Wednesday, December 30, 2020




From Archangel Uriel, Planetary Protector

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


From the point of Light within the Consciousness of Creation

Let Light stream forth into the hearts and hands of all humanity.

Let this Light descend upon the entire planet Earth this New Year,

As Earth and you ascend into a higher frequency of existence,

Your Divine destiny and destination.


From the point of Love within the Heart of Creation

Let Love stream forth into the hearts and hands of all humanity.

May the Christ Consciousness awaken within humanity,

Knowing each of you is now the Christ returned.


From the central core where the Will and Purpose of Creation is known,

Let that purpose guide and heal the wounds of humanity…

The purpose which The Higher Realms know and serve,

And you are being taught.


Especially this New Year, let the Light and Love and Power of Creation restore and heal any and every aspect of humanity and your Earthly home.

So be it.



Beloved Humans Being Human,

The above Invocation belongs to all of humanity, every diversified aspect of each of you coming from the same Source.  These words reveal the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence and Love you sometimes call God: the unseen force behind all of your existence. What you are mastering within the densest frequency within the universal plane (your 3D Earth plane) is that this Love and Intelligence are effects of what is called The Intention of Creation, God, and that only through humanity itself can the ‘Divine Plan’ be fully activated.  Each of you Dear Ones, is within your individual soul plan activation becoming the collective soul activation based upon Love allowing equality, harmony and balance. This allowing your ascension, The Divine Plan, into a higher frequency of existence.

The key purpose of this New Year message is for you to remember, know and apply the support of the higher realms. You have never been alone and never will be.  We have been offering spiritual guidance to humanity for eons for the task of leading you out of darkness into Light, from the unreal to the Real, and from death to Immortality.

Beloved Ones, may we remind you one of the most comprehensive sources (but not the only) for the tools and wisdoms you need to achieve the above experience exist within what you call THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK.

Through your many incarnations on this planet, some have chosen to live many incarnations in this one as channels and scribes of the higher realms.  If it resonates access the above source, as well as others.

No matter what happens within the dramatic and challenging lives and world you are creating (and you are the creator creating), remember you are here, not so simply to serve and love one another and your earthly home, nothing less, nothing more.


Allow this New Year to have no expectations, then creation can have the room to bring you exactly what you need, Archangel Uriel.







Wednesday, December 23, 2020




(Christmas, Pandemic 2020 and Beyond)

By Phillip Elton Collins



Like I could shift its direction by my inflection.

But deep down inside I know,

That all of life’s bluster,

Is my muster.


I sometime scream and yell at life,

Knowing somewhere eternally inside me,

I am screaming and yelling at what,

I am creating; a wounded fantasy,

 Needing healed wisdom., not calamity.  


I sometimes scream and yell at myself,

For choosing the densest frequency within the universal plan,

Forgetting this is the only way to achieve a permanent gain.


I sometimes scream and at life,

As though my resistance can change it,

But what I resist persist.


I sometimes scream and yell at life,

Like it was a lover who would not do my bidding,

Forgetting I am the creator of my imbalanced living.


I sometimes scream and yell at life,

By focusing on what is not,

Rather than what is.


I sometimes scream and yell at life,

As thought my volume and frequency,

Would release my life from itself,

But then I realize I AM that life, myself.


 Like an exhausted child, thinking of only me not the we,

When all the screaming and yelling is done,

I wake up and the adult me realizes I was asleep when awake,

And know when I am asleep, I am truly awake,

 Surrendering to myself, loving myself better,


My self- created soul plan fate.



PODCAST TITLE(S) 12/20/2020
Interviewer: Joel Anastasi
Channel: Phillip Elton Collins


While most of humanity, understandably, has been focused on the pandemic ravaging our health, cultures and economies, not to mention the divisions separating the citizens of so many countries, including our own, Adama tells us it is “time for gratitude for the abundance taking place.

Your whole world is transforming right in front of your eyes.” The Earth, Adama says, is receiving unprecedented support from the higher realms exemplified by the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter “creating a new star pf Bethlehem, a new Christmas star, revealing to the doubting human mind that there is something taking place beyond the separation and duality of humanity.

It is signaling a mass convergence of higher realm, Earth and human energies to create your new age of moving from Me to We consciousness, allowing the creation of your final 2000-year Golden Age.

Stop and observe that equality is taking place like never before affecting your minorities, including women and people of color. That inequality has reflected the imbalance between the feminine and masculine energies, which has created conflict, injustice and inequality.

The regimes that have kept the old imbalances in place are in their final death throes. Make no mistake, dear children, they are all within the process of dying. Mankind, with the help of the higher realms, is in the process of creating a new Golden Age of peace, love, equality, harmony and balance."

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Sunday, December 20, 2020


                                                            WINTER SOLSTICE 2020

This is the time of Mother Earth’s “In-breath” connecting us to central crystal core of the planet (Spring is the ‘out-breath’). The present conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter, creating a new Christmas Star, also marks the age of Aquarius, allowing a collective consciousness of equality and balance. The higher realms are conspiring to support us!

