Thursday, January 21, 2021



There can be no greater injustice/crime against humanity than to attempt to create doubt or fraud about the true democratic process of supporting the common good of WE THE PEOPLE. Consequences must reflect this.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Response to What is Transpiring in the World Today



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving through a new aspect of time on your earthly plain. It is an important aspect of time and a transition as you move into your year of 2021 and into your month of January. It is a continuation of releasing what you need to within you. 


What you are seeing now transpiring in the world outside of you is a clear sense of duality. The duality within each and every one of you and in the world outside of you. Where there is duality outside of you there is duality within you. 


The energies that came in in your month of August are still working, continuing a cleaning out of the old. What you are seeing in the world outside of you is a continuation of the old, dense lower vibrational energies that are moving in and out of your third dimensional realm. The old underneath everything, the illusions, old behaviors, patterns, habits all of it is being released and being moved to the surface. In many ways what you are seeing are the illusions of the world outside of you. Looking at the calamity and folly of the world outside of you that pertains to the truth. 


Underneath of what is transpiring on the surface in the world outside, depths of truth are being revealed. Depths of truth is surfacing within you as you witness what is transpiring in the world outside of you.  When you look outside of you, how does this make you feel? Does it resonate or doesn’t it? Move within and see what is coming up for you to see what is transpiring within you. 


What you are seeing in the world outside of you is more of the old surfacing. Underneath that old is truth. The way in which you begin to heal within you is to allow the old to surface, the old habits, patterns rituals, behaviors. Old feelings that have been suppressed and repressed. All of the old needs to come up along with the memories and wounding that go along with the old. As the old deep, repressed and suppressed feelings come to the surface what this will illuminate is what needs to be healed. It is in these deep feelings and the way in which you are reacting or responding to those feelings, quite possibly projecting those feelings out onto the world. The deep anger and sadness that is surfacing within you as you begin the personal process of purging within the depth and breadth of you the old and the old wounding. 


So what surfaces within, quite possibly is not very pretty and you feel it. You feel yourself moving through a shadow period, a dark night of the soul, as the old is dredged up. The energies that moved in in your month of August began this process and this releasing process will continue into your first month of January and the first six months of your year of 2021.  


As you see what is transpiring out in the world triggering more in the depth and breadth of your wounding you are seeing this outside of you. What is transpiring in the world outside of you are symptoms of this process. The old is being revealed and within that, old truth comes up behind it. If you look at what is transpiring within you when you endeavor to bring the old up in your life and move into your heart space and know healing needs to take place, before that healing takes place you must dredge up the old and allow it to come to the surface. With this comes repressed and suppressed feelings, feelings of anger, sadness, despair.  As these feelings surface, it is up to you how you deal with them. With these feelings comes a charge because there is energy connected to your feelings. 


If someone or something triggers you and a feeling of anger surfaces and the charge that comes with it, you may project onto an other or act out that anger in order to flush that energy out. We have given you many tools as many others have as well, to help release and reduce that charge. Yet this comes with awareness and consciousness. 


What you are seeing outside of you in the world is unconsciousness. An unconscious society without tools, without love, without compassion. They are being triggered within them through something old they view outside of them. This is the old of your government systems, political systems and corporate systems, and those who keep that old in place. This is the old world of form. 


In many ways what is being triggered is the old. Many see the need to shift and change. They are seeing the old outside of them that is mirroring the old within them. It brings up the wounds of the child, a helpless child that is based upon how they were conditioned and treated by mom and dad. Now as they move deeper within, these energetically charged feelings are coming to the surface. Many have no idea, nor have tools to deal with this. Many have no tools and if they have them they have no idea how to use them. So the energy is projected outside of them onto someone else. 


So, what you are seeing in the macrocosm, is what is transpiring in the microcosm within many. It is all based upon the old world of form and those attempting to keep the old in place.   


This is all leading to you asking the question, How am I taking responsibility for myself as the adult? As the wounded child acts out it knows nothing of responsibility. It is acting out to release the repressed and suppressed feelings inside of them. 


Your year of 2021 is a year of taking  full responsibility as the adult. When those responsibilities are not taken, it is then consequences are involved. What are those consequences? The consequences of holding you accountable for your actions. The consequence of bringing to your attention that there are consequences for your behavior. Whatever those consequences are for you. If in fact you act out in a fit of anger and rage that may harm an other when projected onto them, there are consequences for this. Are you willing to stand up and face the consequences for your actions, the actions of a 5 year old, a 10 year old, a 15 year old?


