Sunday, February 27, 2022




With Ascended Master St. Germain,
Captured by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans,

With two of your largest and most powerful countries (China and Russia) being led by two men of unchecked power, with few human rights for their citizens, you are now seeing the world in danger and need for ‘We The People’ governmental structure in your world.

You have seen in your recent past what a one-man madness (Hitler) can thrust upon the world. And how an imbalanced herd consciousness can support and bring this rude reality forward. The question to ask yourselves Dear Ones, “is it necessary for this to repeat itself to learn vital lessons?

Once again, the peoples of the world are being divided by one-man rule vs people rule. You have the fight for freedom currently taking place in your Ukraine, and other places upon your planet. Your political parties are revealing who they really are.

I was instrumental in the creation of the United States of America assisting your founders with the universal laws to achieve we-government for the people, by the people, to be a beacon of light for the entire world. What you have is not perfect but a work in progress and the founding documents take into consideration all of your past attempts to govern yourselves.

Recently I assisted two USA citizens, cofounders of The Angel News Network, within the creation of “THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA, Launching Lessons for the 21st Century and Beyond”.  This document reveals two men’s journey to embrace universal truths that will assist in the success of a nation, the world and the needs of the people. If you so, choose you may review the words and wisdoms within this endeavor. All that I ever intended is within this endeavor.  Once again it is my attempt to support your journey in creating the world and lives you say you want. A world based upon equality, harmony and balance through unconditional love.

You have been gifted with free will and choice beloved Ones. It is time to fully wake up through collective consciousness and have that world and life your hearts so hunger.  You are simply diversified version of one another from the same Source. What do you choose? It has always been your choice.





Joel Anastasi

The Angel News Network


This week, The Angel News Network posted a message from Adama (channeled by Phillip Collins), the father of humanity, concerning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In it Adama said:


. “Russia and the corrupted soul you call Putin are puppets of the dark forces of the Cabal and the Illuminati,” which are trying to retain as much control as they can of the world’s people, wealth and resources.


. Demand that your governments unite in oneness to give full support and protection to Ukraine and all the nations of the former Soviet block to defend them and to “let them feel the entire global brother-sisterhood of love and compassion around them.”


. The higher realms are sending powerful energies to strengthen human resolve to prevent a global war. “Affirm and know the people of the world are strong enough to subvert the attacking forces.” To do so, we can create a “collective consciousness to cancel out the negative forces with the force of universal love.”


Creation has gifted us with two powerful spiritual tools to help US create this collective consciousness: Our I AM Presence and the VIOLET FLAME.


Our I AM Presence is our eternal connection to the God within us. The VIOLET FLAME is a band of energy and consciousness gifted from creation to support the divine soul plan of this planet--to learn to love. Together they have the power to dissolve the dark forces and to create a new world of peace, love, equality, harmony and balance.


Affirm this frequently with all the emotional passion your heart can express:


“I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM one with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. TOGETHER we invoke the VIOLET FLAME with the power and might of a thousand suns to transmute back into light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief humanity has ever mis-qualified. Infuse every particle of life, every man, woman and child on this planet in an auric field of VIOLET FLAME to protect and awaken them. I ask that this action be sustained until perfection is restored. And so, it is!”







Saturday, February 26, 2022



                                                    WAR WON’T WORK, ANYMORE

When mankind has developed weapons that can completely destroy one another waging any form of war is sheer insanity. In truth no one ever wins in any war. It is a loss for both sides. And the abuse to the planet is dire.

If we are to unite as a human species, allowing any form of aggression is not acceptable. If the United Nations cannot prevent such insanity it needs to be revised to do so or replaced with an organization that can stop human madness.

We cannot control what we did not create and we did not create one another nor the planet.

Planet Citizen Phillip Elton Collins

Thursday, February 24, 2022



                                                 THE ATTACK UPON UKRAINE

With Adama, The Father of Humanity

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved daughters and sons,

Within the ancient language of Lemuria the world “ukraine’ means land of oneness and unity. More about this later.

The recent unprovoked attacked upon the nation you call Ukraine is being created by the dark energies and finances of the ones you call the cabal and illuminati. The nation you call Russia and the corrupted soul you call Putin are puppets of these dark forces. They are the unhealed beings of the ancient, assertive, masculine, Atlantean energy who are attempting to start World War III.

