Thursday, August 30, 2018


Peter Frame, as a key character in this story may you now directly connect and be in the company and love of the higher realms within this book. RIP dear fellow proxy Peter.

In Unconditional Love,



1. Stop pretending your problems don’t exist. Face them. The longer you ignore them, the stronger they will get!
2. Stop pretending your mistakes never happened. We all make mistakes. Embrace them. Learn from them. Grow from them. They made you who you are.
3. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something before you’ve given it an honest effort.
4. Stop neglecting the things that are important to you just because they might be inspired by your ego. Don’t forget that a healthy ego serves your heart.
5. Stop putting the needs of other people first. It’s good to help others from time to time, but give them permission to take charge of their own life. And after all, they are not your responsibility. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Become your own best friend.
6. Stop trimming away all the people who matter to you just because they are negative. Maybe the problem is in you. Maybe you need to show them a better way. Bottom line is, if they mean something in your life you don’t just let go of them. Try to improve the resonance between them and you by finding and fixing the cause of negativity.
7. Stop rejecting your inappropriate feelings. It’s ok to envy others. Avoiding envy creates jealousy. While jealousy is destructive, envy tells you what you want for yourself. Either go out and achieve those things for yourself, or embrace the life you do have.
8. Stop believing that you need to change to become the real you. You are yourself. Just remove everything that’s not you.
9. Stop being kind all of the time. Forcing kindness is not real kindness. You are a human and sometimes you are angry, and sad, and frustrated. Just be real and do not hurt others.
10. Stop forcing happiness, you don’t have to be happy all of the time. It’s ok to be sad, it won’t harm you. Avoiding it might. And sometimes you are neither happy nor sad. You are just you. Being. Existing in your natural state. Embrace what you feel.
11. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes and imperfections. You’re just a human being. You don’t have to fix or improve everything!
12. Stop choosing the path of least resistance. If it doesn’t align perfectly with your life path, but you still want it from the bottom of your heart, find a way! If something matters to you, fight for it. It matters for a reason, a reason that touched depths of your soul not many things can come close to.
13. Stop waiting for your circumstances to change. Stop meditating for peace without taking action. Stop waiting for synchronicities to happen to know that it is time. Take charge of your life. Do what makes you happy!
14. Stop rejecting your darkness. Your inappropriate thoughts and feelings are a part of you as much as everything else. Hiding them does not make you better. Accepting your weakness gives you opportunity to improve and grow. You can’t grow without your darkness.


The most momentous social revolution for humanity has been the collapse of the family and local community replaced by the ‘state’ and the ‘market’. Time is upon us to re-build families and communities based upon love, equality, harmony and balance to support our evolution into higher “We Consciousness.”

Wednesday, August 29, 2018



Phillip thank you so much for getting my ass moving & really start to take care of myself. You set in motion our community & so much love comes surging forth.

I have gained a 1/2 lb overnight. I’ve stocked up on high density foods; protein drinks & am writing everything down so I know how many calories & proteins I am ingesting to give me some order.

Yesterday I was wiped out but by evening I started to feel like myself. Today I had an energized day but am trying to sit much of the time so I don’t burn the energy I am accumulating.

I guess it’s a good time to sit back & contemplate what it is I want to do with my life in this transformation stage.

You’ve given me a purpose again & I thank you for that gift.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018



(Poem by Dr. David Spangler to Phillip Collins on his 2018 birthday) 

How do you return the energy, support and love he has given you over the years?
Though you don’t always agree, you seek him out first when you’re in trouble. 

Like a big brother, he is there for you…Fists clenchhed and confidence high,
And most importantly, non-judgmental.
Defending, admonishing, protecting.

Rain or shine, thick or thin, he has been there for you,
And given you wisdom, inspiration, caution, truth, faith, and a dash of invincibility. 

