Monday, February 25, 2013


Over the years I have read many times that we, the human race, were dumbed down long ago in our ancient history by some dark forces seeking to control us. Never knew quite what to think about that, so I chose not to.

Last fall The Two Marys began one of our conversations with a statement that confirmed that we, as a race, are, indeed, dumbed down. But they also offered a solution. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene whose mission is to assist mankind in our Ascension Process. The Marys are channeled by Jessie Keener with whom I created The Ascension Handbook based on the channeled teachings of The Two Marys. 

Here is an excerpt of my conversation with the Two Marys on 9/14/12:

“We are here with a very important message about your world, your reality, your circumstances and who you are being in all of that. There is always the difficulty of bringing information from the higher realms to humans in a way that is intelligible and makes sense for you students.

“We are going to begin this discussion with a very bold point. Humans are using such a small percentage of their brain that it is almost impossible for you to properly perceive reality.  In fact, what you call reality is not reality. What you call reality is an agreement, a massive multi-layered, multi-leveled agreement about what is and what is not.

“But that is not reality. That is reality dumbed down because the abundant and infinitely powerful organism that you are utilizes such a small fraction of your brain. It is so challenging to explain things that will help you and be useful because the mind instantly dumbs it down.

“Be aware of this, beloveds. Be aware that no matter how inspired you are by our words, you are receiving them from a dumbed down vantage point. This is not your fault, of course. And this can be and will be remedied if you follow our guidance and follow the guidance of many, many other fifth dimensional beings who are assisting humanity at this time.

“Do your realize, for instance, when your practice your sacred G breath, you are utilizing more of your brain than normal? In order for you to truly activate your light bodies you must activate your brains. In order for your heart and mind to be in full partnership you must reactivate your brain.

“Your heart needs nothing. Your brains need a lot of work, for it is not your heart that stops you. It is your mind. As you progress, you will start to notice that your need to have an opinion decreases. Your need to put things in right or wrong perspectives will decrease. Your need to engage in dualistic thinking will decrease. And your awareness of your oneness, your passion and your power will increase. Also, as you start to fully occupy your brain, you will occupy your heart. For the secret is the brain is the master energy source that powers the heart.

“So it is not one or the other. It is the proper use of the brain. The brain was designed to be so much more than you are using it for. In human terms, it is quite sad, quite grievous, to witness humans trying to sort out all this giant mess with such little brain power.

“How absurd that it is considered normal that humans use three to five per cent of their brains. How absurd that you assume it is perfectly acceptable to be a three to five percenter. Who says it is acceptable in your society? Even your science says so. Beloveds, that is not true. It is not acceptable. It is not your design. That is like saying, I will only use three to five percent of my breath. I will only beat my heart three to five per cent of the time.

“We invite you to start to occupy more of the brain by exercising your sacred G breath frequently throughout the day. And to understand with humility that most of your thoughts are suspect, unless those thoughts are of oneness, celebration, joy, gratitude, passion and empowerment.

“So your thoughts are unacceptable because they are coming from such a dumbed down brain. When more of your brain is engaged, your thoughts are naturally more connected, more congruent and more real. We use that word, “real,” deliberately, for those other thoughts that are seemingly real are the illusion. How perfect to have a dumbed down brain that only uses three to five per cent of itself. How perfect to keep people trapped in illusion. Do you see?”

Here is the exercise for the Sacred G breath as outlined in the Helpful Hints chapter in The Ascension Handbook, that Jessie and I developed from channeled messages from the Two Marys. This breath exercise induces the pineal gland to release a chemical compound that expands our capacity to engage our brains and expand our consciousness.

The exercise involves three cycles of breathing: (1) in the mouth out the mouth, (2) in the mouth out the nose, (3) in the nose out the nose, (4) in the nose out the mouth, (5) repeat in the mouth out the mouth and continue the cycle two more times.

You may do this exercise by yourself, face to face with another or on the phone with a friend. Our breath is truly the secret of life to a far greater extent than most of us have ever imagined. So: KEEP BREATHING!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS by Phillip Elton Collins

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

My beloved Children:

What a blessed time it is in your evolutionary path as we come to you as the energies and the frequencies known to you as Anna, the mother of Mary, the mother of all mothers, who I am the mother of, dear ones.

There are more of you on the surface of this beloved planet Earth than have ever been here before, dear souls. The time to join the feminine energy with the masculine energy, the mother with the father, the brother with the sister, the child with the adult, dear ones, has come.

