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BROTHER RAPHAEL: Open the Eyes of Your Heart by Jeff Fasano

Brother Raphael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Open the Eyes of Your Heart

From the star seed Orion We come to you, at this most wonderful time this is Brother Raphael and We now bring you a message to move through the healing process and into the good-naturedness of you. A place where you can open up to compassion in your heart space for yourself so you can join together with your brethren. 

Dear ones, you now can see with open eyes, the open eyes of the heart, the open eyes from the depth of your heart. It is time now to open the eyes of your heart so you can see another through your heart. See another through the neutrality of the heart and through compassion from the heart and from the essence of the heart. See another from your eyes as you look at them and they look at you and as you look at each other in oneness.

Judgment and shame lies in the mental body. When you look at another and move into judgment and shame you are simply moving into that judgment and shame through your mental body and your conditioning. It is time to open up to the essence of your heart space, to see compassion for yourself first and to see if, in fact, how much you love you. Look at this as you move through your process and ask yourself: Have you received love from yourself or are you still trying to get rid of your old habits, patterns and rituals? Are you judging and shaming yourself through your process? 

It is time now to take a step back into the essence of your heart space, to look at another through the eyes of your heart. You are now moving into the love of self, the love and compassion of self, the embodiment of self, so when you join with your brethren see the level of intimacy you have gained with yourself. This about intimacy, about sharing from the depth of your heart. So as you entertain connecting with your brethren, look to see where judgment and shame of self comes up. We ask you to open your hearts with each other. See the compassion for yourself, then you can see compassion for another.

It is time to fully love yourself. It is now time to take one step back into the depth of your heart to open your eyes to yourself. Look at your process, have you judged and shamed yourself? Are you still judging and shaming yourself? You judge and shame yourself through the conditioning in the mental body, not through your heart space. So We ask you now when connecting with your brethren to move through the depth and breadth of your heart, move through the love-ness and the oneness of self, the love-ness of the oneness of another. See the oneness of another through the oneness of you.

It is time for you to move into the depth of your heart and open your eyes through your heart. So now, when you gather with your brethren, open your eyes. Not through the mental body, not through your conditioning, not through the physical body, not through the emotional body, but the eyes of your heart. As you now allow yourself to see you as you are, you can see another as they are in their process. We ask you to look at judgment and shame. 

We leave with you this: Are you still judging and shaming yourself? Can you have compassion for judgment and shame? Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you now begin to heal what you have not accepted in yourself? Can you accept with compassion where you are, so you then can have compassion and acceptance for your brethren?

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel for Archangel Michael and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart



Interviewed/Edited by 

Channelled by Phillip Elton Collins

One of the amazing benefits of working with the Angel News Network (ANN) is that I often get the chance to ask spiritual entities from high spiritual realms (Angelic, Mary energies, etc.) about events and experiences affecting we humans here on planet Earth.

I have been intrigued by the Roman Catholic Pope Francis I since I began hearing some of his statements and reading some of his work. His recent encyclical on global warming and humanity’s contribution to it certainly caught the world’s attention and mine as well.

I grew up in the Catholic Church. The older I got the less enamored of it I became, so I wanted to get a higher realm reading of the Pope and his mission, especially as it relates to the powerful institution he heads called the Vatican.

Several days ago I met with channel Phillip Elton Collins, a colleague and co-founder of ANN, to speak to whatever spiritual entity chose to come through Phillip to address this subject. (Phillip has an enormous gift of being able to channel many higher dimensional energies or entities as they are often called.)

The energy that came through identified itself as the Francis Energy. In addition to Pope Francis, we discussed a number of topics including the killings of  parishioners attending a prayer meeting in a black church in Charleston. In this writing I will present excerpts of the comments on Pope Francis and the Vatican. 

In my next blog I will present comments on the Charleston shootings and their spiritual context. The entire interview will be posted on the ANN website:

Here are key excerpts on Pope Francis:

“This is the Francis Energy. We are the energy of compassion and brotherhood. We are the energy of the balance of the masculine and the feminine energies. We are an energy of the inner relationship of all life forms upon this planet—be they human, be they animal, mineral or plant.