I need to give my beloved brother a birthday gift.
But he is so self-sufficient, autonomours and strong that any gift seems insufficient.
How do I contribute a balanced sense of “give and take” to this cherished relationship?
Propitiation, sacrifice, or gross display? I don’t think so. 

Maybe just an energetic jolt from my psychic loins that lets him know
The depths of my love, passion and admiration for his being.
Thank you so much dear friend, for being in my life, 

And sharing these years of growth and expansion.
I’ll continue to pursue something in the physical world than can still put a smile on your face,
\And a party in your pants. 

Happy Birthday Brother and many more, if anyone is still counting.




At the 32ns Annual World Congress of Illumination, Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Message via Patricia Cota-Robles ( A divine feminine energy messenger).

During the night time hours of August 15th-16th, 2018 within the Eternal Moment of Now, a glorious graduation ceremony took place for the Holy Innocents. This occurred within the Temples of our Great, Great Central Sun. The Solar Logos for this Sun are El and Ela. Attending the ceremony were the I AM Presences of the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth who have been holding the sacred space for the awakening of the Millennials and the children. It also included the I AM Presences of our asleep and recalcitrant sisters and brothers who had just renewed their commitment to return to the Path of Divine Love. That sacred and holy night these previously resistant souls were given permission to enter the Temples of El and Ela for the very first time.

The morning of August 16th began with a glorious procession through the Portals of the Suns in our system of worlds. First, El and Ela led the procession involving the Millennials, the children and all of us who followed them through the Portal of the Great, Great Central Sun. Next, El and Ela were joined by Elohae and Eloha the Solar Logos of our Great Central Sun as the procession passed through the Portal of their Sun. El and Ela and Elohae and Eloha were then joined by Alpha and Omega the Solar Logos from our Central Sun as the procession passed through the Portal of their Sun. And finally Helios and Vesta the Solar Logos of our physical Sun joined the procession as we all passed through the Portal of their Sun.

As this glorious procession descended into the atmosphere of Earth, the Holy Innocents and the rest of the Family of Humanity embodied on Earth traversed the planet taking our places in our specific locations around the world, in preparation for the activation of the consciousness codes within the DNA of the Millennials and the children. When all was in readiness, the miraculous activities of Light involving the activation process began…..

The first activity of Light was conducted by Beloved Kwan Yin. This Feminine Being of Light represents our Mother God in the Buddhist tradition. Kwan Yin is known through all Creation as the Goddess of Divine Family Life. In a sacred initiation, Kwan Yin guided the I AM Presences of the Mothers and Fathers and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Millennials and the children through an activity of Light that awakened within them the highest possible frequency of Christ Consciousness. This initiation will to help them to remember that they have been preparing for lifetimes to be the most nurturing and enlightening support system possible for the awakening Holy Innocents. At the conclusion of the initiation, Kwan Yin blessed Mother Earth and the entire Family of Humanity with her Celestial Song.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano
Are You Honest and Truthful with Yourself?

