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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #6 Golden Age of Gaia

Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel and author 

Joel D. Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and author 

The Second Coming: Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist, Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following  are transcripts from some of our shows. 


Golden Age of Gaia; Mother Gaia, Adama

Greetings, beloved humanity. We come to you from Mother Gaia in concert with Adama and the Inner Earth civilizations.

The Inner Earth civilizations are so close to the heart of your Mother Gaia, your mother Earth. We are in a time of transition and shifting, which is affecting humanity and your evolutionary path, into the Golden Age of Gaia, the final permanent Golden Age connected to we, connected to Source, connected to all that there is, so that your lack and limitation, your suffering, your duality, your separation, your confrontation may end.

How does that sound, beloved children, to know that there is an end time in place? There was a time upon my body when all of our continents were joined together in a great union, a great united landmass, which reflected the consciousness and the unity of the civilizations, which were on my body at that time. Then those landmasses began to separate, and they became what you experience today in your geography.

But with this new Golden Age of Gaia, this final Golden Age, the landmasses are beginning to reverse themselves and are joining together again. Your geologists are aware that your continents are heading towards one another and will join. There will be upheaval, transformation and transition as that happens. That transition and transformation is also happening within your human bodies—your physical, your mental and emotional bodies as well, dear ones. There is so much going on in your world today that we would like to discuss. Then we will go into a question and answer session with you, which will allow an integration of our teachings.

It is a process of the self, moving from your narcissism, moving from your separation, moving from your selfishness, if you will, to what has been called oneness and we consciousness—moving from the me to the we as the Archangelic realm of Michael is teaching you so beautifully.

We and Adama are joining here together to remind you to be accepting and compassionate as to where each and every one of you is on your path. Some are choosing this Golden Age and are being guided by fifth dimensional frequencies and energies such as ourselves. And some are choosing to stay right where they are.

Many of your current events, your geologic events and your weather events are reflecting their need to stay where they are. In the end it will not matter. For in the end you will all end up in the same destination of oneness, or you will not stay on this particular planet. You will be given a choice, through your freedom of choice and freedom of will to continue your incarnational cycles, as you will.

Your cycles of so-called death, dear ones, are a wonderful reflection of where you are. You have had to repeat cycles, to repeatedly come back and learn what you did not learn in the last embodiment on my body. And when that is able to end, which is the gift that has been given you, you’ll be connected to Source; you’ll be connected to all that is; you’ll be connected to the consciousness of Mother Gaia, the Inner Earth civilizations, civilizations extended throughout your solar system, extended throughout your galaxy and extended out into the universe at large.

The narcissism, the arrogance, the ignorance, if you will, of the human mind, believing or thinking that you are the only life force within your Solar System, your galaxy or your universe, is naïve, dear ones. It is through the connection, the coming together of all these civilizations--some far more advanced than you are, and some behind you--that will enable your awakening. For once you are connected to all that this is through what is called your I AM presence, your higher self, you will then begin your service to all that is.

Dear ones, you cannot accomplish the ascension process by yourselves. You simply cannot. The process will be done in concert with we fifth dimensional energies, loving you unconditionally beyond your ability to love yourself at this time. The connection to these fifth dimensional frequencies and beyond are the frequencies which guided, supported and maintained and sustained your Golden Ages in the past, which ended because of their disconnect to this wisdom.

Now you are being given the blueprint, the soul plan, if you will, to be permanently connected to all that there is for this final Golden Age of Gaia, this final Golden Age of your planet returning to light. Thus, everything within and upon our body is in place. What a glorious time it is. Only through your doubt and fear and ignorance of this process can you once again impede it individually, but you cannot impede it collectively, for it is destined for this to go forward.

Because some have chosen not to go forward, to continue to be in duality and confrontation, it is important that you light workers and way showers join together in communities of harmony, equality and balance, in order to define your needs and to set your boundaries with those who are choosing not to go forward. You do not need to resist them. You simply need to be collectively connected together.

We hope that this makes sense to you. And we hope and intend that the communities that you will create will be connected to we, in the fifth dimensional frequencies, whether it be we in the inner Earth, the Archangelic, the Intergalactic, the Star Systems which seeded your planet as well as the parallel universes reflecting into your universe. All of these will come together into a mighty I AM mass ascended consciousness. We repeat, a mass ascended consciousness. So let us take a moment now to open to your questions and allow you to further integrate our opening statement. How may we help you, dear ones?

