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STATE OF THE UNION By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Knowing we have all chosen to be within this divine experiment in diversity, and as a response (not a reaction) to the division and duality we are currently experiencing within these sometimes not so “United” States of America may I share: We all have a purpose and reason to be here (a soul plan). No matter who is President or governing the people, I choose by way of my free will to express through joy and love my talents and gifts in service to this country and world. Freedom is not always a straight path forward. As an aspect of being human we can take steps backward knowing the eternal path is forever forward. The true State of the Union is our relationship with our self, and reflecting that out into the world as a process of inside out, not outside in. I shall always be in service to equality, harmony and balance, by the people, for the people. I sense this will be greatly assisted by the increased participation of the feminine energy balancing the masculine. If this resonates, let us continue to join steadfastly in communities of equality, harmony and balance. If this does not resonate, my absence is my grandest gift to you while I continue to support your highest good, and the good of others.

Sunday, November 20, 2016




By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

I wish to thank myself for everything I have created in my life through my emotions creating my thoughts and physical actions.  
I know I am the creator creating through my divine essence.

As a result of this wisdom, I recognize I am creating what I need to learn, the way I need to learn it.
Thus, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Remind me when I forget!

Discourse #5




Discourse #5


The Ascension Chair, My Gift To You

Beloved Students,
Many of you may have heard of The Ascension Chair or experienced one of the Ascension Chair ceremonies that this channel has facilitated over the years. For those not familiar with this sacred ceremony (that you can do on your own at any time) please allow this to be a discourse and dialogue to bring deeper understanding of this amazing ascension tool. The detailed instructions as to how to create this ceremony yourself is at the end of this discourse and dialogue.
The Ascension Chair is a glorious gift from my beloved heart to this Lover-versity called Earth and to all you divine human beings on the surface of this planet. Quite simply, this is a tool to assist the raising of frequency/vibration of any candidate for ascension.

The energetic structure of The Ascension Chair contains the frequency of the pure white light of the Ascension Flame, which raises an individual’s vibration gradually and gently. While sitting in a designated chair you will only receive what you can maintain and sustain at that moment. (To learn more about the Ascension Flame itself I refer you to The Seven Sacred Flames). For the purposes of this discourse and dialogue I am focusing only on the “Violet ” Flame, one of the Seven Sacred Flames.

If you were to receive the full force of the Ascension Flame (which you are not ready for in your evolution at this time), your dense carbon body would be transmuted into its light body, and you could achieve permanent ascension into the higher realm I reside within now (fifth dimensional consciousness). Anything less than love and light dissolves, and the candidate is instantly transformed and reconnected with the fullness of their Divine Essence, allowing all spiritual gifts and attributes restored. An individual must be spiritually ready on all levels to achieve this.
This is the divine destination that you will achieve (when ready) that so many of you long for at this time. What awaits you is a permanent union of your unhealed self with your higher healed divine self.

Again, facilitating an Ascension Chair Ceremony is a wonderful way to increase your frequency (within a loving community) as much as you can at this time within your evolutionary process. The more often you experience the ceremony, the higher your frequency becomes each time.

While the Ascension Chair is a tremendous gift, it is not the only way you can achieve ascension. The higher realms have offered several ‘personal processing’ techniques to support you. (See Life Mastery, A Guide For Creating The Life You Want And The Courage To Live It by Joel D. Anastasi.) These are all based upon healing the relationship with self and mirroring this out into the world.

In addition to the Ascension Chair Ceremonies you can set up on your own, please know there are a few fifth dimensional retreat chairs located in various locations on this planet. Facilitated by the Great White Brotherhood, I have one located at Jackson Peak, Wyoming, and there is another located within the Inner Earth Civilization of Lemuria in Telos.

If it resonates, I urge you to begin performing the Ascension Chair Ceremony yourselves. I have designed a ceremony to be easily performed by you divine beings experiencing the third dimension.

Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain


Adapted for The Angel News Network Gatherings

By Rev. Phillip Elton Collins

The Ascension Chair is a gift to the Earth and humanity from the heart of beloved Master St. Germain. St. Germain is the ascended master of the 7th Sacred Flame: The “Violet ” Flame of Transmutation. The main qualities and actions of the “Violet ” Flame are freedom, transmutation, transformation, diplomacy, CEREMONY and application of the science of true alchemy.

