Thursday, January 31, 2019


The Lucifer and Ahriman energies are the two great adversaries of mankind’s evolution., and ascension. The Luciferic energy leads humanity into a spiritual independence (of emotions, thoughts and physicality) away from the higher realms, tempting us to believe we created everything and can control it. The Ahrimanic energy strives to establish a purely material world on Earth which is entirely isolated from spiritual realities, intending we lose all awareness of our spiritual origin and destiny to return to the higher realms from whence we came.
At present, through the ascension process of the planet and humanity we are at last breaking free from these two supposed foes and seeing them as learning tools.
The truth will set us free,
Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network

Monday, January 28, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Divine Plan 
Giving and Receiving 
The Rise of the Feminine Energy

By setting your intentions, choices will appear and your divine plan will flow.
Being selective when making choices will allow the balance of giving and receiving. 

From time to time in your life, doubt will arise. It is important to remain in the consciousness of the being of who you are and open to receive love.

Your divine plan will transpire. It is about opening your heart so you can remain open to what transpires before you, to then make choices that serve your highest good. 

Doorways will open for you in your divine plan.  It is about choosing to walk though the doorway based upon who you are, what you want, the beingness of you and your truth. You will now walk through those doorways in a greater powerfulness and knowingness of who you are as well as a knowingness of the purpose of who you are and your endeavors.  

When the doorway opens in your divine plan, it is not about peeking through the doorways with trepidation, though you may do this. Yet, based upon your inner work many have moved to a place to now stand in your powerfulness so when you walk through the doorway, there is a knowingness of who you are. Thus now directing your life through the assertive masculine and opening up in the depth and breadth of your heart space to receive through the divine feminine.   This is the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within you.

Many now are seeing a greater meaning value and purpose for themselves. This will continue to escalate as you ascend in your divine plan. 

Balancing giving and receiving begins by opening your heart as you bring you and your energy to the world, then seeing what transpires as you do so. By doing this, you then allow what transpires and the opportunities that come, and with your heart open receiving what may come.  

You can now focus on your intentions and bring them out to the world and allow life to unfold. Doorways will open for you, it is important for you to remain conscious when they do.  

The feminine energy in your world is standing for truth more powerfully in a more compassionate way. It is about becoming more assertive with compassion. It is now about combining the assertive aspect of the masculine energy with the compassion of the feminine. It is about becoming more assertive bringing love and compassion to the world. Doing this can affect change as opposed to the old way of the aggressive masculine needing to be right by forcefully imposing upon others what you may have thought was right.  

What is transpiring now through the process of beingness and opening your heart space to give and receive love, is the feminine energy rising through love and compassion and assertively bringing this out to the world. 

As the masculine aspects of yourself are healing, your feminine aspects can combine with your healed masculine.  Many of the masculine gender are learning to open their heart to receive love and be more compassionate with themselves. Those of the feminine gender are doing the same because of the old paradigm of their wounding and conditioning was the need to keep up with the masculine. What those of the feminine gender are finding now as they move into their truth and the beingness of who they are, is the powerfulness of their feminine energy. They are finding as well, the powerfulness of compassion, love and receiving. By then combining this with the assertive masculine energy and moving forward out into the world is how you can affect change.   

It is not about moving out aggressively to forcefully tell others who you are, what you think, what is important to you and what you think is right. It is about opening your heart space to compassion, to love and assertively bringing this out to the world that will allow others to hear your message with love. 

When you move out into the world with assertive, compassionate energy, it allows others to open their heart space to receive and gives them the freedom to be who they are. This is the shift of the feminine rising in your world today. It is not only rising in those of the feminine gender but in the masculine gender as well.  

This is the reason why We continually ask you to move into your truth of peace, love, community, harmony and equality so you can move into your beingness of who you are and assertively bring that out to the world with love and compassion for others. This will move you into community, a collective and all inclusiveness. 