Thursday, December 17, 2020



                                   LEMURIAN SCROLL ONE: PHILLIP ELTON COLLINS

This Scroll #1 is for the general public and contains the unconditional energy of Love, the building block of Creation.  Scroll #2 to follow will be for Teacher Souls containing the wisdom of SELF which we are learning to master. The final Scroll#3 will be for Adept Souls who are ready to apply Self-Mastery into a united field of Oneness.

All shared here comes from pure Spiritual Science gleaned from the universal ‘Halls of Records’ which explains much of our unseen existence. Many are awaking their innate gifts to access these records.  Until today’s Natural Science, from the folly of the human mind, learns to accept, integrate and apply Spiritual Science, we shall never completely understand our existence.


Before humans appeared upon Earth they existed as a soul, as an astral being and it was this way humanity came into this physical world. Our planet consisted of exceedingly rarified matter, the finest ether and the origin of this ether was cosmic consciousness. The sun, moon and Earth were one. All life was directed by higher realms at this very early time. And these realms have been supporting us ever since. In fact, everything that took place on Earth owed its origin to the regulated intercourse between humans and those guardian beings. Ever since humanity has strove to ascend, was destined to evolve higher qualities. We are still in that process and this Scroll One will reveal tools to support that process. We have been in a forever process of joining above and below forces (divine and godlike forces combined with lower human forces),ever since the sun and moon separated from the earth. It is only with human misuse of the higher forces that we have degraded into further density. At present we are awaking once again to the divine and spiritual force within us, becoming conscious of our role in our planet’s and humanity’s evolution. By being and doing this service we are carrying out the decree of our higher guardians.  It is the mission of this Scroll to teach higher truth that will allow the activation of divine law. We are all within the personal process of mastering the truth that we are equal to the gods.

Accessing “ Archaic Wisdom “I can faintly remember a  time in early Lemuria when wisdom streamed toward me as sunlight radiates towards us now. Wisdom came as a free gift from above since we did not yet have what WE would now call a fully developed brain. There was no need for it yet. We Lemurians communicated with one another without the necessity for speech since we felt what each one was feeling and could read it.

We derived most of our energy from the power of growth which welled up in plants, animals and minerals by capturing their life-force. We could engender any needed extra strength at any desired time. Thus, we could control our non-dense bodies to what we would call today a remarkable extent.

Our physical bodies were very fluid and not dense like now. Human form consisted of soft and pliant matter.  Again, we could manifest what we needed with the direct support of higher realms.  In fact, there were not even two sexes yet, we were both male and female at the same time. We were all bisexual reflecting th external conditions/influences of the still very developing planet filled with volcanic explosions and shifting continents with very dense air and extremely liquid water. This Earth was of one sex only and the transition to two sexes was yet to be later reflecting the planetary/environmental changes.  Human life and nature were very different back then.  We need remember that human power to transform nature was boundless compared to today. There were no religions since we were directly connected to the spiritual realms above. And when we evolved enough for that spirit to fully enter our bodies, we became immortal. Before that epoch Spirit had belonged in the higher realms and was not able to fully unite itself with our body until we evolved enough in our evolution to receive it. When we understand this union the meaning of birth and death becomes comprehensible and we better understand the nature of our eternal spirit.


 Again, all of the above comes from Akashic Records and were during the very early Lemurian cultures/periods.  Lemuria went through the creation of several planet surface ‘root races’ of (human) beings supporting the evolution of humanity which later became the advanced Inner Earth Lemurians, largely known today and the ones directly supporting our present ascension process on the surface of the planet. We often hunger for this past time of innocence and direct connection but now we shall reconnect with the higher realms fully consciousness and ready through free will and choice to apply their wisdoms.

You can learn more about present day Lemuria by reading my COMING HOME TO LEMURIA where I visited Lemuria via by light body. Within the book high Priest Adama and Father of Humanity, urged a group of us to come to the Lemurian earthly home of Mt. Shasta to serve as human proxies for the advancement of our species.  Archangel Michael created a set of rituals that would support our personal processes leading into a collective consciousness raising our frequency so that the Inner Earth and Outer world can join.  Much of this, my Lemurian Scroll One (and many are creating their own Scrolls) will revisit what was asked of me, and my brethren which would also affect others. This Scroll will become an aspect of the New World True Bible project with Adama, allowing our entry into our planet’s final Golden Age, and joining the inner and outer worlds forever.



As Lemuria evolved within the soul journey of humanity, aspects of the Scrolls were created within each of its many epochs. When Lemuria and Atlantis continued advanced energy warfare the planet was becoming not habitable upon the huge continent of Lemuria. It became a priority for the three scrolls, (one for general use, one for those to teach it and one for adept souls who embodied the scrolls) to be preserved as an ascension pathway for the higher realms dispensation they received to create their new Inner Earth Civilization and the many civilizations that followed such as late Atlantis who created what became Egypt, and then Greek, Mayan, Hopi, to name a few.

The foundation of all three scrolls is universal, unconditional love, the building block of all creation. This love allows the creation of communities of equality, peace, harmony, balance, togetherness and intimacy. Thus, the Scrolls demonstrate the united field of oneness of creation itself. We need remember all things came from the same Source: LOVE. We came from love, we are lovable, we are loved. The Scrolls are teaching us how to master this. If you notice the Founding Father’s papers creating The United States of America are actually reflections and recreations of The Three Sacred Lemurian Scrolls. The founding fathers received their inspiration from the higher realms. This is the largely missing wisdom in American and world history.

