Monday, September 30, 2013


Nearly everyone reading this knows that mankind is experiencing a great awakening to the knowing that not only are we all one, we are each an individual expression of God. We are God experiencing itself. Ascension is the process of awakening to the profound truth that we are each and all part of God. 

With all the conflict going on in the world, both within our country and without, it seems more than appropriate to wonder, what is it going to take for mankind to reunite as one? As I wrote in my blog of September 17, the Two Marys' answer is compassion. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene channeled by Jessie Keener. Here is what they said:

"If we are all truly connected, all of us to everything, all of the time, what is it that connects us? What is that substance, that ether, that energy? Of course, they call it God. But there is another way to look at that, and that is to see it as compassion. Compassion is actually the stuff, if you will, that connects you to each other, that connects you to us, that makes these channelings available, that makes these dimensions interconnect so gracefully and elegantly.

"The only way to stay connected through the chaos and the intense roller coaster ride that you are all on is through increasing your capacity for compassion with yourself. Out of this your compassion to move forward will ignite. Out of this your compassion for others will be restored, out of which your compassion for your circumstances will illuminate you to your next step.

"Through compassion for yourself you resonate with that place in your heart where you are once again empowered, joyful, where once again you look outside of yourself and see God in everyone and everything. In simple terms, the magic is restored. So everything connects with compassion."

Since compassion is so valuable and powerful do most of us truly understand what it is? I wish to share an excerpt from a wonderful recent teaching on compassion from Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin channeled by Julie Miller:

"Before you can give compassion to another you must be able to give your self compassion. Before you can truly offer compassion to another you must be able to comprehend what it feels like to feel compassion and truly recognize the suffering of others. When you choose to pass by someone who  is in need of compassion, you cannot feel any compassion from this experience because you are unable to understand it; therefore, you are unable to offer compassion. 

"In order to truly give compassion, you must feel deep within your heart a movement of true sincere care, a response so deep that you are able to connect to another's pain and understand what it means to suffer. When you are able to reach this sacred depth of your heart, your ultimate response is genuine and sincere warmth, kindness and the insatiable need to help this person in some way regardless how big or small. 

"When you feel compassion towards others you are able to be kind to others when mistakes occur without offering harsh judgments or criticism. You come to realize quickly that you are sharing this moment of suffering and the experience moves you when you feel its energy down into the very center of your core."

The Archangel Gabriel told me years ago that love was the "glue" that holds the Universe together. Somehow this teaching about compassion, which is, of course,  a powerful expression of love, helps me better understand how compassion/love is the great connector, is, in fact, the glue that holds the Universe together and is the necessary ingredient for mankind's ascension. 

Clearly, we've all got a lot of loving/gluing to do. Lets do it! It starts with compassion for our self. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: So You Think You're Having Sex by Phillip Elton Collins

Lemurian Council Message #13:


After our last Message #12: WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, we felt your resonance to know more about our deeper expression of love—what you would call sex. Let us now briefly discuss how we Lemurians join in divine union. Please know you on the surface have been taught a great deal of shame and distortion associated with the topic of sex. This is a result of your lost connection to the divine, which is in the process of shifting.

Please know how we experience the union of physical sex would not actually be considered your sexual intercourse in the three-dimensional world. Remember we were/are a combination of physical and light bodies and a balance of the masculine and feminine energies, leaning more toward what you would consider feminine. Thus, most of our divine union is/was experienced in our light body through the unity frequency of unconditional love. There is neither controlling, needs, nor manipulation in the sexual act. We shift our frequency (at will) from higher to lower in order to become denser so we can experience the physical combining of our bodies. This also allows the union of sperm and egg in our denser bodies, as the orgasm was/is experienced in all our bodies spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. You experience some of this in your peak moment of orgasm, but it fades quickly. We maintain and sustain that feeling for an extended period.

To outsiders, including the Atlanteans, our sexual practices would appear open, free, and a joyful expression of all aspects of our selves. We allow the sexual experience to be a way to experience the bliss of life while connecting with higher realms (sometimes you in 3-D just get high). There is never any shame associated with our intimacy.

When the important decision is made to manifest a child, this is achieved through a thought-out process of connecting with the spirit that wishes to incarnate and connecting with their divine soul plan. We make sure there is a match with the parents to support that plan. Since our life spans were/are long, this is/was an important decision for parent and child. The sperm meeting the egg just may be the only similarity that takes place in how our two worlds have sex. We have neither unwanted pregnancies nor children having children. Bringing a child into physical format is considered one of the most sacred acts. Soon, you too will return to this form of true, divine sexual union.

