Monday, June 22, 2020

St Germain: What The Pandemic, Recession & Social Unrest Are Showing Us



Within a few short months the United States morphed from a thriving nation into one wracked by disease, economic pain and social unrest. St Germain urges us to see these developments within the context of our country’s spiritual mission, which is to bring peace, love, equality, harmony and balance to the world. “What you are seeing right now is a revolt, a revolution to destroy the systems and controls that are keeping America from fulfilling her mission.”


Our democracy is a divine gift to create a society of equal opportunity and justice for all. “Yet, the biggest political party is the one that does not vote. You see what you get when you don’t vote,” warns St Germain. “If that is not being vividly demonstrated to you at this time, then you will have to learn through more hardship.”


Responsibility = Consequences. When we take responsibility for America’s mission, we will experience the consequences—peace, love, equality, harmony and balance for America and the world. This is the path to a new Collective Consciousness of Oneness.


“It is time, St Germain declares, “for humanity to move into adulthood!”




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Sunday, June 21, 2020


                                                  Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Revolution of Truth


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as your world is experiencing a cataclysmic revolution of the norm and what you determine the norm to be. In your world today there is a great uprising that is moving to a deeper level of truth in the individuals that are purporting to transpond that truth to the masses. What is transpiring is an uprising of truth and the realization of what is happening in the world and seeing the illusion in it.  


What is transpiring in the masses and what you call humanity is an uprising, a revolution with regard to truth. Many are moving deeper within their heart space to enforce their truth, the truth for the good of the whole, of community, harmony, equality, love and peace. To enforce this truth about those who create the illusion in the world. What is transpiring for many is a shift in that consciousness. It is about moving into a higher resonance and vibration of a soul consciousness, a collective consciousness.  That consciousness is about what is good for the whole, good for the community, and the masses. This is the truth and what is transpiring in your world today and you are just at the beginning of it. 


In your month of February it was a time to begin detaching yourself from the third dimensional realm. What We mean by this is detaching yourself from the illusion of the third dimensional realm and beginning this by looking at your attachments to the world outside of you. 


When you look in the macrocosm of what is happening in the world it is a revolution of sorts. It is a revolution of truth, equality, harmony, and peace. Then when you look at what is transpiring within you, it is a revolution when releasing your attachments to the illusion outside of you.  In many ways your society is growing up into adulthood. Releasing the need for mom and dad to lead the way and healing the wounds of the inner child. Many now are realizing that the innate truth is peace, community, harmony and equality. 


You are now moving through the beginning stages of a revolution. What We mean by revolution is not that your are against what is transpiring in the world, you are realizing in the depth of your heart space what your truth is. And when seeing this truth of peace, community, harmony and love, you are realizing that what is transpiring in the world does not resonate with that truth. You are realizing that your truth of peace, community, harmony, equality and love, is far greater than the illusion of the third dimensional realm.  The illusion of the third dimensional realm is to suppress the truth, it is the suppression of peace, community, harmony, equality, and love. Now there is a rising that is coming up within individuals where what is transpiring in the world is no longer resonating and vibrating with them and it is important to do something about it.  


It is not about protesting against what is transpiring in the world because that will sustain and maintain duality. It is about speaking your truth. What are you for? Not what you are against. 


It is about looking at what is transpiring in the world outside of you, at your governmental, political, and corporate systems and ask yourself, Does it resonate or doesn’t it?  Many now are taking what is transpiring in the world seriously.  During your global pause many are moving within to the depth of their heart space and seeing the old world of form continuing day by day, moment by moment. Many are now realizing that this is no longer acceptable because it no longer resonates with their truth. 


In the microcosm, your personal life, simply ask yourself, What is my truth? What is the truth of my being?  


So what is transpiring in the world outside of you is a movement to the depth of transparency and authenticity. You are seeing the lowest and most dense vibration of aspects of the illusion outside of you revealing itself. Within this there are individuals in your life who are revealing who they truly are. As you observe what is transpiring, We ask you, How does this make you feel? Does it resonate and vibrate with you?  Many now are taking this seriously and looking at how they can act to shift the resonance and vibration. Not change what is transpiring in the world but shift the resonance and vibration of the collective conscious. 


