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DIVINE DISCUSSIONS: Higher Realms Speaking Directly To Us...

Authored by Phillip Elton Collins
Divine Discussions: Higher Realms Speaking Directly To Us... contains a truly breathtaking range of wisdom from higher realms such as Adama, the Akashic Records, Archangels, Christ Consciousness Energy, and Saint Francis to assist in mankind's ascension and in the creation of our seventh and final golden age. Once you read what they have to say, you will see for yourself how blessed humankind is to have a powerful cosmic support system beyond our comprehension.


By Joel Dennis Anastasi

Everyone knows the story. The U.S. and world economies are gripped by one of the deepest recessions (dare we say depression) in a century and stock markets worldwide have been hammered to levels not seen in a decade. Financial institutions considered cornerstones of the U. S. financial industry have suddenly imploded and vanished. Others are on life support and survive through huge infusions of taxpayer bailouts. Billions in real estate values have evaporated while millions of shocked homeowners and speculators are swamped by mortgages that exceed the value of their houses. Meanwhile, home foreclosures soar along with the numbers of unemployed.

If this bleak scenario weren't enough, it was topped off by the scandals surrounding tax payer funding of bloated AIG executive bonuses and Bernie Madoff, who managed to pull off the biggest fraud in Wall Street history by bilking billions from naive individuals and institutions who thought they were members of an exclusive “insider” investment club. Madoff and AIG suddenly became the poster boys for the greed, corruption and secrecy many believe lies at the heart of the current economic crisis.

Of course, it's difficult to know at this point exactly where the truth lies in this tangled mess. Every day we hear “experts” explaining the causes and predicting what and how long it will take to turn this economy around-often from the same people who failed to see the crash coming.

One expert who did predict the crumbling of the financial system and its recovery is unlikely to get much attention or respect from the financial establishment--or from the public: The Archangel Gabriel. Yes, I know. That's crazy! At one time I may have reacted the same way. After all, I'm too sophisticated to believe that man can speak to a heavenly messenger. I have degrees from two respected universities. I'm a former news reporter and editor and was a VP at Merrill Lynch where I participated in many economic and investment policy meetings. Advice from an archangel? Give me a break!

For open minds, here's how I came to speak with Gabriel. In 2002 I began studying the energetic healing art of Reiki in Manhattan with Reiki Master Robert Baker who I soon learned “channeled” the Archangel Gabriel. Raised Catholic and trained as a journalist, I was more than a little skeptical. But after observing several channeling sessions, I was convinced this was a spiritual event of major significance that needed to be brought to a wider audience.

I spent two years interviewing Gabriel and published The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age in November 2008. Gabriel and I discuss such topics as creation, God, the purpose of the universe, why we are here, and why he says we are entering a new 2000 year age of the spiritual unity of mankind. Phenomenon associated with the dawning of this new age, I believe, largely explains the current economic meltdown.

Gabriel claims man's journey on Earth is a path of awakening consciousness. Up to now, he says, man has evolved through separation, which has been played out for millennia in conflict, wars and vast concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the relative few. In this new age human beings will come to truly understand their unity with each other and all that is as individual expressions of God, ultimately creating a new world of harmony, community and equality.

To usher in this new age, powerful new energies are radiating into the Earth plane raising the energetic vibrations and consciousness of mankind. These energies of high vibration, Gabriel says, are destroying all systems of lower vibration that foster separation, inequality, and haves and have-nots.

What kinds of systems? “Your corporate systems, your economic system, your capitalistic system as you have known it, your governmental and political systems. All systems that attempt to keep you in fear and separation. What is taking place will bring, in the crisis, humanity together, to build something anew, a new system, a new form that will embrace the good of the whole.”

The original intention of the United States, Gabriel tells us, was to create such a system. The United States, he says, was a divine idea created to be the prototype of what the world would become in this new age of unity. It was to be “the New Jerusalem, the land of the awakening of the new spirit,” signified, Gabriel says, by the fact that the letters USA are the central letters in the world Jerusalem. The United States was “to lead the world into a new level of unity, oneness, communion and freedom.”