The Ascension Chair is a tool to assist the raising of vibration of a candidate for ascension. It contains the frequencies of the pure white Light of the Ascension Flame. It raises one’s vibration gradually and gently.

The regular practice of this ritual with each ceremony builds a huge momentum. The energies almost double in intensity and beauty each time this sacred ceremony is performed. It affects and helps not only the people participating in the group, but also creates a web of Light touching almost the entire planet.

As you evolve your consciousness, The Ascension Flame helps your purification process in greater measure each time and assists in the raising of your vibration every time you express your intention through this sacred ritual.

Each person comes forth to sit on the chair to declare their intention vocally before their friends and before their God to express their desire and intention for ascension. The candidate also declares the willingness to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Ascension has been defined by the Sacred Flame Masters as the “union of your human self with your Eternal Spiritual Being.”

As the candidate formulates an intention, a prayer, Master Germain floods the individual’s force field with the level of ascension frequency appropriate for that person in the now moment.


We gather chairs in a circle around a designated Ascension Chair, and each person comes forth to sit on the chair and states their intention, preferably aloud with a fully open heart, their goals for this life and their ascension. Make the most honorable prayer your heart dictates or inspires you to express at this moment. (Those who cannot ‘think’ of anything in the moment will select a card from the Lemurian messages and read it).

Each person holds a special crystal in their hand (provided by the facilitator) and sits on the chair for about three to five minutes.

When finished the candidate gives a sign of completion with their eyes (to the facilitator), the facilitator or designated person rings the Tibetan bells once, and the group sings three “AUMs” to assist anchoring this energy in the physical while the person remains seated. Then the person returns to their seat and the next person comes forth.

There is always a natural flow created, and each one takes their turn in no specific order. The facilitator can go last. When everyone is finished several Lemurian masters invite you to drink an elixir, which they charge with the frequency of the “Golden Liquid Light.” Sparkling apple juice is poured into small cups and passed to the group.

A short invocation is made to ask that the liquid each person holds in their right hand be infused with the frequency of the Golden Liquid Light. There is a pause to allow the masters to transform the liquid at the frequency that is most appropriate for each person.

When given the signal, each person slowly drinks the liquid that has now become a sacred alchemical elixir, expressing their deep gratitude for the gift and rich blessings now bestowed upon them.

When we come together in group, in community and reinforce our intentions, it becomes more powerful in all our lives. This sacred ritual is a blessed way for like-spirited people to spend time together. This is a simple and pleasant tool to raise your consciousness. And so be it, beloved children of the heart. Be in peace and in love with yourself.

NOTE: The room is cleared and cleansed, lit with candles, low music, beset with fresh flowers, and the chair prepared.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder of the Angel News Network
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Saint Germain's Seven Ascension Discourses Introduction/Index

Saturday, November 12, 2016



“Through humanity’s free choice and will, we shall be and do all that is possible to lovingly inspire a Presidency of, by and for the people of these United States of America. We shall also be and do all that is necessary within our unlimited powers and the free will of humanity to transmute a Presidency that does not support the highest good of all people within this divinely destined Nation reflecting out into a World of Equality, Harmony and Balance,” The Ascended Master Realms who assisted in the creation of The United States of America.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

More and more I am mastering the essential reality of letting go of this three dimensional world of our emotions, thoughts and physical natures and embracing my new reality of being a citizen of the cosmos. I don’t plan to abandon my life within this frequency but it will be deeply focused and purposed into expanding our experience here. This revelation has largely been the result of my own evolution and our recent Presidential elections in The United States of America. I know there are many joining me in this….
As a light ascension therapist, author, teacher and channel of higher realms for many years, I am more and more knowing I am of this world not in it. My true eternal being is beyond this world. Being here is an aspect of the whole, not the whole.
How can I only see myself as an American when almost half the people in my country (46.9%) choose not to vote when many in this world are fighting for this right and privilege? How can I exclusively see myself as American when a quarter (25.5%) of my country selected a man with a very questionable personality and work experience as their President rather than the most qualified statesman, a woman, in the history of our country as their President (who won the popular vote).  I am aware current events happened as a result of each one’s wounds and ego defenses around their relationship with themselves. I can understand and forgive what has happened but I must continue to expand my identity, and purpose to be here beyond this country and world. My several years of training, clinical experience and channeled connection to higher realms has been a preparation for this.
Through my many metaphysical studies I am aware that the United States is destined to be a way shower of equality, harmony and balance for the rest of the world. My future work/mission within this country will be to support this truth while not becoming involved in the drama surrounding the unhealed governmental, political, corporate aspects of the country within which I choose to incarnate.
 As a result of my own personal process, and current events acting as a catalyst, now as a confirmed Cosmic Citizen, I would like to announce/review a recent concise teaching I have brought forward from the Ascended Master St, Germain, called the Seven Discourses of Ascension, assisting humanity in ascending into a higher frequency of existence, which is our divine birthright. Let us remember the ascended masters walked this Earth as we do now and have transcended to a higher frequency of existence and are now showing the way for we the people to be and do the same thing. What I have received is a vital tool to free us from what we have been experiencing in the past and at present and allowing the creation of a new unified pathway to the future.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Humanity continues to learn “what is” through “what is not.”