We of higher realms who have also walked upon the body of your Earth and know your feelings and know your physical sensations and know your mental thoughts, dear ones, join you at this blessed time.

We have gone through a process that you know as Ascended Mastership, where we actually go through a transformation and transition into a higher Light Body of existence, Master Ascendership, if you will, in order to be who we have become.

It was a process that combined our incarnational cycles on planet earth. We are now in full fruition of this expression of higher self again, as you know, as Ascended Mastership and the work that we are doing with and for source, God, all there is. Whatever you choose to call this entity of creation, it has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? Quite a path for you to return to the source from whence you came.

You tried most recently in six beloved attempts, what you might call six past golden ages. They were miraculous and marvelous as we worked with you then, as we work with you now, as we worked with you when we walked on the surface of beloved Earth.

It was the separation from source, from all there is, from God, that created the end, the demolition, if you will, of those golden age civilizations. For the mental body came into play largely through the assertive masculine energy and said, we have a better way. We can do it. We no longer trust that we will be provided for through source. And you lost the connection to the source that we, of the Ascendant Master realms are in service to now and that you are in the process of returning to, dear ones.

We come to you most actively at this particular time for you are in the process of healing this divine reconnection with source through the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies, dear children. It is through the balancing of these often misunderstood, misplaced energies called masculine and feminine that you shall have your ticket, if you will, into the higher realms that we provide and reside in at this time.

My incarnational cycles when I walked on the planet, which seem miraculous to you now in your present state of consciousness in three-dimensional reality, were the result of my being able to return to my fine light body on a regular basis in order to extend my incarnational physical cycle into what you would call hundreds of years.

I’ve now even transcended that ability and gone into a complete state of immortality, eternalness, if you will, which you are being prepared to do as well, dear ones. But I as a way shower was in a transitional process, as many teachers were at the time of my walking on planet Earth, and I extended my incarnational physical being through hundreds of years in order to complete my divine soul plan in order to allow me to go into a final, immortal, eternal state of being, which we are in now.

It is a marvelous time to be able to share these messages that have been sent to you throughout the eons and millennia. You’ve often denied what we’ve had to say. You’ve often killed the messengers who have brought the truth forward. So we ask you, are you ready now to fully embrace this extraordinary final golden age of your planet?

As you’ve been taught, your planet goes through cycles, and this will be the completed final cycle of your world, as you have known it. It will increase in velocity and vibrational frequencies ever more--ever more as portals, vortices of energy, are opened and activated upon the surface of your planet and within the interior of your planet that will assist you in this process called Ascension.

We wish not to get into the signs and the complexities of it, but it is basically learning how, through the healing of your thoughts and emotional bodies, how to manipulate, if you will, matter--the electrons, the atoms, the electro-magnetic fields of creation--which have allowed you, through your divine service to all there is, to manifest whatever is necessary to that service, only if is for the highest service of all with no intention to harm anyone. It is the key ingredient, the key formula of the process, dear ones.

We are now becoming more and more known to humanity—all the players who have laid the foundation as a part of our divine soul plan to make this divine moment, this new paradigm, what some have called we consciousness into oneness, possible. You all chose to be here at this particular moment. Most of the souls who have ever reincarnated on this planet are presently on the planet at this time. Some will stay for the transition. Some will leave. Some will be lost in the middle, dividing into a third, a third, a third, which many of you are aware of.

So we ask you, which do you choose to be? Do you choose to be a part of humanity who knows and participates in the process or chooses not to? It is your choice through freedom of choice and freedom of will, which has been a gift of this planet, which many do not have. Many planets, many solar systems, many galaxies are in the state of, if you will, serving directly in the now divine source. And freedom of choice and freedom of will is not necessary. But since this is a part of your process of reawakening and eliminating the veil between its source and its veil once again, freedom of choice has been a component of your process, dear ones.

We are sensing that you may have some questions that will help the integration of this process called Ascension, our involvement and the involvement of many other realms, for many of you have become aware that it is a multi-dimensional process of inner Earth activities, which many are not aware of, of Archangelic processes, of Ascended Mastership processes, of Intergalactic Federation processes, and, certainly, the processes of the star reams that seeded this particular planet, this solar system and this galaxy which are all interconnected, for all things are.  So how may we assist you with any questions that might give you more integration and revelation?

J: Let me first say that I’m thrilled to talk with you.

