Monday, July 30, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


I was as confused as the rest of the world about Trump’s recent disastrous performance in Europe where he attacked our closest trading and defense partners, dismissed evidence of Russian interference in US elections presented by US Intelligence agencies (embracing, instead, Putin’s denials) and praised Putin’s “strong” leadership. Praise for a dictator notorious for jailing and killing his political opponents.

Is Trump stupid, a traitor...or what? This is essentially the question I asked of St Germain, the ascended master most responsible for the founding of the United States as the incubator of We consciousness and liberty on Earth.

Here is St Germain’s response:

Often, if your egos cannot gain validation through positive attention, they will seek it through
negative actions or reactions by provoking another (villain role.)

This is the role your president has chosen to play on a domestic and world stage.

This behavior can increase if the wounded inner child of the individual desires to experience more pain to avoid being invisible.

Your president will be and do anything to gain attention. By being stuck in his story of bad boy, he seeks attention by being the victim and villain by being easily offended or reactionary towards others. If no one listens or cares about his story, it can become his truth and problem to never resolve. This “role playing” is hard work, but your president knows no other path in his life.

His recent international behavior has caught the attention of the world and is further waking up those who have been supporting his unhealed ego plays of the past and present.

A united paradigm is being created. This is what is necessary to effect the needed change.

The tyrants and dictators of the world with whom he resonates (for they have the same wounds and defenses) see him as someone they can manipulate, for they are more skilled and knowing than he.

If the citizens of the United States of America so choose to fully participate within your democratic structure, you can strengthen your democracy. If you do not choose change, you will continue to see this president’s unhealed behavior revealing the deep wounds of your nation in more extreme ways until you are ready to choose change.

At present, there is no international plot or plan to take down your government. Your president simply does not have the tools to know how to do that.

Your teacher and friend,
St Germain

Saturday, July 28, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

The needed, destined advancement/evolution/ascension of humanity is coming from higher realms forces that cannot be perceived by our human senses. This is not the first time moving from seen to unseen has assisted us. Radio and TV waves were some of the first unseen gifts from these realms..  Today cyberspace and cell phones are others.. Are we ready to accept unseen loving forces beyond our comprehension are assisting us like never before ? That in fact these higher realms assisted in the creation of all of our past Golden Ages and are intending to build a new Golden Age right now ! 

Can we now accept, as a human species, the unseen divine forces within higher dimensions of existence, are here to save us from ourselves and assist in elevating us into that higher reality?
The human mind will continue to say, “This is strange voodoo and not true.” But what are our hearts saying ? If not now, when ?

Thursday, July 26, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, co-founder, The Angel News Network

The world’s greatest resources are to be found in the eternal human spirit which supports our ability to create.

It is time to remember and take ownership and responsibility for the choice we made to be human, to bring joy in belonging to the human species. To know through our talents and gifts we can and shall overcome any and all problems (which are our learning tools).

It is time to feel at home in the universe, knowing we are the universe experiencing itself.
Within our journey upon planet Earth let us remain perpetually curious and deeply embrace our kinship with one another on the Earth and within the universe. We are all made from the same energy of love.

Let us free ourselves through continued connection to higher realms from Earthbound limitation propelling us into a new paradigm of love, equality, harmony and balance connecting us to the finite and infinite.

The youth of the world and the feminine energy are presently responsible for the values that give affirmative energy to society.

Let us affirm there is no limit to human potentiality since we are the creators creating.
We are all in a personal process of introducing ourselves to ourselves. We are each other in disguise.

Humanity’s divine destiny does not reside within governments, religions, corporations or any other organization but rather within individual human beings.

 The youth and the women of the world know it is not a world of “you or me” but one of “you and Me.” It is time to balance the masculine and feminine in this world. The imbalance is the base cause of our duality and separation, leading to confrontation.

Let us affirm that each of us will activate our soul plans (reason to be here) and be and do whatever is necessary  through a deep personal process  to support the ascension of the planet and humanity into a higher frequency of existence, thus creating a new epoch of “We Consciousness,” knowing there is enough to be shared for all.

To create a new paradigm of oneness it takes the subtlest individual   intention in the proper place to effect necessary change, what we resist persist.