- Phillip Elton Collins, with The Lemurian Council of 12.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Freedom and Independence via trance channel Jeff Fasano

Freedom and Independence

Channeled by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome at this wonderful and most glorious time as you move into grandness of self, greatness of self and oneness of self and the uniqueness of self. You are now gathering and celebrating on your day of uniqueness, your day of independence, your day of individuation. This is what the path is and the process is as you move though an ascension process into freedom of self. We will touch upon this as We speak to you about freedom of self.

We ask you this question, do you know what true freedom is, freedom of self, freedom within yourself?  It is about taking responsibility for yourself as you begin to celebrate the powerfulness of self, the uniqueness of self and the greatness of self and moving into We Consciousness.

You heretofore have been living a life that is based upon following the herd known as herd consciousness. Looking at your deified mythical leaders to lead you to the promise land, in some way, shape or form making them the figurehead of mom and dad.  On this day that you are celebrating independence, individuality, it is time if you so choose to look in the mirror at yourself and ask, am I truly free? This is not related to the old paradigms outside of you or the old structures that are related to yourself. Do you feel free? 

Do you celebrate you? Do you love you? Do you honor you? Do you honor your greatness? Are you taking full responsibility for your life? If in fact you are in full independence you are moving into a greatness of self, a powerfulness of self, a lovingness of self where you honor and value you. Where you are not dependent on anything or anyone outside of you. If in fact you are celebrating independence, where are you still dependent on those outside of you? Where are you still dependent on the old paradigms outside of you, the mythical leaders that say: Choose me and I will lead you to the promise land.   Is this a form of dependency dear ones? 

On this wonderful and most glorious day you are celebrating independence, where are you independent? If in fact you are truly here to live your greatness in your powerfulness, true freedom is individuality. Are you ready to move within the depth and breadth of your heart space to release what holds you in dependence of others? Are you independent or are you still dependent on those outside of you? Are you still dependent on the old paradigms outside of you?

It is now about moving into a place of we consciousness, the new paradigm, we consciousness where the individual is celebrated.  Are you being celebrated in the old paradigm? Your uniqueness is celebrated in we consciousness and the only way you will know if you are unique is to move within and discover and remember who you are. So We ask you, who are you? Are you independent, or are you still depending upon others in the old paradigm?

On this day that you celebrate independence are you fully celebrating your independence? Do you know what true freedom is?  

Freedom is not something you need to protect. Freedom is not something you fight for. Freedom is a natural aspect of the self. You are naturally free. True freedom is full self responsibility, taking care of you individually and taking responsibility for yourself. Being responsible for you. True freedom is understanding who you are. True freedom is understanding and knowing your uniqueness. True freedom and independence is you fully expressing the depth and breadth of the Christ Consciousness within you. True freedom is knowing your divine essence. True freedom is a natural state of being-ness. Do you need to fight to be you? Perhaps through your wounds. Do you need to protect you to be you? It is not something that is protected, that is fought for, it is a natural, organic state of being-ness. It is up to you if you so choose to move within to the depth and breadth of your heart space to rediscover and remember the depth and breadth of your divine essence.


Jeff is a transformational messenger for the teachings from archangelic realms imparting their wisdom and guidance to the world At the age of forty he found his passion for photography that led him to live a life he only imagined and became the doorway to his life purpose. He channels the energy of Archangel Michael and imparts Michael’s teachings so we can discover who we are, why we are here and find our passion and purpose in this lifetime.

He is also the co-founder of the Angel News Network. For more information you can visit: To see his photography work please visit

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Uriel Message #3

Chapter XXXVII

To call higher beings

Let us first think upon them, and in our mind’s eye,

Let our seeing become their being.

The higher being

Gives of itself unconditionally,

In all conditions, unceasingly.


Channeled by Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

Uriel Message #3: Our Planet’s Soul Plan

Greetings once again from the vortex you call Uriel. For far too long, your planet has gone without knowing your divine plan, or should we say, remembering the divine plan. Quite simply, but not so simply for you, the divine plan of your planet is to find the unity, non-separation through all the diversity you find in your world. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different peoples, languages, nations, and religions on your planet? Or do you simply just say that's the way it is and not really know why or ever ask why? It all has to do with how your planet started. It began with many influences from many worlds, many star worlds (not star wars). In fact, there is no other planet just like yours, with so many different influences (seeding’s) in its beginning. Most just take it for granted that's the way it is. But, in fact, it’s quite unique within the universe for a world such as yours to exist. It’s sort of an experiment, an experiment that has not worked very well, very often. But all of that is about to change for your world. There are messengers and messages coming in via our angelic realm and the star worlds that “seeded” your planet that are going to allow a portion of your humanity to know the truth and set you free from your past separation from each other.

