
Channeled by Jeff Fasano 
 The World 2020 
A Message for October 2020 

 From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into new parameters of this energetic period. There is an upheaval as to what is transpiring in your third dimensional realm as the energies continue to move into thecsore aspects of the individual and the core aspects of the third dimensional realm. What is transpiring with this is truths and untruths are being revealed. What We mean by this is the truth and the illusions of what is transpiring in your third dimensional realm are being revealed as you move through your month of October into November. As you have moved from your month of September into October, the energies are beginning to pierce the armor of illusion in your third dimensional realm. Many are beginning to feel the depth and breadth of these energies. The energies move into your physical body through the crown chakra, down the back of your spine and into the first chakra. They then move in a counter clockwise motion to move and dredge up the energy in that region of your body. This will flush out your illusions, the old wounding, old belief systems and bring to the fore the truth of your true being. Your true being is the depth of your connection to the Christ consciousness. And understanding not only in the mental body but in the heart space embodying the multi-dimensional being you truly are. Many may be feeling physical symptoms with this, as it creates a lightness within you. You are not halfway through this, you are still in the beginning period. Yet the illusions and the armor is now being pierced and cracked by these energies. Many are in a state of flux. In a place where they may not understand what is transpiring within them, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. What this is doing is bringing up many questions within you on a personal basis and in the macrocosm of the third dimensional realm. Many are asking, what is the truth and what is my truth, what is the truth of what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm? This is because the armor of the illusion is being pierced and cracked open by these energies. It is happening from the inside and moving upward. The energies move into your first charka and swirl in a counter clockwise motion that begins to dredge up the old armor, old wounding and anything old in your first chakra inside of you. This begins to lighten your energy. The energy then will move upwards. Those who have been in a committed personal process, doing the inner work will begin to feel the energy moving up through their physical body as well as feelings the symptoms of the energy movement. Yet, for those who dabble in the personal process many are wondering what is transpiring. Some are feeling lower intestine issues, lower stomach issues. For those who dabble in the personal process, having one foot in and one foot out so to speak, do so because of the fear of the feelings that surface regarding releasing the old memories and energy. So for those who dabble, feelings are surfacing but they are not quite sure what to do with them. Many now are beginning to question what is happening within them and questioning what is transpiring in the world. Many are beginning to question what their purpose is and why they are here. Many are looking at their life in a brand new and different way. The main purpose of these energies now moving in, is to make you aware of your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. The energies are geared to allow you to look at your attachments to the third dimensional realm so you can begin to detach from it. This is so you can move within and see that you are a fully sustained multi-dimensional being, know who you are, why you are and honoring and valuing you. Thus standing individuated, detached from the third dimensional realm. Many are questioning what is transpiring within them and in turn beginning to question what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm. They are seeing their old belief systems and the wounded child coming to the fore and quite possibly no longer trusting mom and dad. Many are beginning to give up the quest to look outside of themselves for mom and dad to take care of them. You are beginning to see the transparency of the wounded child. The wounded child is coming to the fore and many are beginning to feel feelings they have repressed and suppressed for so long. Many are now realizing that their wounded child has led their life to this point in time. All of this is being mirrored back to you by what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm. On a personal basis, as it pertains to each and every one of you, the energies will allow you to move into the full beingness of who you are so you can fully detach and release your attachments to the third dimensional realm. This will allow you to move into the metamorphosis of the multi-dimensional being of who you truly are. Then see how you can move into the uniqueness of the adult in the depth and breadth of your heart space. Right now as you move into your month of October this is just beginning. We are giving you an overview of the purpose of these energies as they pertain to your personal process in the depth and breadth of you. As you move through this process, We ask you to see what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm in your life and in your relationships. Quite possibly you may see relationships that no longer resonate for you. What is happening for each and every one of you is, you are beginning to clean house. And doing it from the inside out. It is about taking off the mask and the illusion that it perpetrates. It is about stripping off the veneer through which you showed you to the world. Many need to clean their house from the outside in. Stripping off the veneer that you placed over your physical appearance, you personal appearance that somehow made you shine to the outside world. Yet, all the while you were crying within. These energies are moving in to clean and cleanse your inner housing. To clean and refresh your self to move into a greater depth of transparency and authenticity in the full beingness of you. You no longer need that mask. You no longer need the veneer that you used to make sure that everything about you was shiny because it was about how you appeared to the world. It was about how the world outside of you perceived you. You are now moving into the depth and breadth of your defense systems and your wounding. Moving from where everything in your life is based upon what is transpiring outside of you. Looking outside of you for validation, for approval and for mom and dad to lead you, your life and take care of you. These energies are moving in to allow you to see all of your illusions and wounding. To allow you to feel the feeling you have suppressed and repressed for a long time. It is about cracking and releasing the need for a mask. A question We have for you is; Why do have a need to have a mask in place? Why is it so important for you to prove who you are to others? Why is the way you appear to the world outside of you so important? Thus creating an illusion of someone else just to be loved, to be approved of, liked, gratified, validated. These energies are moving in to dredge up all the old energies that remain in the depth and breadth of you first chakra. Then will move upward to the second, third and so on until it fully releases when you move into your month of November. As you move into the beginning of November the energies will still be apparent and will take a foothold in mid November. So it is most important to ask the question; Why is my mask still steadfast and in place? Is it important for me how the world perceives me, how the world approves of me? Am I still giving myself away? Where am I utilizing my defense system to appease others? These energies are moving in to clean and cleanse you from the inside out. So you can move into a greater sense of transparency and authenticity of who you truly are into the truth of who you are. As this happens on a personal basis, when you look outside of you into the world you will see the mirror. If you are feeling an upheaval within you, what is transpiring in the world is an upheaval of old dense vibrational illusions. The mask is cracking and breaking in the world outside of you. Truths and untruths are being revealed. The only way you can see those truths, the illusions, the veneer and the varnish and the myths being perpetrated by those in your governmental, political and corporate systems is if you begin to see those illusions and those truths and untruths within the depth and breadth of you.