But that mission, he says, has been distorted because our democracy became increasingly dominated by huge global concentrations of wealth and power that have greatly reduced the power and influence of the individual, which is fundamental to the success of democratic societies. The few came to dominate the many, he says, by fostering conflict, separation and disunity and by gaining control through fear. That control by the few is now being destroyed so that the original intention of the United States of “equality for all” can be restored.

So how long will this economic distress last? “As long as it takes humanity to learn there is enough for everyone, that we must have equality on the planet--race, sex, nationality, etc. Then those boundaries will evaporate. You will fall into unity. It's all up to you.”

In truth, it has taken some time for me to accept Gabriel's descriptions of reality. Shortly after his first warnings to me, the Enron collapse was followed by one corporate debacle after another. Unfortunately, I didn't take Gabriel seriously enough back then to move my portfolio heavily into cash. I have now. But then I had the counsel of an archangel, something Mr. Madoff and AIG executives could have used.

Joel Anastasi has a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University. He has worked as a public relations specialist with the New York Stock Exchange, a news reporter for the Asbury Park Press, economic affairs editor with Scholastic Magazines, a VP of the Portfolio Management Division of Merrill Lynch, director of marketing for the Economic Consulting Division of Merrill Lynch, and a management consultant for many small and large organizations. He has also been a student of metaphysical, spiritual and religious subjects for many years.

The Second Coming is available at,, and


Saturday, February 6, 2016


Interviewed/Edited by Joel D. Anastasi
Channeled by Jessie Keener



We are the Two Marys entwined in this frequency for the purpose of assisting humanity in their current ascension process.

We greet you and make note of the date and time, the end of your month January in the year 2016. A very tumultuous month, we might add, one that we could say for basic purposes, looks like the beginning of a roller coaster ride, and it wasn’t that you got off the roller coaster. It’s not to be that you get off the roller coaster. It is going to be a roller coaster. And it is going to continue throughout this year.

There is a great deal of excitement when people are on roller coaster rides, but there is also a sense of dread and panic with certain maneuvers. You who are practicing your rituals and practices for Ascension are going to need to pay close attention to several fundamental things because the times you are in are changing so dramatically and quickly and because the lines of force that are invisible to you have picked up in intensity. You are going to have to be very, very alert to how you are managing stress.

You are going to have to become masters at how you manage your bodies, how you manage you life. There is a great deal of chaos happening in your world. Bodies don’t like chaos. Bodies need to retreat from chaos. Make sure you are scheduling retreats, make sure you are retreating whether it is physically away from things like work, or it is just within your space in your own consciousness. Make sure you retreat frequently to connect with your source and to disengage from the information flow of what is happening out there.

There are many many powers, we call them forces actually, that are currently striving to keep you stressed, tired, in a low energy state. It bears repeating, their sole intention is to keep you stressed, tired and low energy. From this low energy state you do not have enough creative intelligence to opt out of their lines of force. How can you opt out when you don’t know it is happening? How are you going to know what to do when it is necessary? How are you honing your skills of inner communication? How are you strengthening your ability to listen to your body? What are your practices daily that ensure that you are getting more connected with your body?

Beloveds, in nature animals know before the earthquake hits. Their senses activate. Entire ecosystems will change drastically within 24 hours ahead of a hurricane. Nobody told them. They were tuned in to the laws of nature. The laws of nature are operating, and there are many unnatural laws or rules, we might say, that are operating.

One of the tragic things we are witnessing is lack of proper practice. We are witnessing many, many people who say they are on a spiritual path, and yet their practices indicate they are not growing spiritually. When people grow spiritually they start to thrive in their bodies and in their lives. They look like they are thriving and they act like they are thriving. Spiritually humble people will be vital. They will be simple. They will practice their practices.

