Sunday, February 24, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Opening Passageways to a Brand New Life

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now opening to new aspects of your life.  You are moving into a vibration and resonance that is allowing to move more smoothly through transitions in your life. 

What many are releasing in their life is the need for drama and glamour. More so what many are releasing is the need to get a hit externally to their nervous system. That hit to satisfy the addiction that immediately raises your resonance and vibration. Many are moving through a transition from needing drama and glamor that titillates you.  

Many now are moving to a place of neutrality and in this process there is confusion transpiring in the physical body because of the old need for the constant hit to the nervous system to feel alive.  What is shifting for many on a deep cellular level in the nervous system is the need to be titillated, stimulated from outside of you. There is now a deeper movement from the outer to the inner, and many now are moving through this transition.  

January, February and March of 2019 is a period of transition.  Many are releasing the need for drama and stimulation from outside of themselves to feel alive.  Because of this, many are feeling a depth of aloneness, nothingness. Though you know you are fulfilled to an extent and not alone, you may be feeling a deep emptiness inside because you are releasing the need for drama, glamor, and stimulation from outside of you. And doing so, so the nervous system is titillated and you feel alive.  Many are releasing as well, old attachments related to this.  

As you move through this period of transition you are opening up passageways to a brand new life. A brand new life where you have released the need for outside stimulation to give your nervous system a hit so you can constantly feel alive as opposed to being alive. This is another step into beingness. And for many a deep core release. It is a release of an old addiction of needing to be stimulated from outside of you to feel alive. This is what is transpiring for many as the nervous system realigns itself into fulfillment, thus moving into a deeper sense of meaning, value and purpose of you. 

The reason why this transition is transpiring in the first three months of 2019 is because this just may a deeper process than you have ever move through. It is completely life altering.  It is the release of the need to look outside of you for stimulation, to feel alive. It is the release of the drama and glamor of the world outside of you and in relationships. As you move through this process you come to realize that there is no drama and thus the nervous system becomes confused and you lose a point of reference. 

Your point of reference has always been drama, glamor and stimulation from outside of you.  When the need arose for joy, many looked outside of themselves for that point of reference. That point of reference is diminishing for many and this is what causes the feelings of emptiness, aloneness.  Many are searching for what they call home perhaps.  Many are searching for the point of reference that makes them feel whole, worthy, good enough. The old point of reference, the old need for stimulation from outside of you, for drama, for glamor, is diminishing for many at a rapid pace. As this happens the feelings of emptiness and aloneness surface because there is now no point of reference.  Many are at this place in their life and now why partnership, sharing with others and creating a new collective consciousness of all inclusiveness is important so this can be your new reference point. 

Your new reference point may be a new wonderful and most glorious soul who can point all of this out to you so you can maintain and sustain yourself in the full beingness of who you are.  It is about creating new relationships in a collective consciousness that will allow you to sustain the transition into a new way of life and a new way of utilizing your gifts, talents and abilities.   

What is imperative at this moment in time is the transition period through the end of March. As you move through this transition period you will find that your needs will become more clearly defined on a soul level. It will be a more long lasting fulfillment of needs as opposed to your needs in the moment, which are important as well. Yet what will become clear are your long term needs that will be shifting as you move through this life altering process in this transition period. 

We stress that creating a new collective conscious, perhaps a new soul family is important because what is transpiring for many is a greater need for intimacy, and thus creating a partnership with another on a deeper level. 

For many what is transpiring is energetic blockages and memories of isolation and separation are surfacing and many are beginning to feel the suppressed and repressed feelings pertaining to this. If you set the intention that intimacy, and a greater depth of it is what you need in your life now, what has held you at bay in having that are the deep wounds that kept you in isolation and separation. What may also be surfacing are deep aspects of judgment and shame. What is being realized now are the repressed and suppressed feelings and the fear surrounding intimacy. This is beginning to shift now and for many a slow shift to creating more intimacy with others by opening your heart space to transparency and authenticity.  

Intimacy is needed in the new collective consciousness. As you open up your heart space to a greater depth of transparency and authenticity, in the beingness of who you are, you shed the deep, core layers of the mask you have created for yourself.  For many this becomes frightening, and thus you see another aspect of your point of reference. Your point of reference was isolation and separation. When intimacy approaches and feelings surrounding that surface, the old way of dealing with this was to isolate and separate yourself. As you fully become aware and conscious of this you are now realizing that this is no longer an answer or a viable choice. 
The new choice is intimacy, and creating relationships in a collective consciousness now that supports bringing your greatness to the world.  

What we are bringing you at this time is what may be transpiring for you as you move through this transition period through the month of March.   

