Thursday, January 31, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Discussion with the Two Marys


The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The following excerpt discusses the importance of having compassion for where each of us is in our lives. Although the comments are addressed to Jessie and me, the Mary's have told us many times that comments directed to us are almost always also intended for our readers as well.

" We extend to you our greatest love, our greatest compassion. And compassion is truly the word, the place of energy, where we want to focus your attention. It is really an important aspect of your growth and your leadership in your spiritual work.

"This word compassion is something that you both are familiar with and you both, indeed, have very large capacities to have compassion for your fellow humans and, to a smaller degree, compassion for yourselves. And it is compassion for yourselves that we wish to bring into the light and ask of both of you to start to contemplate and put in the foreground of your consciousness. The notion of having more compassion for yourselves as you endeavor into new territory, new ways of being, new paradigms of thinking and so on. So compassion for yourself will be the lubrication, so to speak, on the wheels of the machinery of change for each of you.

"The wheels of change have been moving for a long time, many, many eons in your soul’s knowledge. But for you as individuals it seems like. at times, you both feel that the wheels of change are moving but there isn’t much lubrication, salve or ease as these changes occur.

"Indeed, that is accurate as we have witnessed for both of you. There is not a lot of ease in how these changes occur. And yet, if you choose, if you bring the idea of more compassion for yourself into your systems, you will witness a lot more lubrication on these wheels of change that we are referencing. Changes to the personalities, changes in how your mind operates, changes about how things are and how things aren’t, and so on.

"So compassion for self literally will carry the day and this is a very direct request that we’re making of you to assist each other and to really know that that piece of work that we’re calling increasing compassion for yourself is not a junior piece of work. It is a senior piece of work. And compassion for yourself, as it increases, will give you exactly what you are looking for: Grace, ease, harmony, resonance.

"So we acknowledge your having increased your compassion for yourselves over the last few years. We are simply saying excellent job. All of that was preparation. Now, truly, increase your compassion for yourself. Truly love yourself more as you acknowledge the changes, acknowledge what’s shifting, acknowledge the losses, acknowledge the gains. We are simply saying, increase the capacity for your compassion, for yourselves, and you will be able to steer through these seas of change like the most brilliant sailboat where all the other boats are lurching and pitching while yours is gliding across effortlessly. Use that image, beloveds, to hold your mind in the proper direction."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Second Coming


Martin Luther King is a soul who is at a certain level of development. When souls incarnate at a certain level of development, their place of service is donated to world service in some way. Therefore, they become a messenger because they have reached a state of development energetically and in consciousness as a soul where they are able to reach out and contact soul groups and bring them together at some level.

Souls come in particularly at times of preparation. The time Martin Luther King came in began the preparation for this age. From about the 1960's onward was an accelerated time that was preparing for this millennium, preparing for the raising of consciousness. So there were souls coming in at that time for that purpose. Those souls served a specific purpose to mark a time and to create an impression. Gandhi is another example. He came in at a certain epoch to make an impression, and that impression has stayed. The same with Martin Luther King.

At that level of soul development, they have access to the universal truth that souls at a lower level of development don't have conscious access to. It's not that they don't have it available to them; it's that they haven't reached a state of development in their conscious being where they can contact it readily. So he had that, as do others. In a sense they become channels connected to their higher selves, to their soul essence. The higher the level of soul development at which you incarnate at in a lifetimes determines the vibration that comes into the body and how easily the body and personality are able to access the essence vibration, so there is not blockage between the two.

That doesn't mean they don't have problems in their personal lives, that they don't have challenges like any other soul. They're working on their own passage, their own individual growth, but at the same time they have a higher purpose that has to do with the planet or has to do with large groups of people.  For him, his purpose was to bring attention to the black situation and to the separatist situation and to continue the healing of that segregation. The beginning of the last century was the beginning of the healing of separation on the planet, particularly the beginning of the healing of separation in this new world, the North American continent.

This particular continent is acting as an archetype to bring together all peoples. That is why you have such an influx of all different ethnic groups into the country called the United States of America. Its original purpose is to create a unified field. It is, as they call it, the New Jerusalem as indicated by the three letters, USA, in the center of the world Jerusalem. The United States is the New Jerusalem, the place that brings the children of Israel out of bondage so to speak.

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Ascension Handbook


Think with your heart. What does that really mean? How does the heart think?

In actuality the heart does not truly think. The heart simply is the resonant radar, if you will. In your world you have radio towers sending and receiving energy. The heart is much like that. The heart is a receptive space of the Godhead. There is no thought in there. There is recognition of truth in there.

The mind is the divine instrument that manifests the truths in the heart. That is how one thinks with the heart. That is how the mind moves in service to the heart. 