You are all unique expressions from the same source. Even the different worlds that seeded your planet are from that same source…there's nowhere else for anything to come from except that source. The creation of your planet was set in force by an energetic intention that would allow you to find the unity via all your diversity.

You all represent the many expressions/versions of “source.” Your agreement was to find the oneness in spite of your differences. You've been struggling with your “agreement” for many eons. That time is coming to an end. The struggle is almost over. Many realize if you don't accept your differences in order to be one, you won't survive. You've made this mistake before, and it’s not necessary to make it again. You've advanced to a stage where you are ready to accept all of you, include all of you, love all of you. The only thing standing in the way in the past and present has been you (your relationship with you) not loving yourself enough to love others. It all begins with how you feel about yourself. Someone once said, the only relationship you're having is the one with yourself. And all other relationships are a “mirror” of you.

The special powerful energies coming into your world now are going to allow enough of you to know the truth of your being to effect the change necessary to move into a world of self-love and oneness. We know this sounds impossible to most of you. But there are worlds, more advanced than yours, where this possibility is a reality. In fact, some of those worlds are assisting you all now. Many know you are divine spiritual beings having this human experience. And that experience is about to become more accepting and loving than ever before. There is no further need for a few of you to control many of you through lies and deceit. Most of you have simply given your power away and allowed it to happen. The walls of power and deceit are about to crumble, dear ones. The few have controlled the many long enough. There is enough for everyone to share and have plenty left over. No need for further greed.

Your divine plan includes knowing this truth and creating a world where these things mentioned are normal. We are being and doing our part. Are you yours? Together, we can change your world where you know how to be and act to create a loving, safe world for all. This is your world's true divine plan. And it all starts with each one of you knowing who you are and why you are here—questions never asked in school. But we ask it of you now. There are many messengers and messages that will allow you to answer these questions now. Listen. Be ready to find you and your place in your world.


Enjoy, Phillip Elton Collins.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 2013 Outlook by Trance Channel Jeff Fasano

2013 Outlook
Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we come to you as you move into your heart and into a brand new year of 2013, the year of we consciousness. You have moved through the portal that opened on 12/21/12 in your third dimensional realm and into the grandness of we consciousness where you are releasing me consciousness. You are now moving on the pathway of we conscious in 2013 so you can move into the fruition of the grandness of self that pertains to we and your endeavors.  You are now moving on the pathway of the unknown into 2013 that is a pathway of community, harmony and equality.   It is a pathway to bring you and your endeavors out into the world to stand in the greatness of self as you move through the passageways in 2013. 

Passageways will be opening on the pathway of we consciousness in 2013. You will move through these passageways that will be increments of greatness and move in increments of greatness as you blossom into the full greatness of yourself.  In your first four months of 2013  you will be moving on this pathway and through these passageways where you will refine and define your greatness by standing in an immense love of self, honoring and valuing your talents and gifts. Your immenseness of self is based upon all that has transpired in 2012 where you have fully gathered yourself.  As you gathered yourself up to the point in time of 12/21/12 and moved through that portal into we consciousness you realized that the only way your greatness can shine out onto the world now is by fully releasing me consciousness  and embracing we consciousness and the uniqueness of self.

Your first four months of 2013 will be about embracing the uniqueness of self and the greatness of self. What will be transpiring on these passageways off of the main pathway are aspects of the learning process to embody the uniqueness of self. This is what will be transpiring in your personal process in 2013. As you move through the continuous process on the pathway and through these passageways that you will move through individually to embrace uniqueness of self and as you continue to embrace your uniqueness, you will see this reflected in your endeavors you will be bringing to the world in we consciousness. Whether it be in the soul family or the groups you will be forming to move into we consciousness with you will see the mirror reflected back to you from others who have chosen we consciousness.  Within the endeavor and the soul family of we consciousness it is about supporting and guiding each other to maintain the uniqueness of self. You do this so the uniqueness of self can be mirrored back to each individual. When individuals in the soul family or in the endeavor move into a blind spot where they might be fighting for separation and isolation it is not about telling them they are doing this it is now about reminding them of their uniqueness and greatness and their uniqueness and greatness of their talents and gifts.  You do this so the endeavor, the soul family, the group in we consciousness can flourish based upon the higher level of resonance and vibration. 