The scrolls are vast reflecting the Akashic Hall of Records from whence they came and no one is expected to know all of them. The task/mission at present is for those who choose to create their own scrolls by connecting with the ancient energy of the scrolls and sharing what reflects their soul plan by revealing what is important to them to share with the world. There is no right or wrong in this. It is a matter of connecting with our heart spaces   and sharing what we receive.   Here begins by version:



Since we humans have chosen to master the wisdoms of creation through our relationship with our self; self being a reflection of ALL THERE IS, the rituals and tasks (serving as proxies for humanity) that Lemurian High Priest Adama and Archangel Michael created for my colleagues and I upon our sacred journeys to Mt Shasta reflect ‘Self Mastery’.

I am only now beginning to thoroughly understand the depth of wisdom and importance contained during our time and actions upon the earthly home of the Lemurians. I know now that the self-powering energies coming into our dense frequency at present are being assisted by our actions upon that sacred mound.

I shall now begin to take you through the rituals we were asked to perform as proxies for humanity, to assist within our ascension to a higher frequency of existence, like the Lemurian’s, which is our divine destiny.  My reason to do this is because you too become a proxy by experiencing them, by doing them yourself.

To experience in detail what I initially experienced as a proxy I refer you back to COMING HOME TO LEMURIA. For the sake of this Scroll One I shall mostly focus on the rituals themselves and the freedom from self and self-powerment they offer you.


 Myself, serving as the ‘Overseer’ in locating the Lemurian Gateway upon Mt Shasta we were instructed by High Priest Adama and Archangel Michael to perform various rituals as we also located various vortices. “You proxies have been chosen to perform various tasks in order for humankind to enjoy the fruits of your labors”, we were told by these two higher forces. This Scroll will focus largely on the rituals as the vortices are identified.  The intention here is to not overload the reader with details. The rituals themselves are tools humanity needs to ascend to a higher frequency of existence.

This Scroll will explain the three rituals performed.  Remember,  by understanding these you become proxies for humanity yourself.

It was further explained by our higher realms co-hosts that each ritual must be a streamlined movement without interruption. We were told to keep in mind that during each ritual we would be encoding energies. We were reminded we would be performing our service to the universe, as well as to ourselves.

Here is a brief outline of each ritual in order for you to do them yourself:

RITUAL 1: The purpose of this ritual was to open the Lemurian gateway, as explained earlier. We would gather to connect all our individual energies and plug them into a main marker that had been earlier found. We used various crystals throughout the rituals and for this one clear quartz and amethyst were used. (You can create your own Lemurian gateway).

Following Ritual 1 we would connect our energy and activate two vortices: THE VORTEX OF INTENTION and THE VORTEX OF THE CRYSTALLINE CHILDREN, those who are born knowing why and how to effect the necessary changes on Earth.

At THE VORTEX OF INTENTION, we would make two list (If it resonates please do the same) The first would declare five aspects of our lives that we wanted to release. This list would be burned after we spoke a mantra: “I now release these old aspects to Mother Earth. I proclaim acceptance, compassion and my love for me. I now release these in acceptance, compassion and love for me.” A second list would declare who we are and why we are here, the purpose we perceived ourselves to have in this lifetime. This we put in a container. The ashes and container would be buried in different locations upon the mountain.  You can create your own container and sacred location for your ashes.

A second declaration would declare who we are and why we are here, the purpose we perceived ourselves to have in this lifetime This too would be put in a container and the ashes and container were buried in a different location. Please do the same, if you so choose.

At THE VORTEX OF THE CRYSTALLINE CHILDREN, we would bring forth our inner children; the wounded child, the magical child and the wonder child. The wounded child has experienced all the wounding of childhood maturation.  The magical child has the ‘magic’ and tools to heal our wounds and the wonder child knows exactly how, when and where to apply those tools. Allow these children to receive all the healing and love needed at this time. Pause one moment and connect with each of them asking what they are feeling and need. You as their adult parent can give them everything they need.


RITUAL 2:  The entire time of this ritual would be during a period of complete silence.  In the silence in the void lives all probabilities and possibilities.  Its purpose would be to connect with the fifth dimension (where Lemuria now resides and the archangelics) , so we could begin to hear, see, feel and touch any messages we were to receive. It would begin with a meditation to let go of any third-dimension (where we reside now), attachments and move into the depth and breadth of Mother Earth and the gateway into the Lemurian subculture.  Smoky quartz is a grounding crystal that would aid us in entering into the Lemurian subculture.

Following the ritual in silence, we would connect with and activate two vortices: THE VORTEX OF THE WORLD and THE VORTEX OF THE PEOPLE. At the vortex of the world, we would be writing, drawing, painting or doing anything that came to us to do. We were instructed to notice our urges. What are your urges during this?  At the vortex of the people (also called the vortex of the heart) our hearts would open. We were asked to connect to ourselves and express ourselves in a way we never had imagined. Each of us would be connected to the people, a person, a voice or the energy of the Lemurian subculture. When we on the surface of this planet fully know the existence of this Inner Earth Civilizations it will be a gamechanger for sure. Our worlds can then join and we can advance like never before into our ascension. It is our divine destiny to do so when we have raised our frequency high enough for that to happen. All of the rituals and wisdoms here within this Scroll are assisting within that effort.