We of the Inner Earth Civilizations are working in concert with the ascended master’s realms, all of us who once lived on this surface of this beautiful planet, sending increased energies to strengthen human resolve in order to prevent a global occurrence of war and chaos. In the past you have been given many tools, many times to also support your freedom and the highest good of all. It is time to apply these.

The ’old guard’ is fighting with all their might to attempt to control the natural resources, the definition of a nation, and global control but beloved humans under dark forces you cannot control what you did not create.

We are also employing the powerful energies of the forces of freedom housed in your Statue of Liberty. AFFIRM AND KNOW the will of the people of world and the nation under attack can be strong enough to subvert the attacking forces.

We call upon the nations of the world to unite in oneness (reflecting the name ‘Ukraine’) and cancel out the negative forces with the force of universal love. This can be done through your intentions and the physical support of those in need.

We cannot directly interfere with the actions of humanity unless your behavior threatens the life of the planet herself.  We did step in when Atlantis threatened the life forces of this planet and destroyed that civilization. This can happen again.

Through your collective consciousness you can create anything; negative or positive. That’s how powerful you are.

Some day soon the reveal of who and what the illuminati and cabal are must be known for your full advancement as a species. For those who do not believe in these dark forces right now just connect with the love force housed within your hearts and ‘think’ with your hearts what the next best intention and action for you, your community, nation and world need be.

The nation under attack and the surrounding nations needs your physical and energetic support. Let them not feel alone nor abandoned. Let them feel the entire global brother-sisterhood of love and compassion around them.

The solution needs to be an ‘energetic/spiritual’ one, for cutting off financial resources as punishment most likely will not work since the dark force’s finances are global and without limit.

What is transpiring now is the last screams of those who think they have been in control far to long.  It is time for humanity to fully awake and know you are divine beings having this human experience and you are not here to be dominated by another.

For many years we of the higher realms have been giving you teachings and tools to assist in healing your relationship with self, thus others. As our higher realm’s energies increase to support your process, it is time, if you so choose, to know you are creation itself, experiencing itself.

Wake up believed daughters and sons and know the veil between us is gone for those who can accept this and fully receive what we have to offer. You have never been alone, and never will be. We can fully join hearts and hands when you have become the collective consciousness of which we speak. Then a world of equality, harmony and balance awaits you. A world you have wanted and now deserve

Now listen to your hearts carefully and know what to be and do next in assisting your brothers and sisters. Remember you are simply each other in disguise, all from the same Source. Once again, you are being given an opportunity to prove how divine you really are. That love, that force will shine light upon the dark forces you have been influenced by far too long and finally reveal, thus dissolve them! The dark has allowed you to know the light and the light will now cancel the dark. Let yourselves now become a land of oneness and unity, ‘ukraine’.








Wednesday, February 23, 2022

when the veil lifts


With Archangel Uriel, Planetary Protector

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans being human,

When the veil between the 3D and 5D dimensions where each of us resides lifts you will become completely awake and conscious. The timeline on this is at present if you so choose. The reason there is a separation between our dimensions is a result of the choices you have made within your free will.

When the veil finally lifts (and that is individually up to each of you) you will see the density of your 3D (body, mind, emotion), its purpose (to learn to be love) and the divine destiny to evolve into a higher state of being which reflects the ascension process of your planet herself.  Remember each planet in Creation evolves through an ascension process of returning to the Source from whence it came. In effect returning to light. In the case of a planet becoming a star being of light.

Once the veil is fully lifted you will see your eternal spirit that can never die. You will witness each lifetime in the 3D and what its purpose was and what you learned from it. You will then know it is time to free yourself from the past transmuting into the new you.

You are now fully seeing the need, the divine order, to separate from where you have been living, not to oppose nor resist it for that would be remaining an aspect of it.  But to create a parallel path beyond the old…

The purpose of your past physical deaths of your bodies has been to free you from the 3D density and give you a respite and perspective on your past and present lives. The in-between periods between physical life and death allow you to receive the increased love force of Creation. Now as the veil between us is lifting you can receive this love more constantly and know that love is the fuel of your eternal existence!