Joel: Mother Gaia, Adama and the inner Earth. Wow! We are so honored by your presence. Thank you.

Entities: We have been hidden a long time from you, dear ones. Many of us walked upon your Earth, on the surface of Mother Gaia, and now it is a time for you to directly know that we are present.

Joel: Mother Gaia, would you explain something to us? The idea that Gaia, Earth, is a living being with living consciousness is so foreign to most of humanity, as you know. What can you tell us about that to help us understand what that means?

Entities: As soon as you know it within yourselves, dear ones, that you are a conscious being of light, then you will know it of we. Stop and think about it. You pull resources from my body constantly. You negate that the planet is a reflection of yourself, of the interconnectivity of us, that you and we are living and conscious, that we have organs and you have organs. The Earth has organs—the minerals, the water, the air, the electromagnetic fields. This naiveté, this hidden truth, of the exact structure of your world is coming to an end. That knowledge will allow you to be more responsible and to reduce the consequences of not understanding and treating the planet as your mother.

Look what you have done with the feminine energy, which is your mother! You have subjugated this energy as a reflection of how you have subjugated your Mother Earth. You are beginning to understand the deeper meaning of equality and harmony, of the balance of the masculine and the feminine. It is the core issue of all of the imbalances and the selfishness and the cruelty in your world today and among yourselves.

Joel: I am very aware that Gaia is a living being. I’m lucky enough to live near a beautiful beach, and I walk along it almost every day. It is so easy to celebrate your beauty, and it makes it even more painful to contemplate the violence you are talking about. How we assault our Earth, how we pollute your air, your water, your land. It’s such a grievous thing, and we who think of ourselves as light workers and way showers are all feeling this pain. What can we do to stop this assault on you?

Entities: When you walk along that beach, dear one, you are actually connecting to the megahertz vibrations of the planet, which assists the very pulsing of your heart. Simply stop and connect the beat of your heart with the megahertz frequency of the Earth through the ocean, for the water is a conduit of the vibration to you. You will begin to feel our connection. You will begin to see our body as your body and that your body is an extension of the Earth, of Mother Gaia, for you are molecularly, structurally made of the same components.

The inner connection between humanity and the planet are inseparable, dear ones. When you go out into other solar systems and other galaxies, you will see a different configuration of planets to humanity and structure and molecular composition, as many diversified life forms as you can possibly imagine. You get some inkling of them in your Earth now as you go into the deep waters or the higher skies of this particular planet. Does that help you, dear one?

Joel: Yes, I have some sense of that diversity. I watched a documentary called The Blue Planet last night, and I was amazed at the incredible variety of sea life that I haven’t seen before with their amazing structures and designs. It was extraordinary.

Entities: Dear ones, there are more life forms on your planet undiscovered than discovered.

Joel: My fear is that we’re killing them off before we can even discover them.

Entities: That will not take place. It is not the destiny of this planet for you, humanity at large, to allow that destruction. There are life forms on my body that are choosing to go and return to their original planets and solar systems and galaxies of origin. But all of these life forms have been uniquely essential to the evolutionary path of this planet and humanity just as each and every one of you is uniquely necessary for the progression of this planet and humanity.

Joel: You created an incredible image for me when you spoke about the separation of the continents reflecting the separation of the consciousness of mankind on this planet. That is quite a powerful concept.

Entities: That is the reason why we brought that forward. You are beginning, through your sciences, to realize some of the history of this planet and how the continents were joined together. Now, through your scientific measuring tools, you’re able to begin to understand and to believe that the planets are returning to reform a large landmass, which reflects the evolutionary blueprint of the ascension process of this planet. Every planet goes through an evolutionary path not unlike the one that you are going through. The time comes in the history of that planet when they, too, will ascend, and the vehicle for that ascension is love.

It is love of self, ringing out through the love of planet, love of one another and love of the cosmos. Love is the tool that will bring you forward.

Joel: I don’t think mankind’s science is aware that man was even on this planet when all the continents were joined. That was many hundreds of millions of year ago, I assume.

Entities: Indeed, dear ones, and far beyond that. Earth is an ancient being, an ancient source of love reflecting, a “loverversity,” if you will, reflecting throughout the cosmos. So many entities and star systems came together to create this divine planet called Earth, called Gaia. And we are all waiting in bliss and joy for your awakening to this truth of what a divine experiment this planet has been, a blue-green, ball of love reflecting out into the cosmos.