So what will be transpiring in the first four months of 2013 is the continued embodiment of the uniqueness of self. Whereby in the endeavor, the group, the soul family each individual can continue to mirror each other and remind each other of their greatness and uniqueness. This is the first step in the first four months of  we conscious in 2013. Support and guidance is your theme through the first four months of 2013. Support and guidance in we consciousness to remain in a constant awareness as to when you move into blind spots in me consciousness and continue the fight for isolation and separation.   

The year of 2013 is the initiation into the full fruition of we consciousness. As We have said to you many times, you are moving to form and new world of community, harmony and equality. The foundation of this was laid and is still being fortified. It was laid when you came to the point of 12/21/12 to move through the portal into we consciousness then through the doorway into 2013. 

The first four months of 2013 is about embodying and embracing consciously your uniqueness and greatness of self to see that this greatness does lie inside of you. To connect with the flame that burns deep inside you, your passion, to bring your messages, teachings,  your modalities to the world. For each individual in we consciousness to support and guide each other to their uniqueness and greatness thus supporting the raising of resonance and vibration.   This is your first step in the first four months of 2013. 

Your second four months will be a continuation of this but is the next step into we consciousness. What will transpire is the full fruition of the messages and teachings the individuals will be bringing to the world  along with the endeavors. We will come to you at the end of your first four months with more guidance as to what will transpire in the middle four months. In the final four months you will find the smooth transition into we consciousness where the old entrainment of the nervous system no longer exists. What you will be doing in 2013 is a fulling entraining your nervous system into we consciousness. 

You are still transitioning from me consciousness into we consciousness whereby you are still releasing aspects of the conditioning of me consciousness in the mental body, the fight for isolation and separation. You are making this transition and thus entraining the nervous system.   The passageways in the first four months will be allowing you to do this.  By holding the space for the higher resonance of greatness and uniqueness, each individual in the group, endeavor and soul family will be able to congruently hold that space for the highest good of the individual and allow  the seamless transition in your last four months  into we consciousness. The nervous system thus will be entrained to we consciousness and the uniqueness of the individual will work within the parameters of we consciousness. 

In your first four months the entrainment begins.  In the second four months the entrainment continues and you will begin a transition period. The first four months is a transmutation, the second four is the transition and the last four will be the fruition of we consciousness. 

In 2013 you will also be looking at relationships. In the first four months you will look at relationships  you are having that may no longer support the uniqueness and greatness of the individual. The first four months will be a "weeding out" process of relationships, individuals and endeavors that you might be a part of that no longer resonate for the fruition into we consciousness that will occur in your last four months.

2013 is a year of simplification as well. it is about focusing your energy on what is important for the individual and the endeavor.  In the beginning of 2013 the "weeding out" process continues. It is a year of simplification, simplifying your life  and simplifying the endeavors, the soul family, the groups and the purpose and mission of this.  It is about streamlining the focus of your energy and importance on we consciousness in the macrocosm of your third dimensional realm and the microcosm of your endeavors, groups and soul family. By simplifying you are making it a more streamlined effort. So it is important for the individual to see where they may have many "irons in many fires".  Look at those irons that are in those fires to see what is important that entrains itself to the personal purpose, mission as an individual and the purpose and mission of the endeavor, the group and the soul family.  Your first four months would be the time to look at all of this so you can move into a streamlined process in 2013 individually and in your soul family, your endeavors and your groups. Once this is completed (yet there is no finite beginning and end for everything is infinite) at the end of your first four months you will have this simplification in order so you can transition  in the second four months and move into a more streamlined energetic entrainment of we consciousness in your nervous system.   