If you so choose, it is time for you to remain in your eternal spiritual format in order to be in full service to Creation itself, what some call God. This service will dependent upon each of your Soul Plans, your purpose to exist. Some will serve humanity, some the planet, some the solar system, some the galaxy, some the universe, some the multiverse. You get the idea.  But all of this will be connected through the Law of Oneness, meaning everything is connected and serves the Source of all, LOVE! 

Not all of which we speak at this time can be completely understood but rest assured and trust it will be eventually all be understood and applied as your divine destiny.


If additional time together is needed, as always, we are available to assist you.

We are One,

Archangel Uriel






Tuesday, February 22, 2022



                             Message from the Multidimensional Mary Energies and Mother Mary 2/22/22

                                        Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins and Joel Anastasi 

                                                      (NO AUDIO)





Communicating with two different divine energies (the multi-dimensional frequencies of the Mary energies and the Mother Mary energy) is an unprecedented event, and these energies will explain why this is occuring at this time.


Multi-dimensional Mary Energies:

(Channeled by Phillip Collins)


Greetings humanity, human beings being human, on this auspicious day of your February, your 22nd day of the 22nd year (2/22/22) of your 2nd millennium.


This is a quantum shift activation, an opportunity to awaken and activate your divine blueprints, your soul plans, of service to one another and to the planet itself.


You are receiving a higher state of consciousness like never before. It is a quantum shift in human evolution and your ascension process for moving into a higher frequency of your planet. This is being achieved by light codes which are going into the planet.


You are remembering your ancient connections to energies such as the Mary energies.

Infinite possibilities are happening at this time. The veil between the physical and spiritual realms is being eliminated as a result of this quantum shift.


We are an ancient energy of feminine energies who, throughout the millennia of your        planet, have been assisting in the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, two forces of creation, one receptive and one assertive. They express themselves in your genders. They express themselves in your male and female sexuality, but it goes far beyond that.


At this time, in an unprecedented channeling of the multi-dimensional frequencies and dimensions of the Mary energies, we will now connect with the Mother Mary energy through the channel, the one you call Joel.


Multidimensional Energies (MDM): Good morning, dear one.


Mother Mary (MM): Good morning.


MDM: We are going to ask Mother Mary, the mother of all of humanity, what is the purpose of your mission, dear one?


MM: The purpose of my mission is to bring love to Earth, to bring love and oneness to Earth, to let all my children know that they are one and that they are all expressions of the divine God, the One God.


MDM: We are going to ask the Mother Energy, why are you speaking through this divine soul at this time (Joel). Why was this particular soul chosen by this Mother energy?


MM: This particular soul was chosen by the Mother energy because he has worked to open himself to be in service to all that is.


MDM: Isn’t it true throughout many many lifetimes and particularly this incarnational cycle you have focused on this particular energy?


MM: The Mary energy has been the primary focus of this heart.


MDM: What would you say, beloved mother, is your relationship with the other higher realms, of the other ascended masters, of the archangelics? How do you interface in supporting humanity?


MM: We are the great balancer of the divine energies.


MDM: How does this particular planet, planet Earth, which is a configuration of twelve           star-systems coming together to be and to teach love, how would you say all of that interfaces together?


MM: Earth was chosen and designed to be a great teacher of love for the universe. All of the energies of the divine realms have come together to make sure that this great experiment

Is a success. The Mother energies are a vital part of that effort.


MDM: Beloved Mother, since all humans have chosen to be here, what would you say to them at this time when there seems to be so much chaos and confusion within the world?


MM: Remember, children, that you are all divine expressions of the One Great Source. You are each other in disguise. Your mission here is to learn to love. Your mission is to evolve from the chaos you find yourself in and to recognize you are one with all and all of the One. You are brothers and sisters and, ultimately, out of this chaos you will discover that you are all One.


MDM: As the veil between we and the higher realms, the fifth dimensional realms and beyond, we of the multi-dimensional frequencies of the Mary energies and you, beloved, of the Mother energy, what would you like to say to humanity as this veil, which has separated us for so long, is now being dissolved?


MM: Wake up, children. You are all expressions of the divine One. You are each other in disguise. That has been the message for all time and from all divine sources and divine energies that have come together to be expressed here on planet Earth. You are all one. Love one another!