Joel: You said that the continents were reconnecting again. Hopefully, it’s not going to take as long for mankind’s consciousness to reconnect as it took to separate the continents in the first place.

Entities: The energy of that, the electromagnetic forces, are in process. It will be an individual decision that each person makes as to when their transformation takes place. You are experiencing, in your current events, those who are choosing to continue to destroy one another through war and through acts of violence. That is where they are. They are staying in their wounded child, their wounded cocoon of betrayal and abandonment. They are choosing not to awaken to use the tool of a personal process to free themselves from these wounds in order to move into an ascension process with the assistance of the fifth dimensional frequencies. This is very clear. Do you understand?

Joel: I do. Of course, the violence you’re referring to is occurring all over the world. We have it in our own country, the United States. Recently we had the horrible bombing at the Boston Marathon, and, of course, all this battle going on over guns and the so-called right to bear arms, etc. In my view, it’s all feeding into the consciousness of separation, violence and fear.

Entities: It is the consciousness of me, the consciousness of the wounded me, reflecting woundings of past and present lives and making a conscious or unconscious decision to stay there, to be there--as opposed to those of you who are awakening and wishing to heal those wounds and taking ownership. Also, there are forces on your planet that have attempted to control parts of humanity, to keep them dumbed down, if you will.

Not to belabor the drama of that, there are some people stuck within the astral fourth dimensional aspects through addiction, through mental control, through RNA and DNA control. But with the awakening of the expanded chakra systems eight through twelve and the awakening of your spiritual DNA, those forces will no longer be able to control these individuals or portions of humanity. The cabal, the illuminati, the hidden forces that are now being revealed, it is their last hurrah! For they know that many of you light workers and way showers know the truth. So they attempt to create events to constantly distract you, to impede you, to frighten you from your ascension process.

Joel: We’ve been hearing about this last hurrah, the dark forces, for quite some time. Of course, many of us are saying, so when is it over? When is the last hurrah done? I realize it’s a process, but what can you say to those who are asking that question?

Entities: It’s over the minute you to decide for it to be over, dear one. It’s over in the now. For it’s the mental body and the addiction of the mental body and the alter ego within the mental body that wants to know when. Move into the heart space. Take a deep breath and know that it can be now. If you simply make the decision now to be in peace, to be in love, to be in unity, to be in the we, dear ones. It is now. It always has been.

Joel: So that’s what we have to do.

Entities: That’s what you have to be, dear ones.

Joel: That’s what we have to be. And that’s the message for today, isn’t it?

Entities: Indeed. The abuse of my body is over. The timeline has ended. We have been patient long enough within your freedom of choice and your freedom of will. We shall not and cannot allow the destruction of our body. The Atlanteans attempted it, and their civilization was ended prior to their ability to do so, dear ones. Take heed. Many of your activities, in your altering of genes and DNA and the abuse of your home, your planet, are reflections of that assertive Atlantean energy rearing its head one more time.

Joel: Well, that issue that you’re raising about genetic modification has become a huge issue around the world, involving our crops, our experiments with animals, maybe even with people for all we know. Could you speak about that?

Entities: Humanity, you do not own the creations of God.

Joel: So we’re going to create the disaster that Atlantis experienced if we continue it.

Entities: It’s a possibility. So what do you choose through your freedom of choice and freedom of will, dear ones? A world of continued separation and confrontation and the insanity of wars, which don’t work? Or do you choose to open your hearts, to think with your hearts, to become conscious beings of light and celebrate who you truly are?

Joel: Well, thank you so much for visiting us today and speaking to us so powerfully. Is there anything more you would like to say before we close?

Entities: Remember that we are all intrinsically connected—your Mother Gaia, your planet, your home, humanity, the Inner Earth civilizations, your solar system, your galaxy, your universe. Stay tuned for the revealing of this miraculous truth. 

Mother Gaia, channeled by Phillip Collins, January 30th, 2012
Interviewed and edited by Joel Anastasi

Greetings Beloved Children:

This is your mother, Gaia coming to you at this crucial time in the evolution of my body and your bodies as well, dear children.

Oh what a precious moment it is that we and you have waited so long for this moment in our evolutionary cycle of Ascension. How patient your mother has been. How you have abused my body and not realized that I am a conscious living being like you.

Many of you are coming to the realization that your mother, that your home, is a living, conscious frequency of love and light. We know you are wishing to connect with us due to recent events within your frequency.