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


A little over two years ago I began speaking with St Germain, with Phillip as channel, as we three began a book project titled, The Refounding of America, Launching Lessons for the 21st Century and Beyond, which will be available on Amazon March 2019.

St Germain is humanity’s guide during this new 2000-year age of Aquarius which began in 2012.

Our book tells the powerful story of how planet Earth was designed to be a reflection of Creation itself, a full expression of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.  A key focus of this “experiment” was to create a nation with a government of the people, by the people and for the people where these conditions could germinate and spread to the rest of the world.

That nation is The United States of America. In other words, the United States of America was divinely inspired to bring “We” consciousness, the concept of “Oneness” to Earth.

Our conversations began January 2017, the beginning of the Trump presidency. At that time St Germain warned that Trump would lead the U.S. into a period of chaos that would challenge the democratic foundations our nation. Trump’s presidency, he said, would serve as a wake-up call to Americans, who have taken their democracy for granted, as most citizens don’t even vote in our elections. If America’s mission to be the light of the world was to realized, he said, a great awakening of the people must occur.

Over the last two years Trump has been attacking all checks on his authority, including the press and our institutions of government, including law enforcement and national intelligence agencies and has removed many of the people who run them.  He is under investigation for colluding with Russia to win his election and has even been accused of being an “agent for Russia” by a former head of the FBI.

St German’s warnings have been chillingly realized.  Here are St Germain’s observations about the Trump presidency and other topics we discussed on President’s Day, February 18, 2019.


Being President is being present to the needs of we the people, by the people and for the people and understanding, within this executive branch, this position of seeming power, that in reality you have no power at all. The folly of humanity, the folly of the executive branch, is to believe you can control what you did not create. And beloved presidents of the world, including the president of the United States of America, you did not create this country; you did not create this planet; you did not create all life forms including human beings either. You are all simply diversified versions of creation, but you are not creation itself. When you are in the position of President, being present, being in the now moment, you are serving the needs of the people. 


Of course, there is no emergency at all. The reason for creating this non-emergency is to supposedly prevent immigration from coming in to the United States. You cannot stop the flow of immigration, the movement of humanity among the continents of this planet, by any individual, government or by any force. You may impede it momentarily, but the movement of humanity upon the surface of this planet is divinely ordered. No human activity, no wall, no law, can prevent the transport and movement of humanity who are affected and are attracted to certain vortices and portals of energies throughout the planet, which connect them geographically with their divine soul plan, their purpose and reason to be here.


His connection with Putin is financial. It’s a matter of following the money. One of the reasons this divine soul refuses to release his income tax returns is because that would be a paper trail of where the financing of his organization has come from.

JOEL: I listened recently to a discussion about Trump’s dealings with Russia. This is what I came away with: Half of Russia’s national wealth is now outside the country. Billionaire oligarchs have profited hugely from the privatization of Russian industry and have shifted billions into various investments around the world, including real estate to hide or “launder” their money. Many of Trump’s international projects were financed in part or wholly by money from Russian oligarchs which may include Putin—as part of a giant laundering scheme to hide money, essentially stolen from the Russian people.

SG:  This is true. This is the reality of what has been going on and what he fears most being revealed.


It is a difficult term to legally prosecute within the construction of the Constitution and the Founding Father papers. It is the understanding of the higher realms that the obstruction of justice is a more forthright avenue. Remember, many of your corrupted criminals in the past were incarcerated through their financial dealings, not necessarily for the crimes they committed.


J: You have said Trump’s presidency would serve as a wake-up call to Americans to vote and get involved in their democracy. That seems to be happening as evidenced by an upsurge in voting during the mid-term elections and a record number of women running for office and winning. We now have the most diversified House of Representatives in US history, and a record number of women may be running for president.

SG: You have more diversity and more involvement with the feminine energy to balance the patriarchal energy within your democracy than you have ever had. This would not have taken place without this individual being elected. So it is a challenging, exciting and exhilarating time for the citizens of the United States to remember that democracy is not a spectator sport, that it requires the participation of all of you to come forward to run for office, to be involved in supporting those who are running for office and to speak the truth and foundations of this democracy.


The irony of all these nations who are within a regime of tyranny, authoritarianism or dictatorship is that people hunger for exactly what exists in the United States. Even some of the officials who deny it, admire it and secretly wish to have it for themselves because there is a purity of intention of the foundation of the United States of America that represents the very best of humanity, the very best that this planet can offer creation and the expression of being human.


Be careful, beloved friends and students, not to become too obsessed with this Trump administration. It is a balm of healing that is necessary, and your democracy will come out the other end of this stronger, more diversified and more reassured than ever before. That is the Re-founding of America. This is a necessary clearing and cleansing of the inner child wounds of the humans in this nation, and it is being witnessed by the entire world.