MDM: Since this is such a beloved opportunity to awaken and to activate their individual soul plans along with the plan of the planet to learn to master love, how would you see this opportunity expressing itself in humanity, beloved mother?


MM: Creation will come from the chaos. Love one another is the solution. Embrace the chaos. Recognize who you are and come together as one. You are all one family. You are all one expression of the Great Source.


MDM: You have always been with us Mother. You are the mother of our planet in many, many ways. Humanity forgets that the planet is a loving, conscious being and that the minerals, the oil, the air, the water are the organs of this beloved planet. Explain to humanity how you have nurtured the planet through the abuse of humanity.


MM: Your Earth is the Great Mother. Your Earth was equipped to be able to support all of your needs, to serve the life of mankind and all of the life on this planet. We have been under great pressure. We have been under assault by mankind. The ability of your Mother to nurture you is being depleted by the selfish interests that exist on this planet. It is time for you to wake up and recognize who you are. You are expressions of the one God. Love one another. Stop this assault on your Mother. You will bring peril to yourselves and your planet if you continue this behavior.

Know who you are. That is the solution. You are expressions of the one God, and you are all one. We are all one. I am your Mother, but we are all one.  


MDM: What is the state of humanity in balancing the masculine and the feminine energies? What would you say are the essential aspects and reasons this needs to take place? Why must the feminine beings on this planet be in balance with the male and vice versa? What is the significance of that balance, beloved Mother?


MM: Creation depends on the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. Currently, the imbalances are undermining the ability of creation to create. If you are going to achieve your ultimate mission to create Oneness, create the great University of Love, the masculine and feminine energies must be in balance or you will not achieve your mission.


MDM: So, we of the multi-dimensional Mary energies would like to reiterate that this is an unprecedented time for one frequency to be discussing the evolution and ascension of humanity with another frequency. And we are aware that this is taking place because of the unprecedented calendar date of 2/22/22 that has helped break the veil of separation between the physical and the spiritual. We are so thankful for that opportunity, and we mark the calendar of this day of understanding of what a precious gift this has been. Is there anything you would like to say in closing, beloved Mother, before we take our leave?


MM: The ultimate mission, the ultimate message, is to love one another. This message of love one another has echoed through the ages and it is echoing now. It is the solution to all things. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Love is the glue that will bring mankind

together. Love one another. There is no greater message than that.


MDM: Beloved humans, in closing, remember, you came to this particular planet, which was created upon the building block of universal and unconditional love, in order to master being love. There is no other purpose or reason for your being here. Farewell, dear ones. We are here to support your journey.










Today we are experiencing a quantum shift activation which is an opportunity to awaken and activate our Divine Blueprints (Soul Plans) and oaths of service to one another and the planet onto a higher level.

Monday, February 21, 2022


                                                        PRESIDENT'S DAY 2022

Saturday, February 19, 2022




Friday, February 18, 2022



                                                              MONTH BY MONTH

As we maneuver through this year month by month let us connect with others being and doing the same as ourselves. More and more nothing in this dense 3D world makes sense. It is time to express to the world who we are, not opposing it, but creating a new parallel path.

