Monday, August 31, 2020


A MESSAGE ABOUT TRUTH From Archangel Uriel, Protector of Truth Via Channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network The lack of truth is what is holding humanity within the densest frequency within the universal plane. It is your task and challenge to bring complete truth into your existence. Within advanced civilizations there is only truth. There is no such thing as the absence of truth since truth lives within higher frequencies. Once you free yourselves from the lack of truth (and that is the prevailing reality within your present existence) you will release, free yourselves from your density and allow you to ascend to a higher frequency of existence. Please remember your present situation is how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn and affect a permanent healing of your relationship with yourself and others. So how do you do this, bring only truth into the world? Just by mirroring that healed you out into the world, allowing you to be in service to the world rather than abusing it. By knowing who you are and why you are here. By knowing your talents and gifts and how to share them with the world. By knowing you are each other in disguise; diversified version of one another.

Saturday, August 29, 2020


My First Invitation To Channel By Phillip Elton Collins via Trance Channel Jeff Fasano We come to you as your creator to speak to you at this time. We are a vortex of energy created for you moving into the depth and breath of your heart chakra. We are Uriel to speak to you part and partial upon your divine plan. Divine plan ever emerging into you. It is time to open to the depth and breath of that divine plan. And now to begin to build the fences around the divine plan. Fully emerge yourself into the dedication, the commitment, the intention of that work. Now is not the time to differentiate between that divine plan and what is outside of yourself. For the next 50 days, mark on your calendar, for this day forward, the time where you will specifically pay attention by building the fence around that divine plan. And now begin to study your divine plan within this next 50 days devote your studying to this divine plan. To uncover all the aspects and ingredients in that divine plan. Now make this your priority, if you chose to. Let go of the extraneous energies outside of yourself. And only focus on what you need to do in your day to day activities outside of yourself. And your main focus, if you chose, in the next 50 days will be dedicated to your practice. The practice of developing, refining, and defining your divine plan. Defining the meaning, value and purpose of you, and the meaning, value and purpose of the divine plan. Allow this to come to you, dear one. You should be spending an inordinate amount of time in your practice now. It is now time to release any extraneous energies outside of yourself that does not directly coordinate to the revelation of your divine plan. It is now time to connect with these energies directly. These specific energies of the Uriel archangelic realm. Because messages are coming to you at this time. You can feel the messages, you can see the messages, and you know the messages. We have knocked at your door often. It is time now to listen. It is now time, dear one to listen to these messages and these energies that are moving through you and coming through you. Now to impart these messages upon the world. Which is why, dear one we ask you to build the fence. To build the fence around your divine plan. Not a place of setting barriers or lines of demarcation but a time where you can now build the fence and hand a sign outside that fence where it says, “men at work.” Because what you are doing, dear one, you are at work. You are now at work to improve the depth of where you are moving into the depth and breath of your Heart Space to bring to the world, the depth of the message. You see, dear one in many ways, you get the message, you know the message. But you don’t know the depth of the message. You know what the message is. “I know what the message is don’t worry, I know what the message is.” But we have knocked at your door once too often, dear one. And we are now opening that door for you. Because we see, dear one that you have been quite reluctant to open that door for yourself where these messages are concerned. So we ask you, dear one, we suggest that you do, dear one, at this time, open the depth and breath of your soul space, your heart space. And open up to the depth and breath of the Uriel message. The Uriel message that moves in conjunction with the Michael message that you receive, that you receive quite often. What will come to you through another source, if this divine soul chooses, will be the Rafael message. That is not of your concern. What is of your concern right now Dear One? Because you do have the source of the Gabriel and Michael messages. NOW TO BE THE SOURCE DEAR ONE OF THE URIEL MESSAGE. NOW BE THE SOURCE OF THE URIEL MESSAGE. It is now time for you, dear one to choose this. If in fact you find yourself, dear one, so inclined to remove yourself from it. To remove yourself from yourself. To fully move to a depth and level within. To remove yourself from yourself. To hand that sign on the doorway around that gate that says, “men at work”. I am now at work on my divine plan. I now sit at my desk from two to three hours each and every day to work on my divine plan. To receive the messages, to import the messages that allow myself and other to eradicate the follies of the mental body, the intellectual mind. The folly that holds them and myself in place on the pursuit of the spiritual journey. What dear one are the follies that hold you in place. Because you see the follies outside, dear one. It is now time, dear one to build that fence around the depth and breath of your heart space in direct relation to the divine plan and begin to focus your attention and set your intention and commit to this. It is now time to see the folly of the pursuit. What is the folly that you still pursue, dear one? Because when you see this, you will see the folly that others pursue. And you will know this. You will know at this time most pursue the folly. The folly of validation and gratification for which they are. Many dear ones have ceased to pursue the depth and breath of truth. Archangel Uriel

Thursday, August 13, 2020


THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK © PODCAST TITLES 08/10/2020 ST GERMAIN: SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED? VOTE! St Germain teaches, our democracy was gifted to us by the higher realms so that we may express our divine power. Yet, the largest political party is the non-voter. Responsibility = Consequences. We have what we have today because too many have not taken responsibility for our democracy. Democracy is not a spectator sport. The current pandemic and its many disruptions are part of a clearing and cleansing and an awakening that can help us renew our democracy and create communities of equality, harmony and balance. “One expression of your divine power is to vote. Vote!” Audio Link: Click here Video Link: Click here ST GERMAIN: WHY MANKIND FIGHTS THE IDEA OF ONENESS St Germain reveals the missing wisdom about the evolution of human beings on this planet that has concentrated vast wealth and power in the hands of a few families called the Illuminati or the Cabal. They believe they have a “divine right” to rule and attempt to control the world by inciting division and conflict. This corrupt power can only be exposed and destroyed “with the full participation of citizens in their governments and democracies.” The higher realms are helping us in this time of awakening, he says, but it is up to us, through our free choice and will, to create the world of equality and oneness we want. Audio Link: Click here Video Link: Click here ST GERMAIN: TRUMP CAN ONLY WIN RE-ELECTION BY CHEATING St Germain says cheating has always been the basis of Trump's business operations and personal interactions. He got elected “with the support of the dark forces corrupting social media and financial institutions, voter suppression and the assistance of the archaic electoral college.” St Germain discusses how we may benefit from this experience by strengthening our democracy so Trump’s abuses can “never happen again.” He counsels, we can overcome Trump’s attempts to steal the election with “an overwhelming electoral vote for a change of government. If the people rise up in a huge wave of collective consciousness, he cannot deny that.” Audio Link: Click here Video Link: Click here THE PODCAST PROGRAM'S PURPOSE IS TO BRING A HIGHER REALM’S PERSPECTIVE INTO OUR LIVES, NATION AND THE WORLD.