The last ritual that this Scroll is asking you to do that we did upon Mt Shasta is to examine deeply what came to you, what you learned and also garnered energetically during the first two rituals. Now write down five major aspects of it, as well as to describe new things you learned about yourself. These pages would later be burned in a private burning bowl ceremony. The crystals you would use in this ritual are clear quartz and tourmaline (which connects you to your own intuition and higher selves).

Following the above ritual, you are to connect with two additional vortices: THE VORTEX OF RENEWAL and THE VORTEX OF REBIRTH. At the vortex of renewal, you will renew your connection to your multi-dimensionality. Now read the lists you have created and then recite the mantra: “I am now clear, I am now open, I am now available. I am now here. I am now present in the very moment. I open my heart. I open the depth of my soul to progressively, honestly and with the greatest intention walk the pathway being me”. Then say, “So be it.” You can now burn your lists.

At the vortex of rebirth, you will shift to a higher resonance within yourself that is based upon your own soul’s divine plan. This will allow you to go back into the world in community, harmony and equality with yourself, knowing why you are here. You will now be ready to make decisions about your path and your purpose, so you can create new intentions. Write these new intentions down and when ready recite them aloud to yourself or in the presence of loved ones.

The rituals and tasks of this sacred Lemurian Scroll 1 is now complete.



Before we began our spiritual journey to Mt Shasta,  Adama had a few things to say which also may give you this Scroll reader further comprehension  and insight:

He wanted us to know that the physical bodies of the Lemurians in the fifth dimension are being offered as a blueprint for us to consider when we shift to their frequency which is our divine destination. He wanted us to know that we are currently functioning at a fraction of our DNA’s total capacity. The Lemurians are functioning at a 100% level, we are at about 10%. The reduction in functioning from the capacity of our original DNA took place over thousands of years. As humanity abused its divine gifts, the decline in capacity continued. The destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis were a point of great diminishment. As a result of the misuse of our powers, humans were slowly but surely losing our direct connection with the universe and the Creator. This was all part of our freedom of will and how we were choosing to learn. No one had the right to stand in the way of our choice.

Nevertheless, the immortal god aspect of us never died within our DNA, even though it was greatly diminished for a long time. Needless to say, our journey back to wholeness has been a painful and long one. There were many attempts to assist us throughout our history, but they all failed. We would not listen or kill the messengers. But now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A quantum shift in humankind has taken place, and through our free will, once again we are being given the opportunity to return to our divine wholeness: ascension. The Promise of the ascension process of entering a higher frequency of life is to regain everything that was lost. At the writing of this Scroll more energetic support is coming into our Earth plane like never before.

The long, dark periods we’ve experienced throughout recorded history were merely the way we chose to learn. We went as far from truth as we can go. The necessary clearing and cleansing of our selves and world is still taking place at the writing of this Scroll (2021).  Now upon our return to the truth of who we are we shall become the most enlightened beings in the universe and never forget again. The purpose of this Scroll is to be a vital tool in assuring your individual success.  We humans will be in great demand as master teachers. In fact, Scroll 2 will be especially for those of you who are teacher souls. No other species has accomplished what we have done, which is to go as far from the light as possible and return home to our Source, Love.

Scroll initiates , Adama wants you to know that without a shred of doubt that the Lemurians are ready to assist humans in our “homecoming” but also that we have to choose through our hearts; through our freedom of will to choose LOVE. For love is the travel ticket to our immortality.  When we ascend, we get to take our healed physical bodies with us, never to die again. Our bodies will be transformed and become immortal and without limit, just like the bodies of the Lemurians.

What will happen to the third dimension after humans choose to leave it? Adama explained that all dimensions exist simultaneously. The third dimension will still exist for those who choose to stay here. Once in a higher frequency, you can change frequencies at will. You can have lunch in the thirds dimension and then return to the fifth dimension for dinner. But he warned while earth I shifting into a higher frequency, the third dimension is not going to be a very nice place to be. Earth needs to heal and restore her balance after suffering human abuse. Preservation and restoration must take place in the third dimension or the planet will not be able to sustain life on her body in the way to which we are accustomed.

Many humans are now being called to act on behalf of the planet, even though many of those responsible for harming Earth are continuing their assault. Therefore, the planet’s natural means of cleansing herself will intensify. Consider these events a kind of healing crisis, an essential step in planetary purification. Mother Earth requires that we show compassion and support for her renewal, even though it may cause us massive inconveniences.

Humanity is waking up to a higher awareness of oneness with Mother Earth, Adama further explained. We are becoming aware that her resources, which we have taken for granted for so long, have caused great depletion upon and within the planet’s body. We have not recognized that the trees are her lungs that we cut down freely, the crystals/minerals/gems are her arteries in an energy system of which ewe have no knowledge and the oil that we take in unlimited supply is her blood.  We have not recognized that our planets is a conscious living being. If our bodies were treated the way we treat the Earth, we would already be dead.

