Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by PhillipCollins


Anyone reading these blogs knows that St Germain has been warning America and the world  that Donald Trump carries the genetic codes of the tyrant, the same genetic DNA as Adolph Hitler and the ancient alien forces that sought to enslave humanity eons ago.

I posted St Germain’s warnings in several blogs including THE TRUMP/HITLER CONNECTION on February 3 and WARNING: TYRANT ON March 26.

Trump’s tyrannical instincts were on full view yesterday with his statement about the tragic violence last weekend in Charlottesville, VA when he equated those who stood against racism and bigotry with the Nazi, KKK and white supremacist marchers chanting hate slogans about persons of color, Jews and immigrants, etc.  

The health and survival of the United States and our democracy are paramount to St Germain because he helped inspire the founding papers created by our founding fathers. The democracy of the United States was created by the divine realms to be the prototype for governments in the rest of the world.

The United States is a pivotal component of the divine plan for mankind which is to work through our differences and diversity to create a community of oneness--which can only occur in a culture of equality and freedom.

Here is what St Germain said Monday about the events in Charlottesville:

Let us discuss the basic cause and effect of exactly what is hatred. Where did it come from and how does it continue to live in the human psyche? It all goes back to the manipulation of your DNA and RNA by the master races, the advanced civilizations that initially came to this planet and helped create you as a hybrid of themselves of what at the time were primitive human beings.

As a result of the manipulation of your genetic coding, two things were put in place.
One was a slave mentality, which the advanced civilizations needed to create to control you. The other was a consciousness of separation, duality, created by the splicing of your genes, which would prevent you from becoming organized.  The ability to organize would empower you as a human species; thus, they would be unable to control you to mine their minerals and other natural resources on this planet in order to repair their own planet and for other endeavors as well.

These advanced civilizations intermarried with the human species they had created and thus produced an  advanced hybrid species which still exists in your world which is called The  Illuminati and the Cabal. These hybrid humans continue to attempt to control you by keeping you in isolation, separation and confrontation through your wounded relationship with self, through self-hate.

This wisdom is completely missing from your history or your belief systems at this time. Even if this were to be revealed at this time there would be vast numbers of humanity who would not understand or believe it. But we wish for you to understand the foundation of the hatred and how the hatred is continuing to be fueled by the hidden forces in an attempt to keep you in duality and separation--which is in the process of being healed and eliminated in your distorted DNA by the higher vibrations of the planet herself as she moves into the higher vibrations of ascension. 

You have forces funding and fueling these groups by individuals such as the Duke family. They are putting these groups together and are encouraging them to act out, creating the negative consequences last weekend of the loss of life and the projected hatred.

Let’s focus for just a moment on the positive aspects of this happening. All of these organizations by coming out of the darkness into the light are revealing who they are. You are even seeing photographs of the individuals in these groups.

There is a divine plan in all of this coming out which, of course, wasn’t in the plan of those who were organizing it. They are attempting to appeal to the base of the executive branch. In effect, this will backfire as people will see and realize this hatred actually exists and is being fueled within these United States of America.

You fought World War II to eliminate Nazism and extreme, radical behavior so that hatred would not rule the world, so that extreme behavior would not be allowed within nations and governments.

The question that we who were instrumental in the creation of the United States of America ask is:

Can you really be an American and a Nazi at the same time?

That is the fundamental question for the populace of these United States and your present government to ask.

Also ask the questions: 
. If governmental leaders are not willing to come out immediately and condemn those     
  forces, what is preventing them from doing so? 
. Are those forces controlling them? 
. Are they beholding to those forces? 
. What prevents them from forthrightly coming out and saying this is not acceptable in this 

All of this hatred coming up is vital for the portion of the population that is conscious to begin to make another choice to really support the structure of your democracy.

You’re seeing the fundamental wounding and the hatred and duality of segments of the populace. But that does not include the majority, even though the funding supporting them makes them appear very vocal and that they could actually achieve their mission to become a party within themselves.

The racism and hate has been hidden and is being exposed in the light.  It is essential, it is necessary that what was hidden come out of the darkness, out of the shadows into the light.
Make a choice to remain in the light--allowing them to come out from the darkness into the light, and allowing the application of Responsibility=Consequences and allowing them to realize that their behavior is not acceptable within a democratic structure.

You cannot be an American and a Nazi.

That war has been fought.

