Wednesday, January 31, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

Old paradigms have always been transformed into the new through the human creative process. Art is the creative tool of the human soul assisting us in advancing into higher states of existence, often freeing us from the world at present.
When we strip away the business of art, the status of art, the cultural importance of art,  what remains and is revealed is a pathway to a new destination: our divinity. The left brain is the locus of our feelings and senses, the left brain is the locus of order in a three dimensional world. Art marries these two in a unified field of all that is possible and probable beyond the present.
Throughout human history the  arts have  often come under attack by those who wish to control the people, or have no idea the purpose of art, or have art only express their point of view. Right now in the United States of America the arts are enduring assault on the nation’s arts agencies. And yet it is the artist and their art that continues to bring truth and transformation into our lives.
Suppose we activated the self-empowering motor of the human creative process on our nation itself, giving creative thought the freedom to re-vision and revise what each of our institutions and economies could be like if they were factored into the spirit of a joyful, problem-solving divine intelligence. What could happen? Here are  six possibilities:
·        The government would realize the planet is a living conscious being and make protecting her resources (her organs) a priority. The consciousness of the people would demand and command this.
·        We would let go of the old corporate paradigm of work/employment model for participating in the economy and create new forms of ‘making a living’ that feeds the human soul.
·        *Through artistic expression the need for stable communities based upon love, equality, harmony and balance would be the national standard.
·        *Reshaping our mega cities where individuals would unite based what they can contribute, not separated by class, politics, religion and race.
·        * Having artistic expression be an essential aspect of our medical/healing communities, as well as our educational institutions.
·        *Come to value artistic expression as much as any other human endeavor or achievement. We are all here to bring our talents and gifts out into the world. Innate within being human is our need and ability to create and express.
The divine energy to transform our lives and world into what we say we want is held within the human creative process. Always has been, always will be.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


When I was about ten years old I read an exciting book that so captured my imagination I never forgot it, Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. Johnny is a young silversmith’s apprentice caught up in the beginning days of the American Revolutionary War in Boston during the early 1770’s.

Last week I came across a copy of the book in a small free library located in one of our city parks and consumed it in one day. The book’s themes are so relevant to the project I am working on with St. Germain, The Refounding of America, and our current political times that I see it as “sychronicity.”

History books tend to justify the American Revolution largely in economic terms: taxation without representation, unfair trading laws, burdensome taxes and levies, etc. But in one of the book’s stirring passages, a doctor offers a much more expansive view of the revolution’s mission, consistent with that of ascended master St Germain himself: equality and the dignity of man.

“We do not fight just for the rights of Englishmen but for men and women and children all over the world. There shall be no more tyranny. A handful of men cannot have power over thousands. A man shall choose who it is shall rule over him. The peasants of France, the serfs of Russia--hardly more than animals now. But because we fight, they shall see freedom like a new sun rising in the west--those natural rights God has given to every man, no matter how humble.

“Will French peasants go on forever pulling off their caps and saying, ‘Oui, Monsieur,’ when the gold coaches run down their children? They will not. Nor will they in Italy and all those German states. Will no one show them the rights of good citizens? So we will hold up our torch—and do not forget it was lighted upon the fires of England—and we will set it as a new sun to lighten the world.”

Freedom’s torch, held high by the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor for 132 years, has been a symbol of freedom to the world, hard won by those colonists so vividly described in Johnny Tremaine.

It is that same freedom, brought forth by the world’s first modern democracy, that is under threat by the presidency of Donald Trump, St Germain warns us.
(St Germain is the ascended master charged with guiding the United States during this new two thousand-year spiritual age that began 12/21/12.)

Trump’s tyrannical instincts, St Germain says, are on clear display as he  attempts to weaken and divide us by (1) demonizing nations, peoples, religions, races, a free press, (2)  weaken federal agencies designed to protect citizens from abuse by appointing opponents of these agencies to head them and (3) by attempting to undermine the rule of law with attacks on the Justice Department, FBI and CIA to thwart investigations of his collusion with Russia to win the presidential election.

The Trump presidency is serving as a wake-up call, St Germain tells us. It is the threat of losing our democracy that will save it.

ST Germain has given us 100 Tenets of the Tyrant to alert us to the behavior of tyrants.  “Once you become aware of them, you expose them as they are happening and can prevent them from manifesting further.”

Last week I posted several tenets. Here are two more, along with some of St Germain’s comments:

1. The mission of the tyrant is to build a regime where no one will disagree or turn against him. This is done through fear and threats. This illusion will ultimately destroy the tyrant who will blame others for his downfall. You cannot control what you did not create.

St Germain: “The foundation of this is you cannot control what you did not create. You will see the tyrant for a period of time, and it may be a generation even, of attempting to maintain control. But, in reality, they are not because there is constant resistance and opposition to them. That is taking place at present. Can you see that?”