Artists and musicians have this gift. That is what is occurring in their moments of inspiration and creation. They are thinking with their hearts. Humanity has always elevated those who seem to have the natural ability to think with their hears. However most people exclude themselves from that group and put creative people  on a pedestal.

It is time for more of humanity to say, "This is my path also. I am a true artist painting a canvas of my Ascension Process. Therefore, I choose to engage in this creative process called surrendering to the heart and allowing the heart to lead the mind."

Humans were designed to have truth in their heart and to create that truth with their mind. 

Many of the greatest human accomplishments were created by harnessing the truth in the heart and then asking the mind to create from that truth. All of your avatars, your greatest artists, your greatest teachers have completely lost their minds, so to speak. They use their minds to create the truth that resonates in their hearts.

Monday, January 28, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Ascension Handbook - Commitment to Being in the Garden


You are working on one thing only, the complete commitment to being in the garden, in the ecstatic union with God.

When you start to experience yourself as working on only one simple thing, everything else falls away. The mind is clear in service of the heart and miracles manifest. But it is from that one thing that that is possible. You are God. Your mission is to experience yourself fully--not as a sort of, a kind of God or Goddess, not like you attend summer camp and go home.

Your mission is to experience yourself as a complete expression of God.

Instead, humanity is involved in complete expression with suffering. You're good at it. It takes tenacity, complete commitment to return to it over and over. You have the skills. We are suggesting you use those skills to create from the space of love, beauty, wholeness, harmony, resonance and the community of the Ascension.

It has always been about choosing. And then the sweetest part occurs. You are swept down the river.  It is sheer delight, and there is no part of you that can choose anything else. That is Ascension. There is no need to leave the garden. It is complete. It is whole. So we invite you and all the readers to use the following mantra:


JOEL'S JOURNAL: Conversations with The Two Marys


JOEL:  In your initial comments today, you repeated that you bring the human element to your teachings and comments to us. I really value that. I sometime think that is a missing element when I am communicating with the Archangelic and other realms. 

MARYS:  Indeed. And that is challenging for many, many students. The lack of mutual human rapport, the ability to communicate from that place of having endured suffering on behalf of learning how to surrender, having gone through those eyes of the needles, so to speak. That is absolutely essential to the process. 

The human experience is a most exquisite and completely infinite possibility. It is the pinnacle of experiences on many, many levels. So the ironic part is that as students decide and declare themselves for their Ascension, they forget that what they must master is being human. And that includes, all the colors, all the sizes and shapes of the judgments and the crystallized views and the rigid opinions and the declarations, unconsciously, that, I am not enough. I am separate. I am weak. I am small. I am not connected. 

Of course, no matter how many times fifth dimensional beings say, ah beloveds, you are connected. We love you more than you can know. Does that really cut it for the student? No, it does not. 

Remember, for eons students on your planet progressed through organized systems of mystery schools, ashrams and temples where there were teachers teaching perennial principles. The challenge is that too often those humans become cult leaders. So your population has developed great skepticism and wariness about human spiritual leaders. 

The challenge, of course, is how to keep the body of work open and keep it not exclusive. How to have the people involved. How to keep those organizations open and inclusive as opposed to exclusive. So the great teachers have to be masters regarding the energetics of their organizations and of their administration How do the parties communicate? Are they communicating with love, with connectivity? That is a challenge. 

The only way forward is through greater surrender, greater connectivity and intelligence. We must remind you that you cannot resolve or fulfill something which is disconnected from the same level of intelligence that created the disconnect. It requires more intelligence, not the same intelligence. 

How interesting it will be when the two of you (Joel and Jessie) are comfortable with conversations that start with, "I request  we bring more intelligence to this discussion. Let us use more tools to bring intelligence to this discussion, not more intellect, more intelligence. Intelligence is that which flows freely through the human from the spiritual connection. Intellect is the clever creation of the ego mind which is often corrupted into force. "Let me force you to do it my way."

"Let me intellectually give you all the reasons why my way is superior to your way.  When you force concept over connection, the connection is doomed. 

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Ascension Handbook, Compassion

From The Ascension Handbook by the Two Marys 
authored by Joel Anastasi and Jessie Keener

We are teaching you to have a compassionate relationship with God, which is a complete acceptance of God with an open heart. Doesn't this make sense once you realize that you are God experiencing yourself as you? Therefore, the only way to proceed is with a fully opened, compassionate, loving relationship with God. Anything less than that would be a private self. As we discussed, the private self does not belong to you. It belongs to the collective.

Having a compassionate relationship with God is having a relationship with love, which creates. The private self, the mind, focuses on judgment and fear and the lower vibration energies which destroy.  So choosing a compassionate relationship with God  means constantly choosing to serve as a conduit for the energetic frequencies of the highest expression of God. Less than that is to choose limitation.

