Sunday, February 25, 2018


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Open Your Heart and Release the Mask

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space and moving into the grandness of self, the greatness of self, the wonderment of self. As you move on your pathway and deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart, you open up to a greater sense of who you are and towards a greater love of self. You are opening your heart to yourself.

So We ask you to open your heart. Open your heart to transparency and to authenticity. Open your heart to show the world the essence of you.  How does opening your heart and presenting yourself to the world make you feel? You are headed in the direction of opening up the depth and breadth of you, in full revelation of you and revealing yourself to the world. As We speak to you about revealing all of you to the world, does judgment and shame arise within you?

It is time to move into the full beingness of self and allowing yourself to recognize the uniqueness of you.  Do you recognize yourself? Do you know your uniqueness?
Moving into full recognition of the essence of you in your heart, is attainable by releasing your mask.  Each and every one of you, to some degree, creates a mask around you, it is important to notice and observe when you are doing this. 

Are you fully being you?  Do you take a calculated risk and reveal only aspects of you when walking amongst others in your world? Are you frightened to expose all of you to the world? Do you keep the mask in place just enough, so you will feel safe and secure? Is your objective to feel safe and secure?  Projecting the mask outside of yourself will give you the false notion that you are safe and secure.

The reason why the mask has been put into place is because each and every one of you is seeking love. You want to be loved.  Many would do anything just to be loved.  You might give yourself up to be loved.  Take care of others needs to be loved. Some have created a mask to be what others wanted you to be, so you would be loved.  

We ask you now, to open up to the love and the essence of you and allow that to shine out on the world. Look into a mirror, directly into your eyes, and say to yourself, I am me!  I love me and I am going to show me to everyone in the world.  Be with the feelings that come up.  You may feel exposed.  You may feel not good enough.  You may feel not perfect enough. 

It is when feelings arise within you the heart may shut down. You then move into the mental body and utilize the mask to avoid those feelings.  I am feeling exposed, I am feeling not good enough, I am feeling not perfect enough, I am frightened.  I am feeling unsafe.  I am feeling out of control, so I will put up my mask and then I will be control of everything.  Might this sound familiar?

It is time to fully feel your feelings and be who you are. It is time to release the behavior of avoiding your feelings.  If you continue to avoid your feelings you will continue to repeat old habits, patterns and rituals and create the mask to avoid your feelings. You are not those feelings. You are unique, whole and lovable.

Open your heart space.  Allow your effervescent light in the depth of your heart to shine out on the world in the full beingness of you in transparency and authenticity.  It is time to be you.  It is time to release looking for acceptance outside of yourself. 
Ask yourself; Is it okay to be me?  Is it perfectly acceptable by me to be me? 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins

Older Americans are one of the largest groups in the country. Many of them are struggling to stay younger, while living longer but eventually we all shall pass from these physical bodies back into the energetic spiritual formatting from whence we came. By consciously accepting this reality, we can improve the quality of time and feelings in being here.

In indigenous cultures elders are historically seen as the ‘wise-ones’ to assist the young in making decisions that improve the quality of everyone’s lives. When it is time to die they walk out into the woods and do not return (preventing any burden). In so-called advanced countries the treatment of older people is more of fear (of what the young will become), creating low tolerance and often a lack of respect for the wisdom they have.  This lack of respect is a reflection of our lack of respect for the process of life itself. In place of this lack of respect we have placed being young and successful in a consumer-driven culture as the priority. On the outside, from our marketing/advertising view it sure seems this way but is it completely true? 

Now that the older Americans are a huge demographic, the above view is changing. As we move through our chronology, the attachment to the habits, patterns and rituals attached to the marketplace losses its luster and values such as love, security, health and fun become daily priorities.   The being old of the past is not the same as being older today; physical disability, diminished mental and energy capacity are greatly reduced in today’s world (even through our ‘broken’ healthcare system). Through the energy of the ascension process of the planet, we are entering our final golden age where we are moving from self-empowered health to wisdom (applied knowledge) and enlightenment (and this includes older folks as well). 

To have extended time on the planet allows the full activation of the individual’s divine soul plan, reason to be here. If more people achieve this the entire planet benefits, as well as the individual. All souls yearn for a full expression within each lifetime. There are more people on the planet now than ever before so more soul plan activations can be assured. 