This is what you can expect in 2013. What you can also expect is seeing the continued shifts in your old world of form outside of you. As each individual moves through 2013 with the full purpose and intention of we consciousness within the individual, the group, the endeavor and soul family, a shift energetically of mass consciousness will transpire. You will find in your third dimensional realm various entities and groups will be forming with this higher vibrational idea, we consciousness, in mind. This will begin to shift the energetic mechanization of your old world of form. You will see those in the old world of form remain in their defense and "fighting to the death" to hold that old world of form in place. What will transpire as well in 2013 is a full delineation of "the thirds" that We have spoken to you about. Those who are encrusted and entrenched in the old realizing that what is most important to them is the fight to hold the old in place, you will find them  transitioning. They may relinquish this fight. You may find this in your relationships as well.   You will find many in the old world of form who fight to keep it in place relinquishing that fight and perhaps transitioning from your third dimensional realm.  You are going to find more and more individuals who realize the old world of form outside of them no longer works, seeking the way showers and light workers. This population will be increasing. It is up to the way showers and light workers to be ready and available as many come to them for support and guidance.  Your first four months is about support and guidance of each other.  Because what you will find in the transition period in your second four months will be many from the masses coming to the light workers and way showers for support and guidance to transition from the old world of form and be enlightened to the new form of we consciousness, the new world of community, harmony and equality.  Thus this is why We come to tell you that your first four months is a "weeding out" process and a transition from me to we. To be available to expedite your relationships and what no longer supports your highest good in that period of time. You will find that "the thirds" will be delineated even more. 

Way showers who have moved through  the portal of 12/21/12 and fully accepted the roles they have chosen and that have been chosen for them multi-dimensionally in their soul fragment's divine plan will be moving through this process. This will be more defined and delineated as you move through 2013. 

Your year of 2013 is a year of simplification. It will also be a year of defining  those who are fully moving into the new age of the new age spiritual way shower and light worker who have taken the oath of we consciousness and fully aware of the old me consciousness. Your year of 2013 is an amalgamation in thirds of we consciousness. The thirds will be delineated. You will also see more transparency and authenticity in your world which is very important for the way shower and light worker to look at. Transparency and authenticity will be revealed in your governmental systems, financial systems, political systems and corporate systems as well.  In the first four months We ask each individual to look at this individually and in their relationships. Is there full transparency and authenticity in your relationships? This is important as you move through the development of we consciousness this year. 2013 is a year of simplicity and development into full we consciousness by the end of the year. 

We have broken this year down into three four month segments. The first four month segment is a continuation of looking at yourself and your relationships. The second four months, the middle, is the transition into the third part which will be the full transition and re-entrainment of your nervous system. By releasing me consciousness you will transition  into the only way to move through your life's pathway, in we consciousness. 

You are now in a period of enlightenment to the uniqueness of self. How you play your part is based upon the uniqueness  of self, the greatness of self, the embodiment of self, honoring and valuing the self so you then can see the uniqueness of your talents and gifts, the greatness of them to embody them to fully move through the transition period. This is so  all of this is celebrated in your endeavors, your groups and in the soul family. You then move into the knowingness of this in your heart space.  

In the beginning four months of 2013 as you have made the transition through the portal of 12/21/12  and taking the oath of we consciousness many are moving at different levels of this. Some are at the place of fully knowing we consciousness in their heart.  Some are making the transition into the knowingness and have not yet connected to the knowingness. Some are in the mental body. Though they know we consciousness as a wonderful concept idealistically they perhaps have not yet embodied the uniqueness of self.  And this is what they are bringing into we consciousness in the macrocosm  as you bring your messages to the masses and in the microcosm of the soul group, soul family and the new endeavors.  Your first four months is geared toward this and why it is important to move in support and guidance of others during this time for the acknowledgment of  uniqueness, greatness, and the importance of this in we consciousness. You may find with those who are in the conceptual aspects and idealism of we consciousness that ruminate in the mental body,  some who will not make transition into the knowingness in their heart space. This is why We have asked you in this first four months  to look at your relationships. It is important that if in fact you are moving as the light worker and way shower that you move from the conceptual idealisms in the mental body and embrace and embody it in the fixation and the knowingness in the heart space. The full transition at the end of your year of 2013 will be a transition from the mental body of the idealistic concepts of we consciousness into the full embodiment and knowingness of it in your heart space thus the entrainment of the nervous system to it. We ask you to look at where you are placing your energy and the level of importance on aspects of the soul family, the group, and the endeavor and where the individuals who may remain in their mental body. You might find that this will activate aspects of the old wounds where you will try to get them to be where you think they should be.  