By opening your heart space to assert yourself out into the world with compassion and love, you can see others for who they are, and see through their mask to their essence. This will allow them the safety to open their heart. It is important to see the old masculine energy of aggression, of pushing energy at others that creates a wall and resistance to the pushing of the aggressive masculine. It is important to know that this needs to shift and is shifting now in many. 

It is important now to be assertive with your compassion and love for others. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019



The word Grail is derived from “graduale” meaning step by step. The search for the Holy, meaning divine, Grail is our journey of awakening our divine higher selves and the spiritual truth of knowing who we are and why we are here: Divine Spiritual beings having a human experience in the process of returning to spirit.  



It is our divine destiny to evolve into a higher state of consciousness of being and doing. But this is not always a straight path forward.  Often, we step back a few steps to gain a perspective prior to moving forward. This is what is happening now. The next step forward is going to be glorious!

Sunday, January 20, 2019



Beloved Humans being human, 

As a reminder of who you are and why you are here every once and awhile we send you messengers to remind you that you are divine eternal spirits choosing to have a human experience to learn what you need to learn through your emotions, thoughts and physical bodies.
The core message is always the same be it Buddha, Mohammad, Christ or ML King: YOU CAME FROM LOVE, YOU ARE LOVABLE. YOU ARE LOVE. Once you master this truth, through love you can build lives, nations and a world of equality, harmony and balance. This is your divine destiny and the purpose of this plant, THE LOVER-VERSITY.

In conditional love,
Archangel Uriel via Channel Phillip Elton Collins

Monday, January 14, 2019

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: OUTLOOK FOR 2019: The Fruition of Your Greatness. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Outlook 2019
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Year of the Fruition of Your Greatness

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving through aspects of your life and into the year of 2019, the year of fruition.  It is now about taking all your tools, and everything you have learned up to this moment in time, and move into the depth and breadth of your truth and beingness and open to your greatness and powerfulness of you. It is time to take everything you have learned and move out into the world in 2019, the fruition of the greatness, powerfulness and beingness of you. It is time to move out into the world expressing the depth and breadth of who you are in any way you choose. 

We have been telling you through 2017 into 2018 and now into 2019 it is about moving out into the world in the full expression of your truth. It is about raising your resonance and vibration then in turn raising the resonance and vibration of the collective to create a new collective consciousness. 

What will be transpiring for you in 2019, if in fact you choose to do so, is moving into a greater fruition of the self and the beingness of the self.  Finally letting go of old habits, patterns and rituals, that have kept you small, in the old and where you are. Releasing self judgment, judging aspects of yourself that you no longer need to.
It is now about releasing in 2019 all the old aspects of you that no longer serves your highest good.  It is about utilizing to the maximum all of your tools, all the wonderful and most glorious souls who champion your highest good. It is about seeing and connecting with all those who are there, in your corner, who champion your highest good and raise your resonance and vibration. Connecting with those who encourage your movement forward and also from time to time ask you to look into the mirror. These are those who love you.  

So it is about love. Moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space, placing your hands on your heart and know that you are loved.  Know that you are love, and ready to give and receive love in ways that you have never known as you move into your year of 2019.   

2019 is a year of fruition. You will notice patterns of fruition, patterns of building consciousness and patterns of connecting with those who champion your highest good. It is about releasing relationships that hold you in the old and now moving to a greater level of discernment of the relationships you are having and the relationship you are having with the outside world. 
In 2017 and 2018 We spoke to you about looking at what is transpiring in the outside world to see what resonates and what doesn’t. As well as seeing what in the outside world has triggered you to move within to a greater depth of your truth and the beingness of who you are.  

As you move into 2019 it about doing with purpose.  It is about creating what you need to create with greater purpose that serves the collective and one another. 

So We ask you to take a look at your relationships and see if these relationships raise your resonance and vibration and serve you. We ask you to look at the relationships that hold you in the old. Quite possibly you are yearning after another to bring love to you, continuing the pattern of yearning after love. 