A: We, as well, dear one.

J: I’ve been reading, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus about your wonderful time on Earth. It’s a powerful book with very moving descriptions of many of your experiences over 600 years of our Earth time.

A: Which seems only a moment to us where we are now, dear one, where we are eternally and immortally in the now where there is no time. But we fondly remember that time as well, dear one.

J: You were such a nurturing source of support for so many generations, including, of course, your daughter Mary and Jeshua, her wonderful Christ child. I said I wanted to read a passage from the Anna book.

“You are currently in the process of rewriting your past history.” You say in the book that we, essentially, are birthing the Christ in our own lives as Christ was born 2,000 years ago. Would that be an accurate statement of what you said?

A: Yes, the Christ Consciousness energy, not only through the genealogy and chronology of my incarnational cycles, preceded those as well and came through many embodiments throughout humanity, most recently in your (last) 2000-year cycle that was the most recent inspiration. The energy that I was supported by was a combination of the Archangelic and the Ascended Masterships. I was chosen and chose as part of my divine soul plan to bring this lineage into place. I’m presently in the now in all of your hearts, dear ones.

J: You may have already partially addressed this by what you just said, but you were such a vibrant force 2000 years ago, and you say you are also that today. What would you say about the role you could play in our lives today for those of us who would turn to you? How are you assisting us now?

A: Through inspiration, through a knowing in your mental bodies and your emotional bodies that we actually existed in a format very similar to yours, bringing that story to life during this era where visual communication is so important in your digital ages, where you’re beginning to really personify and see who we were, what our lineage was, how our experiences were very similar to yours. Begin to trust and surrender, dear ones, to our experiences and our processes that were very similar to what each and every one of you travels through in your own individuated personal process.

J: We have entered a new 26,000-year cycle in the evolution of consciousness. The date, 12/21/12 received a great deal of attention as the end of the last cycle. Many people expected some major event to occur that they could see and perceive in the third dimension. Since that did not happen, some are disappointed and believe nothing happened. What can you tell us about what, in fact, has happened energetically as we transit from one age to the next?

A: Let us reiterate that this is the last 2,000-year cycle of the planet, as you have known it. Those who were disappointed were looking outside of themselves for something to happen, for something to shift and change. The process is an interior one from the inside out. Your bodies are being reconfigured and transformed from your carbon-based reality into the light bodies, into the crystalline bodies that you have been taught.

This process is monumental. There are processes and shifts and changes taking place in your mental and emotional bodies as well which affect your physical body. Look around your soul family as you love and support one another. There’s chaos outside every major format of your governments, your religions, your corporations, your financial institutions, your education. All are crumbling in preparation from the ashes of the old to create the new.

To say that nothing is happening is simply not being aware and conscious. There are tremendous shifts happening in your world in every moment within your leadership and in all of the endeavors that appear to be and think that they are in control of your reality.

J: So much of the wisdom in this book is wisdom of the heart. I just asked you a question that relates to the wisdom of the head. Let me end this by inviting you to speak to us from the heart. I see us as your children, so what, mother, would you say to us?

A: That mind that you were speaking of has now finally gone back into service to your heart, dear ones.  Your heart that knows every aspect of yourself, the experience that you’ve had and how it has been a learning tool for yourselves. A heart that can think that you are learning to connect with and to think with your hearts and allow the ancient wisdom and knowledge within that heart to guide you, to protect you, to lead you, to love you, in order to surrender to source, to surrender to the entities that maintain and sustain every aspect of your being and, most importantly, this heart that is connected, beat by beat, pulse by pulse, moment by moment, to source, dear ones.

J: I would like to call you grandmother and say, thank you, grandmother. We love you.

A: We love you, too, dear ones, beyond your comprehension and your ability to love yourself. And until you are fully able to embrace the love, the unconditional love that we hold for each and every one of you, we shall hold our love in the realms until that day we unite in oneness and embrace that love together as one. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


When we encounter a genuine spiritual truth it is interesting how often that truth shows up synchronistically in other spiritual messages we encounter. This has been happening to me frequently lately. Here are two examples of one basic spiritual idea: Creating the life we want begins with loving ourselves.

I recently published a book based on teachings of the Archangelic Realm of Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano, titled,

Life Mastery: Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It.

In the last lesson Michael teaches the following:

"This program was designed to help you see that you are the creator, the source and the power of you.

"You need nothing outside yourself in the physical to determine who you are or to validate or gratify you.