Although culture and media continue to focus on youth, the United States has become a middle aged nation. With modern digital communication and faster transportation the ‘baby boomers’ have experienced more collective wisdom than any other group in history. This ‘wisdom’ is effecting how we see life and the process of leaving this life. The bias against age is reduced within this digital age where virtual information is available 24/7 reality.  Retirement today is extremely different from the past. Today it is about ‘the experience’ be it travel or extended adult education. The extended earth years further allow a cultivation of human spiritual actualization, whether consciously or not. 

The additional years here will be a vast opportunity for elders to contribute to society and extend education into ‘spiritual training’ for the young. In ancient times it was the ancient mystery schools which were secret and elite. Today there is a re-surfacing of modern versions of the mystery schools that is giving a ‘resetting’ of spiritual wisdom/training by enlightened elders.
The large population of elders is a crucial voting block, factoring in their needs in government/politics. .  Being Internet savvy, spiritually conscious, how people feel about them is shifting (as a result of the self-empowerment of the elders themselves). What was old is new again. 

 Having lived long enough to see the folly of the human ego, with their extended lives, and souls healed from a lifetime of material matters, conscious elders are ready to commit to embracing the spiritual, unseen aspects of being human. As elder become ‘soul sloped’ in life, they are ready to finalize the deep examination of themselves gaining more acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for life and sharing this with others. A forgiveness for it all, better allows them to access the eternal spiritual aspects of themselves. Men become more feminine, woman become more masculine finally balancing these two energies that have largely been in opposition to one another through a lack of understanding.  Once the struggle to survive life has diminished, the karmic debt mostly paid,  for those ready, a door can open to see this is one of many lifetimes to learn what you need to learn, the way you need to learn it. And when those life cycles are complete you no longer need to return to physical life, then physical life has been conquered, and you are ready to ascend into a higher frequency of existence. Then what we call physical death has ended and the final hurdle over death has been jumped and we are free at last!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Over 100,000 years ago the Great Pyramid was built to honor the Goddess Sakamaba. Now that feminine energy is rising again to balance the masculine and feminine energies. The imbalance has been the cause of our duality, separation and confrontation.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