So We simply ask you to look at the word consequence. As you act out in a fit of anger and disruption and project your energy on to an other, this is simply the wounded child acting out. What you project on to another may trigger them as well, then there may be a clash. When you trigger the wounds of an other and an other triggers your wounds you then move into the clash of the wounded child. 

This is what you see transpiring in the world outside of you. 


Each and every one of you can harken back to a situation in your life where you felt a rush of repressed and suppressed feelings, that were triggered by an other. In that moment in time you in turn projected those feelings out onto an other. This in turn more than likely triggered them as well. As they were triggered, the wounds of their child triggered, they in turn projected back onto you.  Then came a stand off. The question We ask you here is, when did (if it did at all) the adult enter the fray? 


What We are speaking to you about is the wounds of the child and the projection of repressed and suppressed feelings, memories out onto the world. What you see being mirrored back to you from the third dimensional world outside of you is this.  


So as you move within, We ask you as you begin to see the repressed and suppressed feelings, the old wounding. As you do, the wounded child will quickly look at mom and dad and want to blame them.  And in many ways rightly so. The wounded child may want to react out upon mom and dad or someone else who may portray mom and dad.  The wounded child projects out onto another whether it may be mom or dad or not. They are projecting the repressed feelings and wounding. Blaming and shaming them for where they are in their life. And rightly so because the wounded 5 year old, 7 year old, has no idea or tools to utilize. But it is the adult who does. The adult is you. 


As you look out into your world what you are seeing in the macrocosm is exactly this. Many wonderful and most glorious souls still seek outside of them a wounded mythical, deified leader to lead them to the promised land. This is many ways is what the wounded child within you is looking to do. 


Are you still looking outside of you for an other to lead you to the promise land that will make you safe and secure?  A deified, mythical individual outside of you who you have deified who will lead you to the promise land. 


What you are seeing is the eruption of the wounded child en masse. The eruption of duality en masse. The eruption of fear and anger and sadness en masse. All in the disguise of an adult. All of these wonderful and most glorious souls looking outside of themselves for someone and something to blame. Where are you still doing that?  Where are you still looking outside of you for someone or something to blame for where your life is? 


Are you taking full responsibility for you as an adult and shifting and changing your life accordingly? 


As you move through your month of January and your first six months of the year of 2021, more needs to be released within you. Will you do this in peace, community, harmon and equality? It is most important to understand that you have been given many tools to utilize. Are you utilizing them? Are you having your feelings? Are you utilizing the tools that when repressed and suppressed feelings surface will help discharge the energy and not project it onto an other? Yet if this happens will quite possibly cause a conflict with an other, yet underneath is what the wounded child wants. I am going to cause a conflict with mom and dad to prove to them how they dis-served me. This is all well and true. But you are the adult. It is the wounded child that is still projecting out onto mom and dad telling them how they dis-served them and now they have to pay for it. 


It is most important to see all of this. To see the mirror outside of you. The year of 2021 is a year of looking into the mirror. As what is transpiring in the world outside of you is so, and you see it, are you looking into a mirror of what may be transpiring within you? When we ask you are you looking for a mythical, deified leader to lead you to the promise land, We are asking, are you still looking for an other to take care of you to keep you safe and secure?  Are you still looking at an other to give you life? Are you still looking at another to justify you projecting your energy onto another?  They are to blame. He is to blame. She is to blame. Is this taking responsibility? Blaming and shaming others for where you are in your life. Blaming and shaming others and then projecting that energy out onto the world will serve no one. 


We have asked you time and again over the many years We have been coming to you, based upon what is transpiring in the world outside of you, what is your truth? Is your truth love, peace, community, harmony, equality, intimacy, oneness and love? Many of you may say yes. But is it? You may know that it should be your truth in your mental body, but have you in your personal process moved within the depth and breadth of your heart space to be that truth? Or are you still living your life looking outside of you for mom and dad to blame where you are? Mom and dad are the ones responsible for where I am in my life.  And now I am going to act out and hold mom and dad responsible for where I am in my life.  


Hear these words. Are you still looking outside of you, looking for mom and dad or the mythical figures that you have deified outside of you and blame them for where you are in your life? This is why We have said to you that your year of 2021 is about assuming and taking responsibility for you. If you continually blame and shame others for where you are in your life, you will inevitably act upon it. Blaming and shaming others for where you are. What they haven’t done for you. What they are supposed to be doing for you. 