Sunday, October 11, 2020


ORIGIN OF HATRED All hate originates from self-hatred reflected to others. Heal ourselves and there can be no hating others. Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network.


AFFIRMATION FOR USA (Excerpt from THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA) "My (Ascended Master St Germain's) inspiration was instrumental in the creation of these United States of America. My intention is maintained and sustained that this nation will be a beacon of light for the world. "I wish for you to know this, to believe this wholeheartedly and to trust and surrender to this truth that no matter how things are transpiring in your world, that the foundations and the checks and balances and the founding father papers that you have that we assisted in the creation of the United States will hold firm, that this time is a wake up, that this time is an eternal final exam, an eternal final exam for humanity to understand the choice of democracy--the choice of allowing we the people, by the people and for the people to work full heartedly in this country. That requires the full participation of everyone and to allow that to ratchet out into the world as a whole. It is the hope and the promise of the ascended master realms, beloved student." <

Friday, October 9, 2020

Twelve Codes pf Consciousness

Twelve Codes Of Consciousness Given from The I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness Energies Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Dear Beloved Children of Earth, You are completely consciousness, awakened when you are able to apply these Twelve Codes of Consciousness gifted from the twelve Star Systems which seeded your planet: 1. Allowing Manifestation/Creation to happen without attempting to control or own its outcome. 2. Feeling joyful/blissful for no apparent reason at all; allowing others to entrain to this higher frequency. 3. Knowing and seeing the integration of all things upon and within this planet. 4. Being filled with gratitude, allowing abundance by focusing upon what is. 5. ‘Thinking’ with your hearts, allowing synchronistic and spontaneous experiences. 6. Being vs doing, allowing being to create doing. 7. Letting go of all negative emotions creating imbalances, dis-ease and death. 8. Knowing there is no separation, duality, thus conflict. 9. Letting go of the need to explain the actions of others, knowing it is a chosen learning process. 10. Loving unconditionally, not giving to get. 11. Being directly connected to the higher realms that maintain, sustain, and evolve all life. 12. Knowing that Love is the foundation of all, and knowing how to apply it.
When you master these dear Children you shall be free from yourselves and united in Oneness, your divine destiny.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Energy Intervention

ENERGY INTERVENTION AS WORLD LEADERS CONTRACT VIRUS By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network As we at The Angel News Network have been sharing for months there are new, powerful energetic forces coming into our dense 3D reality to affect a clearing and cleansing from the inside out for each of us. Each one of us is affected by these energies in relation to where we are within our own self-examination of growth within our own unique persona process. All is in divine order following each one of our soul plan’s, reflecting our reason to be here. Specially with Trump, as a world leader, these energies are moving through his dense physical being supported by his strong ego defenses creating many imbalances of giving and receiving in his life, thus the nation and world. In effect, the veneer, his mask that he projects to the nation and world is cracking now through a severe viral process revealing to him and others what he needs to heal. Note this process is happening with many world leaders at this time revealing the cosmic mission of this pandemic.