Monday, February 18, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Ending of Contracts

As you look at relationships in your life, you may be seeing those that just may no longer resonate for you and feel that it is time to move on. What you are realizing is contracts written prior to this lifetime with various wonderful and glorious souls are coming to a close and nearing their expiration date.This varies for each and every one of you.  

With these expiring contracts comes an inordinate amount of feelings because you are in the final chapter of letting go of attachments that you have to anyone and anything outside of your self. You are moving to this place because you have made a steadfast commitment toward Self Mastery and because of this the feelings that are surfacing are so at a greater depth than you have ever felt before.

You are opening up to the depth and breadth of the gloriousness of the Self and realize that nothing outside of your self matters as to who you are. It is all about You and not about You at the same time.You are discovering and beginning to own who you are. As you own and embody you and move into a place of knowing it, you may be finding what you came here for and came here to do by just being you.

As these contracts are expiring you may find yourself standing on the pathway seemingly alone. The depth and breadth of feelings are coming up because you are looking at these relationships and the attachments to these wonderful and glorious souls. These relationships exist because you had entered into a contract prior to you third dimensional lifetime.  It is very important for you to know that the contract was signed, sealed and delivered prior to your soul fragment entering into this third dimensional realm, into this lifetime.

The duration of this contract varies from soul to soul.
You are finding as the contracts are ending you are letting go of old paradigms and patterns. Many are looking at the wonderful and glorious souls where the contract pervades, and having a myriad of feelings about that person. The feelings may vary from joyousness and love to despise and anger.

It is time to look at these wonderful and glorious souls and see the contract.
Take the time to find out what you have learned in the relationship. These relationships are simply a proxy for the old in your life. Look at where your energy is best spent now as you move forward from the relationship.  

Find one poignant relationship that has taught you much.

What you have learned is now allowing you to close the contract on your end, regardless if this person knows about the contract. Doing this allows you to end the contract, look at the expiration date of the contract whether it is in print or energetically and realize that you are now coming to endings.

These endings may frighten you.

They frighten you because as you move into the depth and breadth of the silence, the void, the darkness and these endings approach you are finding that there is nothing to hold onto any longer. You are releasing your old attachments to what is outside of you and may no longer serve your highest good.  

Sunday, February 17, 2019



Thinking we can control what we did not create is the greatest human folly. We did not create this planet, we did not create the life forms on this planet (this includes ourselves) and while we are creation experiencing itself in all our diversified versions, we are not Creation itself.

Just A Reminder,
Phillip Elton Collins,Co-founder The Angel News Network 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for February 2019
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Month for Compassion

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now one month into your year of 2019 and now moving into your month of February, a month of compassion and compassion for self. 

You are continuing the movement through the transition period in the first three months of 2019 and into your month of February. Many moved into the new year in a robust fashion, releasing much of the old in their lives and what no longer resonates. January was a month of releasing and you are continuing to do that. Many have come to a conclusion that change must occur in their life. Through shifting from the old, many have come to a realization that it is time to transition and change. Many continue to look at the old in their lives and release what is important to release that no longer serves your highest good. It is important now to begin to shift you energetic focus.   As you moved out of January into February it is time to look at where your energetic focus is in your life. Where is your energetic focus on relationships? 

Your year of 2019 is about bringing you, your greatness and powerfulness to the world along with your message and the importance of your message. January was about beginning to release aspects of the old that no longer serves your highest good and that which is no longer in resonance with you as your resonance and vibration is shifting. For many your energy is shifting as is your resonance and vibration. Your resonance is raising. 

As you raise your resonance and vibration you are ascending. As you raise your resonance and vibration and look at you and your old relationships, old aspects of your life, much of it becomes old because your resonance and vibration is raising.  Many are moving through this now and in a transition period.  This is the reason why the first three months of 2019 is a transition. The most important aspect of these first three months is to see where you are raising your resonance and vibration and see perhaps aspects of the old that no longer interest you or is no longer important to you. Perhaps you see relationships that remain in the old and no longer resonate for you. This is because, as you continue the personal process, doing the inner work, you raise your resonance and vibration. This is a concept We have spoken to you many times before.  

There have been questions about Ascension.
Ascension in this lifetime is; as you release old, dense, low vibrational energy, your energy raises, it ascends. The energy and resonance and vibration becomes higher and higher and aspects of the old in the third dimensional realm will no longer resonate for you.  This is why We ask you to use the tool of looking out at the world outside of you, the macrocosm and microcosm of your life and see what resonates and what no longer does.  As you continue to move deeper within doing the inner work in a committed personal process, and release the old, look into the mirror, and shift and change your life, what happens is what is important to you shifts and changes. As you release the old your resonance vibration ascends.  