In your year of 2013 it is about a streamlining your focus of attention, importance and energy  on the task at hand which is your purpose and mission in this lifetime. In full we consciousness each individual who has chosen the path of the way shower and light worker by the end of the year of 2013 will fully know whether they are a way shower and light worker in the depth and breadth of their heart space. Meaning, they are embodying their greatness and their uniqueness. Through the first four months you will find those who may be in the mental body with the conceptualization and idealism of we consciousness. It is important to remain with the commitment to move into your heart space so when the last four months of 2013 arises you are moving in harmonization with those who are in the depth and breadth of their heart space and the entrainment of we consciousness is in the nervous system. No longer can you "mess around"  with those who remain in the mental body and are looking outside of themselves and remain in the old aspects. This may sound harsh to some of you but if in fact it is important for you to fully raise the level of resonance and vibration of mass consciousness on your earthly plain the only place this resonates is in your heart space.  It is a full transition from the mental body into your heart space. A full consciousness when you are in your mental body and in the conceptualization and idealism of  we consciousness.   You will find at the end of your year and in the last four months of 2013 a full being-ness of this. 

We have brought you many messages about being the self, being your message. Are you being the message? This question will be answered in your last four months of 2013 so you are being your message, being you, being in your heart space in the full embodiment of your uniqueness. Knowing that nothing resides outside of you. You will also see these shifts and changes in your third dimensional world of form. In many ways the fight will continue to keep the old in place. But then again it is about your fight to fight that.  This is year is a year of simplification.  Look outside of you in the third dimensional realm and ask yourself how much energy are you placing on that and where is your focus.  This year of 2013 is about creating a more streamlined focus on the mission and purpose of community, harmony and equality and we consciousness.   When the portal of 12/21/12 opened it was a portal to move into and create the new age in your next 2000 years, the final age on your planet earth.  It is the final age, in many ways your last chance to create the world of community, harmony and equality. It is up to the individual in the human form to follow their heart.  

The Transition
Part One

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time as you continue moving deeper within your heart space. You are opening to the greatness of self, the wonderment of self, the perfectness of self and the all-encompassing we-ness of self. You are opening to depths of your heart space you have never known before. In the time/space continuum in your third dimension outside of you, universal energetic patterns are now opening as you reach the end of your first four months of 2013. You have moved through a cleansing and clearing process as We said to you in our overview or outlook for your year of 2013. As you move into the heart of 2013, the next four months, will be the transition process into full We Consciousness.

We harken back to your 12/21/12 where a portal, a doorway, opened for you to step into we consciousness and release the remnants of the narcissism of the me. For many of you it was to raise your consciousness to the narcissism of the me where everything is about me. Many of you are choosing to move into a new world of community, harmony and equality as the light worker and way shower and move into we consciousness of that and we consciousness within the self. This is where you are an all encompassing self and fully honor, value and love yourself, your talents and gifts and connecting with your life's purpose to complete your mission that your soul fragment has dutifully incarnated itself in this third dimensional realm. Many of you are opening up to this fact and some of you are living this fact.

We are coming to you at this wonderful and most glorious time as you move into the transition period, the heart of your year of 2013. So We ask you, can you see up to this point in time what you have released in your life and where you have grown within you and your relationships?  Where are you energetically in your physical being-ness? Where is your resonance and vibration at this point in time? Is it at a high vibration?  Are you still consumed with drama and glamour? Are you still consumed with aspects of your life that hold you in the old habits, patterns and rituals? Are you consumed with old-ness in your life? Are you consumed with what is transpiring in your third dimensional realm outside of you that raises the issues to be released?

You are moving into a great depth of the truth and essence of you. By looking at what you have been conditioned to believe though what is transpiring in your third dimension and the myth and illusions of it, you can see how you are consumed by the myths and illusions of that and within you. These are the myths and illusions that pertain to your relationships outside of you. So We ask you, in this period of time, the first four months of 2013, what have you released so you can raise your resonance and vibration and move into the heart of 2013, the transition period? This is the next four months that will bring you to the last four months that will move you into the full fruition of We Consciousness.

We ask you:
Where does drama and glamour still persist in your life?
Where are you creating drama and glamour in your life that makes you feel alive?

What you are doing as you move through your personal process is releasing the old entrainment of the nervous system.  For many of you, your nervous system has been entrained through drama and glamour. Your nervous system is thus titillated when you look outside of you and gives your life meaning. As you move through your personal process you move to a place of neutrality. In this place, you are neutral, grounded and centered with what is transpiring in your life and using your "spiritual" principles, your "spiritual" tools, your "spirituality" you say encompasses you. Yet this may allude you through your old conditioning and what you believe that is fraught with drama and glamour. Where are you within all of this? It is time to move into neutrality.     

We ask you:
Are you looking outside of you to get something that will make you feel alive?
Are you looking outside of you to get a feeling?
What are you doing when you look outside of you?
What are you looking to get outside of you that you may not think already resides within you?
Are you continually looking outside of you to create drama and glamour around you in relationships?