When the Lemurian continent sank some 350 million Lemurians died overnight( I actually remember that time), the Creator elevated their continent from the third to the fourth (the dimension we go to when we are asleep and when we die). Later, as the Lemurian civilization evolved back inti higher consciousness, they were again elevated to the frequency of the fifth dimension. By saving the Lemurians, the Creator was demonstrating the contribution they would be making to our planet, if they were not going to contribute, they would have been destroyed completely. Only the third dimensional, low frequency part of Lemuria sank (the part that co-exists with us now).

The veil between us and those who reside in higher dimensions was created by the misuse of our divine gifts, ultimate power corrupted.  Now we know these misuses are giving us the greatest wisdom we could ask for: immortal consciousness that is teaching the entire universe what it is to go as far from the light as possible and return, to never leave it again. You can call it learning the hard way but maybe that is what it takes for us! That veil is getting thinner and thinner.

What was elevated from Lemuria when they went from fourth to fifth dimensions was an energetic blueprint of their civilizations that has remained in service to the light: temples, ascended masters and a small portion of the population. Only the highest level of consciousness was saved. There is no reason to believe that the huge continent of Lemuria will ever reappear again in the Pacific Ocean, Adama added. However, it is possible that we will be coming together in the higher level of consciousness through the Lemurians’ extraordinary fifth dimensional Inner Earth Civilization.

There are living, crystal libraries in Lemuria that contain the real history of our planet, galaxy and universe. Humankind knows little of the true history and united mission of our two civilization. But Adama felt it was important to reiterate that the Lemurian mission cannot be completed until our two worlds unite as one civilization. May this Scroll be an avenue for that to take place. Lemuria cannot ascend into the sixth dimension until we ascend to the fifth, for on a truthful, underlying level, WE ARE ONE.



Wednesday, December 16, 2020




(A Daring Discussion For Our Dense Times)

By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network

All our current events, human separation and suffering is due to not remembering from whence we came, who we are and why we are here, and that we can chose to ascend to a higher state of reality as a result of what we are presently experiencing. The purpose of this writing (with the vast assistance of all of the wisdoms within The Angel News Network library of books and teachings) is to assist in restoring our lost memory. By truly understanding what God is (free of any past teachings) and the reality that God is creating, we can better understand ourselves, knowing we are a reflection of God experiencing itself. This is especially essential within our growth and expansion in being human, realizing we are existing within the densest frequency within this universe. Understanding what God is and who we are is our ticket out of the density!

We have heard through many past teachings that God is omnipresent and infinite. Such teachings are true but they do not go far enough for our current awareness/consciousness. It is time to experience and understand God where it resides beyond the time, space, thoughts and emotions we live in as humans. We cannot directly connect with God nor fully understand it until we can begin to know how it’s BEingness becomes all living multi-verses and all living creatures, including us. When we better understand this, we can begin to see how God can manifest in unlimited forms and yet remain its infinite transcendent self. God is not only in our universe but also metaphysically beyond it (the finite of God’s creation travels to the infinite, which transcends this world).

It is the living God itself and the one that lives within us that constantly bids us to know that it does exist. Those of us who come to know and understand this cosmic force to be the ultimate foundation of all life and being will unlock the mystery of what God is (the ultimate source of everything being the ultimate key to everything). It is time to expand beyond our human minds and all material things to understand both. Then we can better accept that God is unique and like nothing else in existence. It is the ultimate. It is the foundation to anything simpler than itself. Humanity has been pondering the nature and meaning of God forever. It is time, if we so choose, to connect with the reality of a living God within us that does not need a church or anyone to connect us with it. It is our divine right.

It is essential to point out at this juncture in this writing that no amount of words will ever make the meaning of “God” clear to anyone who lacks the resonance and discernment to investigate the topic or has their own belief systems that they refuse to change. This discussion has no intention to attempt to convince or control anyone’s thinking. So as in all (spiritual) matters continue to use your resonance and discernment in what becomes true for you.

Our human emotions and thoughts creating our actions and reality are based upon our five physical senses, which have an extremely limited range of experience. This discussion is all about extending our range…God’s range goes far beyond our range; abilities of an infinite wisdom within an unlimited range. We cannot arrive at a true notion of God only by thinking of it in human ways. If we regard it only as an infinite and transcendent being remote from our finite world, we see only half of the truth. If we see it as the universal energy manifesting every cell in our body, every creature in existence, all planets in our solar system, and stars in our galaxy we see the other half. God possesses both characteristics and accepting them requires a consciousness that allows a comprehension.

God is the one thing that can produce a multitude of things all different from each other and yet remain true to itself. It is the formless, reflecting and manifesting the form. God is both the One and the many, however we intend to envision this.  The God-force is a unity in diversity and a diversity in unity, a stillness creating movement. When God is manifesting one thing from another, it is finite consciousness in action. God has set everything up so that creation is constantly evolving from the many back to the one. This is the ascension of the planet and humanity that is taking place now.



Creation is nothing but the by-product of God’s divine idea. Our entire world is but an intention expressed by God. The evolution of the universe is really a gradual manifestation/reflection of God itself, an interplay of its own projections. What is challenging for the human mind is to realize that God is self-born; it arose of its own accord. And our human personification of God does not change this truth.