"It is the love and truth within that is most important.

"It is this love and truth that powers your courage to be you.

"Mediate daily on this truth, and be who you are."

Compare this teaching of Archangel Michael with a message from Jeshua recently channeled by Pamela Kribbe posted on the Ascension 2012 website of Greg Giles. This reading identifies self love as the essential ingredient in building healthy lives and relationships:

"You have an intense desire for love. You seek it in relationships with others and also through a connection with the divine. But, truly, what you are craving for lies within yourself. It is your own divine nature, the part of you that is one with unconditional love and joy.

"When you experience this part of you, it feels like coming home. Everything else in your life becomes easy, light and joyful. You are at one within yourself and you do not need anything outside yourself to make you feel good. You are a unity unto yourself, and yet you feel connected with everything else in a deep and intimate way.

"What is paradoxical about relationships is that you can only be intimately connected with another person if you are able to embrace the oneness within yourself. If you are ready to accept yourself, with the burdens from the past, with your highs and lows, then there is space for another person with his or her unique individuality.

"Then you are no longer using another person in order to come home. Instead, you share the home you carry within your heart with that other person. This type of relationship becomes a celebrating together, a sharing, and that is a healing relationship, whether it be with a partner, a friend or a child."

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: New High Vibrational Energies

Most people reading this know that on 12/21/12 we ended a 26,000 year cycle of evolution in consciousness and have begun a new cycle that we are told will develop into a new age of UNITY of mankind.

Archangel Gabriel told me this was unfolding back in 2003 when I began a series of interviews with him that culminated in the publication in 2008 of my book, The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age. Gabriel told me then  that new high vibration energies were coming into the Earth plane that would cause all systems--financial, energetic, religious, government, etc.--contributing to separation and inequality to implode.

The mighty Enron Corporation had just collapsed and it wasn't long before a list of financial titans began imploding, including the near collapse of one of my old employers, the powerful Merrill Lynch. Since then we have seen the authority of religious leaders, dictators, corporations  and all sorts of old power groups challenged and, in some cases, they have toppled. Hello Arab Spring!

 In my view, the fight between the politics of the right and left in the United States is a battle between the philosophies of separation and unity. The continuing theme of President Obama is one of unity, "we are all in this together." Whether or not you agree, it will be interesting to see how politics and consciousness evolve in the United States and around the world.

Consciousness is a hard thing to measure. Some folks expected something dramatic to happen on 12/21/12, and, because it did not, they worry that "nothing" happened. I think plenty is happening, and I take very seriously the spiritual wisdom coming to us from many sources confirming that, in fact,  a great deal energetically is going on.

Take, for example, this information from Archangel Michael and Saint Germain recently channeled by Goldenlight. It tells us we are in the "in between times." It is totally consistent with Gabriel's teachings.

"Your societies on earth are in between the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one. The old era represents governmental and financial control by the elite powers that be, as well as extreme inequities in your world, along with the  pollution and contamination of your dearest Mother Earth/Gaia.

"The Old World also represents a lower consciousness vibration. The energy which was holding up this Old World is being withdrawn from it. This is why you are seeing the collapse of governments, financial systems and an end to the male-dominated world of inequality which has existed for eons on your planet. Humanity is now rising up from a deep slumber of unawareness towards an enlightened awareness and higher consciousness."

I don't pretend to know any more than you do about what is coming. But I do know that what is "old" that served the few at the expense of the many must crumble and be swept away to make way for new systems that will help us create a new world of community, harmony and equality. So, if we enter a period of what looks like chaos as the old systems continue to implode, I intend to do what the Two Marys (the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene) have told me to do: CELEBRATE!

Monday, February 11, 2013



The only seer I ever heard of in my younger adult years was Edgar Cayce. I devoured countless books outlining his fascinating spiritual revelations, never expecting that I would author books of revelations myself.

In the past four years I have published three books of revelations from spiritual teachings of four powerful spirit entities: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. In writing these books I have read thousands of pages of magnificent spiritual teachings, not to mention countless spiritual books as well as channeled messages I have read from many sources, including the Internet.

The spiritual teachings contained in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong are as powerful as any I have ever encountered. The channeled teachings of Anna relay the intimate details of her spiritual journey that include the lives of Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and a host of other biblical characters and vividly outlines, among many other things,  the preparation of the coming of Jesus (Yeshua), his education to prepare him for his mission and what happened after his crucifixion.