“St. Francis is the incarnation of this specific frequency and energy and a messenger of it. This is the energy of the pathway of the one you call Pope. He is a messenger sent of this frequency, a messenger of the people, by the people and for the people. And not only the people but all of the other life forms on this planet which humanity affects.

“One of the reasons his messages of humanity are including weather and the conditions on the planet (Encyclical on Climate Change) is because they are all interconnected. He is in the process of connecting the wisdoms and the events of consciousness or the lack of consciousness and how it will affect the planet and humanity at large. He has that wisdom. He has that connection.”

I asked about man’s role in contributing to the changing climate of the planet. The Francis energy responded that global warming was the result of the natural evolution of the planet and man’s activities and behavior.

“There is no doubt that humanity’s behavior is increasing the evolutionary experience of the planet herself. It is the emotions and thoughts of humanity that are collected within the atmosphere which affect your weather patterns, your storms, some of your geological activities such as your volcanic activity and farther out beyond the planet herself. "

I asked if there were karmic consequences for those polluting our air, land and water.

“There is a karmic consequence. It is the way that the cosmos and nature, as you call her, balances and maintains and sustains herself.  When they (the polluters) leave this frequency they will experience a balance of what they have created through the intention to harm. 

"These individuals are here for a purpose as well. They are here for a clearing and a cleansing of humanity’s wounds and defenses to come up for a review to be fully expressed and experienced.”

I asked about Pope Francis’ mission with the Vatican, a powerful organization that many people see as having a history encompassing both good and evil.

“He is an instrument and a messenger of the St. Francis energy, if you will, of peace, love, acceptance of humanity and of all the life forms on this planet. He has chosen and been chosen to be a frequency of this particular energy. He has chosen to go into the belly of the beast, if you will. And, yet, at the same time, keep himself in it and not of it, knowing that his role is to begin to affect and transcend and transition the intention and the focus of this endeavor you call church. He realizes that all that may not take place within his incarnational cycle.

“But he knows he is planting a seed of change. Without that change and without the truth and the goodness and the love and support that he brings to it, he also realizes that the endeavor cannot succeed or continue as it is. It will fall upon itself in the corruption of itself. So, in effect, he is bringing in a new light. He is bringing in an old foundation of truth and love into the newness of it. He is asking that it return to being a church of the people, which, in reality, it never has been.

“It has been an instrument of control. It has been an instrument of the disempowerment of the feminine energy. It has hidden many of the historical and spiritual truths of the reality of humanity and your true history on this planet. He is laying a pathway for all of that to be opened. For within the vaults and libraries of this endeavor is much of the truth of which we speak, and he knows (how) to bring it out step by step knowing that it is a pathway of acceptance.

“He is aware of the resistance within and outside the organization that will resist the changes he is asking for. But he knows within his soul plan that he has chosen and been chosen, if you will, to bring this truth into this powerful organization that will mean the continued life and breath of it with these changes in place. Without it, it will fall upon itself.

“Much of humanity is “getting it” about this individual. It is interesting to note that much of that awareness is coming from outside of the endeavor of which he is a part. So he has struck a collective chord, if you will, in addition to the internals of the organization. Ironically, his support is coming from outside rather than inside his organization. And it is the pressures, shifts and changes to the intentions of goodness coming from outside in that can affect a dynamic of inside out.”

Next week I will present the comments of the Francis Energy on the Charleston killings and why it says, “Be aware of what a magnificent time it is upon your planet.”


Joel Anastasi is the author of The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age. The book is based on interviews conducted over several years with the Archangel Gabriel through trance channel Robert Baker. For more information please visit:

Joel has adapted Archangel Michael's teachings, channeled by Jeff Fasano, to to create a powerful new self-study program called, Life Mastery, Creating Your Life and the Courage to Live It. He recently published The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God with channel Jessie Keener based on channeled messages from the combined energies of Mary the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his spouse.

Joel has been a news reporter, magazine editor, VP at a major financial organization and a management consultant working with a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. He holds a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and an MS degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

To learn more about Joel D. Anastasi and his work please check these links:

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Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher
The Angel News Network

As an essential aspect of being human, our human contract agreement,  and due to our separation from the higher realms who maintain and sustain us (thinking we could do it a better way), for eons we humans have been learning what is through what is not through duality, separation often leading to confrontation.