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this isMichaeland we come to you as youcontinueto movedeeper into your heart space and into a place of truth and honesty you have never known. It is truth and honesty with self, and it is now time to measure this level of truth and honesty.
It is not about looking outside of you to see the truth and honesty. Nor is it about looking outside of you to measure yourself based upon those outside of you. It is how truthful and honest you are with you.  It is time to look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself; am I being truthful and honest with myself?  It is now time to take that responsibility. Are you fully being truthful and honest with yourself?
We have a simple exercise for you:
Take a mirror, a physical mirror and look at your own eyes in that mirror and ask this question as you gaze directly into your own eyes; am I being truthful with myself and am I being honest with myself? 
It is up to you now to be impeccable with yourself. The impeccability and integrity of the word begins with you, everything begins with you.  It has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of you. 
Once you begin to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to fully know you, love you and honor you, you then stand as an individuated adult, powerful in the knowingness and the truthfulness of you.  It is here at this point you realize you have choices as an adult. You have choices as you move on the pathway bringing you to the world as you are, without looking to others for gratification and validation. It is about moving into individuation and into the knowingness of self, to stand in your powerfulness so you can now choose to take your next steps in your adult life.  
So it is about truth and honesty. Are you taking steps in your life based upon truth and honesty of self? Or, when you are faced with the next step in life, do you move into your mental body and wonder what those outside of you will think?  When you have a choice in front of you, do you choose to make this choice based upon your love of self?  Or, are you making choices in the world looking outside of you wondering how your choice will affects others and if you still will be loved if you make the choice based upon your love of self?  
This message is about you moving into your powerfulness of self.  Are you tired of remaining in the quagmire of your life when you are faced with choices and wondering if you make a choice if it will affect others, thus seeking gratification and validation? 
You are now ready to stand in the truthfulness and honesty of self.  So We ask you to look into the mirror again, look into your own eyes and ask; How truthful am I with me, how honest am I with me?  Am I making choices based upon the reaction others will have with those choices if I make them?  If I make this choice will it affect her? If I make this choice will it affect him? That is the mind of the wounded little girl, the wounded little boy who thinks that everything they do affects mom and dad. 
Your choices affect you.  When you are making choices as an adult, they are choices based upon love of self.  Are you making choices in your life based upon how much you love you? If you are being truthful and honest with yourself are you  living your life based upon your sense of self and love of self? 
Once you begin to move into the depth of loving yourself, you will then know what it is to truly love another.  Loving another is simply allowing them the freedom to love themselves.  It is not up to you how your choices will affect the depth of love that they have for themselves or the depth of love that they may have for you.  It is no longer about making choices wondering what the effect will be on others and if they still will love you.   Are you being honest with yourself?   Are you being truthful with yourself?  Honesty and truthfulness is based upon love of self.   Full love of self means that you will be honest and truthful with you and once you are honest and truthful with you, the impeccability of your word and your integrity will follow.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Formlessness Behind The Form

No matter what form it assumes, the formless unconscious push behind ego is to focus on the concept of who we think we are; the illusionary self-created through our emotions and thoughts. This can be a gift or a grind depending on whether the emotions/thoughts are positive or negative. One connects us with Source, the other separates us into duality. Once we accept with compassion (forgive) that all form is impermanent/unstable, we can allow a peace to rise within us awakening us to the higher dimension of formlessness within us that is beyond what we call physical death.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Formless And Form

Source/All There Is/Creation is formless consciousness and the divine essence of who we are. Everything else is form. Through us, creation is becoming aware of itself. A healed, balanced human life is a dance between these two dimensions that make up formlessness and form. Most humans (but this is changing) are only aware of form through our emotions, thoughts and physicality. Form allows us to exist in this 3D world but we would not exist without the essential formless dimension, which is the Divine Eternal Essence of who we are. Physical existence is the foreground of life, BEing is the unseen background. Eternity (our origin, our home) is the living reality of who we really are.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

Wednesday, August 22, 2018



Monday, August 20, 2018


Feeding Drama, Finding Peace

To find peace within us let us connect with our inner wounded child that feels threatened and wants to survive at all cost. This wounded child is attached to the drama to assert its identity as the winning hero. The world is often led by wounded boys and girls leading us into inhuman wars. This inner child feeds on the drama and wants the conflict. Can we become aware of this wounded being within us racing to defend itself, judging, shaming, blaming and attacking? The task is for us to awaken to the needs of this child by asking him or her what they need from the adult us, thus allowing us to move beyond our unconsciousness. That unhealed aspect of ourselves would rather be right than have the peace that we are healing as a human species.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

Sunday, August 19, 2018



In the past and still largely in the present our Earthly Order has been dictated by economics, politics and religion. Now it is shifting to human spirituality as humanity is awakening into knowing who we truly are and why we are here.