In my book, The Second Coming, Gabriel says that Jesus brought in the energy of seven levels of spiritual initiation to awaken the soul in mankind: Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension.

In this excerpt, Anna discusses the initiations of Resurrection and Ascension:

An initiation is that inner directed experience that takes you over the threshold of irreversible change. In the initiations of Resurrection and Ascension, our former limited identity transforms into a more expansive awareness of inherent potential. This is illustrated in the transformational initiatory process demonstrated by the butterfly that emerges into a "new life" resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life

There has been much misunderstanding about the nature of crucifixion and resurrection. However, these are the foundational experiences of empowerment that anyone who chooses union in God experiences. Christ ascension cannot be understood until the initiations of crucifixion and resurrection are recognized as those transformational events that may already be occurring in your life.

Have you at one time or another, believed that crucifixion equals suffering--usually as a way for paying back a debt--original sin, guilt, shame? Do you insist that Yeshua (Jesus), in order to be the Christ, must have suffered and died in order to redeem a fallen world?

What feelings come up for you when you contemplate the Son of God suffering on the cross? What if Yeshua did not suffer? What if he did not die? What if his crucifixion was simply a demonstration of how you can align your will with Divine Will, release all attachment to a limited identity and open the way to being the Radiant One you already are? Not the false self who is looking and breathing through the mask of pretense!

Are you ready to take Jesus and yourself off the cross of endless suffering? Are you ready to shift your focus into resurrecting your consciousness into enlightened states of happiness, joy and bliss, instead of justifying why you feel betrayed, abandoned, trapped, helpless and hopeless?  Are you ready to take back your power instead of blindly giving it to mediating priesthoods, saints, teachers or unquestioned limiting beliefs? When it is time to allow growth and expansion of your inner authority and divinity, are you wiling to fly free of self-imposed prisons that were the structures and teachers that once served you? If you answer to these provocative questions is "Yes!" -- then I genuinely celebrate with you!

Once you understand that Yeshua learned from his youth how to pass through crucifixion, (dying to limitation) and resurrection (aligning with eternal life and original innocence), you can begin to allow for the possibility that he did not suffer to pay any form of debt. As you recall what I have shared about the Rite of the Sepulchre, you can also begin to understand that he did not die, even though all his vital signs ceased to support his physical body for a time.

Having mastered the physical and subtle realms throughout his life, Yeshua did not suffer in the gruesome way you may have been taught or that some subconscious part you may insist that he did. He did not die for your sins! He lived to model love and forgiveness so that you could choose to live by the same qualities he demonstrated.

I encourage you to let go of this idea that transformation, change and detaching from the nails of limitation or crucifixion has to be a hard struggle full of tragic drama and fraught with suffering. As you allow your separated consciousness to "die" into unity consciousness, you may pass much more easily through your crucifixion initiation into resurrecting and ascending yourself as a living Christ.

Friday, February 8, 2013



The Seven Sacred Flames (SSF) is one of the most powerful teachings ever given to mankind. It contains all we need to know and do to raise our individual and collective consciousness to bring about mankind's Ascension.

What more could we ask of one book?

The teachings are completely consistent with the wisdom we at the Angel News Network (ANN) have received from a multitude of divine beings, including Archangel Michael,  the founding divine spirit of ANN.

This excerpt from the (SSF) explains the importance of the First Ray, The Flame of the Will of God, as the first step on the path of Ascension:

"The Will of God is the path of surrender. Without the Will of God you are not  going very far on your path of evolution. This is the very first step that must be mastered before you can progress into the other steps on the path.

"If you are not willing to surrender to the greater will of your being, the will of your own divine source, how will you recognize your new home? If you are not willing to surrender to that which is seeking to bring you all the way back "home," the home of your divine perfection, joy, bliss and limitlessness, your lost paradise, then how do you expect to ever get there?

"The Will of God is not a God outside of you. It is simply the God that you are and that you have always been, although when you are in a physical incarnation you tend to temporarily forget. Your divine presence is totally omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent and can fulfill all of your desires instantly. You have temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than an expression of this great I AM, incarnated in a human experience.

"You came here with an agenda of love for the Self, and that Self is no one but you. Many of your are still so caught up in your mundane affairs, you are not seeking to attain the goals you have incarnated for. For too many of you, the affairs of your soul path and soul evolution have become the last concern on your agenda.

