Thursday, June 29, 2017



 St. Germain Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins
The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Students,
It should come as no surprise that those who chose and were chosen to be the founding fathers (including the feminine energy) represented the complete compliment of the diversity of human reality,
At present humanity is in the process of understanding and accepting the diversity of human gender and sexuality, as an essential aspect of your ascension process..  Since you are creation creating, it is far more than your sciences and religions have taught you.  Many have mastered and experienced the full expression of the human gender/sexuality experience throughout their many incarnations. Rest assured the foundation of all your expressions/experiences are the process of balancing the masculine and feminine energies..
At present within your 3D experience there are five genders to express upon and within. Again, all of it is a way to know the foundation of your reality. You can be male, female, homo/heterosexual, transsexual and pan/bi-sexual. All of these are an attempt to express a balance within your dimension. Once ascended into the higher realms there will be an eternal balance.
All of your duality, judgment, bias, prejudice and negative emotions of confrontation are an imbalance within the male and female energies which transcend much of your consciousness. Gender and human sexuality are more than your social norms or your ability to reproduce. They are the balance of giving and receiving, birth and death, emotions and thoughts; the very foundation of creation itself.
Please know and share with others you cannot and will not ascend into a higher frequency of existence without balancing the masculine and feminine energies through love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

Your teacher and friend,
St Germain

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins


Confused and concerned by what is going on in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Many, from the highest levels of government and public and private institutions to average citizens, answer, yes. Yet, I don’t believe we can truly understand what is going on in our country and the world—and empowering ways to respond-- without a spiritual perspective.

This one is from St Germain who is mankind’s guide for this new 2000-year spiritual age of ascension, which began December 2012. (Ascension is the spiritual process of moving from the illusion of separation to the recognition of our oneness—that we are all expressions of God.)

Here is what St Germain--who inspired our Constitution and other founding papers--says about the role of America in the world. (All teachings and quotations from St Germain were channeled by Phillip Collins.)

America is the remaining hope of humanity. America is the way shower for the rest of the world; the destiny of America reflects the oneness destiny of the world.

America is the heart center of the Earth. America carries the light of the Cosmic Christ that will illuminate the planet into love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

Democracy is the only form of government that can create these qualities. That is why the divine realms created it and why democracy’s preservation and what happens politically in our country is so important to the citizens of the United States and the world and to creation itself.

With this brief perspective, here is what St. Germain had to say this week about recent political developments in the United States:

I come to you at this time of the activation of the checks and balances to protect, maintain and sustain your democracy at this time. What you are witnessing is chaos moving into creation. The checks and balances that were set up with the creation of these United States of America are to ensure truth, freedom, equality, harmony and balance for all.

The country has never actually achieved the full potential of these words, and humanity loves to learn what is through what is not. You are experiencing that process now, but you will come out the other end of this with a renewed renaissance and revelation of the importance of this country by experiencing what you are experiencing now.

It is awakening many of you. You are realizing that democracy is not a spectator sport, that it requires a majority of you to participate. Right now the majority of you do not participate, nor do you understand the structure of your democratic government. All of this, through your free choice and free will, is giving you an opportunity now to wake up, to pass the test, if you will, to understand the higher realm intentions within the structure of your democratic government, which is in place at this time to protect you.

You are realizing that ascension is not a straight path forward. At times it is essential to take a couple of steps back to learn what is through what is not in order to maker grander steps forward.

Ascension is a process of inside out, not outside in. You are seeing individuals coming forward as a result of the activation of their soul plans and through their own empowerment of self to “pony up”, not be beholding to the government or to one individual within a presidential position, moving forward and saying, I can and we can move certain aspects of a democratic movement forward. 

The lack of equality, harmony and balance in mankind, St Germain says, reflects the lack of balance of the masculine (mind) and feminine (heart) energies in our cultures. Equality, harmony and balance will only be restored when a balance of the masculine and feminine energies is restored.

The shift will come, as we have discussed, through the women of the world rising up and simply saying they have had enough of inequality, enough of imbalance.
It is up to the women of the world to stand forward and to predicate the shift.