Saturday, December 29, 2018



I hereby affirm during 2019 the American character will heal enough to no longer allow the long ‘con’ of our politics to continue. Our government will return to serving the common good of the people.  It will no longer be acceptable to elect crooks, racists, bullies, hate mongers, corporate bag men or bald face liars. This will be largely achieved through the participation of WE THE PEOPLE, especially the feminine energy and the youth of our Nation.

Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder, The Angel News Network 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018



As soon as we can realize
We’re a collection of soul connections,
Then duality and separation
Will be simply sent, away…

A Christmas Message from Your Heart

From Ascended Master Saint Germain

Dear Beloved Children of the Human Heart,

At this special spiritual time of year for all humankind, let us speak of your heart, a subject you have heard much of throughout your many lifetimes on this Earth. And while this is a time of giving and receiving for many, we shall speak of the greatest gift of God: your heart. Are you ready to receive it? We shall now speak of aspects of your heart you may have never known, but the time has come for you to know and apply, if you so choose…

Within the interior of your heart, there is a spiritual central chamber surrounded by a powerful God-Power field of sacred light and protection. This, we call the “cosmic cause.” This chamber is not just of your present dimension/frequency; no current medical doctor can find it. But you can. It occupies both your third dimension and fourth dimension and beyond (connecting to the higher God-Power frequency of its birth). This, what we call the “cosmic cause” central chamber, is also known as the altar of the heart (AH). The AH is actually the connecting point of your sacred silver cord (you’ve heard about that), which descends from your God-Power presence to maintain and sustain your physical beating heart, giving your life meaning, value, and purpose: a divine soul plan that integrates with the Earth’s and God’s divine soul plans: Man Power and God Power merging.

We urge all humanity to heed these teachings and to value and treasure this chamber of contact that you have with life by regularly giving your (Christ) consciousness to it.

Your awareness of this knowledge will create an invincible strength and power to manifest the sacred self-mastery / God Power within you.

It is not necessary to focus on the scientific how and why of which we speak. There is little understanding in the human mind of this, but your heart already knows. Rest your weary, war-torn souls, and be content to know that your God Power is ever present within you and you have this point of contact with the divine at all times, dear ones. It is a spark of light from your creator’s own heart to you! That’s how much this God Power of creation loves you. For you are truly one and your essence is divine, filled with love, wisdom, and power.

Each time you pay attention to this union within your heart, your love and power will grow within you, and it will mirror out into your world service. This is who you truly are, this is why you are here. Now you know the truth about you. You are God Power!

As your mind (which believes) moves back into full service to your heart (which knows), never lose contact with your heart again as your Man Power is doctored by your God Power. Then your God Power manifests all the power of love and extends and sends it out into the darkness of the world and becomes the being of light / God Power you truly are.

CHAPTER  From MAN POWER GOD POWE, by Phillip Elton Collins

Sunday, December 16, 2018

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: What this Means is, You Matter Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

What this Means is, You Matter!

It is important to bring you and who you are into your doing. It is important to infuse your truth into what you are doing in your endeavors. 
It is incumbent upon those who have moved into the depth and breadth of their heart space to love more freely, receive love more freely, and stand in the powerfulness of who you are that is based in love. 

It is not about opposition, resistance and protest.  Standing in opposition creates duality. As We have said many times before, it is about creating a new collective consciousness of community, harmony and equality and all inclusiveness. As you stand in your powerfulness, you stand for that in its power. If this is your truth you stand in the new collective consciousness. 

It begins by creating a new consciousness within you. Connecting with your truth, the essence of you, your full beingness and who you are so you can emerge in a more powerful way and a powerfulness of you so you can bring your beingness and your truth out in the world to create a new collective consciousness with like-minded individuals.  

When you look at what is transpiring out in the world, what is being mirrored back to you is duality.  It is a low, dense vibrational level of duality, opposition and the need to be right and create a fight to defend and hold the old in place. Many create a fight outside of themselves in order to remain in their comfort zone.  Duality is being perpetrated with the intention to divide. 

You can now look at balancing the feminine and the masculine energies.
This begins first by identifying both energies within you and defining them for yourself.  What is rising now is the assertive aspect of the masculine energy that is coinciding with aspects of the feminine. What you are seeing with the feminine energy in your world, is many connecting with their assertive masculine, moving out into the world and speaking their truth.  

It is important to understand the healthy principles of the masculine and feminine energies. The feminine energy is that of compassion and the masculine energy is that of assertiveness.  By balancing, you are combining the two to be assertive with your compassion.  You do this by speaking your truth and raising the resonance and vibration within you. It is not about opposing in protest of what is transpiring in the world because this keeps the fight alive and duality alive. It is about expressing your truth with love. 