The divine inspired principles of The United States government came from higher realms and were anchored in many ancient texts prior to the founding fathers of America receiving them. The visual symbols in the American emblems stand for freedom, liberty, equality and justice. The nation’s original motto: E Pluribus Unum, “Out of many one,” describes the origin and mission of the nation. This is a mighty mission that also echoes the purpose of the planet and a promise that is destined to be reflected throughout the world.  All of this shows the interconnectedness of us all, the freedom of will choices we make are choices for everyone, the wisdom that unity precedes us and is a call from our ancient past leading to our future.  The cosmic consciousness of interconnectedness merged through love to allow freedom birthed a new nation. A nation that is still a work-in-progress, that can be more fully realized by the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies (being led by the women of the nation). This imbalance is the basis for much of the duality, separation and confrontation in the nation and world.
WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE are words that awaken our consciousness to know the emotions, thoughts and actions of each of us can empower each of us to create and fulfill the divine promise of this nation, called “Amer- I- can.” It is time to put you being god back in government, and know I can.
The reality of religious/spiritual freedom of faith in America ,where the national motto is “In God We Trust”, is strong, but the separation of church and state is also in place. We read of ‘Divine Providence’ in the Declaration of Independence and there are images of angels and divine light that abounds throughout the architecture of Washington. Congress is called to order with prayer and meditation each session, a divine call for higher consciousness to carry out the people’s business servicing their highest good. But our country is as divided as it has ever been at present. It’s hard to see any angels at work at present. We are the creator creating all the time and our emotions, thoughts and prayers are creating our reality. Right now we are looking to re-establish faith in ourselves, our constituents, faith in something that transcends our condition, some higher awareness that we can achieve (to re-found our democracy).  What is needed now is more understanding through consciousness that comes from spirit when we truly connect with it and ask for that consciousness.
Let us affirm that the power of unity of intention/prayer (and purpose), a more perfect union, be our mantra. America is an essential aspect of the ‘uni-verse,’ one song, filled with the possibilities and probabilities of divine order. But it ain’t perfect yet.
 The higher realms have infused our founding papers and the Capitol with the ‘spirits of everyone’; not just those elected to serve but for all Americans are super charged into the architecture and spirit of America.  Let us find our way back to the true connection to spirit (independent of religious dogma created by others) and learn to access it through ‘thinking’ with our hearts, not through some hidden agenda. This era is the time to access and apply the higher consciousness of the “Amazing America,” a gift from you being the gods to be the light of world.  This will allow the ‘re-founding of America’ and reconnecting to the higher realm’s wisdoms that created this divinely appointed nation. We came from light and are in the process of returning from whence we came…
Right now it is essential that we be conscious of what is going on and what is needed to transform things.  Pay attention to our ‘divine discontent,’ which is the language of spirit; ask yourself “what can I be and do to assist in creating what I love’, moving beingness into doingness (pray but move your feet too). And know in your heart, Yes, I can; Ameri-I- can (knowing our emotions and thoughts create our reality all the time). Make you decision in the present to change things, not in the future (which may never happen). By knowing who you are and why you are here (the foundation of human life), the what, how, when and where will manifest.
Right now the heart of our nation is aching; instead of unity there is imbalance of right versus left (not realizing they are aspects of one another). WE THE PEOPLE are separated from the very government that is a reflection of us. Government is the creation of the human community to come together for social, cultural and economic purposes. What we are currently experiencing is in effect an attack on ourselves (self-sabotage), an anti-democratic era threatening our very principles with a tyrannical, authoritarian rule, the result of corporate control and concentrated wealth. With so many not understanding the constructs (check and balances) of our democracy, we have become alienated from our inalienable rights. Drifting in an untrusting nation, people lose trust in the government while the government has lost its trust in the people. What then happens is government loses its legitimacy, and special interest groups assume control.
With the assistance of higher realm wisdoms we need to recreate/re-found our nation through our higher awareness/consciousness and employ dedicated spiritual practices that can lead us back to the original creation of this nation.  This re-transforming and re-founding will come from the power of the human heart, as we learn ‘to think’ with our knowing hearts and allow our believing minds to surrender and  move back in service to our hearts.
It was the trust in the innate inner wisdom from higher realms that empowered our Founders to create beyond any known government principles of extreme goodness in an extremely cruel world. The path to our future is now to trust once again the forces that originally created us.  We need to remember and reclaim our spiritual heritage and the highest ideals that spark from it. Ascended Master St. Germain, having been instrumental in the creation of The United States of America, has laid out a program of Discourses and Dialogues to assist humanity.
In the last century over 100 million individuals were killed in wars. Now approaching the third decade of the 21st century duality, separation, confrontation is an ever-present theme in the world in almost every aspect of humanity.  Real or anticipated conflict has become a daily part of the human experience and glorified in films and books. Our language and national and foreign policy dialogue is infused with ‘war-words” : war on drugs, war on cancer war on illiteracy (what we resist persist). Our sports and video games are filled with war words. Our media allows living the up close and personal, horrifying aspects of war. Our children see more death by the time they are ten than most in the past saw in ten life times. Our Founding Fathers, yes, created provisions for our defense, but they would surely be horrified to see we have transmuted into unconscious conquering comrades. The world has lived in war for a long time and living together in peace largely remains promising lyrics in a song.
It is time, if we so choose, to free ourselves from ourselves and transform the past into a new paradigm. Peace can only come through a higher ascension/evolution of human consciousness, not just through mandated absence of violence. Through transformed consciousness we can awaken understanding, compassion and love. The task will be to transport our higher consciousness directly into those we choose to lead our governments, by governing government itself. Instead of a department of war, let us create a department of peace where violence and war (and put the same energy and resources into peace that we do war) become old paradigm and truly unacceptable and unavailable.
War is the invention of politics and government. It is how they make money and control people. Our greatest challenges are spiritual at their core: unhealed relation with self, misuse of power, acute materialism, not understanding who we are as human beings. Governments need to transition to a higher level of emotions, thoughts and actions in order to become the conveyor of consciousness for the country.
Reading the Founding Fathers papers you see they knew the material foundations of an enduring democracy are activated by unseen, immaterial means. They knew the mission of this nation was to transport spiritual wisdom into the material world, and in spiritualizing matter; emotions, thoughts, words, actions, we reconnected with our divinity. Then all matters can return to the purest form of divine order..


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Walking the Path of the New

The gates to the new pathway into the unknown have opened and many of you are now moving onto it. Many have made decisions and choices about creating a new life, changing yourself, releasing old habits patterns and rituals and your attachments to the old.  Many of you have realized the old no longer resonates for you. The gates to the new have opened and going back into the old is no longer a viable choice unless you want to recreate it.