It is time to see what is important to you. Perhaps seeing that the most important aspect is a collective consciousness of peace, community, harmony, equality and togetherness. We are one. I am one. We are all. I am all. We are one.  


It is now about looking at this and asking, What is my part in the equation of this. What is important for me to be. Who is it important for me to be? It is about moving into the beingness of your truth and emanating the essence of your truth. Not your beliefs, not what you were conditioned to believe. There is a difference in beliefs and truth. Your truth is peace, community, harmony and equality. This is the truth within you when you incarnated into the third dimensional realm. You have learned everything else. You have learned duality and hate through your wounding and your models. It is time to see your models and ask yourself does that resonate and vibrate with me? 


What is my resonance and vibration? Am I still opposing what is transpiring in the world?  Or am I moving into the powerfulness of my being?  Are you seeing yourself as powerful and great and that your voice, and your expression matters? So you can bring out to the world your truth with love, peace, community, harmony and equality and join together in a collective consciousness of this. Bringing this message to the world to shift the level of resonance and vibration of it. 


By opposing what is transpiring outside of you, whomever you are in relationship with, you are just feeding it energy. This is the way of the old world of form.  There are many who fight to the death to keep the old world of form in place. Yet, what is transpiring and shifting right now with those who are doing this is they are becoming frightened.  They are seeing that what is in the masses is love, peace, community, harmony and equality. They are seeing this and they are being threatened.  When they are threatened they hold on for dear life.  


When the old is threatened within you in the microcosm, you hold on for dear life to keep the old in place because that is your comfort zone. It is what you know.  The unknown is out there. There are many in the illusion of the third dimensional realm in your political systems, governmental systems, corporate systems that are holding on for dear life. Fighting to hold on in opposition to what is transpiring in the world where the resonance and vibration is raising.  


So We ask you, in the microcosm of your life and who you are in the depth of your heart, where are you opposing what is transpiring in the world? In the macrocosm of the world and the microcosm of your personal life where are you opposing? Are you doing this or moving together in community, harmony and equality to express the depth of your truth at a high vibrational level that will shift the collective consciousness? This is what is happening now in what you may call a revolution, a revolution of truth. It is a revolution to break down the walls of the illusion in the third dimensional realm.  This is what is transpiring.   


It is seeing about how you are doing this.  Are you doing it by opposing?  Are you against? Are you fighting?  


As you maintain the fight within you, the fight outside of you will perpetuate. 


It is about moving into the beingness of your truth, the peace of who you are and know the full expression of that truth is needed in the world. You are needed in the world outside of you. Look at your talents, gifts and abilities, how can you utilize this to express the truth of your being in the world? It is now time for you to see your greatness, the importance and the powerfulness of the expression of your truth. 


What We ask you to do is remain consistent.  Do not give up. Remain consistent in speaking your truth. Your truth should not die. And the expression of it should not die.  Remain consistent in bringing the truth to the world. Remain consistent in speaking your truth. Do not tire of speaking your truth. Do not tire of expressing your truth. Expressing your truth is the expression of your beingness of you. Expressing your truth is what you always wanted and desired to do.   Quite possibly you have been repressing and suppressing it based upon your condition and wounding.  It is time to rise up if you so choose, and remain consistent in speaking your truth. As the consistency builds on a moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month basis in your personal process and expressing your truth to the world you will see the shift and change that has always has been your intention.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2020



(Edited by Phillip Elton Collins inspired by a recent session with Archangel Michael via trance channel Jeff Fasano, The Angel News Network).

Mid- June, 2020

“What is taking place in our world right now is a revolt, a revolution of the norm, an uprising seeking a deeper truth for the masses of our world, “so explained Archangel Michael.  Knowing the truth will break the illusion of the dense frequency within which we all live and with the enforcement of the truth, a shift in consciousness allowing equality, harmony and balance can take place.

Michael further explained by knowing the truth a higher vibration of ‘soul consciousness’ and collective consciousness can be achieved for the whole of humanity. In fact, we as a human species are evolving into our adulthood no longer needing “mom and dad “and understanding the value of each one of us being here. We are each deciding what resonates and discerns for each of us.