2. The tyrant often believes that intellectual thought is in the way of his mission. He believes he is the action figure of a necessary revolution in policy and morals and that he is the instrument of humanity’s reorientation for a new age of the interpretation of nation and world—an interpretation based upon his will, not (society’s) intelligence.

Following is my dialogue with St Germain about the above tenet:
J: So Trump doesn’t believe that our founding papers, our constitution and laws should be honored, respected or enforced.

SG: His will be done is the only thing he hears. Any intellectual, rational, truthful opposition is to be eliminated through his will. It is his will versus intellect, versus truth. So whatever he believes becomes his truth, becomes his tool to power forward. Can you see that?

J: He’s not concerned about the law, the constitution, any of that?

SG: Absolutely not. That is why mastering the content of the constitution is vital at this time and the intention and the energy behind that. He knows little of it, cares little of it. Most of the American people have lost complete contact with the foundation of it. This is an opportunity for the American people to understand the inspiration and the initiation of the energy within the constitution and learn how the checks and balances of the democratic structure protect it. That is the foundation of everything that is happening and why it is happening.

It is the self-empowerment of the individual: We the people, by the people and for the people.
Listen to those words.

J: That statement you inspired in the Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest declarations of human right every written:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

SG: “Thank you. People ask, how did young individuals, some with experience, some without, ever come to create these documents? And now you know the answer. It came from the connection with the higher realms as all advanced civilizations have, and their demise came through a disconnect.

“An aspect of this whole adventure, as you clear and cleanse the democratic process, is a conscious awareness of where the principles of democracy came from and the connection to the higher realms. That is part of this evolutionary process. It is time to realize there is a frequency beyond where humanity resides that loves and supports it and inspires it to be all that it can be. That process is taking place now as well.”

The energy that fueled the fight for freedom in the days of Johnny Tremain, St Germain tells us, is alive and well in the American population today. The army that won our freedom more than   two hundred years ago was populated by men with the support of women. In our time, look for an army of women supported by men. This time the main fight will be for public office through the ballot box.


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
“Being heard is the beginning of all healing,” Archangel Raphael,

Ever since humans arrived on this planet we have struggled to understand how to maintain and sustain health through our limited time within each life time. We have often looked outside ourselves for the cause and effect of dis-ease, not realizing that the solution lies within through accessing the unseen aspects of being human. The eternal duality between the soul and body is now merging into oneness as humanity wakes up.
Now at this point in our evolution as a human species we are realizing and applying the wisdom that our emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions are vital to good health. We are mastering how we feel and think effects the life force energy in our physical bodies. When energy is impeded, where it stops dis-ease can occur. Eastern medicine caught on to the “energy truth” faster than the West but the West appears to be in a caught-up mode in spite of their present broken medical systems. Comprehensive, integrated medicine is the catch phrase for the day where combining the seen and unseen aspects of being human into the diagnosis and prognosis result in the best outcome for the patient.
For a long time in the West and America health had been defined as the absence of disease (without truly knowing the true cause and effect of disease). Now some awakened souls understand that being well (wellness) is not just the absence of disease but a higher level of emotional, mental and physical well-being. So our new paradigm doctors and healers will integrate all three dimensions of our being with traditional efforts, if needed.
The new paradigm hospital will be a ‘green’ comforting environment merging the latest integrated modalities from a wide source of systems of healing. There will be “teams” that meet together and recommend the most appropriate treatments for the patient.
The most self-empowering aspect that will create these new medical paradigms is the power of the patients and the public at large. Change is often challenging but change is all there is in the evolution of our human species. The broken medical systems we have today (the pain of it all) is acting as the catalyst for the needed transformation of creating healthy healing environments with a mix of the old and the new, the traditional with the holistic. Stopping the pain of our broken medical system from continuing into prolonged suffering can become a catalyst for transforming our lives for the better.
As stated at the beginning of this subject being heard, creating awareness is the first step in healing. As also stated throughout this endeavor love is the building block of all creation and that includes our human lives. The quality of our loving relationship with self and others strengthens our ability to heal. If we know people (including our doctor) are listening to us it strengthens our trust in them. The strength and support of our communities and the openness of our hearts are paramount in our survival. These factors of love allow us to make choices that are more likely to support our highest good. We may chose (through ur free will) to stop smoking, doing drugs or overeating or working too hard.
The true pandemic in our lives today is not cancer, HIV or obesity it is “emotional and spiritual dis-ease”. The pain that many of us are feeling is not the problem. The pain (not becoming long term suffering) is a wake call saying” Please pay attention! Consider making another choice. The one(s) you have been making are not serving your long term or highest good.  If we medicate or bypass the pain without listening to it we are killing the divine messenger within us that can show us the true cause and effect of what we are experiencing.
While we know genetics plays a factor in our health, much more important are the conscious choices we make regarding what we ingest and lifestyle choices, Decoding the human genome allows some new therapies but the lifestyle choices we make remains the most important factoring in determining our well-being. The innate divine factors of freedom of will and choice are at play here big time. We are the creator creating our lives all the time.
As we advance as a human species we are awaking to learn that growing older does not have to mean slowly deteriorating. We are finally learning to know the underlying cause of a problem rather than just treating the symptom which can mean traumatic surgery, and drugs with harsh side-effects.
Let us affirm and know that conscious comprehensive healthcare is the divine right of all humans and need be affordably made available to all without any profit incentives. It is time the peoples of the world demand and command this.