We remind you dear children that there are no accidents within your frequency. There are only tools of learning for how to transcend and ascend the frequency that has kept you in lack and limitation so long dear children. Now that day of release and revelation has come forward has it not?

So we ask you, are you ready to release yourselves from all that you have known so that you can just surrender to the unknown and the unknowingness of the truth? All you have been experiencing has been a learning tool, an illusionary learning tool, to return you to the connection of all that there is--with your mother, with your home, with your solar system, with your galaxy and with your universe, dear children.

Any and all events that you have experienced through your multi-incarnational cycles upon my body have simply been to return you to the truth of who you are and why you are here through so many entities and frequencies that you are exposed to in your evolutionary path.

So it is our intention and our prayer for you to fully receive the truth from so many sources including your mother Earth that have the same destination, dear ones. It is time to awaken to your divine essence, to your connection with all that is by releasing the duality and separation that has caused the confrontation for so many millennia on your planet.

Your world is not what it appears to be in so many ways. Your view of it has been so lacking and limited that you came to believe that you are lack and you are limited, and neither of these things is true. So as we nestle you in the bosom of your mother planet, we know and realize that how you treat your home is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

And so many Archangelic forces, Michael, Gabriel and many others, have been giving you the tools to allow you to ascend into a loving, self-accepting, compassionate relationship with self so that they may mirror to your home, where your home has chosen to move to a higher frequency of existence. That means everything within and upon our body must also ascend and aspire to that higher frequency.

It is your divine destiny to be a formless, eternal being of light and there are stages that you are going through that lead you to that reality. Your next step is leading from the third to the fourth to the fifth dimension. Once connected to the fifth dimension, your true work, your true purpose, your true meaning of being in service to all there is will be more fully revealed to you as you eliminate the need for the learning tools, the cause and effect, the karma and the other tools you have used within the third dimension.

Phillip Elton Collins, author of Coming Home to Lemuria: An Ascension Adventure Story and co-founder of The Angel News Network.

Joel Dennis Anastasi, author of The Second Coming: Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age and the soon to be released The Ascension Handbook with Jessie Keener. Joel Anastasi is also co-founder of The Angel News Network.

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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #5 Connection To Higher Realms; Saint Germain

PHILLIP ELTON COLLINS, Conscious Channel and Author

JOEL DENNIS ANASTASI, Spiritual Journalist and Author 


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following are transcripts from some of those shows:

Divine Discussions #5:

Connection To Higher Realms; Saint Germain

Greetings Beloved. This is the Ascended Mastership realm of Saint Germain coming to you at this time in your evolutionary path as a planet and as a species of humanity. Today we would like to speak to you about your connection to realms such as ourselves and the realms of source, the I AM presence, God, whichever you would like to call it. Again we would like to speak to you about your connection to the realms and the source, which maintains and sustains you.

It is this aspect of self that humanity is in the process of rediscovering, awakening toyour divine connection to all that there is. For you are the arms, the legs, the feet, the lips, the thoughts, the emotions of source. That is your reason to be here.  The connection to source, the connection to the I AM allows you to escalate, to advance into a state of Golden Agehood, if you will. There have been six previous Golden Ages on this planet, which were maintained and sustained through the connection to all that there is. Realms and bands of consciousness such as ourselves and beyond enlightened, taught and protect these past Golden Ages. The disconnection to source, the disconnection to the higher realms was the reason for the ending of these previous Golden Ages.

You are in the process of remembering your connection to these (Golden Ages). What makes it different from past ages is that it is your soul plan, your planetary and species soul plan, to develop a permanent connection to source—a permanent connection to the I AM. The reason for that relates to the phase of the ascension process that your planet and your species upon this planet, as well as the elementals, the minerals, and the plants and animals are all involved in at this time. You are all in the process of returning to beings of light, which are directly connected to life substance from source. So your planet is in the process of returning to a being of light, as you are as well.

Many of you have heard the terms, moving from your dense reality to a crystalline light reality, reconstructing your DNA, reawakening certain aspects of what is called junk DNA, now known as spiritual DNA. You have heard about connecting your seven existing chakra systems to five additional higher chakra systems, moving you further and further up into the connection to source.

So with all these events taking place, your awakening of your spiritual DNA, your reconnecting to your higher chakras systems, all of these are to allow you to be permanently connected to your I AM presenceto be currently and continuously connected to the source, the life substance that maintains and sustains you and to realize that all of your thoughts, your emotions and your beingness have been an expression of this source and, in effect, your divinity.

