Sunday, April 28, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Moving into the World in 
Unity with Yourself and Others

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you continue to move into the depth and breadth of yourself.

We now ask you to begin to make decisions, decisions that are based upon your highest good and support your highest good.

Are you indulging into the depth of your feelings or situations and drama in your life? It is time to be aware of this and begin to let go of this.  

It is time to look into the mirror and ask yourself; What is important to me?
Are you ready to make decisions for yourself based upon what is important to you and what you say you want?

We come to you now to speak to you about Unity, unity with yourself and how you can move into unison within the whole for the greater good of the whole.

By moving as a self contained entity in unity with all the wonderful and glorious souls around you, you can stand individuated without the energy of the whole affecting you. By containing your energy, you can move into unity with those around you and fully embody the depth and breadth of who you are.  

We come to you to speak about how to move into the world and into the soul group of your choice by making decisions based upon what is important to you and what you say you want. You can now move out into the world as a self contained energetic whole within the depth and breadth of your heart expressing  your ideas and the new found aspects of your self and begin to make decisions based upon what you say you want and give and receive in balance. As you move out into the masses of the third dimension you can contain your energy and be in unison with the masses.

You do this by standing in full recognition of you, seeing all the aspects of you that you accept with compassion. Then, when you look out into the world at the masses, you do so with the same acceptance and compassion.  

It is not about fitting into the world outside of yourself, it is about galvanizing your path in the world knowing who you are, utilizing your tools and letting go of attachments. Standing integrated within your self, individuated, you can look out at the world and choose your path, the path is not being chosen for you.

See now where you may be indulging into your illusions and the depth of your feelings and how you may have lost yourself in all of this. Many of you are still in the mindset of preparing constantly for whatever it is you say you want. Are you still preparing yourself for your life? 

If you are moving out into the world in unity with those outside of you, are you  choosing who it is important to create relationships with? You can be in unison with them. Know you are of equal value and you are important. You have something to say and your feelings and what you need to express is important. 

As you move out into the world, are you taking what you have learned and the tools as well and using them to support, guide and affect others?
Are you  still isolating and separating yourself?  Perhaps doing this from a place of superiority or where you think you know more than others? 

You can move out into the world from a place of integration where your energy is self contained. 

Know that as you now choose relationships with those outside of you, they in turn are choosing you and you can move in unity into world service together. Find those relationships and the soul groups that resonate with you and in turn, you resonate with them.

You are now making bold decisions and choices as to what is important to you and what you say you want. You are revolutionizing yourself on the trail of possibility and galvanizing the road towards abundance and world service.



There is no such thing as “artificial intelligence.” Only living DNA beings such as humans can have reasoned intelligence and intuition (remembering our emotions create thoughts that create reality). Animals and some plants also have intuition, built in wisdom.  Computers have programs and logarithms that can gather data and offer information and solutions. Let us stop giving power away to machines that have only been divinely gifted to we humans.



The applied knowledge (wisdom) that ‘higher laws’ rule the world and that the forces of evil humans are doomed to self-destruction in the end gives clarity to where we are headed. For that which ever impels and enables us to evolve forward is a force which exists within us: it is our higher self, our divine soul. That our higher self is the real driving power of our evolution (ascension into a higher frequency of existence) is the best assurance we can have during these challenging times.

Monday, April 22, 2019



Mother Earth is a living conscious being with organs (air, water, minerals) to maintain our life upon her body. The sooner we wake up to this reality the better. She can survive with or without us. What do we choose?

Friday, April 19, 2019


A day to remember not only the sacrifice of one but others as well and the employment of forgiveness.

By knowing our truth (who we are and why we are ere) and our needs and boundaries we can choose how to serve others as a reflection of self-love. By employing our needs, we can set boundaries that allow forgiveness when these are transgressed.  Through forgiveness we are set free to be me.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano

What Does Being You Look Like? 

It is important to see the awakening to your old behaviors. Then look at what you can shift and change. What are you awakening to? 

When others come to you and offer their support, guidance and love, what are the feelings that surface within you? What transpires within you?
Are you opening your heart to receive what others are giving to you?
Are you allowing their love to penetrate your heart space? 

It is important to know that this is not dramatic. It simply just is as it always has been.  Yet, the nervous system seeks the stimulation.  Perhaps thinking that you must be special if others come to you to support, guide and love you.  It is not about being special, it is about you being you.  Can you be you and know that you are loved for that? 