 Again, all change begins with the self-empowerment and the intention of one person to manifest on behalf of all humanity which cannot be achieved by any organizations, regardless its size and power.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Moving Me To We,
Creating A New World Of Wonder
By Phillip Elton Collins
(with a lot of help from higher realms)

Balancing The Masculine And Feminine Energies

The universe relies upon balance to maintain and sustain itself, a balancing of giving and receiving. The major cause of most of the pain on this planet is due to the imbalance of the masculine (assertive energy) and the feminine (receptive energy). This imbalance is the cause of most of the duality, separation, hatred, inequality and confrontation in our world.
The suppression of the feminine energy by the masculine over the past three thousand years has enabled the ego to gain a major foothold within the human collective culture. What was it that made men feel so threatened by the female, perhaps the empowering female’s ego evolution? Then the male knew they could only gain full control by rendering the female powerless. The ego has gained more of a hold on the masculine (mind-oriented) than the feminine (less mind oriented). The feminine is more connected to their inner spiritual aspects and the intuitive.
If our cultural evolution had been different and the masculine had not so effectively subjugated the feminine we would not have declared past wars on ourselves and the planet, and alienated our divine Being. But with the ascension energies flooding the planet, things are quickly changing. With more light workers and way showers becoming conscious, the ego is losing its hold on humanity, as the ego mind is moving into service to the loving heart; we are learning to think with our hearts.
There has been only one perpetrator of major destruction on the planet: human unconsciousness. As we accept with compassion, thus forgive how we have chosen to learn, rather than curse the darkness; let us bless it with our Light.
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
Message from St Germain


The evidence is building that you have a President who is attempting to destroy the balance of power encased in your Constitution, seeking to accrue dictatorial powers to himself.

The American people are being given the chance to see the truth of what Donald Trump truly represents:  A return to the tyranny of Me consciousness over We consciousness that existed everywhere on earth before the founding of the United States of America.

You have been told that this is a clearing and cleansing required to wake up your citizens to finally understand that democracy is their grave responsibility to preserve and maintain. Because most of your citizens fail to vote, you have the situation you are experiencing now.

What you are seeing unfolding is a divine plan to bring your citizens into a greater understanding and acceptance of We consciousness as the platform upon which democracy is constructed.

Your awakening can only happen if you fear the loss of your precious freedoms guaranteed by the divinely inspired Constitution of the world’s first modern democracy.

Your United States of America will serve as a beacon of freedom and light to the rest of the world, but first it must rekindle its own light of freedom.

You chose to be here during this time of testing. America is to lead the world into a consciousness of peace, love, equality, harmony and balance--the fruit of We consciousness.

The first step in creating We consciousness in your nation is to first create We consciousness in yourself.

Your friend and teacher,
St Germain

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Archangel Michael Speaks: You are Being the Best of Who You are Right Now! Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

You are Being the Best of Who You are Right Now!

Do you ask yourself, What am I NOT doing?
Do you say to yourself, I must be doing something wrong!

If so, is time to see what you are doing. If you are looking to shift and change your life, this is a step in that process, shifting from looking at what you think you are not doing to what you are doing and doing this with praise. Look at what you are doing right now to shift and change your life. Look at how your life has shifted and changed from what you have done. Praise yourself for having the courage to move within and open your heart and look at you and your life. It is important now to look at what you are doing. And as you do this see how it shifts your life.

In the conscious and awareness of where you are right now in your life, you are being the best of who you are in this very moment.

There are behaviors you may have developed based upon conditioning that hold you in your old life and focusing on what isn’t in your life. Many beat themselves up for what they think they haven’t done yet, or what they should be doing. There are voices from the past that say to you, and you continue to hear, “you should be better at this or that. These voices push you to look at what you are not doing in your life, what you haven’t accomplished. Quite possibly voices that say, “you will never be good enough.”  It is important to be aware of this and the feelings that surface. Be with the feelings and allow them. Accept them, for they will reveal where you are in your process.

It is important to know that exactly where you are right now within your consciousness and awareness of self, you ARE being the best you that you can be right now.

Please know that if you are reading this with the desire to move deeper within to learn more about you and love yourself to change your life, it is important to acknowledge this.  It is important to see your desire to open your heart because doing so is serving yourself.  You are being who you are in the consciousness of where you are in your life now. By seeking to shift and change your life to fulfill your life’s purpose, praise yourself. Move within your heart and commend yourself for opening your heart to know you more deeply and move through the process. 

Friday, July 20, 2018


When we wake up to the reality we are life and that we and life are one, we come to know that we cannot ever lose what “I AM.”

It is impossible for us and life to be separate; otherwise, we would not be here. We cannot be separate from what we are, life. Let this truth heal our fear of physical death. It is impossible for us to lose what we eternally are.