Saturday, May 29, 2021



                                                                MEMORIAL DAY 2021

As we remember and honor those who lost their lives; their leaving is hardest on we the living left behind. The dead warrior souls are continuing their spiritual sacred journey. We the living are mastering the reality that war does not work and it is not worth on human life lost. Often these wars are created by hidden factors that most do not know nor understand.  Let us know and apply  the wisdom that killing one another is not acceptable.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021




By St Germain with channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Ones,

The perfect server is the one who does to their utmost ability what they believe/know to be the Will of the Source of their endeavor, and the work to be done by one in co-operation with your soul plan and God’s (Creation’s) plan.  Then, having done your part, passes it on to a continuance of that work and cares not for the result of the action.

You come to know that wiser eyes than your own see the end from the beginning; that insight, deeper and more loving than yours, is weighing up the fruit of your service, and that judgment, more profound than yours is testing the force and extent of the vibration set up and is adjusting that force according to the motive.

You do not suffer from pride over what is done, nor from undue depression over lack of accomplishment. At all times you do your very best, and waste no time in backward contemplation but steadily press forward to the accomplishment of your next duty.  Brooding over past deeds and casting the mind over old achievement, is in the nature of involution…and you Dear ones are working with the law of evolution.

The wise server, after action, pays no attention to what fellow servants say, you care not if the result is not that which you anticipated, provided you did your best. You care not if reproach and reproof assail you, allowing your inner self to remain calm and non- accusing. You care not if you lose friends, relatives, the popularity once enjoyed and the approbation of environing colleagues since you stay connected from whence your endeavor came.

To sum it all up: the sacrifice of the personal self for the good of the One Self using wise control of the personality and discrimination in work and time.   Evolving from Me to We. You are mastering complete dispassion and a growing love of the unseen and the real.  All of this is consummated through our eternal love of one another.





What is the purpose underlying all that we see around us?
What will be the outcome of world affairs viewing them s a whole?
What is the destiny of the human race?
What is the origin of the human race?
What is the key to our present situation?
Is there more than one life?
How do we move from what Is apparent and material.?


Sunday, May 23, 2021



                                             SONSHIP & BELOVED TO THE MASTER

From Ascended Master St Germain

(Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network)

Dear Intimate Co-workers (Joel, Phillip & Woody),

We are reaching a point and period in our relationship esoterically known as the “Son-of-the-master” which leads to the “Beloved of the Master.”   All of these stages are governed by two things: (a) similarity of vibration, (b) karma, the ability to develop collective consciousness.  Our past and present work is manifesting all of this.

We have formed a ‘family’ around my mastership, enclosed within my aura as you more and more become a part of my consciousness. In effect, our monadic rays are merging.

As we continue to spend more time together you are holding my higher vibration more often. The lower mind of your being is connecting more often with your higher cosmic mind, allowing a purification of your lower physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You are learning to equip yourselves with the tools to serve and help the human race, knowing you have something to give which you have already demonstrated with our past and continued present work together.

Being a master is all about being a benefactor to serve rather than grasp and acquire for yourself.

Being in a master’s family is being within the consciousness of the master at all times. In effect, being held within my violet flame aura. This involves the steady holding of my higher vibration. This is not an easy matter. All selfishness and unworthiness must leave. This is a purification process allowing our hearts to further connect.

More and more you are linking with me and know my thoughts, my plans, desires and will. All our work together shows this.

Our ‘Son’ and “Beloved’ relationships have a peculiar sweetness all their own and comes with privileges and responsibilities to manifest my intention to serve humanity through your choice and free will.

As our work, radiating from spirit, continues to create an energetic forcefield worldwide, know our inner light is creating an outer shining upon humanity allowing equality, harmony and balance based upon love, the building block of all there is.

May, 2021






                                                            SEVEN HUMAN ROOT RACES

There will be seven root races of humans on this planet during our evolution. The sixth and seventh are yet to develop as we increase our consciousness. The Aryan root race are the Hindu, European and modern American races belonging to the fifth race, the Chinese and Japanese are the fourth race. The Lemurians and Atlanteans were the third.  The second and first races were not yet completely in physical form.

Saturday, May 22, 2021



                                                        CREATION’S COMPOSITION

Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence; soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three trinity are synthesizes by Life which pervades them all.