What does being you look like to you?
Is it about doing for others? 
Giving yourself away to others?
Can you be you?

As you release old behaviors, perhaps now you are being you? 
The old behaviors you used were the only way you knew how you could be loved. Behaviors such as, taking care of the needs of others and incessantly doing for others. Perhaps still trying to prove yourself to others. For many it is a continous excursion of proving yourself. Have I proven myself enough to the world outside of me that I am lovable, that I am good enough? And since I have now done this, they are now opening their heart space to love me. This is an illusion. 

Most coming to you now are so because you are being you.  Allow what transpires within you to surface then release it.  What is surfacing is the illusion that you have to prove yourself to others and then they will love you. 
You might find yourself saying:
“I guess I have proven to others that I am worthy and this is the reason why they are coming to me now.” 
“I have done enough for others and now I am worthy and this is the only reason why they are coming to me.” 
Are those coming to you now doing so because you are who you are and you are being who you are?  

What does being true to your self mean to you?
What about you do you resonate with? 
Do you answer these question with actions? Meaning;  I am now doing this, and doing it is what is true to me? I am doing this and this is my meaning of being true to me. What you are doing is looking outside of you to prove that you are being true to you. Your doing proves to you that you are being true to you.
What does this have to do with being who you are? 

Simply ask the question, Who Am I?
Am I loving, caring, giving and transparent, and this is who I am and I am being this?  

What many are still entrenched in is doing. 
If I am doing this then I am lovable. 
Doing is related to loving, honoring and valuing you. What you are doing is a reflection of how you are loving, honoring and valuing you. You are setting boundaries, and what you are doing now you are so with greater discernment. This reflects how you are loving, honoring and valuing you. This is different than being you. 

Some now are being jolted out of deep comfort zones by being shown love from others. Some are questioning why. Allow yourself to be where you are with this, yet acknowledge the presence of others in your life. 
Your nervous system may have been assaulted in past lives and in this lifetime as well. You are now being shown love from others, yet you may fall back into your safety and security of isolation and separation. You are at an important juncture in your life as many come to you with support and guidance. You may be unsure as to why because of the old conditioned behaviors embedded in your nervous system. Things are beginning to happen for many in their life now and you can open your heart to be who you are, speak your truth and set your boundaries accordingly yet open up to love. 

You are now ready to awaken, awaken to create new as you let go and release the need to do.  Many are still wondering what they need to do. The reminder We have for you is; Are you living in your beingness, and discerning and choosing what to do?   

Monday, April 8, 2019

Archangel Michael Speaks: A Message for April 2019: Month for New Awakenings Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano
A Message for April 2019

A Month of  New Awakenings

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into a new period of time, opening up to a new awakening as you move into your month of April. It is a month of new awakenings. 

You have moved through your first three months of 2019, a period of transiton and many have emerged from a darkness and now moving into the light and an awakening. Many realizing old behaviors that quite possibly have kept them isolated and separated from others. There is a belief that there is safety and security in isoaltion and separation. 

So We ask you:
Where in your life are you isolating and separating based upon your need for safety and security? 
Do you find safety and security in isolation and separation? 
Is it now possible for you to open your heart space and join with others to create a new collective consciousness? 
As you move into your month of April it is important to see this and ask yourself;
Am I separating and isolating myself so I can feel safe and secure?

Many have moved through shadow periods, and quite possibly aspects or situations of your life have come to the fore and awakened you. Awakening through the shadow. As you move into your month of April, where are you awakening after moving through the shadow and what are you ready to transition into as you move into this next three month period? 
This next three month period, April, May and June will be periods of awakening and movement out of old behaviors.  This is why We elightened you to isolation and separation because this for many is an old behavior. 

If you are in the place of commiting to creating a new collective consciousness that consists of community, harmony and equality, can you open your heart space and join with others to create a consciousness of all inclusiveness?  Where in your life are you practicing all inclusiveness? 

It is time to look at isolation and separation in your life as well as all inclusiveness.

Are you all inclusive with others?   
Are you sharing yourself with others?

Many are now realizing that they are loved by others and is it being demonstrated by others to you. Yet, the old conditioned behavior of I am not good enough, I am not worthy enough, I am not perfect enough to be loved may still be intact within you. There may be situations in your life that are now awakening you to the fact the you are good enough, you are worthy enough and perfect enough to be loved by others. 

We have said to you throughout the first three months of 2019 that others will be coming to you. Opening their heart to you and inviting you to join with what they are doing. Can you now see that others are coming to you to support your highest good and simply be in your life. This is because they see your worthiness, that you are good enough and you are lovable. This is one of the awakenings that is transpiring in your month of April and We ask you to look at this. 

