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JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART: Being Alone with Jeff Fasano

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel, Photographer and Author

Being Alone

You are now resonating at a level where you are moving within and beginning to gather your thoughts, feelings, and intentions for yourself. Now, it’s time to fill your “toolbox” and learn how to use those tools. Some of you have already been given many tools. Some are apprentices learning how to handle them. Some are actively searching for tools.

The next tool in your toolbox is your sense of self. You are looking to step out onto the great pathway of the unknown and, as you look at it outside of yourself, you see nothing and this frightens you. Seeing nothing frightens you. It is evident that you cannot control anything outside of you. Seeing nothing on the pathway ahead means your life is simply about you now. You have been used to looking outside of yourself to have your needs met. Now you are looking within. As you are moving into the depth of your heart, you gather everything you know about you and all your energies to this one space.

You have shed layers of wounding. Now, it is as if you have moved into a closet within your heart where you are looking at rubbish. You have identified the old aspects of your life that need to be thrown out. You will keep shedding layers and tossing out the rubbish until all you have left is your truth and your energy.

“Who am I?” you may be asking. “Since I know I can no longer look outside of myself for validation and gratification or for anything, who am I now?”

Looking for a toolbox is to search for what you need to take with you on your journey (other than yourself). You ask, “What can I bring with me?” In your toolbox are the tools you learn in your life about being who you are, and honoring and valuing your wonderful self. When you hit obstacles, these are the tools you will utilize.

You are beginning to release the patterns of isolation, separation, and duality within you. And when you look into the mirror now, you are beginning to enjoy who you see reflected there, as opposed to judging and shaming yourself. You can look into the mirror today and say, “I like this person; there must be something to this process.”

Old judgment and shame falls away as you integrate parts of yourself that you once avoided by honoring, valuing, and loving yourself from the depth of your heart. As you do this, energy emanates from your heart and raises the level of resonance and vibration within you. What comes next from you is a thought, “I would love to meet someone and begin to share this feeling with another soul.” Realize that the person you would like to meet is someone who feels the same as you do. And once the two of you get together, you both will wonder what it would be like to meet another person…and another.

By raising your vibration and level of resonance you attract those who are resonating at the same level. By moving in harmony, peace, and love with the essence of yourself—in congruence with your truth—you connect with a community outside of you.

You are now moving out into the world on a new pathway with a somewhat intact self and looking to give from the depth of your heart, enjoying how wonderful and glorious you are. World service occurs when you begin to look for ways to express yourself and ask, “What can I give?” Understand that this is why you are looking to attract and be with others who are at the same level of resonance as you.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

WE CONSCIOUSNESS: Conversation Five

Archangel Michael Messages 
Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano 

From the Archangel Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you move deeper into your heart space and opening up to the full acceptance of self without judgment and shame. You are opening the doorway to your heart with acceptance and compassion of self. So We ask you, how much of you are you accepting with compassion and how much are you still judging and shaming?

We come to you at this momentous time on your earthly plain of clearing and cleansing and the joining in We Consciousness. At this time you are moving through a period of clearing and cleansing where un-truths are coming to the fore. You are beginning to see these un- truths more than you ever have before so it is time to open to them to see where you can shift and change yourself through this and see it through acceptance and compassion in the divine plan. This is not an aberration, for un-truths are being revealed to the masses. You have seen these un-truths and known them for quite some time and your migration out into the world with this knowing is shifting and changing the energy.

The work you have done with yourself is now emanating outward and you are affecting others. Thus others are beginning to shift and change within themselves and raising their level of resonance and vibration. What is changing ever so slowly is the resonance and vibration of the masses. Thus they are ready to see the un-truths because they have gained a greater sense of self. You now are seeing these un-truths but you are no longer feeling a charge by them because you have gained a greater sense of self. Some of you are seeing the un-truths in your world and realizing that these un-truths outside of you have no effect on you. This is based upon the work you have done within you to move to a fruition of We- ness within you and We-ness with others.

We come to speak to you about acceptance and compassion for others on their pathway. We asked you how much of you are you accepting with compassion and how much of you are you still judging and shaming? Thus We ask the same for others. Are you accepting others with compassion or not and are you still judging and shaming others? As you raise your level of resonance and vibration you raise your level of acceptance and compassion for self. You then rise to a greater level where you release judgment and shame of self. You can now do this with others. You can open your heart to others in We Consciousness and bring your endeavors to the world. So where are you still judging and shaming others?

Look now at the happenstance in your world, the un-truths that are being revealed. In the next 21 days your earthly plain will be going through a clearing and cleansing process. As you move into your month of December toward the end of your year 2012 and into 2103 and begin the full fruition of your endeavors. So we ask you this question, how clear are you individually with your passion, purpose and mission in this lifetime? It is important to be very clear about this as you move through this cleansing and clearing process within and of old low vibrational energies in your third dimensional realm that is revealing the un-truths. These are the myths and legends of duality. In your recent elections you have seen duality played out. In 2013 you will see a congruence and a communal way of doing things moving forward.