Eternally Spiritually Yours,
Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder, The Angel News Network

Saturday, August 18, 2018



Much of what we called culture and laws are based upon myths and fictions that are often not true. These myths and fictions teach us to feel and think certain ways through the rules created around them. We have accepted untruthful ways far too long.; time to know the truth through your resonance and discernment and be free of untruths.

Truthfully Yours,
Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network

Friday, August 17, 2018



Whatever is possible in nature is my universal law, natural. Unnatural behavior cannot existence in nature if it is possible.  Unnatural only exists in the minds and opinions of humans which often are not true.

Naturally Yours,
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder The Angel News Network


Ego Roles: Villain, Victim, Lover

Often if our egos cannot gain validation through positive attention, they will seek it through negative actions or reaction by provoking another (villain role). This can increase if the wounds of the individual desires to experience more pain to avoid being invisible. By being stuck in our story, we may seek attention via being the victim by being easily offended or reactionary toward others. If no one listens or cares about our story, it can become our own truth and problem to never resolve. The lover role is where we become attached to another individual. This is not true love, which needs no wanting. What is often mistaken as ‘falling in love’ is an increase of ego wanting and needing someone to satisfy what we cannot within ourselves.
Role-playing is hard work and often cannot be maintained forever, especially when we enter into a committed relationship.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Are You Defending?

As you continue to move steadily on your pathway, you are opening to new aspects of you. Many of you at this time have been asked to look in the mirror at something about you and your initial response may have been to defend. We come to you now to asking you to look at this. 

When another through their loving heart asks you to take notice of something about your behavior or aspects of yourself, is your initial response to defend?   
Do you feel your heart close down and you move to defend yourself? 
Many of you have done this.
Can you open your heart space to receive from another through love?
Do you hear what another says as judgment and shame? 

At times you are hearing through your defense and the conditioning.
What comes up for you in the moment when another asks you to look at something about you? 

It all comes down to how you communicate with each other when doing this. 
How are you communicating with another?
Are you pointing your finger and blaming and shaming?

As you move on the pathway towards self-mastery it is important to see when you move into your defense.  For many this is a blind spot. 
When another points out an aspect of you and asks you to look at that, where does your energy move within your physical body? 
Do you feel it rise?
Are you triggered in that moment? 
Or do you remain neutral in that moment? 

What are you hearing when another asks through their loving heart, “Can you look at this?” 
Each and every one of you from time to time hears what is being said through your conditioning, your wounds and your defense. 
We ask you to pay attention to what you are hearing because this is where the illusion is created. 

You might be hearing mom or dad judging and shaming you. 
If in fact you defend in that moment, how are you doing it? 
Do you project onto another when through their loving heart they simply ask you to look at your blind spot.  

It is important to raise your awareness and consciousness to what you are hearing, how you are hearing it, if you are receiving it, or not, and if you move into defense as your first reaction. 

When another shares with you something about you ask:
Am I defending when you ask me to look at something about me? 

It is important to become aware of this and raise your consciousness to it.
See the myths and the illusions in what you are hearing from another. Perhaps the voices you are hearing. 

For example:
In that moment when you said this, what came up for me is mom. I heard when I was 5 or 10 years old mom saying this to me. 

In doing this you can begin to heal these wounds and the conditioning from mom and dad. 

It is time to open your heart to the loving heart to love yourself. As you share with another are you sharing through a loving heart? Or are you blaming and shaming and judging? 
Most of this has to do with the balance of giving and receiving. 
How are you giving?
Are you giving through the loving heart and are you receiving with your heart open with love as it is given to you with love? 

It is time to move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart and open to you to raise your awareness and consciousness. This is another step to raise your consciousness and awareness to your behaviors. 

In those moments when another asks you to look at you and your behaviors it is not about judging and shaming. It is about love to see if you can be your greatness and to see if you can be you.  With love, can you through acceptance and compassion, say, “Yes I am defending. Thank you for pointing this out.” 
How does it make you feel when someone points out something about your behavior? 
How does it make you feel when someone points out the wonderful aspects of you? 
Are you receiving love?  
Do you continue to look at what think you are doing wrong and what you haven’t fixed it yet? 
Saying, “I am not perfect yet.” “I am not good enough yet.” 