Through the ascension process of our home planet (moving into a higher frequency of existence) humanity is beginning to evolve beyond our emotional, mental and physical components of the third dimension (3D) of which we presently reside. What you see in our world today are the necessary clearing and cleansing in order for us to evolve.  Things may look worse but it is actually the darkness before the dawn.

We are beginning to realize we have had enough of polarity consciousness and we are ready to commit to building communities of equality, harmony and balance through we consciousness by reconnecting to the higher fifth dimensional energies who maintain and sustain our existence.

By also balancing our human energies with that of our ascending planet (moving from dense carbon to the light from whence we all came) we shall finally recreate the final golden age of our home planet. Then we shall recreate the paradise this beautiful planet was intended to be; and not have to lose it again.

Then the third dimension can become a loving memory (rest in peace) from which we no longer need to learn. Are you ready? I am!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

SILENT SELF-TALK: A Conversation with Creation, Archangel Uriel Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Given from Archangel Uriel, World Teacher
Received by Phillip Elton Collins  
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved humans being human,

One of the most important conversations you are having is the silent one with yourself, not the ones you are projecting out into the world through your ego masks and defenses.

Take a deep breath and check in with that silent talk with self. Are you judging and shaming yourself in unspoken words? Is that silent conversation balancing with the one you are giving out into the world? Or are the two conversations decidedly different? Are you saying one thing outwardly and really feeling and saying another inside?

Dear ones that silent talk is your true feeling about yourself. It is also a conversation with creation. Once you are able to take a deep examination of that silent self-talk you can grasp a handle on what exactly needs to heal and be released within self; a process of inside out, not outside in.

If it resonates throughout your day periodically check in with yourself and without judgment nor shame of self, take a deep breath and truly listen to what you are saying about you to you. Is it loving and accepting with compassion, thus forgiving how you are choosing to learn what you need to learn, the way you need to learn it? Also realize dear ones this cozy conversation does not stop within you.

The energy from this self-talk resonates out into your world and beyond. It actually effects how others resonate with you.  Like-kind vibrations/frequencies (The Law of Attraction) attract one another.  So, if you truly feel non-loving of self, spoken or not, this is what you will create in your life and send out to the forces of creation since everything is interconnected.

Learning to lovingly check in with your silent self-talk is a powerful tool to become more aware/conscious of self in order to release unhealed aspects of self and to allow making another choice through your freedom of will. 



The entire cosmic universe 
Was involved and ignited
In the creation of planet Earth.

Twelve Star systems came together 
To bring the best of each star
Into our reach from afar.

It was called the grand divine experiment 
Inspired by unconditional love,
So they called us,
The Lover-versity of Love. 

The whole universe is waiting 
And watching us now
To see if we can ace this
Final place, the final Golden Age. 

To learn to love self and another is the mission 
In order to become the master teachers
And preachers of love,
And be the love stuff of submission. 

In recent years we have discovered 
Billions of galaxies,
Many like us.
Needing to learn like us 
About the reality of love. 

Are we ready to accept
That this immense galactic universe 
Is not adverse to a total 
Connection through affection. 


There is so much separation, duality and confrontation in your world due to your individual wounds and ego defenses mirroring out into your collective world. As has been taught many times before all this is the result of your unloving relationship with self-reflecting out into your thus, also wounded world. The ascension shift (moving into a higher frequency of existence), as told many times before, will be a personal peace process of inside out, beginning with each one of you.

The chosen messenger whom we are coming through at this divine moment, like many others, is a brethren within an endeavor called The Angel News Network with many of our various higher realm teachings to assist you in your individuated personal peace process. Can you receive and apply these teachings?

Ultimately as has been explained to you many times, the intention, through the healed loving relationship with self, is to create communities of equality, harmony and balance throughout your world. Remember dear ones, the purpose of your planet is to learn to love. As your history reveals, this has not always been an easy process for you. It does not have to be this difficult, if your can simply learn to think with your heart, allowing your mental bodies to also be in service to your heart that knows all of which we speak. All the learning from past lives is stored in the DNA of your heart and pasted on lifetime after lifetime.

Let us now examine how aspects of your higher selves can be applied to achieving the needed peace on your planet. It is your destiny during the creation of your final golden age to learn to live together in peace through all of your chosen diversity. Through your diversity you are learning you are all aspects of the same thing: LOVE.