When cosmic cycles of creation begin, there is literally nothing in existence, no forms of any kind, no conscious beings. Creation is an ever-expanding circle (spiral), a process of ever becoming. For instance, the universe is continuously expanding and amplifying itself until the reverse process sets in and the cosmic cycle exhausts itself and finally ends. This process is taking place with our planet at this time. It is returning to the light from whence it came, becoming a star, (primal light) that will eventually explode and begin again.

God is a cosmic force whose multitude of energies we know as the physical world. God has created the world out of its own substance, its own intention and that intention becomes light, the building block of all. Everything in creation, with no exception, has been born from light. Sadly, many of us cannot comprehend this infinite principle of life (all-knowing and all-present being) and remain in darkness. Most often, we see nothing as it really is. The purpose of this writing is to bring us further into the light.



One of the most challenging things for the human mind to comprehend is that everything seemingly came from no-thing. And from the previous writing, it has become clear that God is nothing that can be seen through our physical senses within the time-space dimension we reside in as humans. It is essential that we not attempt to continue to put God within any human shape or reference but know this force lives within us and is from whence we came. God is an absolute, thingless, timeless, spaceless and beautiful boundless being, paradoxically the only existence, beyond the comprehension of most of us! God is the ultimate state of being where creation manifests itself and rests during dormant cycles. In God’s sphere there is no distinction between one thing and another, one being and another, one creature and another since they all come from a oneness frequency.

The human mind may ask, “What was there before God?” And the answer is no-thing (the void). Because this conception of the ultimate being deprives it of any kind of form in space and any kind of existence in time. But what is indistinguishable from complete non-existence is something called consciousness, the toolbox of God. When cosmic energy and light combine through God’s intention, its consciousness is created and becomes the manifestor of all.

As stated earlier, it is not easy for our form-ridden human consciousness to accept this notion that No-thing is the equivalent of reality, that emptiness is the basis upon which all our emotions, thoughts and actions are built and not through some solid material. But once we thoroughly comprehend this truth, the mystery of existence is solved once and for all! We need first find and affirm the Ultimate to be not this or that before we can discover what this and that is. Nothing that is measurable, nothing that is finite, nothing that is formed can possibly be the true foundation of existence. It is by leaving out all that is transient (us), by negating all that is familiar we comprehend the true concept of existence.

Again, it is difficult for the human to successfully accept an absolute void, no-thing. The instant we think of the void our mind is actually itself inhabiting the void. Most of us are not able to think of identifying with no-thing, for the moment we do we declare its own presence. Thus, we see that this unlimited and infinite God must be unconsciously presupposed before we can know its limited and finite manifestations within and around us.

Everything we see around us has come forth out of the invisible, which cannot be a mere no-thing. The no-thing is empty only of individual and separate appearances but not of the universal reality which is its origin. Thus, no-thing is both potential material and potential space. If we were to remove every vestige of the universe with all its creations, the mysterious emptiness that remains would be God transcending all reality. Let us not call it nonexistence since it is the permanent matter in which all things are created. Beyond the senses of all of us, this alone is eternal. GOD IS THE CAUSE OF ALL AND CREATION IS THE EFFECT!

No-thing is not to be denied but understood. Matter is the form that everlasting God-essence takes. Our reality is actual because we sense it through our five senses, yet it is nothing less than an appearance. We further begin to understand reality when we accept this paradox. No-thing is not mere emptiness but the reality itself behind all our worldly experiences and perceptions. The no-thing is a blank void, the basis of all manifested existence itself arising (everything we daily experience). We all see the world around us but few realize the truth of it. Our reality is not a self-existent or self-supporting one for it depends on the original no-thing and indeed arises from it and eventually is merged back into it.

The most challenging aspect for most of us is the reality of the no-thing (the unmanifested) as ultimate reality. We think in terms of measurable forms and solids so often that we have lost the ancient wisdom to think in terms of unidimensional formlessness. It is our destiny to return to this wisdom. The foundation of all of our present reality is to understand the unseen reality it is based upon.

To reiterate, from no-thing comes everything, from silence all sounds, from darkness comes light, from unconsciousness comes consciousness, from problem comes solution and from intangibility comes all tangible things. No-thing is something not born, nor created. If it were not for no-thing there would be no possibility for what is born.

In order to evolve and ascend to a higher frequency of existence humanity needs to expand beyond our ignorance and integrate the universal reality being shared here. This seeming no-thing is the secret of the whole universe’s existence, the original source where it emerges, the last place it recreates itself. The first and last of all things is the no-thing and All There Is. Then reality becomes God’s thought within our thought. Here the divine reveals its own unseen nature; the ever becoming behind and beyond all.



So, let’s see if we can further answer the question “What is God?" by better understanding “What is reality?”

From the previous words shared we can see that God and reality are not here today and gone tomorrow. They both bypass time and have always been in existence. All things of this universe whether seen or unseen, whether matter or spirit must have an everlasting existence (even though they may change form). If this were not true the universe could never have arisen for out of no-thing only nothing can emerge. The original ‘something’ of all things must have always existed and must still exist. This explains the eternal nature of the human spirit that can never die. This we may call the ultimate God and reality as one. It is the never-ending origin of All There Is. It is God-power consciousness, a force that can exist by and in itself, a totality of all experience, the starting point and terminus of all existence, that which knows and that which is known.