In 2019 it is about opening up to accept and receive love and give love in kind. Your year of 2019 is the year of Love, balancing love, giving love and receiving love. You are raising consciousness to the depth and breadth of love in your heart space. It is about raising consciousness to your heart space. opening your heart and give in love. Giving to those who are seeking your talents and gifts, your modalities and ready to receive your love. And when you give, opening your heart space to receive.    

2019 is a year of bringing yourself to the world. It is a year of standing in your powerfulness, your greatness, expressing your truth and being who you are. Simply allowing yourself to attract those outside of you who are ready to connect with you.  


As you move into your month of January, it is up to you to make choices. These choices have to do with staying in the old, being in the old, lamenting the old or releasing the old.  January is a month to being to make finite choices in your life. As you transition into 2019 in your month of January it is about closing doors. 

2019 will be broken into four three month periods. The first three months of 2019 are about closing doors and opening doors. 

January is about closing doors to the old. Closing doors to the old habits, patterns rituals and behaviors that close your heart space. 

As you enter into 2019, you have choices to make.  There will be choices before you. It is not about consciously looking for these choices. It is about allowing the choices to appear before you. 2019 is about allowing the divine plan to flow before you that will allow you, in your powerfulness and greatness, to flow in your divine plan and open in your heart space to a greater flow of life and being in the flow of life.  You can do this by making the choice to release trying to control everything.  This is a part of beingness. 

It is about setting your intentions, being clear about what you say you want and casting this out into the world. Yet, it is about opening your heart and receiving what appears before you. Doors will open for you. It is your choice to look at the doorway, moving into the depth of your heart, see what resonates and what may not and making a choice to walk through the doorway. An aspect of trying to control everything is you trying to open the door. As you remain in the full beingness of who you are, connected to your soul’s divine plan, knowing what you want and need, you can state your intentions in your powerfulness and greatness, that they will come to you in 2019, for it is a year of fruition.  As you stand in the quietness of your being, doorways will open for you. It will then be up to you to walk through the doorway into the unknown. The doorway may be a new relationship, a new opportunity for you to further your modality and your greatness. Doorways open to allow you to express the full beingness of who you are in your truth.

The month of January begins that process. The beginning of January is looking at and closing old doorways, old chapters, relationships and making choices that serve and benefit your highest good.  January is a month of choices.  
As you move into your month of February old doorways will organically and naturally close. As you move into February, you move into a great depth of loving yourself. It is a month of honoring and valuing yourself. As you move through 2019 each month will be a progression upward, rising and ascending the stairway of life. You will be moving through an ascension process that will burgeon the greatness of you.  This is what will be happening in 2019 in four three month cycles. You will be moving through a cycle in the first three months of 2019, then your second three months, third and fourth to the end of 2019.   

2019 is a year of moving out in the full beingness of who you are and expressing your truth. Possibly creating new modalities, endeavors and new relationships in a collective consciousness of like minded souls.  

In January it is important to take stock of where you are, who you are at your level of resonance and vibration. It is about making choices and seeing old relationships and aspects of the old that lowers your resonance and vibration. 

2019 is also a year about keeping an eye on what is transpiring in the macrocosm of your life and the world before you because this is important. See how this affects you. Keeping an eye on the macrocosm will be a barometer as to where you are in the depth and breadth of the full beingness of you in your truth. Do you allow what is transpiring in the macrocosm in the world affect you to where it affects your life? It is important to keep an eye on the macrocosm, but just as important to remember that you are creating with like minded souls a new collective consciousness. Whether this is in small groups, or large groups. 

It is about moving forward expressing your truth and allowing the high vibrational energy of your beingness, of your truth and your endeavors to permeate the energetic field outside of you.  If you stay in an energy that is a high vibration and resonance, and connect with those who are at a high vibration and resonance and move along in tandem or in groups with them, it is most important to remain at that high vibration together. Then as you move along through 2019, raising the vibration as you look into the mirror and continue to release old habits, patterns and rituals, behaviors and old wounding.  