Fear, doubt and ignorance have always been the monsters of mankind.

These continue to attempt to rule until we make another choice through our freedom of will and choice.

We are divine beings creating our reality through our emotions and thoughts, learning the way we need to learn, what we need to learn.

It is our destiny to create a nation and world of equality, harmony and balance.

Until we do, let us be OF this world not IN it.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

                                  AMERICANS SUPPORT HIM?
By Joel D. Anastasi, 

In last week’s session of Divine Discussions we had a conversation with the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) that started with a key lesson: the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself, and you can only love others to the degree your love yourself.
CAR represents the combined energies of the Archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

Phillip Collins, our channel, before the session had asked CAR, what is the self?

Answer:         S = Soul
                       E = Evolving
                       L = Lovingly
                       F = Forever

So that is, basically, what we are all doing here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. We are lovingly evolving our souls forever.

Coming down to Earth, we were soon into a discussion about the U.S. presidential election, which has triggered so much stress and dismay amongst the citizenry. Here are excerpts from our conversation that seek to address the question in my title (framed within the context of mankind’s growth and ascension.)

“You are all players on the stage of your ascension process. You are choosing people to represent a collective. Right or wrong, left or right, Republican or Democrat.  All of these are a clearing and cleansing process to get you to where you need to be.

“A fundamental learning tool of humanity has been to learn what is through what is not. What you are experiencing in your world is what is not in order to learn what is. When you get sick and tired of what is not—(lack of) equality, harmony and balance—you will choose to make another choice.

“How you feel about yourself, thus others, is taught. You are not born not loving yourself and others. You are not born disliking or not loving anyone else. You are born connected to all that is because that is where you came from. You come from the frequency of love and light, and you incarnate into dense human matter. At that point you have a fully loving relationship with self. The only way that can be undermined is through being taught otherwise.

“Through the taught shaming, blaming and judging of self you do the same to others. Put in the context of your political arena, you have one divine soul who is a candidate for your president who is doing this constantly. Can you begin to see as you look at the resonance of this divine soul that this is how this individual feels about himself?

“That doesn’t mean you have to accept that if it creates a consequence that isn’t in line with your truth, needs and boundaries. But you can begin to understand it is a wounded child screaming out into the night. Pay attention to me.  For God’s sake, pay attention to me. I will do anything and everything if you will just love me, like me, no matter how offensive or untruthful I am. I will do anything and say anything if you will simply pay attention to me because in my childhood I was in the shadow of dad and I was ignored, and I learned to feel not good enough. I learned to feel not worthy enough. And through those wounds I created a defense around me, a defense of narcissism, a defense of self confidence, a defense of arrogance which are all defenses hiding that which I truly do not feel about myself. Does this give you any insight as to what is taking place and why?”

I asked CAR if emotional wounding applies to many of Trump’s followers as well.

“The reason this is happening is because the United States of America is an amalgamation, through your immigration policy over the last 200-300 years, of bringing every aspect of humanity into this country. As a result, what you are experiencing is the healing and the releasing of the wounds and defenses of all of those entities that have always been there. It may seem more extreme than it has ever been. It is not. There are more of you. But it is the result of the communication systems that have been gifted to you and the Internet through cyberspace which have been gifted you through the higher realms, especially the Archangelic Realm of Uriel.