Acknowledge the divine right of each and every person on Earth to be free of their wounds and defenses and reveal their higher selves; you are in process with this. Learn how to champion each other’s higher self through speaking your truth, knowing your needs and setting your boundaries. This will allow the opportunity to awaken the full activation of your soul plans; the reason to be here. You each have talents and gifts to bring into world service, knowing the world would be incomplete without each of you. You are all aspects of the Creator experiencing itself. Be and do this with complete acceptance, compassion and forgiveness as to how you have chosen to learn.

Remember through your personal process to have no hidden personal agenda or outcome other than the highest good of all. Surrendering to not knowing will allow the probabilities and possibilities of the universe to come forth. This requires a quieting of the mental body that constantly needs to know. Again return to the source of your knowing heart. Surrendering to not knowing allows the higher self to work.

Dear ones the peace you so hunger for will and can manifest in your lives, the lives of others and your world if you simply apply the above words into action. Select world leaders (governments reflect the people they govern) who have evolved enough to apply these principles and trust and know there are forces higher than humanity who are available to support you through your process. Seriously consider being in service to these forces; after all they created you and all your past golden ages… and if you so choose…your next golden age…

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPIRITUALITY and/or RELIGION: Archangel Uriel Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Given by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher
 Received By Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved humans being human,

As you are evolving within your ascension process of moving into your divine destiny of a higher frequency of existence (creating communities of equality, harmony and balance) you are currently within a personal and cultural transition of delineating from your human made religions and your true universal spirituality.

Your religions have largely been created on the premise that you needed to reach outside self in order to connect with God, Source or ALL THERE IS. While your religions have often been based upon some spiritual truth and have done some positive and negative things in your world, their foundation has also been based upon corrupted truth and an attempt to control what they did not create: you and your world.

It is your destiny to free yourselves from any forces that attempt to deny who you truly are and why you are here. You are divine eternal spiritual beings having chosen to have a human experience, expressing your talents and gifts through world service, creating unity consciousness. No matter how things may appear in your outside world, your freedom is in process…

Religions have largely been based upon fear. If you do not do or be this that will happen (go to hell). Spirituality is based upon unconditional, cosmic love knowing there is no judgment, shaming or blaming of self. All that you create (and you are the creator of your life) are learning tools to allow further embracement of your spirituality: you are creation experiencing itself. This truth has been hidden from you for eons. If you so choose it is time to make another choice.

At present, you are seeing attempted change within some of your world religions. Through the cyber-communication systems we have gifted to you, you are seeing these religions having great internal upheaval. This is all a divine process to set you free from any endeavor that is not based upon universal spiritual truth. 

Religions are being given the opportunity to transmute into truth.

This is a time for needed clearing and cleansing of the forces that have held humanity in slumber. Your grand awakening is upon you dearly beloved humans. This is a loving process of inside out, not outside in.



Inspired by Adama, Father of Humanity & Lord Lanto 
Ascended Master of Illumination & Wisdom 
Adapted by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

At this crucial time in our planetary and personal transmutation into higher consciousness (the mission of The Angel News Network), it is essential that we know through our ability to think with our loving hearts what is actually happening energetically and physically, and why.

From various choices we have made, we have been asleep for a long time. Now we are awakening and remembering, once again, who we are and why we are here. It is time to simply remember and know that we agreed to forget everything associated with our true identity so we would/could work our way back to our truth, so we would never forget again. It is time to understand and know our divinity; that we are the co-creator experiencing all aspects of the Creator. Through the unconditional love of the  Creator, our partner, we are now being freed (liberated) from the learning choices of separation and duality… we made so long ago.

We imposed our forgetting upon ourselves as a result of our abuse of our divinity through thinking we could separate ourselves from the forces from whence we came and who maintain and sustain and love us. As a result, lifetime after lifetime, our souls have been downloaded with untrue belief systems about our partner, the Creator, and ourselves. These untruths still exist today in our religions, governments and corporations who continue to attempt to control us. Now through the true eyes of our divinity we are finding our way back home…

The major factor that has also handicapped us is our ability to over-complicate our spirituality, our divinity. This has been largely corrupted through the above untrue belief systems. In reality there is little truth in our world today. The higher realms teach us that true spirituality is a simple concept that we choose to complicate.  The fact is, it is so simple we don’t believe or know it and have actually forgotten how to be spiritual and to embrace/embody it.