We Consciousness begins within you. It is inside of you.  In order to move into we consciousness in relationship with others, it must reside within you first. We consciousness within is releasing duality within you. This is either/or, right or wrong, good or bad, this or that. As you move within to the depth of the core aspects of you, where are you still creating myth and illusion outside of you that is based upon the conditioning that you have learned most likely, from mom and dad?

You are moving through a period of self introspection. In order for you to move forward in your year of 2013 on the path of the light worker and way shower to create a new world of community, harmony and equality outside of you, first move within you in authenticity, transparency and truthfulness. Look at your relationships outside of you. The reason We ask you to do this is because it is these relationships that are a mirror for the relationship you are having with yourself.  If you cannot see it within you, the only way for most of you to see it is for it to be mirrored back to you by others. Are you open to see what is mirrored back to you by others? Look at the relationships in your life right now and ask yourself, can I see me in those relationships? Am I open to see me when others present me to me? Am I open to see the mirror outside of me?

The Transition
Part Two

You have moved to the end of your first four months of 2013 and a doorway, a new portal will open. We have said to you many times, it is not you who will be opening the doorway. As you walk on the pathway into the unknown being who you are, We ask you, are you fully being who you are? Do you know who you are? Do you love, honor and value you? If you do, you will then see this mirrored back to you in your relationships with others.  As you walk on the pathway into the unknown, doorways, portals, gateways will automatically, organically and naturally open for you. The question is, are you fully available emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally to walk through the doorway?  Can you walk through it in the full being-ness of self with your tools, knowing your purpose and your mission? As you walk on that pathway you can connect with those who resonate and vibrate at a similar, if not the same level as you who have a similar purpose and mission in this lifetime.  Allow yourself to move on that pathway with joy and ease. The operative term here is "ease".   Is there ease in your life? Or are you conditioned in your nervous system through the mental body that everything is challenging? Where do you create the challenges? Where do you create the dis-ease outside of you so it will match the dis-ease inside of you?  Thus creating drama and glamour that surrounds your entire being-ness.  If the drama and glamour persists in the being-ness of you then your conditioning arises and it titillates your nervous system to make you feel alive. Dis-ease makes you feel alive. Where does this exist in your life? Does dis-ease reside in your life? Thus stimulating the old conditioning, the old habits, patterns and rituals and you feel alive.   In your mental body you may understand the concept of joy and ease but are you living your life with joy and ease? The only way you can move into this transitional period in the next four months is to be become aware and conscious of this.

As you take the next step into we consciousness, fully giving your talents and gifts outside of you, your modalities, your healing practices, it must be done with full authenticity and transparency and truth. It is not about fixing you, it is about becoming aware within you of what persists and exists of the old conditioning, the old habits, patterns and rituals. So We ask you, where are you creating the stimulus outside of you so everything will feel alive and the nervous system will be titillated? Where is this persisting in your life and of your creation? When you are in neutrality you are in ease on your pathway. When you move deeper within to the core essence of you, you are raising the level of resonance and vibration.

So We ask you to move within. See your level of resonance and vibration. Is your life fraught with drama and glamour? Where is your life fraught with drama and glamour? And how does this make you feel? Where does your resonance move to when We utter the words, drama and glamour? When we utter the words, neutrality, ease, joy, where does your vibration move? Drama, glamour. Joy, ease, neutrality. It is time to become aware and conscious as to what you are perpetrating outside of you in your blind spot, in your unconscious mind that will hold the old in place. This is what you know and comfortable with. Our teachings, lessons and messages deal with the personal process that will move you out of your comfort zones.  Where are you comfortable though you make not like it? You may say you don't like it yet you are in it and creating it because it is familiar to you. Where does drama, glamour still exist? Where does judgment and shame of self still exist? We are asking these universal questions as a preamble to the next four months in your year 2013.

It is time to keenly and acutely raise your consciousness and awareness to your old behaviors. Are you open in the depth and breadth of your heart space to look at the mirror, to see the mirror and open when others see you in your blind spot? They come from a high vibration to point out your blind spot. Within this, can you move to community, harmony and equality and intimacy with another? As you move through your personal process you move to a greater level of intimacy with yourself. Are you open to fully see you? Are you open in your heart space when another comes to you to easily point out your blind spot and your old behavior? For many as they move through the depths of their wounding in the healing process, the blind spots will become more dominant because you are moving through the unconscious mind. Your conditioning is a "mythical" reality that you have been perpetrating in your life.   It is something you are used to perpetrating, yet may not know you are perpetrating it because it is in the unconscious mind. 