Can you look at what you are learning about yourself and realize that it is just an aspect and another step in your growth in your soul’s divine plan? 

By becoming more aware of yourself and your behaviors you are growing and ascending, raising your resonance and vibration and opening your heart. 

Do you choose to only open your heart when someone says something wonderful about you? 
Do you choose to close your heart when someone points out something that triggers you and then you defend? 

In the moment you are defending your heart shuts down. When someone points something out to you it may trigger a memory, conditioning and a feeling. We ask you to be with the feeling in that moment.
What are the feelings that come up that trigger you and may move you into defense and then shut down your heart? 

The defense will fight to hold itself in place. 
It is important to raise your awareness and consciousness to this.

Your partner may point out, “I see you may be defending right now.” 
What feelings come up within you?
You may not even know you are defending. 

When you begin to see this, it is another step to being who you are. 
Always be aware of judgment and shame because each and every one of you has moved through a lifetime where mom and dad judged and shamed you in certain aspects of you life. 
It is important to make yourself aware of the constant ridicule of judgment and shame.    
Be aware when you continually judge and shame yourself as you move through this process.
It is important to see this. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Divine Order

It is challenging for the human mind to accept there is an order within the universe when our human lives are often filled with chaos. We fail to realize that chaos is an essential aspect of creation; we think it is something bad. We often see the events/content of our lives in good or bad. This is a fragmented view of the entirety of life since everything is interconnected; good-bad, bad-good. They are all aspects of the same thing: feminine=masculine, problem=solution, dark=light, right=wrong. You cannot know one without the other.
Beyond and behind the seemingly random (sometimes chaotic) events in our lives there is also (not in view to most) an unfolding higher (divine) order and purpose. Each raindrop knows exactly where to fall.We shall never know the higher order of creation through ego thinking.The Divine Order emanates from a formless higher realm of universal intelligence, Consciousness. We are all in the personal process of becoming realigned with the wholeness of Creation.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

Monday, August 13, 2018


                                                              COMING SOON....

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Moving Me To We,
Creating A New World Of Wonder
By Phillip Elton Collins
(with a lot of help from higher realms)

Consciousness, The Awakener

During our human evolution/ascension process now, perhaps for the first time on our planet we have a free willed choice to be conscious or not. We are mastering the reality that we are consciousness becoming conscious of itself.
Through the ascension energy we are receiving now there is an unprecedented influx of consciousness, many light workers and way showers no longer need to go through in-depth pain and suffering to become conscious. These individuals, often led by the feminine energy and the children of the world (who come fully equipped to be conscious) are leading the way in the new Earth paradigm of moving from me to we (consciousness).
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network



Thursday, August 9, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for August 2018
Releasing, Being and Allowing

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into various aspects of your life that are bringing you to crossroads or intersections. As you move into your month of August and move to these crossroads and intersections, many are being faced with decisions as to what the next step to take in life is.  Many look at their old life or the life they are leading right now and aspects of it that may no longer resonate for them. They stand at this crossroad, this precipice, look out and wonder, what is next in their life?    

As you move to the precipice of these crossroads it important to relax, move into your heart space and ask for guidance and support.  Your month of August is about surrendering and releasing to higher dimensional energies or the will of God.  

It is now about surrendering and releasing trying to control everything in your life and what is transpiring in the world outside of you in your life.  Your month of August is about allowing yourself to simply be and be who you are.  

You have moved very rapidly to these crossroads and the precipice. And you have diligently moved within in your personal process and come to this point in your life.   Many of you are realizing the fruitless ways of your doing, and spending an inordinate amount of energy doing. Doing this, keeping busy, doing that, keeping busy.  As you may wonder what to do and try to find the answers as to what to do, it is time to move within and open up with prayer or affirmation. This will allow yourself to release and let go and allow multi-dimensional guidance to come in as you simply just be.  This guidance and support will come through you, to you and for you.  