"When you are consciously putting aside the true goals of your incarnation for the sake of momentary human pursuits, your life turns out to reflect something very different than what you had envisioned for your life experience prior to your incarnation here. Once back on the other side of the veil, as you review the life you just left, there are always deep regrets. There is a profound desire to receive another opportunity for incarnation to fulfill all of the soul's desires that you have denied in your present life.

"And this is how the merry-go-round of endless cycles of incarnations for the soul keeps repeating itself again and again."

For those wishing to get off this "merry-go-round" of repeated incarnations, I can offer no better advice that to study and apply the teachings in the Seven Sacred Flames and of Archangel Michael and other divine spirits you can find on the Angel News Network website.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: A Simple Message of Oneness from the Two Mary Energies


Exactly one year ago Jessie Keener and I published The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God.

The Ascension Handbook was given to us by the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener.

The Handbook offers nine discourses designed to guide us to our ecstatic union. In the first discourse The Marys encourage us to use discipline to develop the gift of how each one of us receives spirit. That gift can show up as "automatic writing, hearing, feeling or knowing that these gifts are there to be tapped and utilized."

They, essentially, said to us, use it or lose it.

I have served as scribe for spiritual messages channeled by others in the writing of several books as well as for many spiritual postings on the Internet, especially from the Two Marys. The Marys have encouraged me to develop my own automatic writing skills. I have done so in fits and starts. Yesterday, i received a message through my automatic writing  that suggested I could begin recording messages as they came to me to be transcribed and published on my blog.

Here is the first message I received today. It is a simple message of oneness that we all know, but can never be reminded off too often. Somehow it seems to be an appropriate place to begin. I hope you agree.

Dearly beloved, 

We come to you to begin communicating with you to bring the messages of the Mother energy to raise the world, to lift the world into higher consciousness to bring all together as one.

We are the Mary energy.  We ask you to relax. Let us embrace you. Let us embrace the world in a blessed connection. Share with us the energies of the fifth dimension and the higher realms.

We are all part of the same thing. We are all one. You are not separate. Embrace this. Love it. Be with this. Enjoy it. Be one with it. We are all one.

We will begin a series of messages that reflect the love that mankind is growing into. We are all one. That is the message today.

As you submit to the oneness, the wisdom comes with it. The wisdom shows up. The wisdom is just you. You are a part of that wisdom. Everyone is part of that wisdom. All is part of that wisdom.

The idea of separation was created by man. Man is not separate. Man is one with all that is. That is the revelation that is coming to the Earth. That is the knowing. You are all one. There is no separation. Relax into that idea. Relax into that knowing. That becomes the message. You are one. That is the message. You are one. You are one with all. Feel it. Embrace it. Slide into it. Become it.

We are all one. Love it. Know it. Be it. That is the message. Be one with all. We love you. We love you.

We are the Mary energies and that is our first message to you. You are one. Be one.Be love. Be in peace

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Teachings of Michael



Michael teaches that each of us comes to this earthly plane as an individual soul with a mission to learn life lessons we ourselves have chosen. This mission is part of our "divine soul plan." (The soul is the individuated personification of God that lives within each human being.) Beginning in early childhood, our consciousness usually becomes so shaped and distorted by the influence and conditioning of others (family, culture, authority figures, etc.) that most of us lose sight of who we are and why we are here.

"You have displaced your power and greatness," Michael says. "You have given yourself away and put yourself in the hands of others. It is time to go inside to find your authentic self, so that you may discover and be who you are. Through this process you will be deactivating the old conditioning of the nervous system and retraining it into the beingness of the self."

That, essentially, is the mission of the Life Mastery program: To provide a process to help us (1) go inside to find our authentic selves and (2) deactivate our old, undesirable conditioning so that we may (3) retrain ourselves to fully be and express our authentic selves.

As we work through the lessons, Life Mastery gradually moves us to new levels of consciousness so that we may fully be and express who we are. We learn to create new intentions for our lives and to develop the clarity and courage we need to state our needs, speak our truth without intention to harm and set our boundaries--necessary tools for creating healthy, balanced lives.

Monday, February 4, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Wisdom from The Seven Sacred Flames



"Whatever happens in your life, no matter what it is, whether the challenge is small or big, instead of being angry, depressed and bitter, what if you were to say, 'What is it that I can learn and heal from this experience?'

"Surrendering to the lessons you are supposed to learn from challenges is the key to walking through them quickly. Your life changes and you do not have to grapple with the same lessons. You can move on to those that bring you much more joy. Lessons do not always have to be difficult to learn; they become difficult for those who choose to ignore them.