We have a great deal of people waking up, and we actually have a lack of teachers to assist them on planet earth. This is not because there aren’t teachers. It is because many of these teachers aren’t actually qualified. It is easy to explain and teach. It is difficult to facilitate growth and wisdom. Teaching what you know is relatively easy. But how do you reliably foster someone’s transformation? By teaching what you know, or perhaps by teaching what you don’t know.

Unfortunately, there will be so much disruption that everyone who is choosing to stay will be questioning their belief systems at a very deep level. Trust us, beloveds, your belief systems must be questioned. Your body will, if you allow it, move you beyond your belief systems. We have spoken of this. Will you accept it? Will you put the focus in the right way so instead of a practice is something you do because you have to, you do it because you want to. You do it because it creates more energy, because it develops a higher and higher state of consciousness for you. And from that state you are able to have great compassion for yourself and others.

The crux of the matter is energy. In a way most humans are still babies when it comes to energy. It is as if they are just discovering it like a small child discovers their fingers and toes. Oh, look, we can grab some of this energy. Oh look what I can do over here with that energylike it is something separate from you. That is a child.

A mature person says the energy is what gave me an opportunity to take a breath. The energy is what created me. How am I creating more energy with this energy? Am I becoming a free energy machine? This is a great buzz phrase for your times. Free energy is being spoken about all over the planet. There are exciting and viable free resources for free sustainable energy, and the human body is one of them.

So, beloveds, it is about increasing your energy. It is about learning how to be a steward to this energy that we call cosmic consciousness. It is about training and developing to hold larger and larger experiences of pineal gland activation. Your pineals have become very small over time in your human body. This is a corruption. This is not your original design. But it is the design that we wanted to in the bodies where we were known as the Two Marys. So we certainly understand the work at hand.

Your original design had a much larger pineal gland. And without such work we were still able to activate. Now with these small pineal glands you must work ten times harder to activate to get to the place where you truly spend more time beyond the mind than in the mind.

Let that be a goal for you in this tumultuous year. Set it on fire with passion that your desire to connect with cosmic consciousness is so great that you will do whatever it takes to spend more time beyond your mind than within the constrains of it.

Every time you discover you are in the mind it will be in your best interest to increase your energy through the pineal until you train and develop yourself to be mostly pineal activated.

We spoke about teachers that are not qualified. It is not their fault. It is partly about the topic we are on now—the lack of large pineals. It is time to be ruthless with you beloveds for we have been in this conversation over time. The times you are in call for ruthless dedication. They call for extreme behavior. It will not suffice to practice a little and to go about life normally. Everywhere you turn there will be chaos. No matter how much you pray there will still be chaos.

So if you look at it accurately you will see instantly there is no real choice. Either live in total chaos, being bounced from one episode to the next, working with great futility on recovering in between incidences, which will be vast and frequent, or develop yourself to exist beyond this and to connect with others beyond this in that high space.

The words mean nothing without the practices. The information dims without great practices. Start to examine where you are allowing yourself to still be playing in the mind. Train yourself, become more discerning, choose to move away from conversations that aren’t deep, that aren’t resonant, that don’t cause you to fly.

It is not just your birthright to be alive, beloveds. It is your birthright to thrive. Yet never before in the history of this version of mankind will it be a more earnest endeavor. Never has there been this much force against spiritual evolution. So will you be a warrior or will you be a victim?

We spoke in 2014 how the years 2015 through 2017 would be very challenging. There are too many instances to name in the time we have here. Yet, you both know, as this channel does, there have been hundreds of instances of uncontrollable greed, hate and manipulation poisoning humans in mass numbers. The manipulative powers that want to stay in control are literally pulling out all stops as they run from one collapsing house of cards to the next.

Who will you be in the midst of this? Will you be a beacon of light? Will you prove to your self that you can embody the masculine and the feminine by embracing the chaos, not with judgment, but as a sheer form of energy that you can build energy from and with?

Before you part ways with this channel this evening, ask her to share with you how she does the physical exercise for converting chaos into pure energy. She can share that with you. If you choose to practice it, you will start to see something very interesting.  You will see that it is your ideas about chaos and not the chaos itself.