The teachings, lessons, messages and exercises that emanate from this specific frequency of the Archangelic realm of Michael, are geared to raise your awareness and consciousness of self. It is not about fixing or getting rid of anything. You are not right, you are not wrong, you are not this, you are not that. You are you dear ones, the full being-ness of you. Can you explore that being-ness through the mirror? Can you explore being-ness and open to the greatness and the powerfulness of you? It is time to put the finishing touches on this as you move to the next four months in 2013.

We leave you with this. Do you fully love, honor and value you? Do you fully love, honor and value your talents and gifts? What do you need dear ones, what do you need?     

The Transition Period
May - June

In his 2013 Outlook Archangel Michael tells us that the middle four months of this year is a transition period. We are continuing a "weeding out" process, breaking down the the old and many are moving through this with great personal introspection and moving deeper within like never before. For many the shadow self is surfacing as well as old memories, trauma and deep rooted feelings, We are continuing to release the old and when doing this also releasing our attachments outside of us. Many are realizing that what used to stimulate them from outside no longer does and the effect of this is uncertainty, unknowingness, emptiness, quiet and silence. The old ego-self is battling to keep us looking "out there" for our validation and gratification or just to get that hit one more time so we can feel alive. Many are feeling a sense of "nothing-ness" as the old is released and a void is created. Nothing may seem familiar to you and you may be searching for it outside of you and feelings of futility and frustration arise because the old behaviors no longer work.  The new has not been developed yet and our soul is asking us to move within and into neutrality. To do this it is important to learn to feel more comfortable in the quiet, the silence within, to allow our intuition and greater depths of self to emerge.

1/3/13 Six-Sided Merkaba

To The Brethren of The Angel News Network

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, co-founder

Greetings Beloved Brethren of your Angel News Network, We of The  Inter Galactic Federation (IGF) with Adama, High Priest of Lemuria, bring you tiding of great joy and support on this your first day of your new Golden Age of We Consciousness. You have waited many millenia for this moment.

We have been granted dispensation to give you further clarity of your mission and karmic connections, Dear Souls. All of you have had various and many lifetimes together on this planet with similar missions as present. Some deeper than others but all with the same purpose to bring truth and light into this world.

Now in this incarnational cycle it is your destiny, desire and direction to heal all aspects of self that have impeded you in the past and present, to be your message; your purpose in being here.

You are in fact, continuing to be proxies of humanity who shall clear and cleanse all 3D unhealed aspects of self in order to raise your vibrations and to be the beingness of your soul plans. This is why you chose and were chosen for your past sacred journeys, Dear Brethren. This now is a continuation of your soul plans within the endeavor you call The Angel News Network.

Dear Brethren, if you so choose, it is time to accept with compassion and forgive any and all wounds and ego defenses created around those wounds that stand in your path. This has not so simply been the way your chose to learn what you needed to learn.

You are to become a Mighty Beacon reflecting the Mighty I Am Presence within each of you that cannot and will not house wounds and defenses. Are you ready to receive and give this to yourself and your waiting weary world?

This year as has been foretold you will receive guidance from we of IGF, various star realms and Inner Earth forces, including Gaia. Your relationship with your conscious living planet is crucial, for her forces and love maintain and sustain you

Being what you receive from higher realms is now essential to your individuated and collective endeavors, Dear Brethren. This necessitates utilizing all the tools and teachings given you in the past and present. These can no longer remain locked in your mental bodies. Your awakening of your knowing heart will empower your I Am Presence into the Oneness of We Consciousness.

You are all to become conduits of higher realms, not just one or two of you. This is to way show others.

As you know our five pointed star portal will be accessible throughout your 2013 to further assist you in any  needed healing and processing that you will achieve amongst your selves. You have already begun this final process. This internal work is essential to your external work, Dear Brethren.

The right and fight of separation and confrontation is over, if you choose to move into We Consciousness.  Remember, this is what prevented your success in the past. Realize you have chosen one another time and time again to learn what is needed to heal self and ascend from dense duality.

Awaken Dear Brethren now and replace your wounds and defenses with healing gratitude in order to fully move into being your mission. Your entire galaxy, various star realms and Inner Earth beings are beside you. You can now join all these forces in your world and be the divine beings of light you truly are.

Fill your hearts with joy that this glorious moment has come!
Your brethren of The Inter Galactic Federation with Adama.