You can begin by looking at isolation and separation and ask yourself; does isolation and separation make me feel safe and secure? Even as it cuts me off to the commitment to all inclusivenes and to a new collective consciousness. 

The only way you can form a new collective consciousness is with others.

Where are you being invited by others?
Where are others coming to you asking you to join them? 
Perhaps as this happens you wonder why? 
You wonder why these wonderful and most glorious souls are opening ther heart space for you to join them. 
You wonder why because you are questioning yourself. Quite possibly still in judgment and shame of self? Quite possibly with the attachment; what do they want from me? 

It is time to open your eyes. Open the eyes to your heart space to see that those coming to you with invitations to join them, opening their heart space to you, simply are so because they honor, value and do love you. It is time to open your heart space to all inclusiveness, to a new collective consciousness of community, harmony, equality ansd togetherness.  

As you move through your month of April, take notice of the awakening in your heart space. Take notice where you are being nudged or prodded to open your heart space. Be aware if you are questioning it. And is they always do, feelings will surface.   When others try to nudge you out of your comfort does, what are the feelings that surface? Is the comfort zone, isolation and separation so you can feel safe and secure? 

It is time to open your eyes to see if you are making everything all about you. You make it all about you through your wounds. When all of what we have spoekn to you about transpires, it hits a core wound within you. The wound may be you are not good enough. The wound is created from the conditioning from mom and dad that you aren’t lovable perhaps because they never showed you love.  Yet now, others are opening their heart space to show you love and you may be questioning it. Perhaps questioning their motives and why they are opening their heart to you.  

As you move along on your pathway towards self mastery, opening your heart space to yourself to love, honor and value you, look now at where you are loving, honoring and valuing you. When others come to you opening their heart to you, their doors to you, this just may be a mirror for you to see where you are loving, honoring and valuing you. This hasn’t fully immersed in your nervous system yet and there are aspects of your nervous system where you are still not trusting you. Thus not trusting others outside of you. 

It is time now to awaken. Your month of April is an awakening. It is time to awaken to you. It is time to awaken to know that you are worthy, good enough and perfect enough to be loved.  Others are beginning  to show this to you. It is time in this aspect of your life to open your heart and begin to receive love. The first three months of  2019 was a transition period. The fruition of that transition is receiving love. Others are coming to you, opening their heart to you. Ask youself; Am I willing and ready and able to receive love simply because I am worthy, I am good enough, I am perfect enough and I am love?     

Monday, April 1, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano

You Are Brave

You are bravely taking a journey deep within so you can move from looking outside of yourself to determine who you are, to realizing that who you are lies within you. Your internal journey is a commitment that continually unfolds as you walk along your pathway into the unknown. As this journey within continues, it is time to realize how brave and courageous you have been to take it. There is an aspect of power within this. Understand that as you bravely move into the depth and breadth of your heart to heal wounded aspects of yourself and claim all of the unclaimed parts of you, you stand in a power of self when doing so.
As you move along your pathway toward what you say fulfills you, you have made the choice to move to a depth within where your truth lies. It is time to see yourself as a brave soul who is not only moving within but also moving out into the world taking yourself with yourself.

We are here to speak to you about trust.
What We mean by trust is trusting yourself. Relying on yourself and not others as you move out in the world.

Whether you know it or not you have trusted yourself to move within by trusting your process. And also trusting those who are your mentors, teachers and guides who supported you to safely move within. You had trusted with integrity and placed your “inner life” into another’s hands for guidance and support. 
Many of you have now reached a point in your life where you can take what you have learned in your process, all the wonderful aspects of it and now enjoy where you are. Yet as you continue on your journey, you may be wondering what to do with all the knowledge that you received. 

It is time to open up and move out into the world trusting you.

You can begin this by reviewing your journey up to this very moment in time. Move within and acknowledge how brave and courageous it has been to uncover and heal the wounded aspects of you. See how powerful this is and begin to acknowledge the depth and breadth of this journey and your commitment to it.

 This will move you into another aspect of self-recognition and self-love. 
Can you say to yourself:
Yes I have been courageous enough to move into the depth and breadth of me and I now acknowledge this.

I am now standing in a place where it is time for me to utilize me and trust me and also utilize the knowledge that I have gained throughout this process and share it with the world.

I am ready to move out into the world being me and trusting me.