What are you doing for yourself? 


It is time for you to move within to see all of this and ask yourself these questions. 

What you see transpiring in the third dimensional realm outside of you are those who are blaming and shaming others who are led and encouraged by a mythical deified leader. Yet for them they have received conformation and permission from that mythical defied leader to act out in their blame and shame of others. This mythical deified leader has given permission to the wounded child to act out, project and blame and shame others for where they are in their life. These wonderful and most glorious souls have looked outside of themselves to a mythical deified leader simply to give them permission to project their wounds, anger and feelings, to blame and shame others for where they are in their life. 


As you move on the road of self mastery and begin to allow the adult to guide you in life, when the wounds of the child surface you will be conscious and aware and know that. If you are moving on a path of self mastery, mastering the self, then there is no one outside of you that will incite that wounded child because the adult will not let them. You as the adult are in charge of you. You are conscious and aware because you have moved to a place of loving and honoring and valuing you. You have moved to a place of independence within you that has individuated from mom and dad. You are utilizing your tools so that when your feelings rise and the energy behind those feelings rise, you can release that charge and have your feelings. Then move into the wounded child and nurture your self. 


Each and every one of you, look outside of your self and see what is transpiring in the world. How does it make you feel? What is it triggering inside of you? Are you looking for a mythical deified leader to bring you to a promised land? Or are you opening up for guidance and support from an other as the adult, conscious that what I see transpiring in the world is triggering these feelings within me, sadness and anger perhaps. I am not quite sure right now of what to do because perhaps I am in a blind spot, so making a conscious choice as an adult is seek guidance and support from outside of me. You are not blaming and shaming an other for the feelings that are surfacing within you. This is what a 5 year old does. Blaming and shaming, looking for the mom and dad figure outside of you to blame and shame for what you are feeling. Many of the wonderful and glorious souls you see outside of you, this is what they are doing. Looking for a mom and dad figure to blame and shame for where they are in their life.  


It is also important to understand that what is being revealed in the world are truths and untruths as they are being revealed within you. The illusions of the world of form outside of you are being revealed. And when they are revealed they trigger feelings inside of you. It is then the wounded child who wants to blame those outside of you who perpetrate those illusions that is based upon benefitting themselves. 


So, where are you? As what is transpiring in the world outside of you does so, where are you? Where are you right now in the depth and breadth heart space and what do you need? 


Are you ready to blame and shame an other? 

Or can you look outside of you and say, truth is rising. 

Yet most importantly understand that when you project the energy of your feelings outside of you onto an other, there will be consequences in your life whatever those consequences may be. Perhaps an other being triggered, then acting out in reaction to you. Whatever those consequences may be, when you project your feelings outside of you onto others, there are always consequences. 


What are you willing to do right now in order to see the depth and breadth of what is transpiring within you, what is transpiring in the world outside of you? What are you willing to do that can begin to shift and change your need to look outside of you to blame and shame mom and dad? To look outside of you to be validated and loved. What mythical defied leaders are you looking to outside of you thinking that they will give you all the answers. Yet in reality will be giving you and your wounded child permission to project and act out. 


You are moving through tenuous times in your third dimensional realm. It is a fragile time. Yet will ultimately forge great shifts and changes within you and the world. You are moving through a shadow period, a dark night of the soul. As you well know as you move through shadow periods, a dark night of the soul, what needs to be illuminated within that will be. What you are seeing outside of you is what needs to be illuminated in the shadow period and dark night of the soul that your earthly plain is moving through right now. This will continue through the first six months of your year of 2021.

Saturday, January 16, 2021




By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

After many years of connecting and sharing the wisdoms of the higher realms, I take no pride in this choice and know I am one of many known and hidden from humanity.  I have never sheltered myself behind the higher beings nor personally taken credit for their wisdoms to be shared with humanity or stated that the higher realms ordered this or that. I have always respected people’s free choice and will to be for or against whatever they choose.

The work of the higher realms is to put people in touch with the true reality and plan of creation and I willingly share what I receive as a divine aspect of my Soul Plan, an important part of my reason to be here. I be and do  the best I can with love and devotion. I make mistakes but I do not blame the higher realms or go back and ask they correct my mistakes.  I pay the price from my mistakes and learn what I need to learn from them.