Monday, August 7, 2017

By Philip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
As many of us who resonate with the identity of lightworker/wayshower know, multi-dimensional higher realm energies are coming into our Earth plane like never before during 2017 affecting our human emotional, mental and physical bodies. We who call ourselves channels of higher realms are receiving from various multi-dimensional realms that 2017 is the year to fully embrace who we are and why we are here and take that out into the world through our talents and gifts.

You have been receiving, from my Angel News Network colleague Jeff Fasano (via Archangel Michael) and I (via Archangel Uriel), monthly updates of how and why these higher energies are affecting us. July was all about clearing and cleansing the old. Right now we are focusing on the month of August.

August, my birth month, is filled with the above aforementioned higher realm energies that are accelerating the ascension process of the planet affecting our personal process in being human. As explained in the past, the early August multi-dimensional energies are coming in a clockwise direction entering the crown chakra and transcending to our root chakra, connecting to the core of the planet herself. At present we are experiencing these energies often creating chaos in our outside world (have you noticed?) that gains our attention on a personal and collective basis. All of this is to further activate our soul plans by knowing the truth of who we are and why we are here.
In order for the full activation of our soul plan to take place, it requires us being responsible for a complete commitment to our individuated/personal process of being able to have a harsh/deep examination of our self (self being a reflection of All There Is). What are we still holding onto in relationship to self that is preventing us from having the life we desire, thus creating a world of love, equality, harmony and balance? Higher reams are explaining that it does not matter what is happening outside our self. Our personal ascension process is one of inside out, not outside in (how many times do we need to hear this?)


Remember, these massive multi-dimensional energies have initially been coming in from an early August clockwise direction, in effect to move us from the darkness/unhealed aspect of self into the light of the healed self. Energetically this will take place mid-August on the 21st when we experience the solar eclipse. On that Monday (moon day) the direction of the energy will shift from clockwise to counter clockwise. This will support our ability to look at old patterns, rituals and habits that no longer support our highest good. But we must be willing to take responsibility, make the commitment (our part of the agreement in being human) and do the work and then be our message!

Yes, we are and have been supported and guided by the higher dimensional realms for a long time and we have been given a great many teachings and tools. The question is: Are we ready to receive and apply what we have been given in a balance of giving and receiving? If not now, when?

Are we ready to release what has kept us in the old, stuck in “telling our story” as the victim or focusing on ‘what is not’ in our life rather than ‘what is’? Let us remember the universal equation GRATITUDE (for what is) = ABUNDANCE (present and future). We are not our stories or emotions or thoughts; they are not so simply ‘learning tools’; the way we have chosen to learn how and what we need to master. Once we release these, we transcend them.

It is time to give up the struggle to survive life and let life take care of itself (it knows how just fine) as we take care of ourself (self being a reflection of All There Is). The counter clockwise solar eclipse energies will assist us in being and doing just this. As we commit more and more to the ‘inner work’ and less focus on the outside, we shift the darkness into the light as our personal self comes out from the shadow-self into the light of our eternal divinity.

August will be a month of realizing who and what resonates and what and who does not, all based upon how much we have healed through our personal process work and loving self. We shall be looking at what needs to change and where we are within fear, doubt and ignorance (the monsters of mankind). If we so choose, it is time for many to move beyond the life we are living and ‘jump start’ our lives through integrating the higher realm energy support we are being given at this time.

Ultimately what we (humanity) are releasing is the need to learn through duality, separation and confrontation. This is all achieved through self and life mastery (and the higher realms’ tools/teachings to this process are readily available).

My Collins family crest motto vincit, virtus, pericula means: “With virtue and courage all danger dies”. During August as we continue a powerful clearing and cleansing energetic cycle, let us all have the courage and commitment to create the life (and world) we demand and command.

Choosing to be human (emotional, mental, and physical) is one of the most courageous cosmic choices we could have chosen. Let us continue to fully activate our soul plans by knowing what they are and who we are. Love is the building block of all creation. Human life is a Laboratory of Learning to Love…self, others, the world, galaxy and universe…

During the solar eclipse our soul family is gathering for a sacred ceremony. We shall be ready to receive whatever additional higher realm guidance is available. Within a balance of giving and receiving, we shall apply it….

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dear World “Leaders,”

Without mastering the “power of love” rather than the “love of power” we shall never create equality, harmony and balance on this planet. WE THE PEOPLE are insisting on this now if you intend to remain in power.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins


Every day I hear verbal hand wringing about the dangers of the Trump presidency to our country and democracy.