By moving into the full beingess of who you are and opening your heart space to that by recognizing your truth and the essence of who you are, you then move out in the world with purpose.  As many are moving through this now and move into your year of 2019, you will move into greater parameters of who you are and will understand the importance of being who you are and why your talents, gifts and endeavors are important to bring to the world. 

All this means is, You Matter! 
As the full spiritual being you are, You Matter, your talents and gifts matter. You make a difference. Your talents and gifts make a difference. What you are doing with purpose makes a difference. All this is through the full beingness, the truth and the essence of who you are.  It is important to bring this out into the world instead of opposing and protesting what is transpiring in the world.  By seeing what is transpiring out in the world is awakening you to aspects of you that you have never known. What is happening in your world is simply a lightning rod to awaken you to a greater depth of your truth. 

It is time to move into being more assertive with love. Move now more assertively bringing love to the world.  Assert yourself to bring, community, harmony, equality, peace love and all inclusiveness to the world. Doing this by using your talents and gifts and your modalities and endeavors.   When you move to a greater depth of this high vibrational essence this will permeate out into your world.  

If you are opposing what is transpiring in the world, you will sustain its energy and keep it alive. By opposing you feed the energy that sustains it and keeps it alive. Opposition will sustain itself through opposition and protest. By opposing and protesting you will feed energy to it that will sustain it and keep it alive. 

We are not saying you can’t disagree with what is transpiring in your world. It is important to see if you are reacting to it by opposing it or responding to it by realizing it doesn’t resonate for you. It brings up feelings, quite possibly repressed and suppressed feelings. What is transpiring is an awakening to your truth. 
If what is transpiring in your world doesn’t resonate for you, ask why and move deeper within. This will lead you to your truth. 

Many are discovering their truth, the truth of equality, community, peace and love. The truth where duality does not exist and everyone is celebrated. 

What you are seeing in your world is an exaggeration of duality, oppression, fear, fight and hate. It is done purposefully in the grand scheme of the evolutionary process of your universe to see where you are within you in relationship to it.  

It is time to move into the assertive masculine and so you can assert compassion and love in the world. It is not about speaking about it, it is about doing. What are you doing out in the world that can affect one other most glorious soul through love and compassion? 

It is important to see where you continue to separate and isolate yourself in your life. Doing this is based in the lack of love of self. We have come to you to help you see through your love of self, that you can stand in your powerfulness and bring you to the world.  Through the lack of love of self many isolate and separate themselves and follow the herd.  Those following the herd through a deified mythical leader feel safe and secure. Your safety and security lie in the greatness and powerfulness of who you are. Seeking safety and security outside of you is a folly. Your safety and security is the full beingess of who you are. 

 It is time to share your message with the world. Do this through who you are.  
Stand now and rise to the all-inclusive and all encompassing powerful and greatness of who you are.     

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for December 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Awakenings to Closure

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving into a most exquisite time of your life. You are looking at yourself from the high vibrational level that you are.  

Many now are moving through cycles. Moving from the shadow to the light and the light through the shadow all at once. It is as if the shadow moments overlap with the periods of lightness. You are moving in symbiosis so you can move to a greater level of resonance and vibration within you.  

Look now at what is most important to you in relation to your spiritual world and the third dimensional realm. There is a dichotomy within the spiritual structure and the structure of the third dimension. Many are negotiating their pathway through the earthly plain as they move to the end of your year of 2018 into 2019, a year of new beginnings. 

What is transpiring now are endings. Many are seeing endings in their life. Deep wounding and old habits, patterns and rituals are surfacing. Aspects having to with loving, honoring and valuing you are also surfacing.   

As you move into your month of December, endings are beginning.  These are endings of old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors that hold you in the old. Many are seeing this. They are seeing how they are perpetrating old habits, patterns and rituals that have kept them in the old, yet not realizing it right now. 

What is transpiring as you begin your month of December are awakenings. They are awakenings that will move you to endings. You might find yourself creating a situation in your life that is old. The situation is created by choices and behaviors in the subconscious and brings up the old. Perhaps you find yourself saying; When will I ever get the message? When will I ever learn the lesson? When will I finally shift and change that pattern, habit, ritual and behavior?  You may be seeing where you are not honoring, valuing and loving you.

The awakenings you will experience at the beginning of December are awakenings to old habits, patterns and rituals. To where you are not honoring and valuing you, where you are not fully being who you are, where you are not fully expressing the truth of who you are. 
This is all about awakening to the full powerfulness of you as a spiritual being living in the third dimensional realm and having this experience. 