Chaos has energy. Remember this, beloveds. There is an enormous amount of energy to be cultivated from all this chaos. Will you develop yourself to learn how? Will you be feeding yourself more and more energy? Just as the world is developing breakthroughs with free energy, will you start living in your body as if it was the design for pure, free energy, indefinitely?

Loving the body has never been more difficult than in your times, beloveds. Think of it. When we were walking on the surface, and, mostly, that was what we were doing, there were no fast foods, no electric grids, no nuclear plants, no chemicals being sprayed in the atmosphere in secret. There were no poisons in our food chain. There were no cancers. So you have a task in front of you, beloveds, in this time, in this level of toxic fall out.

Who will you be? What will you practice? This channel spoke earlier about disassociation. Pay attention to this word, beloveds. This culture has taught you so very well complete disassociation, primarily, the disassociation from your source and then, secondarily, the disassociation from anything that defines the laws of love, so that you could endure and keep enduring the inequities, the injustices, the laws of the universe being violated over and over.

You cannot afford to disassociate any longer. How does one keep from going mad as one wakes up to how much disassociation has been happening? One has to have loving practices that put that being in complete flow, in complete ecstasy. Beloveds, do you think for an instant we could have kept going in that life without our daily experiences of ecstasy? Do you think for a second we could have done what we did without lengthy practices? We had no choice. It was our mission.

What is your mission, truly, beloveds? Will 2016 be the year you fall in love with your body and honor it as your gateway to your ascension? It’s your choice. You don’t have to.  Your culture has taught you well there is nothing wrong with being a victim of a giant, chaotic episode that nobody could see coming. So you choose. You choose deliberately whether you are conscious of it or not.

We are here to assist you in going deeper. We are here to assist you as you suspend your belief systems and investigate what else might be in this thing we call reality besides what you already knew and already believed. Do you really believe that there are people on your planet that can walk through walls? Do you really believe that? If so, good. And if you truly believe it, don’t you want to become one of those? If you don’t believe it, why not, why not?

Where are you selling your immortal being short? Investigate your beliefs, beloveds, and terminate those that no longer cause you to fly. There is truly no time to waste. The level of chaos will be such that if you are not very conscious, you will be swept in the undertow. You will literally do what they say in those commercials where you fall down and you cannot get up. You will be drowning in the mess of it.

An image to hold as you consider all this in your year 2016 would be one of a super hero such as a superman or a spiderman or a cat woman, a super power, because that is what we are here to invite you into. Develop your super powers, beloveds. You require them now. They are still here in your genetic coding. Will you activate them?

We are finished with our discourse for the evening, beloveds. If there are questions, we can take those.

Joel: That was a long commentary and teaching. It seems to be different from what you have done before.

Marys: Indeed, things are picking up pace and intensity, and we must be very bold and very direct.

J: So the chaos we have seen in the stock, oil and other markets this month will continue through 2016?

M: Indeed. A great deal of what you take for granted will be leaving. A great deal of what makes your life convenient is at risk. This is not meant to alarm or scare you. It is meant to help keep waking you up. If you’re conscious you will be fine. If you are unconscious you will not be fine.

J: Can you give us examples of things that we take for granted?

M: As much as you all love to complain about how the cost of living has gone up, there are forces at work that, if they succeed, would have you wish for these days to return. There are huge possibilities with electrical grids being shut down, food prices soaring, weather patterns unusual, different and out of control. Beloved, it is going to intensifymore hurricanes, storms, blizzards, droughts, floods, more deaths and destruction.

J: Many of the higher realms have been telling us about the higher vibrations that have been coming into the earth plane that are raising mankind’s consciousness. I attended a presentation last week by Patricia Robles who discussed the Company of Heaven who say that humanity is raising our consciousness at a faster pace then the higher realms had expected. Is that true or not?

