Tuesday, July 27, 2021



                                                           HOW CREATION WORKS

All worlds are the effect of sound/vibration/energy. First life, then matter; later the attraction of the matter to the life for the purposes of its manifestation and expression. Then the orderly arrangement of that matter into the necessary forms. Sound/vibration/energy are the intermediary linking factor in the process of manifestation. It is called Creation.

Monday, July 26, 2021

St Gemain & Adama Letter



(To Joel Anastasi & Phillip E. Collins, July 2021)

Dear Beloved Co-workers, Soul Family,

We are entering your hearts and reading the joy, satisfaction and sometimes disappointment within yourselves wishing our work together could be known to more people. We write you therefore with some effort to bid you keep a cheerful frame of mind and heart. Our work together is most importantly for you and those who are meant to encounter it, will….

Your strivings, perplexities and forebodings are equally noticed, good and faithful friends. In the imperishable RECORD of the Masters, you have written with many of us…you have stepped within the circle of our work, you have crossed the mystic line which separates your world from ours, and now as you continue our work together…you are virtually OURS…you cannot avoid meeting us in Eternal Existence. Yes, verily good friends, your Karma is ours, for you have imprinted daily and hourly upon the pages of the books, discussions, emails and Podcasts we have done together thus stepping further and further inside our circle and preserving our missions together:  explaining we in the higher realms really do exist to support your planet and humanity.

In thought and deed by day, in soul-struggles by night, you have been writing the story of your desires and your spiritual development, your Soul Plan. This everyone does who approaches us with any earnestness of desire to become our co-worker and colleague and friend.  You precipitate the written entries by the identical process used by us by our transmitting into your hearts.

Creation has linked all parts of her creation together by subtle threads of magnetic sympathy and there is a mutual correlation even between a star and a man, and ourselves that runs swifter than the electric current that finds us by a pure impulse that joins our minds and hearts. We may move in dimensions and cycles of activity divided but not entirely separated from one another.

Like the light in the somber valley seen by the mountaineer from its peaks, every bright thought in your mind, beloved Ones, will sparkle and attract the attention of our multi-dimensional   friends and correspondents through the Law of Attraction. Let us remember together to never doubt the truth of what is written here. For only doubt and ignorance can separate us.

Farewell for now dear Friends, for longer or shorter, as you may determine.  We are called to duty.

Yours faithfully,

St. Germain & Adama.




Tuesday, July 20, 2021



                                              THE PANDEMIC IS FAR FROM OVER YET

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

What is the virus attempting to teach us?

The virus’ intention is to teach us what affects one affects all since we come from the same source, and are diversified versions of one another. What we really need is one another and it is to our benefit to love and support one another (creating a unified consciousness) during all challenges. I sense the virus will not go away until we master these truths.

Whether you believe in vaccines or think the whole things is a hoax does not matter. You will experience whatever consequences are necessary for your growth.  Let us not allow the pandemic to separate us any further but to join us together.  Respect each other’s choices. Since, again, we are here, not so simply, to love and support one another.


Thursday, July 15, 2021



                                                              OUR LIMITED VIEW

By Phillip Elton Collins

The Angel News Network

We see a universe that may have been created by an impulse, an idea, according to a divine plan, a   purpose, soul plan which is invisible to us because of our dense three- dimensional perception.  A universe fashioned by a Being who we have been taught is infinitely beyond us when in fact that Being lives within us, as we break from our density dimension.

In our often-limited view, which is shifting, how much do we really see of the universe which may be a multi-verse? We see manifestations of effects but the causes are often hidden from our view. We find forces at work in the animate and inanimate worlds but most often cannot discern what sets them in motion, nor determine their true purpose.

As we advance in our technology, deeper details and even organisms are revealed before us and we continue to make a guess at the life force impelling these organisms into being. The force itself often eludes our grasp; “it cannot possibly be in our universe nor within ourselves”, but it is. Spheres revolve, cosmic dust particles coalesce into solar systems, attraction, repulsion, electricity and magnetism, chemical affinity and atomic energy show themselves in the matter of our space, yet the force behind it all is ever invisible for most. It exists in another dimension which we, also as multi-dimensional beings, are awaking into.

We marvel at the advancements of science but many of us know we had much more knowledge within our ancient advanced civilizations of the past. Quatum physics teaches us now. that everything is produced by atoms, propelling molecules into activity from an inside source in a higher space and therefore now moving into our range of perception.

It is time for us to wake up and know we are multi-densional beings able to perceive and accept what was hidden in the past. From Source, the Force from whence we came which is in our hearts waiting to be expressed by our hands.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021



                                                      ALL FORMS ARE LIVING FORMS

There is no such things as inorganic matter and every atom is a life. Each form is but a vehicle of expression from some indwelling entity. This is the mystery of life revealed.

Monday, July 12, 2021



                                                                DESTROYING THE OLD

Destroying the old allows the construction of the new further activating humanity’s soul plan of equality, harmony and balance. Thus, destruction is a much the work of Creation as Construction.