Thursday, May 20, 2021



                                          MESSAGE FROM ST. GERMAIN & ADAMA

                                            (To Joel D. Anastasi & Phillip Elton Collins)


You’re seeing the greatness of what you are bringing out into the world and have brought out into the world, you and the channel. You are seeing your unique talents and gifts coming together in that process and embracing the reality that you are doing it and more and more also being it. By creating together, you are bringing a new energy to the world, a new way to think, a new way to feel, a new thought process, if you will, for humanity itself with the work that you have done and will continue to do, dear ones. 



Wednesday, May 19, 2021



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network,
In concert with the Ascended Masters Council
We look at the marvels of many ancient civilizations and wonder how they achieved such great things so long ago, knowing we cannot duplicate them now. Let us revisit and restore some of the lost wisdom that is so needed now, a wisdom that can protect our planet and insure our survival.
Of course, this is a complex matter (having to do with matter), so I shall do my best to keep it as simple as possible. We need to eliminate ignorance and the financial and political obstructions that stand in the way of our development. Only with the light of reason and truth can we begin to see all the unlimited possibilities of THE LAW OF VIBRATION which has to do with the spiritual science dealing with numerical vibrations, colors and sound (all forms of energy).
It is our divine destiny to rediscover THE LAW OF VIBRATION which can govern all endeavors of humanity--government, science, communication education, finance, health, energy--or the betterment of all. Humanity is not ready to fully understand and accept all its precepts, but this discussion will explain how vital it is that we discover and master this law and what can happen if we do.
We are condensed energy vibrating at certain frequencies, which can create good health or death or the construction of great civilizations, depending on the vibration of this energy. Once we master vibrational law, we shall cure disease by knowing it’s root cause and stop treating symptoms with drugs and procedures with toxic side effects. Physical and emotional disorders will be regarded as discordant sound; depression and physical disease will be diagnosed in terms of low vibration. The use of color (a frequency) and sound will become common-place in healing as well as what is taught in medical schools. Some metaphysicians are using beginnings of this spiritual science, but much more will be revealed.
The construction of large structures and the lifting of great weight will someday be understood in terms of sound as it was during advanced ancient civilizations. Creation is a cycle (where there is no time nor distance) which returns upon itself and, thus, is in our future. This reappearance of a faculty (creating a vacuum through sound) that the Lemurians, Atlanteans, early Egyptians, Mayans, used to raise great masses can be ours (a higher return of the creation spiral.)
People will eventually be grouped by their vibration or frequency color (not race) as more and more of us develop the ability to see auras. THE LAW OF VIBRATION will eventually supersede number measurements and will become our basic system of measurement. The religious teachings of the world and the ideas of right and wrong and judgment will be redefined by one’s vibration and frequency color, where there is no right nor wrong nor judgment. It simply is what it is. You are who you are by your choosing your divine destination.
Higher realms are waiting for us to increase our consciousness enough for all of the LAW to be given to us since, if the spiritual science is used wrongly, it could destroy much of the planet and ourselves. (The Atlanteans experienced this. They destroyed themselves through the misuse of energy by the forces protecting this planet).
Vibrations can destroy or create through the employment of united sound. Our present practice of killing one another through war will prevent us from receiving this complete wisdom. We must learn that we are diversified versions of one another from the same source.
This brief discussion intends to show what is possible and can happen to mankind if we choose to evolve. Using vibration through sound and color can revolutionize and change our lives for the better. Only as we develop can the wonders of the LAW OF VIBRATION become available to us.
May be an illustration of one or more people and tattoo
Jorge Alejandro Allende and Matthew Ahmah Kent
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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Moving from the Old into the New

It is an Energetic Movement Within


As you move through your life you are always moving from the old into the new if you are subscribing to a dedicated personal process. You are always releasing the old and moving into something new. Many look at this as moving from the old outside of yourself into something new outside of you. What you are actually doing is releasing old conditioning, old wounding that has been inflicted upon the wounded child.  When you release that, you then move into a new level of adulthood. These shifts and changes, moving from the old into the new most often are subtle. Many now are feeling a major shift, a major movement into a new level of living life in the third dimensional realm. 


When these transitions transpire in your life what is important to do is look at what you are labeling as old because you are now seeing life from the adult perspective. This is why you are labeling it old because you are looking at life from the adult perspective. You are looking at creating a major shift into adulthood to fully have what you say you want as an adult. Many now are looking at what is important and what they want and shifting and closing the doors at what you looked at through the eyes of the child.  