"There are those who have had lifetime after lifetime of not wanting to see, to know or to have anything to do with their lessons.

"Then comes a time when life will no longer allow you to ignore the promptings of your soul, and this is when life can become difficult. It is not required that you grapple with lessons forever. You can move through them quickly until you start out-picturing the manifestation of the beautiful diamond light that you are, and then attain your enlightenment.

"The lessons you are learning manifest because "you" have created them in the first place. It is not that God sends you lessons to annoy you. It is through the misuse of your free will that you have created your lessons and your reality.

"As you take responsibility and look at your lessons and say, 'What is it that I need to learn out of this mess I have created, and what blessings are in it? What is the gift?' Any negative or difficult situation you experience in life can be turned back into something wonderful, if it is approached the right way.

"Even a disease or a financial loss can open the opportunity for greater blessings to manifest once you open your consciousness to receive them."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Teaching from Sri Swami Satchidananda


Living and working together as one beautiful family with total love is God.

People often ask me, "Why is it that I've been practicing all these years but I haven't realized God? I haven't had any experiences."

I don't know what it is that they are looking for. Do they mean they haven't been lifted off the floor a few inches? They haven't had any hallucinations?

That is not the kind of spiritual experience you need. You may have some nice visions. You may see lights, hear sounds. But what is the benefit to others?

Real spiritual experience means moving around with a smiling, loving face. That is spiritual. To see the spirit in others and to love everyone, to rise above these little differences of the lower nature and bring harmony wherever you are.

If you can't live harmoniously with others, what is the use of other spiritual experiences?

Ultimately, everyone should love you. Keep that in mind.

"I will live the kind of life that will make everybody love me, and I will love them."

If that happens in your life, you will know that you are growing spiritually.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Conversation with the Two Marys


Jessie and I are leading a book discussion group for the Ascension Handbook by the Two Marys. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and are channeled by Jessie Keener. The following conversation is about  the discussion group and the response of the Marys to it. 

J: We have just had our second book discussion group and Jessie and I are both loving it.

M: Indeed it is a most blessed occurrence that you are gathering together and truly rolling up your sleeves and opening your hearts to the work, but also to each other. That is what makes it such a beneficial process to share and share energies with the material.

Much like we shared energies with these same materials for ourselves as missionaries, as the advocates for the Christ Consciousness, as the ones leading the message. Of course, it’s the processing back and forth and it’s the aha moments as one person shares how it’s going for them or what their insight is or how this resonated out of this particular discussion.

So it is very similar at times to what we experienced when, perhaps, beloved Jesus was teaching and, perhaps, he would speak for even thirty minutes at a time, making a  story as a distinction. And we would have different perspectives, different things that resonated and different aha moments. Then we would debrief as a group around that.

So from a human perspective, we are delighted in the process for all of you. And certainly we are delighting for you, Joel, and for you, Jessie. For this is a crowning glory in your lives, to have to have this most relaxed, open, most loving environment where you can simply be and witness what we promised, which is how the group’s intelligence and coherence would rise and be its own energy field.

J: In many ways the group is leading the discussion.

M: Indeed, and will continue to for you both give permission for that. You foster that. You are being, in a certain way, the sourceless sources.

J: We're doing the discussion in my living room. It looked  serenely beautiful before everyone arrived. 

M: Indeed, and that is a direct mirroring and out-picturing of your heart and your intention, and, we might add, a little help from the 5th dimension.

J: We are not in any way leaving you out of it.  (Laughing). My understanding of Jesus, of course, is through the teachings of the Catholic Church where Jesus is taught as this elevated being who was God on Earth. Now you’re talking about Jesus as a human being in your discussion sessions with you all sharing. It is so beautiful to hear you talk about Jesus in that way. You make him so human which I still have trouble quite getting.

M: Indeed, that is clear to us, beloved Joel. That is perfectly appropriate. You will only fully get it when you are complete with your Ascension. It does not matter that you don’t fully get it. What matters is your resonance with it. That’s what truly matters. So the resonance is the idea, the notion, of a group coming together with a common mission, with a common purpose, and allowing the energy of the group to be its own healing mechanism. 

J: My heart is so filled as you’re talking about this. It’s just a beautiful feeling. I feel all filled up.