M: It is both true and not true. But the good news is there is a great deal of waking up going on. The part that is not true is the expected part. In our perspective that is just not true. We fully expect humanity to keep waking up. We fully expect more numbers to be waking up.  It is actually a natural outcome even though you may not be familiar with it. As the planet continues to send her distress signals and continues to attempt to cleanse the giant cancer that is feeding on her, naturally people become more spiritual. They don’t even know why. So the great news is more people are waking up.

The bad news is your egos don’t want that, and there is still much resistance to spending the required amount of time and energy in practice.

J: We see that all the time. We attempt to publicize our work and invite people to come on social media, but the numbers showing up are very small. Although Patricia Robes it was heartening to see had between 300 and 500 people attending her session. But it is still a small percentage of the population aware of and seeking this kind of knowledge.

M: Indeed, however, because of globalization and because of technology those small numbers are across the planet now. And fortunately for all of you, you do not need big numbers to create a big change. Some of these changes may have to happen with a lot of your systems and structures broken. It’s not inevitable but certainly a great possibility that fundamental structures that you are all very used to will be broken or breaking so badly in the next 18 months that they will be unworkable. Even systems such as insurance, medical doctor office visits, government systems that they call entitlements, more corporations discovered to be not only corrupt but essentially bankrupt. More big businesses shutting down.

Weather is changing so quickly on your planet; yet, the media is giving it a paragraph. Your gulf stream is broken. The jet stream is permanently changed. Meanwhile the orchestra is still playing on the Titanic, and lets get the people out to vote.

J: The things we’re hearing, especially from the Republican presidential candidates, are pretty chilling. It’s mainly separation, confrontation, anger, intolerance towards minorities and immigrants, war mongering, building walls to keep out Mexicans, banning Muslims. A lot of hate talk under the mantle of patriotism. It’s horrifying.

M: Indeed.

J: And just as horrifying is that are so many people who rally behind that talk and agree with it.

M: Indeed, us against them. I’ve got to get mine.

J: I’m here now and I want to keep everyone else out.

M: So it is a very unrestful time. It is significantly worse for you in your time as a species than it was for us because your globe is saturated and damaged. There is no new continent to go discover. So people must wake up very quickly. We expect it, children especially.

J: The only political candidate who seems to truly speak to these themes is Bernie Sanders who is treated by many in the media as a joke, dismissing him as a socialist, etc. I spoke recently with the Galactic Federation who described him as a soul who was essentially sacrificing himself, since there is no chance of him being elected president, but he is bringing these important issues before the citizenry.

M: Indeed, he is a sacrificial lamb. No question about that. And he knows exactly what he is doing, and it needs to be done.

J: Hillary Clinton is forced to deal with many of these issues more than she may have wanted to. Many of us don’t quite know what to make of her, how authentic her social concerns for the disempowered truly are. Of course, any administration is inextricably tied up with the economic power of the elite. It’s hard to know how trusting we can be of her as a leader.

M: Is this a question?

J: (Laughing.) Do you have any observations to make about that?

M: Our observation is that we are constantly amused by how gullible Americans are and how much they accept how a new outfit or a new haircut can signify a new person, a new improved version. These players are just players. She has no grasp of authentic power, none whatsoever. She is trapped in her mind, trapped in belief. She cannot possibly empower the public.

J: Well, if she can’t there is no candidate running, outside of Sanders, who would offer any hope of doing that. There is no one on the Republican side who could or would in my view.

M: Indeed, these are chaotic times.

J: So we have a presidential election coming up where we will have a new president for the next four years. My impression of Mr. Obama is that he has been a fine leader. I have always believed, in part because of what the higher realms have said, that he has been an instrument of spirit.

M: Indeed, as you can see from his legacy, he has done many things from spirit. However, any President in your White House is a pawn. Make no mistake about that. The fairy tale is not going to come true. It is time to give up on (the hope) that there will be some great president who comes in and cleans up all this mess. Frankly, your system is way too far-gone for that. That is not happening next. For, you see, it has to break. It must break. The same way we had to follow the prophecy, you must allow the big, bloated toxic system to break rather than keep propping it up over and over.