Compassion towards God includes joy and the gratitude to be able to serve and be here. It takes discipline to keep moving forward into that place where the desire is to remain in that open-hearted, compassionate state so that when fear knocks, you can say, "I see you for what you are. I choose to remain here in that state of exquisite union," which, of course is called grace.

Friday, January 25, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Two Marys - MLK Day

Here is an excerpt from my discussion with The Two Marys on January 21st, Martin Luther King day and President Obama's second inauguration. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener.

"We are celebrating with you the continuous awakening of humanity and the continuation of the divine expansion, which has begun. It is with great joy and celebration that humanity witnesses this expansion.

"As your Eckhart Tolle continues to say, the good news is that while things are getting better, the bad news is things are getting worse. So our caution to you is disregard what is not giving you joy and great glad tidings in your heart. Focus not on where it isn't working. Focus on where it is working. Focus on the reasons humanity is expanding. Focus on the great connectivity that is happening and focus on the cosmic shift that is taking place such that humanity is functioning more in the light. 

"This is an incredible opportunity for those who wish to accelerate their ascension, accelerate their heart opening, accelerate  the ecstasy of their union. So it is that humanity witnesses again the reappointment of your president who is a representative of the light even though he has  great limitations on how that can function.

"Is it not that truth for all other humans that to some extent they have great limitations on how that light functions? So celebrate where the light is, beloveds. It is no accident that Martin Luther King day is being celebrated on the day of the inauguration of the first ever Afro-American president of this great nation that is struggling, at times, to align itself with its greatness, align itself with its birthright. 

"But isn't that like every human on the planet, struggling at times to align themselves with their birthright? What is that birthright but the ecstatic union with God.  So again we say focus n where there is alignment and coherence. Give yourself to more celebration, joy and gratitude. Let go of the mind's intense addiction to needing to know the details. Continue to move with discernment. Create the quiet time for that discernment and you will navigate yourself into greater and greater connection with your fellow man."

The Ascension Handbook

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Introduction

Greetings everyone:

I am one of the founders of the Angel News Network, a teacher at the Modern Day Mystery School in Ft. Lauderdale and the author of three books: The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age; Life Mastery, A Guide to Create the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It, and The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God.

I shall be drawing on these writings and ongoing communication with various divine realms to connect spiritual teachings to the events going on in our lives in our world of the third dimension.

I look forward to communicating with your regularly for our mutual spiritual awareness and growth.
Love and light, Joel Anastasi.

Friday, January 18, 2013

INTER GALACTIC FEDERATION: Final Channeling of 12 Life Lessons

December 27th, 2012 Received by Phillip Elton Collins

Greeting beloved students of We Consciousness.

We come to you from the Intergalactic Federation in concert with the Five Pointed Star System portal opening that you have learned of tonight. We join the energies of the Pleiadians and the Arcturians (balancing the masculine and feminine energy) with the Orion energy from the inner earth--demonstrating, if you will, as above, so below.

Dear beloved humans, you have learned so much over the last few weeks about yourself through the combined energies, unprecedented in your frequency, coming together to bring to you a mighty teaching of oneness through knowingness of self.

We wish to add an addendum to your teaching to give you an even deeper understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and where it is happening. These frequencies have come together during 12/12-12/21 and most recently on 12/25 because these portal openings, these vortices openings, these energetic connects, are to activate a force within the core of your planet which has always been there, which was transported from your beloved sister planet, Venus, so many millennia ago.

This force is called unconditional love, which you are in the process of reactivating through the process of self, as you have discussed tonight in the teachings of your 12 Life Lessons. You have gone as far from self, from source, from one another, from your home planet, as you could possibly go through the gift and the hardship of your freedom of will. It was a dispensation that was give to you through a veiling of yourselves, through the abuse of wisdom and power that you once knew.

You were gifted with this freedom of choice and freedom of will in order to get as far from yourselves, one another and source as possible to work your way back through hundreds and thousands of incarnations in this frequency to get to the end of time, to get to the time line ending, if you will, of where you are now, which simply reflects where your planet is and where she has chosen to be in her ascension process. Thus, including everything within and upon her body, your planet, your mother earth, will ascend with the divine beings of light that you are.

So why has all of this taken place? Why have you chosen this journey, dear ones? What is this all about and how does your divine plan mirror this divine universal cosmic process?

The purpose of this planet was to learn and to teach love, dear ones. So now through the process of learning to love yourself, you are preparing yourselves for the grandest service of them all. You are returning to world service through love of self as your foundation, connecting in your so-called We Consciousness, in your oneness, in your equality, with harmony and balance, to now go out throughout this solar system, throughout this galaxy, beyond universes know and unknown, to become part of the ever expanding and growing universe that knows no limit and knows no end, dear ones.