This is what God is. It is what we have unconsciously or consciously called soul, spirit or divinity, the eternal essence of all of us. While other things exist relatively, these three alone exist absolutely for themselves, independent of other things. This ‘matterless principle’, the Godhead, has been called many names through the ages. No matter what it is called, ultimately, we cannot separate God from anything else we know or can think, including ourselves. (Our attempt to separate from God is the cause of the ills of this world knowing the effect.) Let us feel and directly connect with the sacredness of God without attempting to separate it from anything or anybody because God is ultimately everything and everywhere, and the most blessed aspect of ourselves.

It is time, if we so choose, to remember what we have forgotten and lost in our lives. For that which now becomes a memory will allow us to manifest the lives and world we say we want: a world based upon love, equality, harmony and balance. It is time to transcend this dense frequency of existence and transition back into the Light from whence we came by way of our God connection and expression…

Monday, December 14, 2020





Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Beloved Daughters and Sons,

As you approach the final weeks of your very challenging 2020 year with more higher realm energies coming in than ever before to support you let us focus on the ‘Christ Consciousness’ during this spiritual Christ (meaning soul) season. Your global pandemic is a ‘cosmic intervention’ assisting the clearing and cleansing of humanity. The current events are largely due to the unconsciousness of humanity through the abuse of the planet and one another.  The pandemic is not a punishment or wrath of some angry God; it is a teaching tool (of your making) to allow new choices through your free will.  Remember one third of you are waking up to your ascension process, one third intend to remain asleep and hold onto the old and one third of you are leaving this Earth plane to better be able to continue your ascension process (knowing no soul leaves one moment before its time).  Know my divine children you are not alone during any of the events upon your planet. We within the interior of this planet are supporting you all-ways until we join as one.

My gift to you this season, within a balance of giving and receiving, is to remind you that the Christ Consciousness is a dispensation from your creator to alleviate humanity from the massive level of separation, confrontation, and lack and limitation you have created through your emotions creating your thoughts.  Please remember you are the creator creating your reality all the time. That is how powerful you are. You are god experiencing itself.

The Christ Consciousness teachings has been brough to humanity by many teachers, most recently in your evolution by the divine soul you call Jesus.  No one organized religion has a corner on this teaching. In fact, the divine soul named Jesus never intended that a religion be created around his teachings but that it become a practice, a choice through your free will. The Christ Consciousness energy will consume anything less than itself by transmuting it into pure, divine light.  But you must do the work of self-discipline and self-realization and self-empowerment through the many teachings given you over the eons. Self -mastery and discipline are essential in freeing you from yourself and can best be achieved with the support of we in the higher realms.

The highest awakening can be achieved with the assistance of the Christ Consciousness energy revealing you are all diversified version from the same source, you are each other experiencing yourself, you are each other often in disguise. Through passing this teaching to each generation the mask, the disguise can be lifted. The ‘me-consciousness, the lack of ‘we-consciousness’, of greed, selfishness and non-truth have never advanced the human species, and never will.  Only a high vibration such s this energy will create enough light to ultimately consume anything less than itself. This is the process you are experiencing now. And for those who choose it, you are destined to arrive at your destination of your divinity.

One of the most essential things is for you to know you are God experiencing yourself and to know you are in service to this truth. God is the great who and why and you are the repository of that truth. The Christ Consciousness is the journey/pathway to this reality. You were born with this force within you. Are you ready to receive and apply it now?

During this Christ Season humanity is more receptive/sensitive to the energy that is transmitting from above and below the Earth, your hearts literally open wider. In fact, your heart is designed to house and dispense the Christ Consciousness at will. Call upon it especially during your global pandemic which is creating so much physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Remember you are here to support and love one another through this, with this mighty tool which is yours free to receive.



This date within your Earth time began the final 2,000 cycle of your planet and those who choose it in humanity to ascend to a higher frequency of existence which is your divine destiny. All planets eventually return to the light from whence they came. As you look up into the night sky imagine all those stars were once planets who have achieved what you are within the process of achieving. Those stars are your ‘roadmap’.

This is a divine process that began with portals of fifth dimensional energies opening and interacting with Mother Earth. This is a process supported by many star realms that will continue until itself completion. You will continue to receive support and guidance throughout this cosmic event.  This is a process of releasing the old paradigms that have kept you in duality and separation while reconnecting you with your Source.

Through resonance with one another you will create communities of equality and love acknowledging what is happening in your lives and world. The divine soul plans of your planet and yourselves is for the full activation supporting your ascension process.  This is a mass convergence of higher realms, Earth and human energies to create your new age of moving from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’ consciousness and allowing the creation of your final golden age. Please have acceptance and compassion for all the lifetimes you have had to bring you to this glorious moment.



Within the interior of your heart dear daughters and sons, there is a spiritual central chamber surrounded by the Christ Consciousness energy field of sacred light and protection.  This we call the ‘cosmic cause’.  This chamber is not just of your present dimension and I shall assure you no medical docotor can find it. But you can, if you so choose. It occupies both your third and fourth dimensions and beyond (connecting to creation itself, the frequency of its birth).  This chamber is also called ‘the altar of the heart’ (AH). The AH is actually the connecting point of your sacred silver cord that connects you to this life, which descends from your Christ Consciousness presence to maintain and sustain your physical beating heart, giving your life meaning, value and purpose: a divine plan that integrates with the Earth and God’s divine soul plans. You and creation merging.