J: You are so forthright about this. We have been told by the archangelic realms and ascended masters that things are better than they seem. They said it appears worse than it is because everything on Earth is reported instantly as it happens. My impression is that you are describing a much more dire reality than they have.

M: There is so much going on that you don’t hear about. That is part of the rub. What gets reported is what is allowed to be reported. It is very challenging, if not impossible, to conceive of the levels of control on your planet because they would seem absurd to any of you here in the room. But that is how it is. It is not so much doom and gloom as much as we are saying this has not hit bottom yet. And it will hit bottom. It must, for then the phoenix shall rise from the ashes.

But beware of complacency, beloveds. Beware of the desire for the fairy tale ending. Beware of the belief system that says, and then the angels swooped down and the miracle occurred and everything is great again That isn’t the way it is going.

J: The Ascension Handbook lists some 50 practices to connect with cosmic consciousness. Does the Handbook pretty well cover them or would you add anything more?

M: The challenge we have with the Ascension Handbook is that people don’t practice those helpful hints sufficiently. One of the challenges that we see in you, beloved Joel, is, through your desire to accomplish more, you confuse new ideas, new techniques, with your purpose of accomplishing more. It is not about new; it is about mastery. These are the things that are overlooked in your culture. Your culture programs you to want new and more and better. So a basic breathing exercise cannot be enough. A basic practice where throughout the day you are returning to your breath, how can that be enough? We need something new, something glamorous, something sexy, something everyone is going to get much more quickly than a breath.

However, the breath is the foundation. If the student cannot obtain some breath mastery, it is pointless to even talk about activating the light body. It is like putting a child who has never written a letter with their hand on a pen in a PhD graduate class on speech writing. It is ludicrous. So beware of that part of your mind that is trained and programmed to always be seeking outside of yourself for more new ways, more new information.

What would happen if for just 21 days you chose one practice and really did it extremelyyou broke it apart, you broke yourself down in it. You lost yourself in it? You discovered aspects of your personality you never dreamt of? You saw shadows of yourself you only had glimmers of? What if you really, really, really decided to become devout?

One of the things we practiced enormously when we were on the surface was the breath work, was group breath work. From these exercises we would enter extremely high-energy states. In those extremely high-energy states we could communicate with each other without words. We could recharge ourselves. We could increase our brain’s ability to process, and we could increase our intelligence.

By this we mean we could increase our senses, our telepathy, our inner vision, our ability to know exactly what was happening a long distance away.

We had to master our bodies so that we could unlock our deeper senses, what you would call in today’s world, your super powers. How do you have the stamina? We train for it. How do you increase your energy? You do exercises for it. How do you keep your energy high? You keep returning to your techniques, your practices. You stop settling for lower energy states. Remember, we said in the Handbook: you can declare these places off limits, out of bounds. Become a warrior for high-energy states. Start to notice your body in low energy states.

One of the most difficult things for humans to truly grapple with is the sense of, just for now… It’s OK because it will be over soon. I don’t have to blow this up right now because parts of it are nice. Really? Is that what you are giving your energy to? What is your true mission? This is a good time to decide. What am I giving my energy to, and why do I believe that there is only so much energy? Who told me that I couldn’t have a lot more energy? Why do I believe that I am supposed to feel tired and old?

Why do I believe that this is normal? Why do I accept other people’s negativity and low energy states as normal?

J: You have been with me in this apartment from the beginning when I moved here over a year ago. This place feels like a sanctuary to me. It feels empowering in the sense that I feel insulated from the chaos that often occurs in the world outside of here. I have felt relatively untouched by it. I just wanted to make that observation. I am not asking for a response. That is just how I experience this space.

M: Indeed, for this is your sacred space. It is an out picturing and a read out of your consciousness.

J: We started having the spiritual salons here, which was inspired by you and the Ascension Handbook.

M: Indeed, and they are most empowering to you, beloved.

