Saturday, September 26, 2020

"Drink Love," Archangel Uriel

“DRINK LOVE,” from Archangel Uriel (Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network) < “Fill yourself with love and watch others drink from that full glass and change your world forever”.<

Thursday, September 17, 2020


EMPLOY THIS INVOCATION Each day to assist in your and the planet’s ascension into a higher frequency of existence: “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Together, we invoke the Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns to Transmute back into Light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief Humanity has ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


ATTENTION SPIRITUAL LEADERS/TEACHERS Are our personal lives reflecting what we are teaching? Are we being what we share with others knowing we are all teaching what we need to master ourselves? Or are we saying one thing and being another? The most essential thing is that we apply what we receive ourselves. That is why it comes to us. By healing ourselves we can better assist others.

Thursday, September 10, 2020


It is time to know yours, your country, planet and universe’s Divine Soul plans; since everything is unfolding perfectly. Hint: it all has to be and do with love.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Uriel Message #3: Our Planet’s Soul Plan Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins
Greetings once again from the vortex you call Uriel. For far too long your planet has gone without knowing your divine plan, or should we say, remembering the divine plan of your planet. Quite simply, but not so simplyIMG_0248 for you, the divine plan of your planet is to find the unity, non-separation through all the diversity you find in your world. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different peoples, languages, nations, religions on your planet? Or do you simply just say that’s the way it is and not really know why or ever ask why. It all has to do with how your planet started. It began with many influences from many worlds, many star worlds (not star wars). In fact there is no other planet just like yours, with so many different influences (seedings) in its beginning. Most just take it for granted that’s the way it is. But in fact, it’s quite unique within the universe for a world such as yours to exist. It’s sort of an experiment. An experiment that has not worked very well, very often. But all of that is about to change for your world. There are messengers and messages coming in via our angelic realm and star worlds that “seeded” your planet that are going to allow a portion of your humanity to know the truth and set you free from your past separation from each other. You are all unique expressions from the same source. Even the different worlds that seeded your planet are from that same source…there’s nowhere else for anything to come from except that source. The creation of your planet was set in force by an energetic intention that would allow you to find the unity via all your diversity. IMG_0415You all represent the many expressions/versions of “Source.” Your agreement was to find the oneness in spite of your differences. You’ve been struggling with your “agreement” for many eons. That time is coming to an end. The struggle is almost over. Many realize if you don’t accept your differences in order to be one, you won’t survive. You’ve made this mistake before and it’s not necessary to make it again. You’ve advanced to a stage where you are ready to accept all of you. Include all of you. Love all of you. The only thing standing in the way in the past and present has been you (your relationship with you), not loving yourself enough to love others. It all begins with how you feel about yourself. (Someone once said, the only relationship you’re having is the one with yourself.) And all other relationships are a “mirror” of you. The special powerful energies coming into your world now are going to allow enough of you to know the truth of your being to effect the change necessary to move into a world of self-love and oneness. We know this soundsimageneptune_full impossible to most of you. But there are worlds, more advanced than yours where this possibility is a reality. In fact, some of those worlds are assisting you all now. Many know you are divine spiritual beings having this human experience. And that experience is about to become more accepting and loving than ever before. There is no further need for a few of you to control many of you through lies and deceit. Most of you have simply given your power away and allowed it to happen. The walls of power and deceit are about to crumble, dear ones. The few have controlled the many long enough. There is enough for everyone to share and have plenty left over. No need for further greed. Your divine plan includes knowing this truth and creating a world where these things aforementioned are normal. We are being and doing our part. Are you yours? Together we can change your world where you know how to be and act that creates a loving, safe world for all. This is your world’s true Divine Plan. And it all starts with each one of you knowing who you are and why you are here, questions never asked in school. But we ask it of you now. There are many messengers and messages that will allow you to answer these questions now. Listen. Be ready to find you and your place in your world. Uriel

Monday, September 7, 2020


LABOR DAY 2020 We are not here to labor but to bring our talents and gifts out into the world. By knowing who we are and why we are here will create great joy into our lives and the world.

Saturday, September 5, 2020


YOU EITHER RESONATE WITH SPIRITUAL TRUTH OR YOU DON’T (A reminder from St Germain, Joel and channel Phillip) J: The disconnect is so complete. When I was trying to put together a publicity program for the launch of The Second Coming it was nearly impossible to get prominent, accepted, professional media outlets to even consider doing interviews with me. SG: What created that, beloved student? What was the foundation of that rejection? J: The higher realms are considered to be myths. SG: They could not comprehend that there was something beyond the human mind. There is the arrogance, the ignorance, the ego in place. The ego wants to hold the mind in control. Healing the ego, not eliminating the ego, is essential at this time. J: Nearly everyone I encounter, friends, my own family; it is so far beyond their ability to understand and accept there is no place to even begin it seems, and it is depressing to me. SG: It is not necessary to begin with these individuals. They must innately and initially resonate with the truth or not. There are many individuals that will not come to the truth in this lifetime or even the next lifetime, so what you are building through resonance and discernment are communities of equality, love, harmony and balance. Are you not? J: Of course, I am only making the point because when we reach out to the NBC’s and CNN’s of the world, the disconnect is so complete in our culture it is almost a joke. SG: Dear one, why do you think you and the channel who took training in journalism chose not to take that path and are on the path you are on now? Because your soul plans, your reason and purpose to be here, was to create a positive parallel path beyond that type of medium. Remember, the higher realms have gifted you with social media, with cyberspace, with the internet, so you can connect with like mind and like spirit, and there are many worldwide. J: I’m only making the point because I have experienced it, so I understand the disconnect is enormous. SG: So, separate from that, the lack of resonance there, and move to a pathway of resonance with others and even, if you so choose, if there is no one else. There were times, beloved student, when I was totally on my own, that people thought I was insane, that people could not comprehend the choices I was making in ascension, could not even believe that something like ascension existed, and why were you dedicating lifetimes to that? I never lost my commitment. I never lost my persistence. Many of the rewards of the work that you and others are being and doing at this time will not come in this frequency, in the 3D world. They will come in the higher realms who know why and how you are being who you are. It is an eternal soul choice to be a messenger. Many of the works that you and others are being and doing will not come into acceptance until perhaps another incarnational cycle, and within the cosmic time frame it doesn’t matter. What matters is the energy and the truth and the resonance is being distilled out into humanity.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


TO CREATE A NEW EVOLUTIONARY PATH OF ONENESS. For centuries, St Germain says, “mankind has been relentlessly bombarded by the shadow side” to make us feel powerless and fearful in order to control us. President Trump has fed into that weakness proclaiming, “Only I can make America great again.” Instead of greatness, we are experiencing conflict and chaos. America’s “greatness”, St Germain reminds, springs from our divine mission to bring equality, harmony and balance to the world—to be the light of the world. Right now, he tells us, we are getting lots of help to fulfill this mission. High vibration energies are flooding humanity, activating our spiritual DNA and raising our consciousness to create a web of unity consciousness--coinciding with our November elections. See the synchronicity, he asks? The chaos we are experiencing, St Germain teaches, is an essential part of the cosmic clearing to create something new. “Who among you, through your free choice and will, will arise and be in the now of this new evolutionary pathway of oneness?” AUDIO COMING SOON…