If it resonates heed this teaching. It will create an invincible strength and power to manifest your sacred self-mastery/Christ Consciousness within you. Then allow your ‘AH HA’ moment.



There has no been a lot of truth in your world in the past nor present. In your era of ‘fake news’ there are even terms such as ‘alternative truth’ which there is no such thing. Truth is truth and it will set you free from non-truth.

There have been many stories about Christmas, some true, many not true. Let us now present another Christmas Story from the heart of whence it came.

  As mentioned earlier the Christ Consciousness has been on your planet and has experienced itself in many incarnational cycles throughout Earth history; Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mayan, Hopi and civilizations whose names have been lost in Earth time. As discussed, the desire of humanity is to once again know the Christ Consciousness, to know the teachings of unconditional love within, that you are all individual expressions of it, unique expressions of it.

I wish for you to imagine an extraordinary mother spaceship. Her name is Mu. She is coming from a galaxy that helped seed this planet many hundred of millions of years ago. Yes, your planet is much older than you have been taught.

You have had many golden ages with advanced technologies that would marvel you.  Right now, there is free energy available to you but forces in your world prevent it being given to you. There are advanced worlds without taxes, there are worlds with immortality that await you. This is your true destiny dear daughters and sons. This is your inherited divine essence you are awaking to, if you so choose through this period of ascension.

But now, back to the mother ship. Imagine she is larger than anything you can conceive. This ship is as big as an Earth continent. It is coming from a portion of the universe, a galaxy with many beings captaining/powering this ship. The Christ Consciousness (Lord Sananda), Lady Nada, the archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, and many ascended masters are all on this ship, and myself. Even some of you during your incarnations during this period are with us, especially the channel of this message and his brother. We are all powering this extraordinary spaceship. It is coming closer and closer once again to the Earth realm which it often does. The ship is often sighted over the heavens of Mount Shasta in your Northern California. This ship is coming once again as she did two thousand years ago. As she gets closer, the ship reflects the light of your Sun. This 2020 Christmas event is ‘appearing’ as the conjunction of the two largest planets in your solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, creating the true Christmas star once again.

This is the Star of Bethlehem. This is the six-pointed star, the Merkabah of your existence, the beloved Star of David, whose wisdom and power and truth of being has often been lost.

This ‘second coming’ of wisdom through this star is something many conscious individuals have been anticipating. These divine souls are ready to incarnate the cycle of the Christ Consciousness energy the same way the one you call Jesus of Nazareth did two thousand Earth years ago. The remainder of this Christmas story is almost the same as the one presented by Christian dogma except the relationships with the feminine energy have been altered throughout your history.

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish man who partially lived by the laws and culture of his day; thus, he would have married. He married his twin flame, beloved Mary Magdalene. Jesus mother, Mary and his wife, Mary Magdalene were two very powerful feminine energies, especially for their times.  But the patriarchal energy controlling the churches quickly were threatened and subjugated them in order to subpress and control the feminine energy.

An essential aspect of the ascension process is the balancing of these two energies, the masculine and the feminine. The foundation of all of your duality and separation is the imbalance of these. Humanity cannot and will not evolve until these are balanced within equality and love. The time has come to end thinking one is better or superior to the other, to begin to remember that molecularly and electron-wise you are all created from the same source.

Stored within the DNA of your hearts is everything being shared here. It is time to access and apply it all by learning how to ‘think’ with your hearts as your minds return in service to your hearts.

As many of you are  sensing the end game of how things have been is ending (even thought the struggle of the old holds on) and the most direct route to your ascension is through your hearts…


A Joyous Christ Consciousness Season

Your eternal Father, Adama

Wednesday, December 9, 2020



                                                       PANDEMIC 2020 MEANING

It’s important to also realize that this pandemic, this Corona Virus, as it is called, is a cosmic intervention. It is happening as a result of clearing and cleansing what needs to be cleared and cleansed, remembering that no soul leaves one moment before its time. So, in effect, your current events are a cosmic colonic clearing humanity and is assisting humanity moving into its ascension process. It’s not a punishment. These are of your creation and are how you are choosing what you need to learn the way you need to learn it.” Adama, Father of Humanity

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Monday, December 7, 2020



                                                             CHRISTMAS STAR 2020

During these challenging times Jupiter and Saturn are aligning to re-create The Christmas Star that signaled the birth of Christ. This event reveals your support and love from the higher realms.

Jupiter is assisting your spiritual growth through the power of manifestation and healing; your largest planet radiates abundance.

Saturn allows you to know you are one with the universe guiding humanity on your path of spiritual ascension.

Allow this bright light to shine upon any needed aspect of your being.

Archangel Uriel, Planetary Protector.

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Sunday, December 6, 2020



                                                                       2020 ENDING

                         What have we learned about ourselves and can release in the New Year?

                          Being ‘who we are’ is knowing what is important to us allowing “the simplicity of                                life” to unfold with grace and ease.