Sunday, January 28, 2018



Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

1. Allow others to be heard; listen without thinking what you are going to say next.
2. Speak without judgment, shaming or blaming (a reflection of self).
3. Give without the need to get
4. Consider connecting to higher realms more often
5. Respond without reacting
6. Balanced giving and receiving
7. Focus on what is with joy
8. Trust and surrender to not knowing
9. Accept with compassion, thus forgive
10. Remember your and others divinity

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Archangel Michael Speaks: Creating New Models Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Creating New Models

For many your models were your parents. As young children, Mom and Dad modeled everything for you, Mom your relationship with the feminine energy, Dad with the masculine energy. They trained you consciously and unconsciously how to relate with others and most importantly yourself. Many who have made the choice to move within to shift, change and grow have taken a look at their relationship with Mom and Dad to see how their modeling has affected them. The affects were both wonderful and detrimental. Yet now as you have become conscious of this, you have healed much of it.

It is now time to see new models, models that raise your resonance and vibration. Models that champion your highest good, support your greatness and who you truly are and love you for who you are being.

A way in which to do this now is to look at your relationships with others. What are they modeling to you?  Are some modeling the old way, quite possibly what you had been taught by Mom and Dad that doesn’t serve you? Yet you remain in these relationships because they are comfortable and hold the old in place. Perhaps you are fighting to get them to be who you want them to be which actually represents the wounded child trying to get Mom and Dad to be the perfect parent. 

Look at the relationships that are easy.  Find those who support you, champion your highest good, and love you for being who you are. Look at those who are living their life the way in which you would like to live yours. Look at those who open their heart to you without attachment just because they see you.

The nervous system is used to the fight. The fight excites the nervous system. The struggle excites the nervous system because this is the fight of the wounded child who was always trying to get the attention of Mom and Dad.

Those relationships that are easy, where there is love, acceptance, support, guidance and nurturing, do not excite the nervous system. These are the relationships that many take for granted and perhaps push aside because they are too easy.  There is no fight in these relationships and thus the nervous system is not used to this. Many are looking for what they have been modeled by Mom and Dad or perhaps the Mom and Dad they had always wanted. Look at the relationships that are easy, nurture your needs, where there is a balance with giving and receiving, where you are heard and accepted for who you are. Perhaps these are your new models? 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Archangel Michael Speaks: Moving from the Mental Body into Your Heart. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 Moving from the Mental Body into the Heart

It is time to move into gratitude for what is transpiring in your life at this time. Though you may understand what you are grateful for in your mental body,  expressing gratitude comes from your heart because it is something you feel if you have been affected by it.  

Many spend an inordinate of time in their mental body, and it is time now to release your mental body and move into your heart. For those who have a challenge moving from the mental body into the heart, perhaps it is time to dedicate time to practice this.

Many have a need to always understand what is transpiring, and have the need to explain it. This is done through the mental body, and when in balance with the heart space is important. Yet many are out of balance, and for the most part in their mental body.  Know that you now can now shift the need to understand things conceptually in the mental body and the need to explain it.

To do this, when information or knowledge is given to you, focus on receiving it by moving into your heart space and allowing it to affect you. Be aware when the need arises to explain it right away. If this does happen, more than likely it hasn’t affected you at all.  Those who are continually in their mental body trying to figure everything out, bypass allowing it to affect them.  What is happening is the ego tricking you to avoid receiving fully. 

You receive information and knowledge by first understanding it conceptually in the mental body. It is then important to open your heart to allow it to affect you energetically.  If you allow it to affect you in your heart space, you then will allow the energy to move into your physical beingness. Completing this process begins balancing the mental body with the heart.

It is time to identify what holds you in your mental body and begin to release that. Perhaps you are trying to control everything and everyone outside of you? Perhaps you need to have every bit of information so will know the outcome, and thus be safe and secure? By moving into your heart space, you can release this and trust you to be you. You are not being who you are through the mental body. Being who you are emanates energetically from your heart.

By moving into your heart and placing your focus there, you can begin balancing the mind and the heart. You then can utilize the mental body to direct the beingness of you in your heart, out into the world.  Your mental body or your mind, is the machinery used to direct your will for life that emanates in your heart.

When you move into your heart and into the beingness of you, and allow yourself to be there, you will know you are loved for you.  And then know that what you have to express from the depth of your truth is important.    

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