It is important now to look at what you deem as old, what you say is old and ask, why is it old?  You may not have a tangible explanation because what you are doing is moving from needing to label it and ask the question why. You are moving into the feeling body. You simply are no longer “feeling it”. This is why We continually ask you , How does this make you feel?


When you look at the old in your life simply ask, How does that make me feel? 


Each and every one of you are feeling that something is shifting in your life. You are feeling something is shifting deep inside of you. You no longer need to explain it, prove it, and you no longer need to justify it.  These are the wounds of the child. Now you are just feeling it and being it.   It is why We ask you the question, are you moving from doing to being? Justifying it, speaking it, proving it is another form of doing as opposed to being. 


Each and every one of you is feeling that something is old and you may not have an explanation for it. The only explanation is, I am feeling it. I am feeling the low, dense vibrational energy of the old. Feeling the low dense vibrational energy of the third dimensional realm outside of you, the aspects of it and what is transpiring in it. This is a vast area for many of you. You are now feeling something different but you are not quite sure what it is. 


It is now about moving within and looking at the old and ask your self, how does that make me feel? It no longer resonates for me. It just feels old. We utilize the term “old” because you are human and need labels. It is simply a transition in your soul’s divine plan. And when you transition you energetically release the old. 


What We are speaking about is not something tangible that you can look at and say I am letting go of that. What are you doing is moving into your light body, into your feeling body and releasing the energy of the old. This is because you are releasing the old inside of you.  Whatever is old inside of you, you are releasing. You are releasing the old, dense vibrational energy and releasing it from your mental, emotional and physical body. Allowing all the feelings to surface, and emptying out the old that is directly related to the wounds of the child. You are now becoming the master of the self as the adult. And differentiating between the wounds of the child and the adult. This is shifting for many. 


So you are labeling what has transpired in your life as old. But you are realizing that you are feeling much more differently about your self than you ever have before.

Sunday, May 16, 2021



                                                  UNTIL BE STOP HATING & KILLING

We are each other in disguise. We are diversified versions of one another in disguise all from the same source. Until we master these truths/wisdoms, we shall not advance as a human species into a higher frequency of existence and are destined to stay within the densest dimension within the universal plane.

Monday, May 10, 2021



                                                                THE PERFECT HUMAN

The perfect human upon this physical plane will have their emotional, mental and physical centers in balance, they will know exactly how to use their energy, they will be in contact with their divine essence within, and will act through an unity consciousness that will effect the greatest number of people.

Sunday, May 9, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Message for May 2021


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving through new parameters in your life and in your daily life. You are now moving into your month of May, a month of fruition, newness and releasing the old. Releasing the old has been a common theme as We have been coming to you from time to time. Many now are fully releasing the old in their life and in doing so are in an in between period in their life. Not quite sure what is transpiring where they are in their life and in many ways feeling somewhat disillusioned with life. This is because they are experiencing a newness in life, a newness within themselves and they are opening up to this newness.  Yet, they must move through an incubation period of that newness. 


Many in your month of May are moving through a rebirth into the depth and breadth of who they truly are and their truth. Moving into a new depth of loving, honoring and valuing themselves more deeply than they ever have by making choices and decisions that champion their highest good.  What is transpiring in your month of May is you are moving deeper within the depth and breadth of your heart space. Moving to a greater depth of detaching yourself energetically from the third dimensional realm. Fully releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. 


Many who have looked outside of themselves for the stimulation, the gratification and the titillation of the nervous system are finding that this no longer exists in their life now. So they are not quite sure what is transpiring within themselves and moving into a place of solitude. Not isolation and separation, for that is the old habit, pattern and behavior that just subsides everything within you. It is a place of solitude and for many a much needed place where they can regroup their energy and themselves and move into a newness in the rebirth in the month of May. So it is most important now that you are moving into your month of May in 2021 is to move into this place and begin to see your choices.


What is also transpiring now in your month of May is deeper feelings are surfacing for many who are choosing to release the old wounding and conditioning and all that no longer serves them. Doing this so they can move into the rebirth of who they truly are and their mission and purpose in this lifetime.  Moving into the full beingness of they are. Many have learned great lessons over the last few months of your year about their old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors. Many have learned great lessons about who they are. Many have encountered wonderful and most glorious souls who have come into their life and become the trigger point for the rebirth into themselves. Learning more within the depth and breadth of themselves. 