“Remember, your nation is an amalgamation of all the wounded individuals who came from countries where they were persecuted for being women, for their religions, because of their sexual identity, because of what they believed. All of that didn’t go away when they reached the shore of your United States of America. What is coming up in that population is the healing of those individuals who carried that wound of not being good enough and worthy enough from generation to generation to generation for the two to three hundred earth years you have had in this divine mission.

“All of this is coming up and out in ugliness and hatred, sometimes love and acceptance, festering like an infected wound so that the wound and the infection can heal. It is like a volcano that is building and building and building with the magma until it explodes. And this one divine soul is expressing this separation and duality through the wounded relationship with self. He has given those individuals a voice, a voice where they thought they never could be heard, that they wouldn’t matter. So as they express their hatred, it is the hatred of self that is being revealed, and what they are really asking, what they are really screaming for--sometimes in a life threatening, self destructive manner-- is love me.

“Dear ones, you came from love, you are lovable and you are loved. You cannot be anything else. All this thrashing about, this unlovingness that is being hurled out into your world at this moment is the Me to the We collective wound begging to be seen, begging to be released, begging to be cleansed and begging to be healed.

“Can you accept with compassion what is taking place, which will allow forgiveness? We ask if you can accept that truth at this time. And allow self to free the relationship with self and that is to master self.  Master life mastery.

“This is how you chose your ascension process.  Only through acceptance of choices you have made--not to judge and shame them--can you free yourself from that. Can you understand this, dear ones?

“You were born on this planet, in your familial situation, to learn how you need to learn through freedom of choice. Through ownership of choices you can become responsible. You are the creator creating your life. Stay steady in that. Can you see how through the relationship with self you have chosen to grow and expand? The universe is constantly growing and expanding, and so are you.“

How should we respond to the outcome of the election?

“One of the most important principles is having no expectation of results. Have a preference for the outcome of the election without demanding a result. Let go of results. Holding on to the result creates the resistance. What you resist persists. Can you begin to see that energetic relationship? Have a preference that serves your highest good and release that to the law of manifestation and the void. And allow that to be in divine order. When it (the result) comes, begin to release the resistance to the outcome and begin to see if there is an order or process that can be revealed to you as to why that which is taking place is taking place.”