So it is a wonderful, exciting time. Much is going on. Portals and vortices throughout your world are opening with wisdom and reminders that support this process. Ancient teachings are coming forward again to assist and facilitate your moving into this permanent connection to the I AM, this permanent connection to source, of which you are an aspect, a representative, an essential part of.

So having laid this platform, this foundation, we’d like to open up to truth. We’d like to open up to questions and answers that can be revealed through the truth of what we’re speaking of at this time and knowing through your participation, through your questions and our answers the integration process of being able to accept and more deeply understand and incorporate and integrate what’s being said can take place. How may we help you, dear one?

Joel: Welcome and thank you for joining us.

Saint Germain: You’re welcome dear one.

Joel: I’m going to be asking questions from a very innocent place. It will be ten years tomorrow that I conducted my first interview with Gabriel, which was my first exposure to a spiritual entity from another dimension. I feel comfortable doing that because when I asked Gabriel for advice, he suggested I proceed as a little child.

Saint Germain: And why would you think he would say that, dear one? What would be the meaning in “being as a little child” dear one? What would that mean to you?

Joel: I knew I didn’t understand very much. He gave me the courage to ask anything fearlessly.

Saint Germain: Exactly, because the ego defenses of a child are not fully formed and defended. So the child is open. As has been discussed in previous Divine Discussions, the elements of fear, doubt and ignorance are the monster elements of humanity that have kept you in lack and limitation, that have kept you in duality and confrontation. So the child has less of the fear, less of the doubt and an openness to learn, dear one.

Joel: I’ve discovered that when I ask a simple, basic question spiritual entities like you use it as a platform to present all kinds of wisdom. So I tend to ask some pretty simple things, and I am about to do that again now. What you just spoke about I am fairly familiar with because I read spiritual material almost every day, and I read the messages that come through you and other Ascended Masters and other spiritual entities through various channels. But I can hardly think of more than a handful of people with whom I could discuss what you’ve just said who would have any idea of what I was talking about.  I’m telling you this because, yes, I think we are at the threshold of a new age, and, yes, all these things are happening and yes I have a sense of that. But almost none of my family, friends or acquaintances do. That saddens and frustrates me because I feel like there’s so much work to do. I just need to express the feelings I have about that.

Saint Germain: Much of humanity is in the place that you have described. So what you are expressing is your need to be in residence with communities of like-spirited, like-minded individuals who are in a similar position, if you will, a similar point on their light path as you are, and that is what will take place. You will follow and be directed towards those of like resonance will you not, dear one?

Joel: Yes, that is my wish.

Saint Germain: So that is the purpose of it. We will support you. We will guide you through that process. So as you resonate with the higher realm messages and tools and teachings which you have been involved with for quite some time now, the individuals that you choose to spend time with, to create endeavors with are those that resonate on a similar point on their path. There is no right or wrong in this. The destination will ultimately be the same.

Joel: Could we talk a little bit about guidance? Because I have only recently begun in a regular way to turn to my guides and ask for their support and guidance. What consul would you give those who are watching who could benefit from the guidance of the higher dimensions? What would you consul us to do to get more guidance?

Saint Germain: First and foremost through your freedom of choice and your freedom of will to use your own discernment. Allow your discernment, your resonance, your inner gyro system, if you will, allow you to know what is truth for you and not be guided to anything that does not resonate for you. So assuming that you are resonating with what we are telling you now, listen to the resonance of the words and teachings and apply them, dear one.

Joel: What kind of guidance is available us, those who are seeking to learn from the higher dimensions? What guidance is available?

Saint Germain: The guidance is for you to fully know who you are. The guidance is to fully know why you are here. The guidance is to recognize your uniqueness. The guidance is for you to know your divinity, thus, in turn, your connection in relationship with creation and have that as a platform or a foundation to create service to your world, to yourself, to one another, to your solar system, to your galaxy and to the universe at large, dear one. It is limitless, ever expanding, ever growing.

Joel: Does each soul have guides that are assigned to them?

Saint Germain: Your higher self is the most important aspect of yourself. Your thoughts and your emotions are a denser version of that higher aspect and that less important aspect of yourself. You are moving through an ending of the lesser aspects of humanity that have created discord and  destruction and are moving into a more constructive format of expression of self. As many of you have been taught, the loving relationship with self is the foundation of all and the mirroring and out-picturing of that into the world is essential.