The mental body loves to over complicate, especially things it does not fully understand (and that is most of reality). You see this throughout our educational systems; if they cannot see or prove it, it does not exist. Throughout our history there have been literally millions of books written about God and spirituality. How many of them have brought us closer to the truth? Few of these books, written often by spiritually unknowing people, know the simple truths that authentic spirituality offers.  We still live in a world filled with separation and conflict, as a result of not knowing the truth about our spirituality, our true essence.


Our spirituality is not based upon what we do or do not do or the belief systems of our culture that are often our comfort zones. Spirituality simply “IS.” ( I AM THAT I AM). All the rituals, guidelines, habits and patterns based upon do this, or do not do that, may be through well-meaning people, but rarely infuse spirituality into your beingness. We, as individuated aspects of creation, can and must do this alone in loving reunion with our spirituality, our divine essence (and who we truly are).

The purpose of this writing, as many within The Angel News Network, is to bring a higher realm teaching into world service that is simple to know and always bring us back to the God-Power within, as the great Creator of our lives. 

Let us now know and remember our spirituality, our divine essence is alive and well within us always ever ready to create the lives we say you want as divine beings…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART: Period of Awakening with Jeff Fasano

Welcome to Journey of the Awakened Heart
Teachings of Archangel Michael
with Jeff Fasano



Many of us are moving through change in our lives. Archangel Michael calls this a "Period of Awakening". It is during these periods we need support and guidance as we move deeper within uncovering aspects of ourselves on the path of self mastery. 

It is for this reason I would like to share with you messages and teachings from Archangel Michael that I have been a messenger for since 2002. 

Today I would like to share with you a wonderful message from Michael, The Power of Gentleness that is taken from a body of teachings I channeled, The Eight Levels Of Power. 

For more information please connect with me at 

Brand New Video Series 

Archangel Michael's message is to love, honor and value ourselves. As a trance channel,  I have been a messenger for Michael's teachings since 2002. So I decided to create a weekly video series entitled Journey of the Awakened Heart based on Michael's teachings. It is a series of simple and helpful messages and exercises that will allow you to move within and give you tools to help you along your pathway to self mastery.

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My Book


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One on One Private Session with Archangel Michael 

Many of us now are in need of individual communication and healing concerning the shifts taking place in our world and within us as well. This is a One on One session with Archangel Michael for in depth guidance and support for your personal growth. In these sessions Michael guides and supports you exactly where you are in your life. They can be transformational and a wonderful way to support you in your process to live your life with greater clarity, purpose, ease and joy.

A session with Michael is personal and private and can be done in person and by phone as well. It is one hour in length and you will receive an audio recording of each session.

The cost is $100 per session

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 A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


To download  the entire message click here: 

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you now at this wonderful and most glorious time.

Many of you are moving through times of change in your life and with this change uncertainty arises as to what the next step in your life is. We now come to speak to you about gentleness, being gentle with yourself by accepting with compassion where you are in your life. Many of you may be expanding to points where you had never thought you would, not so much in the physical world by moving toward great things, but within yourself by moving toward a greater depth and awareness of “self”.

You have found a greater depth of meaning, value and purpose within and grown to a greater awareness of self and what you need to release in order to stand in your power.

We are here to speak to you about the power of gentleness.

Many of you may be expanding to where you have broken through “The Old” and now come to where you may be experiencing contraction. 

However even at this place, you think that you must still forge on forward into life.

We ask you to become “present with the present”. A place where you can become conscious and aware of where you are at all times, thus consciously being present.

Many of you have taken broad steps and now come to where it just may be time for you to take a step back and become gentle and more accepting with compassion with where you are in your life.  

It is time to “ease up” where you can become gentle with yourself and acknowledge what you have accomplished so far in your life.

Within this gentleness you come to a place of contemplation. Feelings are coming up. You may be feeling, uncertain, vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Some of you are still looking to move forward “with a vengeance” so to speak. You may objectify everything and everyone outside of you.

Yet what you have found as you have moved within is the freedom to be you. Each of you may be encountering the core of your wounding, and you may be uncertain as to what to do now.