Saturday, November 5, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel
Dear Beloved Humans being governed,
Governments always reflect and mirror the people they are governing. If you so choose, it is time to really look at the universal truth, dear ones. Most of your world, including the countries you call a democracy, are not living in equality, harmony, and balance. Why exactly is this? Because of each of you and your unhealed relationship with yourself. If you so choose, it is time to know this and begin to apply many of the tools and teachings that are coming to you from higher realms.
Within higher realms, none gain the opportunity to govern another unless they have reached a certain degree of healing within themselves that allows that to reflect out onto those they govern and support. There is not room for deceit or denial of the deceit, which fills your governments and world, dear ones. Of course, our being telepathic and knowing what others are thinking (your divine destiny) prevents untruths from being in our world. But until you have earned and evolved into telepathy, there are some reminders that can take place now to assist and support you in the present moment.
This is not to say there are not some well-intended people in your governments. There are, dear ones. It’s just that their efforts are so overshadowed within a corrupted system; they seldom can fully succeed.
Let’s return to the cause and effect of what exists at present. Most humans believe that one person can achieve little in changing things, instead of realizing it all starts with ONE, since you are all ONE. If you can begin to imagine and then know that you are all aspects of the same thing, that just might change how you treat yourself and one another, and change who you wish to elect into a government office.
Dear ones, you have an inner gyro system called resonance and discernment that can allow you to know who and what is true and better suited to govern your world. This is an eternal gift from your higher self to assist you in creating and choosing to create a higher frequency/consciousness government, thus world.
Can you see many of those who are attempting to control you and your governments now are destroying your very home, your planet, and making many of your lives miserable due to a lack of equality, harmony, and balance? You are not here to suffer, dear humans, even though some old-paradigm religions told you so. Only a lack of self-love and truth can continue to hold this old belief in place.
As you have been taught in the past, this planet is a divine experience of learning to love, a Lover-versity, if you will. The planet was created from the energies of twelve star systems that seeded it. Each of these star systems brought unique gifts to the process. Your races, genders, geographic locations, languages, and cultures throughout your world reflect this intended diversity. There are portals and vortices throughout your planet that attract certain expressions of diversity. What has happened particularly in some of your large land masses, like your so-called China, Russia, and Brazil, where there is a wide expression of diversity, your man-made governments have attempted—through dictatorships, autocratic, and so-called communist governments—to control the people. As your history has demonstrated, these attempts at control are short-lived and will continue to be so. When the people under these corrupted governments continue their wake up, all will continue their soul paths to oneness, allowing the evolutionary path of each nation. And a word regarding those who attempt to harm or prevent the destiny of humanity, the universe knows quite well how to balance imbalance through karma.
One of the major reasons that the United States of America, as a large land mass, chose the path it did had to do with the cycle of ascension taking place on the planet. This country was chosen to be the “heart of the world,” leading the planet to its divine destination of oneness. The founding fathers of the United States of America were divinely led through the creation of the documents from which the country was formed. The manifestation of so-called America is not complete, but continues to be in process; not perfected/manifested yet, but way showing.
Let us speak about control for a moment, dear ones. Humanity is not in control of anything. You may think you are, but you are not. You cannot be in control of things you did not create (this is a universal law). You did not create your world or the life upon it. The sooner you master this truth, the easier your transition into higher-frequency reality will be. In your past and present religions, the first governing bodies transformed into what you call governments and corporations. All of these man-made structures have attempted to control you through their wounded mental, largely assertive masculine energies. Since control is an illusion, and there is no control, you may ask what is there? What is there, dear ones, is a frequency, a consciousness that created you, but doesn’t intend nor can control you since it is not part of the human mind. This Creator gave you freedom of choice and will that, like itself, no one nor nothing can disrupt.
You are here to wake up, to love self and others, and to know your divine destiny as eternal beings of light in human form; to become the master teachers of the universe! Nothing less will be and do, dear ones.
So how did the present existence of your world come to be (knowing it is in the process of shifting into a magnificent new)? As explained earlier, this all was and is an agreement you made to learn what you need to learn to finally BE who you are and know why you are here. And this has largely been achieved through experiencing what is not in order to know what is. Humans love to learn this way. In fact, it is often the only way you can learn.
The messenger through whom we are coming to you at this divine time is a brethren within an endeavor called the Angel News Network, whose mission (like many others) is to bring teachings and tools from higher realms beyond the human mind to you. The intention of these messages is to raise your frequency, thus consciousness, which will assist in your self-empowerment and healing of the wounded me transforming into the healed we of world service (your reason to be here).
It is time, dear ones, humanity becomes conscious of the forces that created it, and continue to maintain and sustain your world and selves, through your reunion with creation, which can, with grace and ease, help you transcend into your divine destiny and resume your rightful place with all higher realms. Remember, you agreed to experience all this to become who you are: the master teachers of the universe.
Dear ones, the Archangelic Realm of Uriel, and all other higher realms, are so grateful for the choices humanity has made. We recognize it has not been an easy journey, but we know it has been a necessary pathway through your freedom of will and choice. When you reascend into your reunion with us, it will be like the mother during childbirth. At the actual birth, all the pain (not suffering) is forgotten when the infant connects to the mother’s breast. That’s what you will be doing, dear ones, reconnecting yourselves to the forces that fathered and mothered you! This is the force of which we are all in service! You are in your final Earth cycle for this to take place. The time line will be determined based upon each one’s soul plan.
Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Friday, November 4, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

S= Souls
E= Evolving
L= Lovingly
F= Forever

We humans have chosen to evolve and experience reality through our relationship with self-reflecting out to others and our world. The the world we are creating and experiencing is mirroring either a loving or an unloving relationship with self.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016




Discourse #4



Beloved Students,

As explained earlier, we Ascended Masters who once walked this Earth as humans have sent for many millennia Codes of Creation to assist and support your moving into a higher frequency/consciousness of existence.
During this year 2016 Star Seed energies from the twelve star systems that ‘seeded’ this planet are uniquely coming in on a monthly basis. This discourse and dialogue will review the twelve codes, plus a thirteenth that will be your planet when it ascends, followed by a poem this channel received from me.

As your planet continues to contract and expand during its final 2,000 year Ascension cycle, humanity is also being given wondrous opportunities to also ascend from a dense carbon based reality to light. This is your destiny, and how and when you get there is up to you through your free will. Those of you who choose not to ascend during this planet’s final epoch will do so elsewhere.