It is not about sinking into or indulging in beingness, it is about continuing to live your life. Yet, many now are seeing their incessant doing in their life.  Much of this doing may not be getting you anywhere.  You are doing because you have been conditioned, trained and taught to do. 
“If I am not in motion nothing will get accomplished.”  
“If I am not in motion, I will not move to an inordinate amount of abundance.” 
“If I am not in motion, nothing will shift and change in my life.” 
There are parts of this that is true because it is always about staying in motion to move forward and toward. But now, it is about seeing the excess motion, the excess and inordinate amount of doing that you have been perpetrating in your life.
Many are feeling tired and quite possibly run down mentally, emotional and physically. You have come to a precipice to open your heart space and simply be where you are and who you are. Open your heart and your consciousness to multi-dimensional energies that will bring you guidance, support and much love during this period of time. 

For many, this is a great disruption of your nervous system. This is a crossroads for many where they are shifting and changing the patterns and the configuration of their nervous system. 
“If I stay in motion, I will be alive.”
“If I stop and just be, quite possibly I will die and will no longer be in control of everything outside of me.”  

If you allow yourself to be, you will see the illusion of the conditioning.
You are now at a precipice and crossroads to be where you are and allow. Allow yourself to be where you are.  Nurture yourself as you are being where you are.  

Your month of August is about releasing and energetically letting go of anything you are trying to control outside of you. Simply, be and release and surrender to the moment of now.  Be in the depth and breadth of your heart space.  

Many at the precipice know that there are great changes ahead in your life. Many are conditioned to push forward, constantly prodding at what is outside of you.  Many are searching for what to do outside of you. This is an aspect of the conditioned nervous system.  As many to continue to push and prod, and do, they look out and see nothing is transpiring the more the earnestly they push and prod and do.  If you are in this place, observe what is transpiring if you give yourself the freedom to be. 

In the next three-week period, We ask you to simply Be. This is a major shift and change for many. As you begin to be, deep-rooted feelings will surface. Your defense will come into play. Simply allowing yourself to be is a vast unknown for many.  “If I allow myself to be, what will transpire in my life?” 

Many will feel the shift in their physical body. Many will begin to tremble because they are unsure and addicted to doing. If you choose to simply be, perhaps you will see your addiction to always needing to be in motion and doing. As you see your addiction, your physical body will respond and react to it. It is important to be conscious and aware of what transpires in your physical body as you allow yourself to be if you choose to do so. 

Simply Be, nothing is lost, nothing is gained. 
What you will see if you choose to be, is your world will become more clear to you. You will begin to “smell the roses”.   If you will allow yourself to be, quite possibly you will see all those who love you.  You will then see what is in your life.  

Many incessantly do, because they are chasing after what they think isn’t in their life that they need to get. 

If you allow yourself to be, it will open up your senses to the wonderfulness around you, what is in your life and to those who you may have pushed aside in your incessant doing. 
Your month of August is about releasing, being and allowing. If you allow yourself to be, you will then see the gloriousness of your life and open to receive love.  This is what each and every one of you say you want. Yet, it is through your incessant doing and the need to do, to prove to others that you are worthwhile and you are on a mission in your life.    

You year of 2018 is a year of moving from doing to being to doing.  If you allow yourself to be where you are and be who you are, you will then see your life shift and change. Your purpose may become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be who you are and where you are, perhaps who you are and where you are will become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be, you will see with greater clarity what is transpiring in your life. You will gain greater clarity as to what is changing, what has changed and how you have changed. 

As we say this to you, many are feeling their nervous system twitch and twitter. You may be feeling the feelings of fear. You may be feeling feelings moving through your physical body and surfacing.

“If I allow myself to be will I be alive?”