Some of it is coming from me.

Yesterday, I discussed the state of our democracy with St.Germain, who many of you know is an ascended master who has played an essential role in the spiritual evolution of humanity for millennia and was a key force in the founding of the United States of America as a sanctuary for freedom and equality.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

“Beloved students, there is a consciousness and an awakening within this country that will insure not only the survival but the growth and expansion of the concept of democracy. Why do I say that? Because it is an aspect of the ascension process of the planet herself.

“You have enough consciousness reflecting the ascension process of the planet herself--as the frequency is exponentially increasing and moving through the human mental, emotional and physical bodies--to have the democracy you say you want.

“There were manipulations within this election which are being revealed. There were distortions within the electoral process which you may wish to eliminate or to alter because, in effect, you do not have a democracy. You have an electoral college which was created when the country had an entirely different population configuration than it does now.

“Also begin to look at the power within the executive branch, if you so choose, and assess the consequences when you have such an individual as you have now who represents the wounded aspects of humanity. As you’re getting concerned, do not lose sight that this individual (Trump) is playing a role within the whole evolutionary process of what needed to come up for review.

“You are having, as we have expressed many times before, all the wounds of humanity and the defenses around those wounds coming up within this individual and those who continue to support him. But do not believe that the support of this individual is the majority intention of most of the people of this nation and the world. It is not. Trust and surrender and know this truth: there are not as many of them as you suppose.

“You have an opportunity to change, revise and update certain aspects of the election process, which will allow the concept of democracy to flourish and to take place, which is the destiny of this country.

“I can assure you I’m not the least bit concerned. I see this as a process that humanity and the planet and the democratic process have chosen to experience by bringing this up. If the other candidate had won, the status quo would have remained. What is happening now, more people are involved in government and organizations and resistance and creating new paradigms than ever before. This is a positive outcome of this particular event and process. Sometimes, as you know, you have to take a couple of steps back in order to take a step forward. That is exactly what is taking place now.

“If things had remained the same, you would not have exponentially evolved and grown and expanded the way you are going to. Understand that. Can you see that? Do not fall into despair.”

I brought up that the problems in our country are much larger than the issues surrounding the Trump presidency. Our economy is dominated by six major industries, and the biggest companies in them have enormous control and influence over the congress.

St. Germain: “They have bought your government. It is a corporately owned government. However, there are events taking place, people rising up independent of that corruption. Expose the corruption more and more through social media and digital media and electronic media which have been gifted to you by the higher realms and continue to expose the corruption. The monetary buying and selling of government has to be taken out, which has been going on for millennia.

“As more and more people become aware of it, there can be constraints put on how money  affects the outcome of government. Actually, if the populace was allowed to have its true voice, which it hasn’t had as a result of the electoral college and certain manipulations, it would bypass the control of the corrupted government.

“The consciousness of we the people by the people and for the people will always override corruption given the opportunity.

“Have trust in that. Do not fall into despair. That is what the corrupted forces depend upon. The people would just become overwhelmed with diversion techniques that prevent the truth from coming out. There are more people conscious and awake than ever before as a result of the ascension process, which is the foundation of all that is taking place."

I pointed out that the concentration of wealth and power is a world-wide phenomenon. The Panama Papers published last year, which were put together by over 50 journalists from around the world, estimate that up to 38 trillion dollars of wealth the world over is hidden from taxation. Yet, many countries, including our own, can’t afford to build and maintain our infrastructure or fund education, health care and our basic institutions. These hoarders of wealth thrive on the cultures we create but don’t want to support them.

St Germain: “Your president of the United States is one of them. He’s trying to say this is the new normal. It’s OK to not pay taxes. It’s OK to hide your money. It’s OK not to reveal your tax returns.  Now people are saying, no, that’s not acceptable. That’s not good enough. We want to know what is happening.

“Now is the time to reveal all this hidden money, and you have forms of media to do that. You have a renaissance of the investigative reporter. Look what is happening at the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Look at the renaissance of the importance of the free press and how that is moving into exposing the corruption that is really taking place. It’s focused at the executive branch, at the president himself. What better learning tool can there be for those who choose to accept the truth?

“It is not always a step forward. Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back. That is the process you are in now. See the process and trust and know all is in divine order.”