Sunday, July 11, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Message for July 2021



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into a new parameter in your life, opening up new doors in your life and moving into a grounded-ness within your-self. Many are now moving into a greater loving, honoring and valuing themselves. 


When We came to you with our overview for your month of June, We said to you that We will be bringing you three small bodies of teachings about, love, honor and value. We began this series in your month of June and spoke to you about value. Valuing your-self, your relationships, valuing your-self in relationships, it was an overall value of self. Valuing your talents, gifts and abilities. 


Now as you move into your month of July We will speak to you about the aspect of love. Loving your-self, the depth and breadth of your-self, loving the fact that you are valuing your-self.  Moving into the depth and breadth of loving your-self. 


We now ask each and every one of you, What does love mean to you?  What is your definition of love? 


It is deeply rooted in the depth and breadth of your heart space and your soul space. Love is your truth it is your innate truth. For the world love can be skewed for many. The definition of love has been skewed through many millennium. So it is important that you move within your heart space and redefine love for your-self. When you define love for your-self right now you will then find where you are in relationship to it. 


So as We began in your month of June asking you to look at your value, We are now going to ask you to look at your love of self. When We have come to speak you to many times in the past,  We have always asked you, Do you Love, Honor and Value you? We began with value and now We move to love. Loving in the depth and breadth of your heart space.


How much do you care for your-self.

How much do you care for your mental, emotional and physical bodies? 

How do you take care of your physical body, your emotional body and your mental body?


This all begins with love. 

What are you ingesting into your physical body? 

How are you taking care of your-self emotionally? 

This is all based in love of self. 

How you treat your-self, and how you treat others?


Are you treating your-self with compassion and acceptance that is the basis of love. 


As you move now into your month of July, many are moving into a greater depth of loving themselves, caring for themselves, valuing themselves. It all comes down to love. The love of self and the love of others. The love of your environment. 


Are you moving into a greater depth of peaceful-ness within your-self that is based in love?


The basis, the foundation is love. 

How deeply do you love your-self?

What is love for you?


Love is not something tangible that you can hold on to. It is not something you smell. It is not something you speak to others for that is just an expression of love. Love just is. It is an energy in the depth and breadth of your soul space. It is your innate truth and the foundation of your truth. Love is the foundation of your truth. It is then followed by peace, community, harmony and equality. But it all begins with love. 


There is a difference of being In Love with an other which is simply just an expression of your feelings toward an other. That is when an other allows you to feel in the depth and breadth of your heart space. This is why We ask you to look at your relationships. Is there a balance of giving and receiving? Is there a balance in communication? Is there balance in the relationship? Do you champion each other’s highest good? Do you communicate with each other lovingly and compassionately? Do you honor and value each other’s needs?  


When you can see this balance in relationships, when you see that the relationship raises the depth and breadth of your highest good, it is then that you will see love and you will know love. It is then that love is expressed to an other. When an other honors, you, hears you, acknowledges you it opens a space in your heart. Not in the physical heart space but an aspect beneath the heart space that you begin to feel within you. And this is a feeling of love. 


It is then you express this to an other and you define it as love. 

I am expressing my feelings that are surfacing inside of me for you that you illicit in me based upon the equal balance of giving and receiving. How I see you and how you see me.  We then can open that doorway and express ourselves to love. Love of self, and love of one another. 


As you move into your month of July beginning the second half of your year of 2021, We ask you simply to look at love. Define love for you. See love for your-self. Honor the love for your-self.  And value the love you have for you.           




                                     THE GREATEST PROMISE THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN

The breaking down of the old in order to create equality, harmony and balance is taking place worldwide now through the clearing, chaos and cleansing of the old.  No matter how things appear trust and know this truth. Doubt, fear and ignorance will prevent the new.

Saturday, July 10, 2021



                                                     BECOMING FULLY CONSCIOUS

Once we become fully conscious it is apparent there is purpose and direction underlying everything. We realize that not a single thing occurs that is not the outcome of the conscious will of some entity and that all has a definite aim in the world around us.

Thursday, July 8, 2021



                                                   HOW RELIGIONS WILL CHANGE

The great fabric of dogmas and doctrines created by theologians/churchmen over the ages are in the process of disintegrating so that the foundation of  spiritual truth within them can better flourish and measure up to their purpose in being here: to know we are divine beings having a human experience, ultimately returning to the Source from whence we came.   

Wednesday, July 7, 2021



                                                              THE GREAT ESCAPE

In the last stages of life, we have the ‘crystallization’ of our human form and we realize our inadequacy. Then comes the happy release which we call death and the great moment in which our imprisoned spirit escapes our physical form into our eternal selves.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021



                                       WHAT MAKES OUR EXISTENCE POSSIBLE

Spirit manifesting through our Earth, including the life we call human, releasing energy through atoms, is the process which makes our existence and being possible.

Sunday, July 4, 2021



                                                              FOURTH OF JULY 2021

                                            The grandest birthday gift we can give America