Joel:  Some people may not understand what you mean by the higher self.  How would you define the higher self for them?

Saint Germain: Your higher self, dear one, is your eternal beingness that never dies. It is the portion of you that collects the information from every incarnational cycle that you’ve had. Reviews it. Decides what you have to learn. What you have not learned and what you need to still learn in your process of moving into higher realms and service to all that there is. That is your higher self.

Joel: That sounds like such a valuable resource. How would you consul people to be in contact with their higher selves so they can get this guidance?

Saint Germain: First and foremost to recognize that it exists. And to then, through that acceptance and compassion for it and gratitude for it, develop a direct communication with that aspect of yourself, which is eternal, which always serves your highest good and the highest good of all.

Joel: The ascended masters and others have talked about the fact that there is a lot of control of our world that we are not aware of and don’t truly understand. They say we are not nearly as free as we think we are but that control is being dispelled as more transparency is coming into our world and we are becoming more and more aware of this.

We’ve been hearing for the first time in quite a while some pretty bellicose dialogues between North Korea, Japan and the United States threatening nuclear war and so on which would, of course, have a cataclysmic effect on mankind. What would you say about the role individuals like us could play in bringing a higher level of consciousness to counter this kind of bellicose communication?

Saint Germain: To understand how and why it happens. You are dealing with a child (the Korean leader) who is asking, who is screaming, if you will, to be loved, to be liked, to be supported. And if these needs could actually be understood through the bellicose threats and understood that this is a wounded child who is bringing defenses that he has created in a position of leadership that can affect his entire country or possibly the entire world. In your negotiations and communications with this being, simply sit down and ask him, “What do you need? What is it that you fundamentally need?”  And you will find it is the same needs that everyone else has, dear one.

Joel: That’s the same kind of exercise that we have in the Life Mastery Program where we talk to our own wounded child.

Saint Germain: Exactly. Exactly. You have a group of wounded, often masculine energy little boys running around with big toys bellowing, “love me, like me, accept me. I want to be like you!”

Joel: So almost all the conflict in the world virtually springs from the woundedness that we contain in ourselves.

Saint Germain: That is the process you are going through in this Golden Age, so that  those who are in leadership are spiritually astute enough to have healed and processed permanently the aspect of self that we’re describing now, so they cannot bring that into higher realms. It is simply not allowed. Soon you will create a world where that behavior will simply not be allowed.

Joel: We’ve been talking about the personal responsibility that each one of us has as a soul as this new age approaches. Are you able to make any observations to us about the consciousness of the leadership that we have in our own country and elsewhere? Do we have some enlightened figures on the international scene including our own president?

Saint Germain: There are various degrees of the ascension process within each individual divine soul plan, so it would take a long time to go through each and every one. Generally, we would say it is that loving relationship with self that allows you to move from the unhealed narcissistic me awareness into a healed we consciousness and allow that united union of your entire planet. The national boundaries that you have--the linguistic boundaries, the economic, religious, sexual preference, whatever these boundaries may be--are disappearing. You are moving into a union of the planet into oneness.

This is a process that will take time in your realm.  This is a process that is essential for you all to see yourselves interconnected. What affects one, affects another. And there will be certain aspects of your planet, such as the union of the Americas at large, that can serve as a way shower into this final Golden Age. There are certain vortices and portals and energetic openings taking place in certain geographic locations that will help with the resonance, that will help create this united planet rather than a large group of individuated nations fighting for their identity.

Joel: We’ve been receiving at the Angel News Network the teachings from the Archangelic realm of Michael about this giant movement from Me consciousness to We consciousness. That is really what you’re talking about as we approach this Golden Age.

Saint Germain: It is the essential process of moving into your final Golden Age, moving from the Me, which is driven by the ego, which is driven by emotions, which is driven by thoughts and moving into your higher self connected to the source, where those lower aspects of self no longer exist.

Joel: It comes back to those teachings that are now thousands of years old. “Love one another.” 

Saint Germain: Indeed. And how is that actually taking place?

Joel: Well, we know don’t we? It’s been the history of mankind. Well, Saint Germain thank you so much for joining us. Is there anything else you want to say to our audience?

Saint Germain: Just be aware of this wonderful, divine process of connecting with your higher self, your divine self. The DNA transformations are taking place. The chakra transformations are taking place. The geographic portals and vortices are opening up. It is indeed a blessed opportunity to move into the most enlightened and delighted aspect of you and your world that has ever been.

The Light Never Fails!