Thursday, February 17, 2022


 The Spiritual Reset

Question: Yeshua, a dear Soul Brother asked if you might explain what hitting 'rock bottom' as an awakened Soul is all about. I understand this might sometimes be what we refer to as; 'The Dark Night of The Soul'.
"Dear One,
The first thing you may wish to identify when you hit those low points in life, is the cause of your suffering. Does it stem more from issues in your PERSONAL life or from stagnation on your SPIRITUAL path? The suffering you describe relating to the PERSON, may be readily diagnosed as a form of depression, which is connected to mentality (mind). Suffering relating to stagnation of your Spiritual motivation is more IMPERSONAL and is felt as a strong sense of LIMITATION. Both of the aforementioned types of suffering emanate from ego, yet the impersonal, to a lesser extent.
The 'Dark night of the Soul' as you label it is really a misnomer. It might better be referred to as the 'Divine Reset'. Allow me to explain . . .
As you begin to awaken to your True Nature, some of the following characteristics may be experienced; Amazing and unexplainable synchronicities, the flowering of certain 'gifts of the Spirit', metaphysical experiences , the opening up of cognitive insight and so forth . . . As these kinds of spiritual modalities emerge, the way One sees LIFE changes quite significantly and dear One, your perspective of REALITY becomes redefined as the lower vibrational life experiences you once knew, might seem to have become extinct.
Dear One, your realm of polarity/duality is so ephemeral and EVERY-THING in your realm is subject to constant CHANGE . . . It is the natural way that the lower dimensional energies of your world return to neutrality and balance.
At some point a trigger in lower dimensionality will invariably throw a spanner into the works of your Spiritual Path. It may relate to some issue relating to your PERSONAL life, to a misfortune of some kind, a disaster, an unexpected death of a loved one, etc. The impact of this may result in a rather abrupt and unexpected falling away of your sense of Empowerment and acquired metaphysical abilities. This experience can sometimes literally pull your vibration down, in one fell swoop.
The LIMITLESS feeling you once had becomes substituted with a strong and undesirable experience of feeling once again LIMITED. The ego narrative may even lead you into a recognisable sense of DOUBT connected to your; spiritual abilities, expansion and motivation . . . "Was it all imagined? What am I doing wrong? Do I need some form of energy healing? Should I meditate more? If only I could have a sign!" . . . And so on.
Dear One, when this occurs to you, what you have experienced is a SPIRITUAL RESET. This is Divinity's way of restoring balance on your Soul Path. As you awaken and expand in awareness you find yourself living in two VASTLY different realities. Accordingly , it becomes so important to establish and MAINTAIN a healthy balance and grounding in your day to day life. Once awakened, it is not uncommon to focus a lot more on your IMPERSONAL INFINITE SELF rather than your PERSONAL FINITE self . . . But be aware this can lead to you becoming ungrounded and throw you off balance. It can impact your life in various ways, especially with regard to relationships with your loved Ones and others . . . In particular those who do not understand the changes they FEEL have beset you!
As you mature spiritually, you learn to find that beautiful Soulful balance on your path that honors all paths including your own PERSONAL path.
It is always helpful to remember dear One that you incarnated into your lower vibrational realm of polarity with a clear Soul Purpose, centered around; Love for Self and Others, Service to Others and an obligatory Soulful desire to strive to REMEMBER who you TRULY ARE, to facilitate the expansion of your awareness.
In modern times our blessed Sister, Mother Teresa, set a wonderful example to humanity . . . Her devotion to The Father . . . Her CARE, LOVE and SUPPORT for those suffering in Calcutta . . . Her LIGHTWORK through PRAYER for all those she was UNABLE to help . . . She was able to find beauty in the unexpected . . . She always saw her Sisters, Brothers and Children, through her beautiful heart . . . She was soaring Spiritually while being grounded in the slums and yet, she lived a life of pure fulfillment and happiness!
Spiritual awakening and expansion might best be seen to be a PRIVILEGE rather than a QUALIFICATION dear One. It is important to remind yourself that you (as a human collective) are ALL equal in God's eyes. For in this very moment, the highest version of each one of you incarnate, is fully enlightened in the ONENESS and LIGHT of God The Father/ Divine Consciousness !" . . .



                                                     COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS

We humans are within the process of shifting and changing into a multi-dimensional awareness that will create a collective consciousness that allows us to know and apply we are diversified versions of one another.

Saturday, February 12, 2022



                                                       THE FOLLY OF THIS WORLD

As many move into a higher realm of consciousness, the density and folly of this world no longer resonances and we are releasing any attachments to it.

Friday, February 11, 2022




This is the month of fully learning to nurture and love yourself and allow that to reflect out to others. Let this be the time to loosen any attachments to this dense world of form and honor the greatest of your eternal self.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022



                                                            MOMENT TO MOMENT

Let us live life moment to moment, being in the present now. Then we may discover all is in divine order and we can better disconnect for this dense 3D existence seeing how valuable we are by honoring and loving self.

Monday, February 7, 2022



                                                            AS WE MOVE FORWARD

As our dense frequency 3D world moves backwards, we can individually choose to move forward in our person advancement.  Human ascension is not always a straight line forward; often we move back to gain a greater perspective.

Saturday, February 5, 2022



                                                         DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL

Many of us are experiencing a discontent with the world in which we are living. It is time to nurture and value ourselves and detach from what does not serve our highest good, as we allow the old world of form to dissolve.