It is a time where many are taking seriously what is true for themselves (in a world where there has not been much truth) and stating the changes needed in government, politics and corporations.  Not necessarily to protest against what is happening but to state and demonstrate what is best for the common good, reflecting the truth of our being into doing.

Many are asking what is important to me and how can I shift the vibration/consciousness by creating a ‘togetherness’, knowing we are diversified versions of one another. Large numbers of people are asking what is my part in the equation of all this in relationship to why they are here.

Michel reminds us we have mastered and learned hate and separation quite well through our inner wounds and ego defenses.  It is time to heal and know our voice matters and to bring our talents and gifts out into the world joining a collective consciousness.

If we continue to oppose the old, we are feeding it energy, Michael further enlightens us. He explains the old world of form has become fearful and threatened by their controlling ways and are holding on for dear life. BUT THE REVOLUTION OF TRUTH IS HAPPENING NOW.

Michael reiterates that each one of us is needed to bring our talents and gifts out into the world: the greatest expression of ourselves.  We are to know we do not need to fight but know our truth and bring the greatest expression of that into the world.

During the recent pandemic we are experiencing a ‘global pause’ and this allows a deeper examination of ourselves and our needs and to know what is important to each one of us. It is a time to know what I am here for rather than what am I against.

We are urged to be consistent and persistent and to never give up in speaking our truth. “Never tire of speaking your truth and the true beingness of you”, Michael concludes.

NOTE; The Angel News Network is dedicated to bringing the messages, teachings and tools of the higher realms to humanity, assisting our evolution into a higher frequency. of existence.





                                                WHAT REALLY ARE THE ARTS?

Humanity is remembering, waking up to the reality that The Arts are the expression of our eternal spirit revealing our human reason to be here through our talents and gifts. 

Monday, June 15, 2020


                                      HATE IS THE BASIS OF ALL OUR SEPARATION

You cannot hate another without first hating yourself and reflecting that out. This hatred is the basis for all our present duality, separation and confrontation. .  We must master self- love by honoring the divine beings we truly are. And bring that truth fully into our wounded world.

Saturday, June 13, 2020



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
This is a partial iteration and extension of the SEVEN PATHS TO ASCENSION previously received from the once human Ascended Masters higher realms. (who have mastered and applied these decrees and are once again now sharing them with we humans).  In-depth details of these decrees are available to all who seek them. We are all in process to mastering these. Let us accept, where we each are, within these, is perfect, and where we need to be, as we advance.

1.     Love for all beings.
2.     Release all unhealed selfless ego wounds, making service to planet and others a priority.
3.     To heal our emotional and mental bodies so our dense, lower self may transmute into our higher spiritual life.
4.     To honor the macrocosm, the universe of which the microcosm, our world is but an infinitesimal part.
5.     To know our true origin; to study Higher
  Records (Halls of Wisdom) of humanity, and beyond.
6.     To refrain from taking life, to do no harm. Progress into becoming vegetarian (vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts).
7.     To master the universal power of speech and silence. To be pure in emotion and thoughts, accurate in the unspoken and spoken word. Skillful of our being into doing.
8.     Constantly focus on increasing our frequency through raising our consciousness. This requires positive emotions, thoughts, meditation and service.
9.     To unite with a collective conscious community based upon: (a) unity of purpose, (b) oneness of vibration, (c) past and present life karmic links, grand reunion, (d) ability to work together in love, equality, harmony and balance.
10.To research and study how higher work: (a) the purpose of sound, (b) master esoteric meaning of words, grammar, syntax, (c) master energy laws of vibration, electricity and neutronics.
11.To control our sex impulses, to move the energy that vitalizes the generative organs to higher chakras, transmuting love energy to our heart center, to learn to think with our hearts.
12.To use our hands and hearts in service to the planet and others; ultimately, we are all here to love and support one another.
13. Experience our ascension path through our three major senses. Through listening, touching and seeing maintain and sustain our individual journey to ascension.
14.Four final areas to master:  (a) Master energetic laws of radiation, (b) master the laws of magnetization, (s) Transmute the science of alchemy into healing self.