As We have said to you many times, you are moving into a new world of community, harmony and equality, We Consciousness. What is transpiring on your earthly plain is a clearing and cleansing process that will continue for the next 21 days so you can end your year on a cleaner slate and begin 2013 with a new slate. This is what is transpiring.

In this next step of We Consciousness it is important to open your heart to others through acceptance and compassion, your constituency. How are you looking at the concerns of you constituency? This about moving beyond where it has been about what you want and what you are bringing to the world because it is important to you. This is of course is step one but now it is time to look at the concerns of your constituency. You bring your endeavors to them and it is time to now receive from them.

We Consciousness is not about standing on your dais and proposing to others what you would like to give them as the orator. It is now about the inclusion of others. Opening your heart to the inclusion of your constituency when you bring your endeavors to them. It is about sharing. It is not about saying to others, here take this and this is what you will be doing. It is about sharing what you are doing and opening your heart to accept others for where they are.

This all coincides with why We asked you, where are you accepting you with compassion and where are you still judging and shaming you? Are you still residing in the mental body? The important aspect of We Consciousness is moving into the depth and breadth of your heart. In We Consciousness you are in your heart not your mental body. You may understand the concept of We Consciousness in your mental body and continue your path in life in your mental body. This cleansing process is about opening your heart space and including others. In We Consciousness the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated. So we ask, how much of your uniqueness are you realizing, understanding and accepting so you can see the uniqueness in others? Thus seeing how they can give in the process as you move out into the new world of We Consciousness, community, harmony and equality.

Old energies are being uprooted and the un-truths of your world are being revealed. You are thus moving through a cleansing process because what has been revealed in the old world of form, old political systems, government systems, financial systems, is duality. What has been played out in the electoral aspects of your third dimension is duality. It is time to look at this, see the un-truths and move to We Consciousness. We use the reference of your political, financial and governmental systems because this is your old world of form. Within you, you are realizing your own old world of form to reveal your truth. Thus you move from believing through your conditioning what is transpiring outside of you to your truth. There is a difference between belief and truth. Beliefs lie in your mental body and are the result of the conditioning of your nervous system. When you move into the depth of your heart you uncover your truth. This has nothing to do with what is transpiring outside of you. You now can use your tools, move within and respond to what is transpiring outside of you.

There is now a congruence to what is transpiring on the periphery in your third dimension to We Consciousness. Moving into a new world of community, harmony and equality you are moving into a new age. This is a slow process and why you with your endeavors are introducing We Consciousness out in the world. These conversations are geared for those who are the way showers and light workers and moving out into the world, sharing themselves and endeavors with others to open their hearts and move into We Consciousness within themselves. This begins as an individual process.

Are you opening your heart? When you are sharing you and your endeavors with others are you opening your heart to receive what they bring as well. Thus there is congruence, ebb and flow and a balance of giving and receiving. Within We Consciousness there is a balance of giving and receiving. Sharing, Giving and then Receiving. It is important to open your heart to be in this flow. In We Consciousness there is neutrality. When this exists in the new soul family you then can move out into the world en masse. In many new soul families that are being formed this is transpiring. Uniqueness is being celebrated, the power and greatness of the individual is celebrated and there is a balance of giving and receiving. Yet, it is about responsibility as well. Where are you taking responsibility for yourself as you step out into the world? Are you sharing from the depth of your heart with full transparency and authenticity? are you opening your heart to listen? Are you listening? Are you opening up your heart to listen and receive others? Many of you use your oratory preferences to avoid listening and receiving. It is now important to begin to listen to others. As you share with others and give to them with your endeavors allow it to land where it will with them. Open your heart to then receive from them what comes back to you.

As you move en masse out into the world, you will be creating a new age along with the new age way showers and light workers. This may happen in small groups. These small groups will turn into larger groups. It is now important to see where you stand within all of this.

The Teachings

The bodies of teachings and the messages, lessons and exercises that We bring to you largely pertain to the personal process, moving within and ascending within. Individually define for yourself your mission and purpose. Once you do this you can take from our teachings whatever you need and bring your endeavor to the world. These teachings are about preparing the individual for We Consciousness. Preparing them to open their heart to move out into the world in their powerfulness and greatness by loving, honoring and valuing themselves. These are tools to use. It is a preparatory process. It is up to the individual to choose We Consciousness. And choose the path of the light worker and way shower to form the new soul family and move into group consciousness to raise the level of resonance and vibration out in the world en masse. It is up to the individual in the process to move within and find their passion, purpose and mission. Then take that out into the world.

These conversations are a preparation for the new age of We Consciousness. These teachings are essential for We Consciousness. The only way you can move into We Consciousness outside of you is to move into it within you. The only way the resonance and vibration can shift out in the world it must shift within the individual first.

The old consciousness is me consciousness, it is a lower vibrational consciousness.