It is now time to dictate your experience by standing in your power and dictating to the world the experience you choose to have. Doing this through the full beingness of who you are.  In order to move to this place that will begin in your first month of 2019, your month of December is about awakening to old habits patterns and rituals that you might feel you have solved and transcended. If in fact you are on the path moving deeper within the depth and breadth of yourself to fully live in your heart space, these awakenings must happen. And they are happening to many.    

What transpires along with the awakening is a full reckoning as you recognize the old habit, pattern and ritual.  As you awaken to the jolt to the nervous system of the old habit, pattern, ritual and behavior that produces the same old result and situation in your life, it is now time that you get these messages.  It is now time that you fully open your heart space and receive the awakening. If you do, you then can move to the end of it at the end of your year of 2018. By doing this you will understand that when a situation arises, you will move to a greater depth of consciousness and awareness of what transpires within you when you are presented with a situation in the world outside of you. You then can respond to it through a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you, knowing who you are and expressing who you are through this. Many are being challenged with this at this time.   

At the beginning of December you will be receiving these awakenings and you may not like them because deep-rooted feelings will come up. It will be a test to utilize your tools and it may be important to reach out to others to process what is transpiring within you.  As you move through what will transpire in the awakening, you will move to endings and closure.  

Many in December will be faced with closure. Closure of old relationships. Closure of old aspects of yourself as you shift the relationship you are having with you by moving to a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you and being and knowing who you are. Along with this you will move to knowing the full structure and capacity of who you are and the purpose and value of your talents and gifts.  You will see why others are seeking your talents and gifts, and need them.  

Yet, in order to move to this place that will begin in your new year of 2019, a full burgeoning of you out into the world, this month of December is crucial as you take a deeper step within. In doing so you can move into your year of 2019 with the knowledge of what the old habits, patterns and rituals produce in your life. 

It is most important to be aware of these awakenings. Be aware of them on a cellular level, on a physical, mental and emotional level. These awakenings are happening for each and every one of you. Many are saying; When will I get the message and entrain myself to my greatness and powerfulness?  These awakenings are transpiring in December and it is crucial that you move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to love, honor and value you more deeply.

As you move through your month of December you will move to closures. Perhaps closing old relationships that no longer serve you. Quite possibly you will be opening new relationships that do serve you and revisiting old relationships that will rekindle based upon the new relationship you are having with you.  

So We come to at this wonderful and most glorious time, to allow you to have your process to awaken to a greater depth of you and see how these awakenings will illuminate the old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors, and see as well how they produce the same results over and over and over again.                                             

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Walking the Pathway Home to Love

Remain in a place of the excitation of living life. Let go of what isn't and be with what is. When you look at what is in your life you see the glass as full. 

Move into the depth and breadth of spontaneity within your heart and see the excitation as you walk on the pathway moving forward and towards and living your life. See what door opens next. It is important that you now live the process you know as life. Live it! Open to the joy of life. Open to the joy of What is. 
Not to the absence of what isn't. 

What are my talents and gifts where I am right now? 
What is in my life right now? 
The challenge is to fully release the old and step into the unknown with your talents and gifts. 
The question we have for you is: Are you ready to walk on the pathway into the unknown being who you are? 

Release seeking where you should be going, yet assertively remain on the pathway to see those coming to you and the doorways as they open. You then can meet them to move through these doorways together. Move now into your intuition to see where you need to be, a specific vortex perhaps at a certain place and time. It is from your heart that you will live life and the only place from where you can share you with the world. It is where the essence of you resides. 

You are at a place where you may be standing at the edge of the cliff and looking for those around you to gather at the bottom of the cliff so that when you jump you will know that everyone will be there and it will be familiar to you.
Can you now walk into the unknown and know that all you need is you and be who you are?

Each of you has a note that is within the soul and it is love. Each of you is an individual yet there has always been the intention to return to the family or home. Home being what resonates and vibrates within the depth of your heart where joy, peace, love, equality, harmony, and community exist. 
This is a place where no one is better nor worse than another. It is a place where you are who you are and accepted for who you are innately in the depth and breadth of your heart. And you are here together with others in harmony, community and equality. This is "The We" the new soul family and what you call "home". 

Home is what resonates in the depth and breadth of your heart that is simply acceptance and compassion for you, who you are and your essence. When you reach there you will know love. Not so much love of another nor love of self. Love is not something that is tangible, that you can hold on to or control and manipulate. It is not love of another or love of self for these are mere tangible explanations of the energy that is love, the God force, the Christ consciousness, the I Am. 

Love is a frequency, a vibration in the depth of your true beingness, the essence of you. It is not tangible. You cannot smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it, see it or feel it. It is a resonance, there is no drama or glamour to it, it is simply a beingness. It is a connection to the Christ Consciousness that resides in each and every wonderful and glorious soul who inhabits your planet. It is time if you so choose to connect to this.