As you move through January old layers of wounding will peel away. You may move into a place of feeling vulnerable, a place where deep feelings will arise based upon releasing what no longer serves you. 

As you begin 2019 and begin making choices to release what no longer serves you, resonates for you, see relationships that no longer champion your highest good, you may move into a place of nothingness or a period of the shadow. It is important to understand that the shadow periods will be of a shorter duration. In many ways the shadow will overlap the light, the light overlapping the shadow. In January as you see what no longer serves you, see the relationships that no longer champion your highest good, see where others are still in the depth of the narcissistic me, where everything is about me, you will have a chance to look into the mirror. As you do this and continue releasing the old in your life you may feel from time to time in your first three months of 2019 as if you are in a place of nothingness, quite possibly feeling as if you are alone in the world. It is in these moments where it is incumbent upon to you to move within and love, honor and value you in compassion. This is especially important in your month of January. 

If in fact this does happen, be aware if your reaction would be to move into isolation and separation. We caution you here, because if in fact your intention is to create a new collective consciousness, allow this to be your operative word, collective. The operative words for 2019 are collective, symbiosis, connection.  
So if you move through the shadow periods and your reaction is to isolate and separate, remember the words collective, connection. Open your heart space to share what is transpiring with you so you can receive wisdom and guidance that will move you through the shadow, and open yourself to greater intimacy with others. This will transpire for many in 2019, creating a new depth of intimacy with others. Most of you endeavor to have this in your life, Intimacy with others.  

So it is most important in the overview or outlook for your year of 2019, to remain in your truth, in the beingness of you, and move out and express the truth and beingess of you in a collective consciousness with others.    

Wednesday, January 9, 2019



The tyrant’s specialty is spectacle, releasing high negatives, like all political phonies before him he is a headline hog with himself in the starring role. This "Time of the Toad," will effect positive change,  The wisdoms we are being given from the higher realms are leading the way...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Becoming Wise

We are born from the dimension of ‘knowing all things’. In youth this gives us the courage to live life.
When we are leaving this dimension, if we have attained wisdom , we realize we know nothing. And if we have not attained it in life, we become humble, grateful, and loving again.
Your Ignorant Friend,
Phillip Elton Collins

Tuesday, January 1, 2019



(Inspired from the Higher Realms from whence we came) 

To: The new you in the New Year, 

As our Mother Earth is surely ascending into a higher frequency of existence so are we humans on the surface of her body.  So, within this continuing miraculous process what is instore for we marvelous mortals during 2019?

If we so chose through our free will this can be the year where we balance our relationship with creation (macro) with our Earthly lives within this 3D reality (micro). This awareness can create a ‘cosmic consciousness’ (moving from me to we) that will be fueled by the balance of the masculine (assertive) energy with the feminine energy (receptive/compassionate).   Without the balance of these two universal forces we cannot and will not advance as a human species.

For eons the masculine energy has been trapped into having to be right or attempt to control what it did not create., and the feminine has been subjugated through that behavior. It is time for both male and female to stand in their true equal powerfulness allowing humanity to be more assertive with its compassion allowing deeper love of self and one another.

This will allow us to build communities based upon love allowing equality, harmony and balance. We can then stop doing so much in order to prove we are worthy to be loved. And stand in our divine beingness, knowing we came from love and are lovable.

During 2019 many aspects of our old selves will no longer work or be brought forward in our lives. Our further healed relationship with self can and will be reflected in all we choose to be and do.  This new year is seeing ourselves as ripe fruit falling off the tree of life and fully being ready to activate our soul plan (our reason to be here by knowing who we are and why we are here).

Fully loving the unique beingness of each of us,

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder, The Angel News Network