As has been explained, your personal ascension process is a process of inside out (not outside in) based upon your healed relationship with self (self being a reflection of ALL THERE IS).
Looking at your outside world is not a measure of the process.Remember, you will also contract and expand. Your ascension is not always a straight forward path. It is essential that you know that what is happening is something you chose on a higher level. What you are experiencing is not any form of punishment but the way you chose to facilitate your mastership.

Each Code of Creation is an energetic intention/portal representing those twelve star systems with the final Code being you and your planet’s ascension itself.

Codes Of Creation To Ascend

1. I intend to heal all wounds and ego defenses created from past and present lives. I remember these are not me, but they often rule my life and world at present. I have been given many tools from higher realms to assist in my healing. Am I ready to finally do the work and apply them? My healing will allow my direct connection with the ascended master realms, and become them.

2. I intend to know and apply the meaning, value and purpose of being within this third dimension of emotions, thoughts and physicality. Each dimension has a purpose; my purpose is to learn to love through duality and to transcend into world service through unity. Lower frequencies are not allowed within the higher realms. My mission is to raise my frequency through consciousness.

3. I intend to transmute my believing mind into service of my knowing heart. Stored within the DNA of my heart is all I need to know from past and present experiences. My self-mastered self is alive and well within my heart, and I am learning to think with my heart. I am in a process of learning how to access this.

4. I intend to know that duality, separation and confrontation are an illusion and not my ascended state of being. I shall wake up and remember there is no two, only one. I choose to release the pain and suffering this illusion has caused and not need to learn through it any more.

5. I intend to remember and apply the truth that all judgment, shaming and blaming in my world is simply how I feel about myself reflecting out to others.
6. I intend to surrender to not knowing even though my mental body thinks it knows. In the not knowing are all possibilities and probabilities living in the void of Creation. My knowing heart contains all I need to know. I am learning how to access this.

7. I intend to know that my ascension is the marriage/union of my eternal self, my I AM Presence, with Creation. I shall achieve this union through the healing of the self- centered me into the healed we.
8. I intend to remember that I agreed to a ‘human contract’ on this planet to understand, access and apply my divinity within every moment of the now. The failure to not remember this is the reason for all the dysfunction in my world now.

9. I intend to acknowledge that every human being, animal, plant, mineral and unseen being on this planet are conscious beings made of the same cosmic elements and have a divine right to be here. They are not meant to be controlled by me. Trying to control anyone or anything is a reflection of my non-loving relationship with myself.

10. I intend to realize that my emotions are creating the life I am having. My emotions create thoughts, which create actions. My emotions are stored in the atmosphere creating weather.

11. I intend to experience joy knowing it is one of the highest frequencies within the universe. Joy is an empowering aspect of love, the building block of the universe. The feeling of joy allows manifestation with grace and ease. I intend to pay attention to how much joy is presently in my life.

12. I intend to be conscious of my ascension process moving from density to light. This process is achieved by two factors: First, I know I came from love, I am love, and I am lovable, and I intend to mirror this out into the world; Second, I intend to have gratitude for ‘what is’ in my life rather than focus in on ‘what is not.’ I am mastering the cosmic equation: gratitude=abundance.

13. I intend to commit to be willing to do the work to release myself from myself. All the tools I need have been given to me from higher realms many times. I am ready to commit to my ascension and see it as the most important aspect of my life.

Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain

Cosmic Concepts Of Consciousness *

Twelve Star Systems ‘seeded’ planet Earth.
Through these systems, we gained great girth.
Each star system gave a gift,
Which allows us to manifest a swift shift.
This gift is known as Three C’s:
Cosmic Concepts of Consciousness,
And they are always amongst us.

That heals Me consciousness,
Allowing We consciousness to apply.
Creating unity and oneness,
Eliminating the distress of
Separation, confrontation and duality,
So they are no longer a reality.

Is the sacred mission of Mother Earth.
First, love of self
Allows all the rest.
To stop judging, shaming and blaming,
And apply unconditional love,
For the God in me is the same as thee.
To know what we resist persists.
Through this Love-er-versity
You will end adversity
And create the next Golden Age.
All before was just a stage.

Thus forgive self,
And see all others as brothers.
As an essential part
In our discovery and recovery.


Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,