There are moments of success but I do not go back to the higher realms for praise, knowing that is not their intention. I often struggle with ill health, the unbelieving, the fearful and antagonisms/threats of others but do not go back to the higher realms for strength for I know it already exist within me in steady supply.

I am walking in the Light of my own Soul Plan and stand in the strength of my own spiritual being having this human experience knowing Masters prefer not to be called that but master by mastering, by recreating themselves.




Friday, January 15, 2021


Below is the link for my Lemurian Scroll #2 for Teacher Souls. Remember there are three of them. Number #1 is the the general audience, #2 for Teacher Souls and #3 for Adept Souls.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Joel Anastasi interviews the Ascended Master Council of 12 channeled by Phillip Collins
Here are the Council’s key points:
. We are seeing the dying of the old and the creation of the new. The races of mankind have been blending for ages. We are becoming “super mutts.” The idea of white supremacy is fading throughout the world. The attack by a largely white mob on the U. S. capitol was “a fight to the death to hold on to the old.”
.  The U.S. was founded on the principles of equality, harmony and balance and has stood as a beacon of light to spread those qualities around the world. That is why much of the world responded with shock to the events in Washington.
. Trump created separation through his own wounding, which gave permission to his followers to act out in a violent way. There must be consequences so that their unhealed behavior must not be normalized. 
. Nevertheless, the solution lies in allowing these people to heal by giving them an opportunity be heard without labeling them “the enemy.”  Their rage, in essence, represents “a cry for help, for love, to be understood.” For the reality in this country in recent decades is that the majority of the population has continually lost ground economically while a small elite has prospered. The new administration needs to create economic programs that help restore dignity, respect and opportunity to the working classes of America. 

. Over the next six months untruths will be exposed with the help of the higher realms. America has taken a step backward, but it has the tools to learn to love and have compassion for one another, so it can create a nation and world of communities based on the building block of love--allowing equality, harmony and balance. 

Audio to come soon...

Saturday, January 9, 2021




By Council of Twelve Ascended Masters, Telos, Lemuria

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans,

What you are experiencing on the surface of your planet is the dying of the old and the creation of the new.

Your planet was seeded by many root races that are now merging into one unified human race. There will no longer be one ‘white’ race thinking they are superior to other races attempting to control the world.  But you cannot control what you did not create. Through your intermarriages you have exchanged enough racial DNA to now be morphing into one divine ‘super mutt’ race; reflecting your spiritual DNA.

The chaos and confrontation that you are experiencing around the entire planet is based upon those who once thought themselves in control now fighting through fear, to the death, to hold onto the old.

There is nothing to fear dear spiritual beings having this human experience. What is happening cannot be stopped. It is time to trust and surrender and know all is in divine order and purpose to create a racially unified planet allowing the creation of nations and communities based upon universal love allowing equality, harmony and balance for all which is at hand.  (the basis for the creation of the United States of America, now being a beacon of light for others).

We Ascended Masters who were once human like you are showing you the pathway of you becoming us by raising your consciousness, and vibration in order to ascend into the higher realms of creation where we reside. This is your divine destination and destiny.   All of our teachings and tools are available to you by merely asking. One source among many is the channel we are coming through now :

Our Council is composed of the twelve of us who assist and maintaining a balance upon your planet.  In spite of how things may appear now, without out efforts you would have destroyed yourselves long ago.

It is time we directly connect for those of you who resonate with this message and its source. That will not be all of you but those through your soul plans who choose to be and do so.


Led by High Priest Adama, Telos, Lemuria

El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lady Nada,, Lord Sananda, St. Germain,  Master Kuthumi, Lord Maittreya,  and Sanat Kumara.






Tuesday, January 5, 2021





Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

With Interviewer Joel D. Anastasi

Adama: Are you talking about the resistance to the transition or the transition itself?

Joel: All of it.

Adama: “The resistance is irrelevant. It is simply the folly of the dying of the old. The new administration reflects (the U.S.) becoming a better beacon of light for the world and reflecting the diversity of the United States of America within your government and your governmental leaders. The coming and passing of the old administration is a tremendous gift to the United States, that democracy is alive and well, and in spite of all the efforts and the continued efforts to destroy it or to dismantle it, it will not work. For what the old does not understand or may never accept is the support of the higher realms within the process of leading and supporting the nation and the citizens of the United States into an authentic beacon of light for the world. There was and continues to be cosmic and spiritual interventions involved that were prevalent with the founding fathers in the creation of the nation, and I think you understand this.”