                                                  INTERNAL PEACE PROCESS

Our human mission is to reach a point where nothing that occurs outside us can ruffle our inner calm. We are all working toward being peace itself. Then peace will be the global norm.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


                                            THE FACES OF THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK

Monday, June 8, 2020


While living in this 3D dense frequency when you are awake you are asleep; when you are asleep you are awake.

Friday, June 5, 2020


                                                              PLANET FOR PEACE

It is time to reveal the true cause of wars and by whom and for what purpose. Both sides are being financed by the same forces. Once we stop the supper profitable war machine that money can be used for the common good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


If it is possible in nature it is normal. . But here's the deal since change is all there is, normal never remains the same.

WHAT IS MINE TO DO? By Jeff Fasano

What is Mine to Do?
Jeff Fasano

I am writing this today with deep sadness and anger due to what I see and feel happening in this country. I am trying to keep my spiritual wits about me. The divide, the racial divide in this world is so deep. We are in the midst of chaos and I am trying to find what is mine to do? I am not so sure.

This just may be another step into seeing what is truly important in my life. 

I am a privileged white man. Right now talking about going within and looking at our process doesn’t seem so important. Yet, I surmise that is what is needed right now. Yet I am angry, very angry. The question is, what can we as a collective do? 

If I look within my heart at the teachings of Archangel Michael, he has always asked us to look at what is happening in the world to see what resonates and what doesn’t. Yet is it that simple? Most of what is transpiring in the world in the third dimension doesn’t resonate for me. And now what I see has triggered a deep anger in me. It is the antithesis of every bit of my truth. 

What came up for me is my father. I guess on some level I was blessed to have a father who in his own way experienced racism growing up Italian in Brooklyn in the 1930’s and 40’s. Back in those days he told me that Irish folks looked down upon Italians with hate and as lower class. He told me of his experiences. One as a 12 year old and young teenager after shining a man’s shoes the man refused to pay him and spat upon him uttering derogatory terms of his being Italian.  My father did not follow the path of hate and always taught my brother and I we are all equal and no one is different than us. I grew to know nothing but acceptance of all and why I am so sad today. My father used to say, “why can’t people just leave people be?” 
I remember back to after 9/11 he and I standing in front of the ruins of the World trade Center, buildings he watched built though his office window across the street at 90 West St.  He looked up and I saw the tears streaming down his face and he said “when will all this end?” “I thought I saw it all.” 

That is how I feel right now. When will all this end?

Nothing much seems appropriate right now. Nothing seems as important as what is happening right now. 

Archangel Michael tells us that we are all living our life according to our divine plan as is the universe, the planet and this country. Everything as it should be. Yet what remains is our choice within it. 

My heart aches at the great divide in this world. 
As we know in our own process personally, when there is chaos it leads to a darkness, the dark night of the soul. My feeling is that is where we are headed as a collective right now. It is always darkest before the dawn. We have to move through the shadow to get to the light. Yet, I am still at a loss for where we are and what to do and why I am writing this. In truth I am removed from this in a way and feel helpless with a need to do something. And I feel the sadness and anger of the collective.   

These are challenging times. What I do know through this, many are revealing who they are. The global pause has separated and isolated us. Perhaps now as we move through the chaos, the dark night of the soul, we can come together as one. Finally see the illusion of the 3D. As Michael says, “the illusion of our political, governmental and corporate systems”. 

What is transpiring in the world right now doesn’t resonate for me, most of it never really has. I live outside of the mainstream world, always have. Yet here I sit looking at what is happening in the world that is not based in peace, love, community, harmony and equality. The only conclusion I can come up with right now is to have my feelings and see what is being triggered within me. Perhaps re-defining or moving to a deeper level of understanding of what is truly important in my life. What I want to say with my life moving forward.  

Yet the question right now that remains is what is mine to do?

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


                                                                            KNOW THIS NOW

Through the current ingredients of chaos, challenges and change we are creating a new paradigm of equality, harmony and balance based upon universal love. This is not metaphysical BS but what is actually taking place.