J: I do some planning for them but I never know what will unfold, who is going to come or how people will respond to my programming ideas. Each meeting is unique, and they have all been wonderful in their own way. So it has taken on a life of its own.

M: And that is the way of art, is it not. You are an artist at work, beloved.

J: I appreciate what you have been teaching us about what we need to be alert to and paying attention to and what we are focusing on.  I can’t say I am thrilled at the chaos you have said was coming, but as you were speaking I did have the vision of the phoenix rising from the ashes. For as you said, and others have said including Gabriel, all of these bloated systems that reflect duality and serve mostly to enrich and empower the few must implode. Gabriel told me this in 2003.

M: Indeed, and you have been gearing up ever since, have you not? So it is appropriate to look at this not from a place of despair or even frustration. It is appropriate to look at it as a giant process that you know in your heart of hearts has to happen. How does humanity succeed this time? What senses, what powers what collective empowerments need to happen and will happen?

How can you assist, how can you facilitate and how can you get out of other people’s way when they are facilitating and assisting? It is important to know them by the fruits they bear. Are people transforming from their work? If the answer is no, move on. Transformation in today’s world cannot be subtle. It needs to be apparent and obvious, such as a bad habit being given up.

J: I heard and certainly believe what you said that no person was going to come along and suddenly resolve or fix all the issues and challenges we have been discussing. Is there anyone in leadership aside from Bernie Sanders who we can look to as bringing some spiritual enlightenment to government? We have been told that the United States will lead the world into this new era of mankind’s ascension. Do you see anyone in leadership who can help our country fulfill that mission?

M: At this time there is no one standing out. There are some fantastic people doing their service who are speaking up and standing up—and are getting laughed at. There is one woman in particular who we find completely resonant with reality and with rational thinking. That is Elizabeth Warren.

Again, to expect that the culture we have could elevate her into the white house and have her still be who she is, is at this point folly. In a very bizarre way, it doesn’t really matter who becomes president because the systems, the carnage, the bloat, the toxicity is so vast it is going to take multiple, multiple terms of changing.

In the meantime, it doesn’t actually matter who leads the world in ascension. What matters is that ascension is happening. The Russian president, who most scoff at and think of him as a bizarre, deranged ego maniac, has actually done one of the most rational things for his nation in the last 100 years of all leadership. He calmly stood up in front of the world and said, “I will only have healthy food that makes my people thrive allowed in this land.” He said, “ I will do whatever it takes to protect the health of my people. There will be no GMO’s on this soil, ever. It is against the law.” He is giving land free to the people of Russia so they can start organic farming. For he has declared that Russia will be the largest supplier of real organic food to the world.

So as you’re starting to imagine here this could look very different in a few short hears. America has lost the respect of the entire planet. Is that tragic? Well, yes and no. It doesn’t matter who leads. What matters is the direction they are leading.

We advise you to relax about the election. Do what you feel you need to do to educate yourselves. But understand, this is a giant, giant tidal wave that has not crested. So in a real way it doesn’t matter. What matters is who you are. What matters is fulfilling your mission in being here. What matters is that you continue to thrive until you either continue to ascend and take your body with or decide to discard your body and move to some higher plane. What matters is you taking a full breath. What matters is you having high states of energy in your body, not out of our body. What matters is you continue to find like-minded people who want to work with their bodies and the instruments for ascension.

Think of Ascension as a beautiful piece of music, beloveds. Your most exquisite arrangement with multiple, multiple instruments, creating harmonies and sub melodies and all kinds of rich sounds. Your ascension is that music. Your body is simply one of those instruments. We cannot ascend alone. You will not ascend alone.

J: That was a very beautiful statement. Thank you for visiting us. Do you have a word for anyone in this room?

M: We simply are delighted in your earnest, all three of you, your earnest desire to grow spiritually and to become more connected and to give that to others. That is why we are here. That is we are continuing to be here because we see and recognize your greatest desire is to contribute, to serve and to assist. You know why you’re here, and we salute you. Be well, beloveds. We bestow upon you our greatest benediction.