M: Indeed, and that is the nature of the work that you are doing. If you were to say the following, “We have the title of the book. We have the sub-title of the book. Now, what is the promise of the book?" The promise of the book is, work this book and you will be all filled up.

This is how you fill yourself, beloved Joel. This is how beloved Jessie is filling herself. It is with these basic spiritual truths and the application of the discipline. And the coming together in the group is powerful and most fulfilling.

J: When I came here last December I was feeling sort of empty and alone, unsure how I would be filling my time and little idea of how things might unfold. Wonderful things have been going on. Many spiritual sources have been talking about the great changes underway for mankind, the high vibration energies coming in, calling it a new era, etc. I have had a relationship with loneliness for so long. I’ve become aware recently that I’m not so lonely. I’m feeling more filled up. I’m feeling more content with just being with myself, being more grateful for my private time. Just being. I’m so aware of the evolution that quietly seems to be unfolding.

M: Indeed. It is as if you had loneliness as your private little lover. And now you have decided, but wait. There is so much more than this private little lover of mine. In fact, I have outgrown this love relationship with this little loneliness notion. So you have traded it in, so to speak, for a much larger lover. Yourself.

J: That’s a journey that so many of us are on, isn’t it?

M: It is. It is your journey in this modern age that you live in. It is the Western man and Western woman’s journey. For that culture has aberrated the true self completely.

J: Mother Theresa once observed that the United States was the richest country in the world with the loneliest people in the world.

M: Indeed, and that is why it is so glorious for us to see the discussion group as it is and the attention that different students are placing in that group around the notion of the private self. And that people are really grappling with that. They’re getting excited about that, and they’re seeing the truth about that for themselves.

This is the game I have been playing, that loneliness and having loneliness be so familiar. That is my private self. That’s who sponsors loneliness. It’s the private self. For when we have expanded into the larger self there can be no loneliness. You are, as you said, filled up.

J: The teaching that our private self does not belong to us is such an arresting teaching. It hits everyone right between the eyes, You can see it affecting everyone in the group, The idea that the private self does not belong to you. It belongs to the collective. That truth makes all the difference. 

M: Indeed. And from that distinction which we gave in the beginning of the book, you can start to see how it opens up a vast new frontier of being possibilities. And we use those two words correctly, being possibilities. New possibilities in being.

Wow, if I don’t belong to me, then who am I? What am I? What do I belong to? And then the spiritual test has arrived. Do I choose to belong to God/me/God/me ad infinitum or do I choose to revert back into belonging to this tiny, limited self?

J: In a way it is the ultimate example of lack and limitation.

M: Indeed, and in your culture one just continues to play the one up, one down game, the jockeying for position. It is so completely old and used up.

J: It sort of gives meaning to that line from Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death.”

M: Indeed, because they cannot see truth. They cannot recognize truth. Literally their eyes and their vision have become congruent to their beliefs where their eyes no longer even see what’s real and actual because of the filters.

J: So we’re stuck with the private self.

M: Indeed, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

J: The banquet is really the community around us.

M: Indeed, the vast richness of options, choices, perspectives, different contexts to hold that content in.

J: What you have just said is so obvious, yet making the leap to understand that fundamental truth has been such a challenge for us.

M: It requires a rigor, a certain inner tension.

J: It’s also good having the Mary’s in the room. (Laughing).

M: It requires a lot of love does it not? Indeed. And as we continue to say, a lot of humor for the laughter, of course, relaxes the brain and the body. And, as we said earlier to you, then the imagination can go to work and you can start to actualize truth.

J: Humor is one of the nice qualities in our group. There s a lot of laughter and relaxed conversation, interaction.

M: Indeed, most glorious.

J: Are you enjoying watching it?

M: Indeed, for we are watching from a very interesting vantage point and we are watching the increase of the energy field of each individual. We are watching the energy fields connecting and sharing on other dimensions. You are creating a very interesting multi-dimensional force field as a group.

J: The group will be happy to hear this.  I’ve started a blog. I’m sharing messages from the book, The Ascension Handbook, our conversations, Life Mastery and the Gabriel book.

M: Indeed. As we assured you, beloved Joel, to create this blogging energy is a natural extension of who you are and why you’re here. And it certainly will create more interest in the various bodies of work which are  most appropriate for your time. So it is our goal to support you and this channel in being, as she says, broadcast units for this material. Broadcasting the truth and putting it out there and seeing who resonates, how does it resonate, what does it attract and what becomes possible out of these broadcasts.