As your resonance and vibration raises, your energetic structure raises. When you look at what is transpiring in the world outside of you and see what resonates and what doesn’t and look at the microcosm of your own life and see what resonates and what doesn’t, and you begin to feel all of this, this is where the releasing of the old begins. By asking the questions: Where Am I? What resonates and what doesn’t, this is where you begin to release the old. What no longer resonates for you does so because you are raising your resonance and vibration and thus what is important to you shifts and changes. As you do all of this you begin to transition. Many would like the transition to happen instantaneously. The transition begins by recognizing what no longer resonates for you and know why.  

We said to you that in your month of January, choices will appear in your life. Many now are seeing the choices as you move into your month of February. Perhaps you are making new choices, releasing old relationships that no longer resonate for you, serve your highest good or serve your new direction. Many are looking at a new direction and moving in a new direction. 

As you move into your month of February, quite possibly you have released an in ordinate amount of old, been shown the old yet not quite sure how to move forward. 
As you move into February, it is about having compassion for where you are in the “not knowing” or in the “nothingness” or the emptiness that may be occurring within you now.  

For many, as you release the old, you move into a place of limbo, an in between period. This is what your month of February is, an in between period of the transition from the old to the new.  Many are looking to make great leaps and shifts in their life. Completely letting go of what is old, closing the doors to the old. Closing, locking them then moving through the new doorways opening before them into the unknown. As many close the doors to the old and lock them, you remain in between the closed door and the open door. Perhaps looking out through the open door and not sure what the next steps are. Yet knowing that change must occur, but not quite sure what that change is. 

It is in this month of February where you can move within in compassion with love and nurture yourself and begin to look at what brings you the greatest amount of joy. You can move into the knowingness of where you are headed in 2019. 

So your month of February is an in between period, a time for compassion and love. It is a period of nurturing yourself as you move through February into March.  

It is most important now to know that as you continue on the pathway of life, continue your personal process and the inner work, releasing layers of old, dense vibrational energy from around your heart to raise your resonance and vibration, and ascend in this lifetime, you are at the point where great change is occurring for you. Many are still faced with choices. Should I stay in the old or should I move forward? Should I move out of my comfort zones? As these questions come up, February is about answering them through compassion and nurturing of self.  

It is most important to know that as you venture through your life in 2019 you will move and ascend in increments. In each month you will ascend in your life. You will take another step in your soul’s divine plan. You will move closer to realizing your purpose in your divine plan. So it is now most important to take stock of where you are by simply asking the question, Where Am I right now? 

As each and everyone of you is shifting through great change, releasing old, dense vibrational energy within the physical body system, you are releasing more wounding. Many are moving into a place you call inertia or nothingness and feel a deep emptiness. You may be feelings great levels of loss as if you are moving through a perpetual morning period. Many are moving through the shadow and as they move through it have periods of seeing the light. Yet the shadow is an extended period. 

As you move through the shadow now, the light overlaps the shadow and the shadow overlaps the light. What is transpiring is that you are releasing duality in your life, either / or, right or wrong, good or bad. This is being reflected outside of you in many ways.   

You are moving into a consciousness of collectiveness within you and aspects of your life are beginning to overlap. The reason for this is you are moving into a place of all inclusiveness. It is an all inclusiveness where you can move through the shadow and move through the light and see it. Then move into an all inclusiveness with others as you move to create a new collective consciousness. 

The step by step process of creating a collective consciousness begins with you as you release the old.  When you release the old within you, you begin to raise your resonance and vibration. As you move through this in a step by step ascension process in 2019, raising your resonance and vibration, you may begin to form a new soul family, a new collective consciousness within the soul family. It is important that resonance and vibration be taken into account. As you form a new collective consciousness, it important that the basis of it is all-inclusiveness, full acceptance and compassion for the uniqueness of the individual. 

It is most important to keep in mind that it is all about resonance and vibration. The collective will only be able to function in the third dimensional realm if it is functioning at a high vibrational level, the high vibrational level of peace, community, harmony, equality. It is important as you move through your month of February to have compassion for where you are, for the shifts and changes in your life, for the unknowingness, for the feelings of emptiness, loss, and nothingness. Allow yourself to be where you are and also know that in the periods of darkness the light will shine.              


Sunday, February 3, 2019



So exactly when did humanity sever from the guidance of the macrocosm (higher realms). All past advanced civilization died as a result of this separation. Are we ready to reconnect?