As you become aware and conscious of this, judgment and shame may surface.

We ask you to define freedom for yourself. Might it be simply “being” you?

As you reach the core of your wound, shame and judgment may have surfaced. Know that no one outside of you has shamed or judged you, the feelings exist in you.

As you move within “in contraction” you may be looking for a safe place there. It is through acceptance, compassion and gentleness with yourself that you can find it.

You also might possibly feel as if you are powerless.

You may ask, “If I am not being assertive, I am in a quiet place and feel alone.”

You are now moving into a place called “aloneness”.

Some of you may have reached a point where much of what is transpiring outside of you might not make sense nor have meaning, value and purpose any longer and perhaps you have become disillusioned.

You are now looking at yourself with a deeper meaning, value and purpose and “the self” has a different agenda so to speak.

You find now that you are coming to a new way of personifying and identifying yourself that is not through what is outside of you any longer, yet you are not quite sure what you are identifying yourself with.

You now have moved to a place called “aloneness” because you have realized that the reference point for your identification is no longer outside of yourself.

You are seeing your old myths and illusions and now “being” you and who you are. 

So now you may have retreated and contracted to a place that may not feel comfortable yet know that you must be in this place, the “aloneness”.

Many of you are now beginning to redefine and refine your life where meaning, value and purpose of it is concerned.

Some of you may be feeling disillusioned and overwhelmed because you are shifting from looking outside of yourself to get something to moving within and into “aloneness”.

Many of you feel as if you now have to “figure all of this out” all over again.

In this place of quietness you may be wondering why you are not feeling assertive.

It is time to move into the power of gentleness.

Many of you now are feeling something within that is much deeper than you have ever felt before and something is brewing beneath the surface and you are not sure what that is.

Many of you may be asking:

What is my purpose?

What am I doing?

What is my passion?

Where do I want to give?

You may be saying:

“I am not sure of this because I found the illusions and myths that I have been carrying and where I have given my power away “out there” and now realizing my power is, I am the source and creator.”    

In this place of “aloneness” feelings are surfacing. Our question to you is what are your feelings?

As you find that what is outside of you is a grand illusion containing many myths, many of you may be asking these questions:

Where do I fit in?

Who am I?

What am I doing?

I see the grand illusion out there and it doesn’t make any sense to me, what do I need to do?
And state,

“I am in a place of disillusionment right now and I feel as if I am floating with nowhere to go and moving somewhere yet don’t know where.”

It is quiet, and I feel alone and I am not quite sure what to do."

Many of you are used to constantly being assertive and have associated power with assertiveness.

“If I am standing in my power I must be assertive.”

There is truth to this but learning to be gentle and alone and honor where you are, will allow you to understand that there is a power in this as well.

Stand in the power of gentleness alone. You have found your uniqueness and individuality.

Give yourself time to regenerate because you are moving to a place of neutrality.

You are not quite sure if you exist in neutrality because up to now you have been using your assertive energy in releasing the old through and in doing so felt stimulated thus a great sense of self.

You’re a now coming to a place of quietness, aloneness and gentleness and looking for your sense of self here.


Do I exist in the quiet?

Do I exist and am I powerful in the aloneness?

Do I exist and am I powerful when I am not asserting myself and 
boldly moving towards?

Know that you do exist in the quiet, in the depth of the aloneness.

Within the aloneness and gentleness and beneath it there is a fire burning, and as you move into the quiet alone you will allow that fire to burn brightly, this is your passion.

It is your uniqueness and the depth of your individuality and it is ingrained in the depth of your soul.

It is your soul note and it individuates you from everyone and everyone from you.

Many of you feel as if you a floating freely down a river and many feel as if you have no control what so ever over anything, and this is the truth, you control nothing.

Many feel that being gentle in the “aloneness” you are not in charge of your life because you thought what you were controlling you were in charge of.

We now caution you about moving to isolation and separation, which is where you can move if the defense or ego is not satisfied.

Be aware of this.

Being alone does not mean isolation and separation.

It means standing in a power of individuation and being gentle with you, accepting yourself with compassion yet being available to those who call you, need you, come to you for guidance and to those you just want to love you.

Be gentle with yourself and honor and value you where you are with acceptance and compassion for you



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