There are worlds behind you. There are worlds where you presently are. There are worlds, as you know, much more advanced than you are. All these worlds are waiting for you. Can you feel it in your heart? You’ve always known there was more than what appeared to be, have you not?

The dispensation of so many frequencies coming together is a revelation, is a transformation of what is taking place. So many of you, more than ever before, consciously and unconsciously, have chosen to be here at this divine moment. So as you have discussed tonight, heed now what happens to be transpiring in your outer world, as you have discussed through the channel we are coming through now. It is simply the final clearing and cleansing of yourselves, of your planet, to activate this final golden age which is activated by this unconditional love in the core of your planet, which reflects the core of not only Venus but also so many ascended and advanced worlds which no longer participate in freedom of choice and freedom of will through a veil. They are in full service to source and all that there is, which allows the manifestation of all things in your ascended mastership.

You are in the process of not only moving from your carbon to your crystalline existence but also you are being empowered to control electrons and atoms and to create through your thoughts and your feelings every single thing which is needed to serve and service all that there is, dear ones.

There are millions and billions of beings in service to all that there is. You are joining this divine cosmic community. It is your time to do this. It is your final cleansing and clearing of self. So tonight fill your hearts with gratitude that you have chosen to show up and to learn from something other than the human mind, to know that there are other sources of wisdom, that there are other sources of tools and teachings to propel you into the frequency of oneness and to finally expel you from this dense frequency of 3D.

You have learned all there is to learn from cause and effect and karmic disposition. Be compassionate, Be accepting, Be forgiving of how you have chosen to learn and know that way of learning has ended if you so choose. Now, dear ones, your real learning, the true magnificence of you, shall come into full manifestation and fruition on this grand planet of love. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


By Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

The time has come, this 2013 year, where we humans will have more connection and recognition of the higher realms that constantly pour love and light our way maintaining and sustaining our very existence, in spite of ourselves.

Now we are creating a more conscious cooperation between our 3D life and these 5D beings that are our protectors and teachers. We are joining through our multi-dimensional ability with star systems that seeded us, ascended masters who walked our Earth, angel realms, Inner Earth frequencies and the Inter Galactic Federation. These higher realms may be new to many but we are not new to them. If fact, we would have destroyed ourselves eons ago without their support. 

It is our destiny to join in a mass-consciousness with each other and these higher realms to move into our next and final Golden Age on this planet. A new age of oneness, called We Consciousness.

These higher realms are pouring great amounts of energies of light at certain vortices/portals on our Earth to be received by the consciousness of light workers and way showers who can accept with compassion these energies as part of their divine soul plan. Once received and integrated these energies focus upon the I AM PRESENCE within each individual. Only through the I AM PRESENCE can we re-establish equality, harmony and balance on Earth. The I AM PRESENCE is your direct re-connection to the forces that created you and support you now.

The separation/veils between where humanity is now and the higher realms is as thin as it’s ever been. Many of us will feel, hear and see our connections with frequencies above and below us (as above, so below). It is essential within our freedom of will and choice to acknowledge these higher realms within the hearts and minds of humanity. These higher beings have from the beginning of our existence loved and supported us more than we were/are capable of loving ourselves. They can give aid without limit to those who trust and surrender to their existence. Now with the more integrated connection and activation of our I AM PRESENCE we are manifesting our final Golden Age within the last cycle of this planet before it and we ascend into beings of light (our true, eternal state of beingness). 

We have learned all we need to learn from the isolation within what is not. The timeline of what is now. The tool of the I AM PRESENCE can re-establish the original balance and oneness upon Earth. It can consume all imbalances through unconditional love of self while dissolving the fear in our emotional bodies that has much pain.

Through the connection and combination of higher realms with our I AM PRESENCE we can re-awakened our divinity, clearing and cleansing all that is not love and light. Unlike past Golden Ages, this final one will allow a permanent connection to Source that will insure our ascended mastery of self. This will allow a transition into world and then universal service.

Throughout 2013 these higher beings some in human embodiments, and other forms will walk and talk face to face with mankind on Earth. It is time we know we are not alone and know what loving forces really are in divine control of our world and the universe. The original divine way of life will be explained once again, the human and planetary imbalances revealed and cleared. Human lack and limitations and fear will be washed away and we shall re-create communities of equality, harmony and balance. The light and love of these higher realms never fail. And you choose to be here now for this glorious event.

Stay steady in your trust and surrender to what is said here not matter how things appear now. Much more is about to be revealed during 2013…