In many ways you can look at the relationships that have served you in these last few months from the beginning of your year of 2021 to now in your month of May. Look at the relationships that have served you to grow, to move into the full beingness of self, to learn more about your old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors. To move into the depth and breadth of your wounding from mom and dad. You can also see how this great love is revealing these aspects within them as well. 


Your month of May is somewhat a celebration that you are now rebirthing into the new that will begin to take place in the second half of your year beginning in your month of June. Your month of May is a rebirth into the depth and breadth of the truth of yourself as you continue to look at your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. 

Many are looking at the validation, gratification and excitement in your life. Looking outside of you for the meaning of life and the meaning of you. Looking outside for the meaning, value and purpose of life for you. This as We have said many times before comes from within.  


It is now a full release of your attachments to the third dimensional realm. Detaching energetically from the low, dense vibrational aspects of the third dimensional realm outside of you. This leads to creating a new collective consciousness within you that can begin to create a new collective consciousness with those who you may be shifting relationships with or forming new relationships. 


It is about finding the resources within you and outside of you with those who resonate and vibrate at a level as you do and on the same pathway as you in the spiritual sense of your beingness.  What we mean by the spiritual sense is moving to multi-dimensional realms and entertaining those energies that are moving in full force into your earthly plain in this month of May. Many of these energies are moving within to fortify the depth and breadth of the truth of who you are. 


What is transpiring now for many is they are forming a new identity of who they are that is based in the true beingness of who you are. So in many ways you might feel you are not yourself any longer. You may not have an identity. What is transpiring in your life no longer excites you or gives you that sense of excitation. This is because you are releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm of gratification and validation. You are now moving within the depth and breadth of your heart space to the full beingness of self. Many are finding themselves in a stationary aspect within themselves. Not wanting or feeling that they need to do anything in their life. In many ways, simply being. Simply being who they are. 


You are in a period of time reforming your identity of self. Who are you? Who were you? And where are you now? 


Many are now beginning to fully release their attachments to the wounding of the wounded child. Many now are differentiating between the child and the adult. Many are just individuating from mom and dad. Many are now moving into the full adult self and making choices from the adult self not from the wounded child perspective. Moving to a greater sense of We Consciousness where there is no longer an obligation to the We but simply a choice to create We Consciousness. There is a difference. Many are moving out of their obligations, doing what they think they are obligated to do. Remaining in relationships through a sense of obligation where it is important to take care of that other in the relationship. 


Many are now seeing these old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors and this is shifting the beingness of self and the fiber of their being. This is what We mean moving from the old into the new.             

Friday, May 7, 2021




By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

(Expanded recap/edit: May, 2021 session with Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano)


Through the global pandemic many have further awakened to why they are here by better knowing who they are. This has allowed us to have a more loving relationship with ourself, making better choices that serve our highest good and those we love. In effect, during this challenging period we have learned some essential lessons; lessons we don’t have to learn in another lifetime.

While many of us have been in solitude (not necessarily isolation), we have further become aware of the meaning and purpose of our lives and let go of habits, people and things that have not always served us well.  While living in the densest frequency within the universal plane, we are now learning to let go as we take a deeper look at ourselves through the contractions and expansions of life.

In effect some of us are allowing ourselves to be where we are without judgment, allowing life to care for itself. In many ways, all relationships in our lives are just the way they need to be. It is our reaction and response to them that matters most.  A reaction reveals what we need to heal and a response shows what has already healed.

Since we all have a divine soul plan (our purpose and reason to be here) that we signed onto prior to coming here, it is all about learning what that ‘contract with creation’ is and what our awareness of it is. The more of this contract we execute, the more we achieve/learn in this lifetime, the less we have to achieve in another lifetime.

As has been discussed many times before many higher realm, powerful energies are coming into our earth plane to nourish who we are and why we are here. With these energies some of us feel we are not quite ourselves, as we further release the attachments to the ‘old’ in order to make room for the new full being of ourselves. We are moving into a place where our beingness further creates our doingness. And just being without doing is ok too. We are losing our need to prove ourselves to others nor seek their approval. We are knowing we are just the way we need to be in this moment of now.

All of the above is also allowing us to move further into what has been called ‘we consciousness’ letting go more and more of ‘me consciousness’. Through increased consciousness and being ourselves, we know we are diversified versions of one another, all from the same source.  And that creation would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here.  That’s how precious each one of us is.