The intention for the individual process is to raise the level of resonance and vibration within. Then connect with like-minded individuals who are moving through the same or a similar process to raise their level of resonance and vibration to form the soul family in-group consciousness. When the resonance and vibration of the soul family rises to then en masse move out into the world to shift and change the level of resonance and vibration. This is done through the laws of Quantum Physics where higher vibrational resonance shifts and changes the lower dense vibrational resonance. This is where your earthly plain will divide into thirds. One third consists of the old consciousness a lower vibrational resonance. They will fight to the death to keep this in place. What will happen and is happening is this third will begin to die off. The other two thirds will remain.

One third will realize that the old world of form doesn’t work; it is dying. They will then realize within them their old form, their old habits patterns and rituals and look for change. They realize now that what is transpiring outside of them is myth that is being perpetrated over and over and it no longer works. This part will come to the light workers and way showers and this is where the new age will form.
When you utilize the messages, exercises and lessons from fifth dimensional sources for your personal process then use them to assist and guide others you are doing so in your soul’s divine plan and this is what is called the Altruistic We. You are always living your soul’s divine plan.

We Consciousness is a symbiosis of multi-dimensional energies with the human as the way shower and light worker and the energies from mother earth. This combines together to move into We Consciousness in your third dimensional lifetime.

These bodies of teachings lead you to shift and change internally. You release the old within and what is familiar and comfortable is revealed so you can move out if that. Thus leading to portals in time or doorways that open for you. These doorways lead into the unknown. See where you are comfortable and what you are familiar with that are your comfort zone and see why you are repeating that no longer serves your greater good and moving out into the world in We Consciousness. It is about walking the pathway into the unknown. 

Where are you still frightened to move into the unknown?

What do you still believe in and what is your truth?

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Uriel Message #2

Chapter XXXVII

To call higher beings

Let us first think upon them, and in our mind’s eye,
Let our seeing become their being.
The higher being
Gives of itself unconditionally,
In all conditions, unceasingly.


Uriel Message #2: Uriel, Yes, We Are Working Together

Channeled by Trance Channel, Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

Oh Happy Days! We are delighted with your choice to work with us, dear one. Welcome. There is much work to be done at this most dramatic time of change upon your planet. Much is being revealed to humanity of the many levels of assistance you are receiving, if you choose it. There has never been in the history of your planet such a “concert” of effort from the angelic and star realms. But remember, dear ones, we can only do so much, you have a freedom of will and choice. We cannot and must not interfere. But forces like never before are coming into your world to assist you, at last, to join into oneness, to stop the few controlling the many, if you so choose. Your summer will be a most powerful time. We shall see those who choose to move forward and those who do not. Those who do not will no longer receive the assistance of the past times. Our focus is upon the portion of your beautiful planet that chooses to move forward into oneness—the Club of Love, Acceptance, Peace, Unity, Oneness. How does that make you feel in contrast to your planet's past and present history of separation and war? By the end of your hot summer months, we'll have all the forces connected to assist in allowing the greatest truth to come forth for you all, to know that you are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have watched lovingly throughout your history as you chose not to love one another, as a collective whole. Now you can see that you are all unique expressions of that whole.

There are many institutions and governments and their leaders who will facilitate this shift. Pay attention to who you put into office. Know their true intentions. Check their background. Reform your “professional” political career structure. Remember, it was the private common man who was to go into public office and then return to his private life after servicing his fellow man, not professional politicians, who through generational greed have created your corrupt system. You can change that now, dear ones.

The feminine energies coming in will assist in balancing the masculine that has created much of your cause and effect. There must be a balance of male and female energies; this has nothing to do with either gender or sex. These energies are here to assure that love stays in place. For when the male and female balance, it equals love. Then you think with your hearts, which is your true mind, not your brain.
Set aside all fear and resistance as the changes take place. Remember, fear is just an absence of the love you've needed all along. And love is the glue that holds the universe together, the highest vibration that allows great, creative, loving things to manifest into your third dimensional world.

Don't worry about how all this will happen. Surrender to the unknown; in the void lies creation and all possibility. In the not knowing, the knowing will surely come. There is no need to strive for anything. The divine plan of your planet is unfolding through your individual divine plans. It's all perfect, dear ones. Fear not. Love is on the way to save the day!

Now rest and know the truth of who you are and why you are here. It is all being revealed. Relax. Love. Rest. And listen to that quiet voice within you. It is we speaking to you, guiding many of you. Use your solitude to know the quiet and truth coming forth. You will not find it outside in your world. It lies deep with you. It’s been there all along.
Now you know for sure.

Love and Light,


P.S. Many of you use forming groups to facilitate the work that needs to be done. State the intention/mission of the group and allow those souls who resonate within it to appear. Remember, change is all there is. Allow your fellow man an opportunity to change or not. Through holding the focus/mission of your groups, you will know who the light workers are. Allow all to become so. The history of your planet has excluded most by the few. Don't fall into that trap again, dear ones. The portion of your planet that is there to be and do the work will just appear. They will reveal themselves soon enough. Know this present truth, and be free of your past history.

Man Power God Power by Phillip Elton Collins Copyright © 2013