Many have made the decision to walk amongst the energies of the new, while continuing the process of releasing the old, and your physical body may be reacting to this.  You may be experiencing physical symptoms and quite possibly walking through a shadow period. It is as if an energetic reaction is being created within your physical body. What We mean by this is; as you walk into the new, the new energies mix with the old energies inside of you. This mixture for some becomes quite volatile. The old within you is now coming to the fore, and deep rooted repressed and suppressed feelings and trauma are surfacing and you now may be finding that you are no longer able to control anything. It is time to completely surrender to this and allow yourself to feel your feelings and experience what is happening.  It is important to nurture yourself through this.

As you release the old you are creating a void, and may begin to feel an emptiness and then focus on what you think isn’t in your life. Be aware of this and begin to see “what is” in your life This is most important now.

To center and ground during this period, ask yourself, Where am I? Doing this brings you to the moment of now. It is now about living your life moment-to-moment and being in the now consistently. Where am I? What is in my life?  Continue asking yourself these questions as you continue to release the old and create a new life for yourself. Write down what comes to you.

Many of you may be feeling anxious and nervous. Some look behind you and wonder if you can jump back into the old because you were quite comfortable there, you know it. Dear Ones, the gates behind you to the old are closing, the gates to the future have opened and the future is written by you. You might be feeling trepidation and not understanding what is transpiring. Move into the depth and breadth of your heart and connect to you in the depth of your soul.

As the gates to the old close behind you, you are moving out of the old and emerging from it onto the pathway of the new. Some come to an intersection and stop there, others move through the intersection and continue on the pathway. Look now at yourself in the mirror, acknowledge the choices you have made and know that there is no going back. This is why feelings that are surfacing may become more intense. You may be in resistance to moving forward because you have moved out of deep-rooted comfort zones, the comfort zones of the old. This may frighten some of you and you may seek the comfort of the old.

As you look out onto the pathway into the new, you see nothing, for the new is unknown. Nothing is there except you, you are known in the unknown.


Valentine 2018
By Phillip Elton Collins
We know the old adage,
Love Is All There Is.
Well, the ole Masters say it
This way: There is only One Law of Life,
And that is Love.
Love is the highest vibration in Creation,
Allowing all manifestation making.
Through man’s thoughts, emotions and deeds
Man really never ceases
Creating his needs.
The absence of love
Is ever present,
Most often in fear, ever near.
That not of love
In effect becomes self-centered darkness
Moving in its own orbit,
Not allowing any love sparkness.
When the Law of Love is enforced
All negativity goes to sleep,
And we have no need to weep.
Through love the glorious God-Power
Within you awakens,
You release and express love
And there are no longer any hateful hours.
For you have allowed
The love-flowers, to bloom,
And there will be no further room
For anything other than what love can swing and bring...
Love is the vibration and glue
That created everything,
Especially YOU.

Monday, February 12, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Inspired by the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) 

Humanity is finally waking up and knowing that the unseen portions of ourselves are the most essential aspects in our being human. The soul, which this discourse will focus upon, is the energetic, etheric part of us that guides us while physically alive. When we physically die, the soul transmutes into our eternal spirit, which can never die. The terms soul and spirit are often linguistically used interchangeably. Humanity give names and language to the higher dimensions so we can attempt to better identify and understand them.  Our languages in no way completely express the eternity and unlimited expansion of higher realms. Let us surrender to not being ready to receive everything now and allow all possibilities to come forward when we are.  What matters is that there is an unseen portion to us that does matter.

Our natural sciences often ask us to prove that the soul exists. To do this we would have to prove that at our central core is energy, a soul, a spirit, that always existed since it is an aspect of eternity that always was and can never die.  The proving comes in what we are calling “The Second Coming of the Soul.”  The “First Coming” of the soul is in its first appearance in human consciousness through religion and spiritual practices.  Now during the activation of the ascension process of the planet and humanity, comes the second birth of the soul whose existence is being proven through a marriage of spirit and science, quantum physics.

To deny the existence of the unseen portions of us is to deny the divinity of all human life (from whence we came). Our energetic, etheric aspects of our selves are our eternal connection to our divinity. Now at this unprecedented time in our human history for those who need the proof it has come…

Quantum physics is the leap and connection between spirit and humanity we have been waiting for, and the proof many have known for eons.  This metaphysical science has allowed the spiritual reality to evolve from being believed to known.  We are now transcending time and space into the higher frequency, unseen dimensions where our divine souls reside. The language of religious dogma is left behind and words like God, Christ, salvation, hell and soul run parallel to atom, quark, neutrino, wormhole, black hole.  While most people may not understand the quantum terms, all their resonance/revelation needs to know is that these terms are our soul’s home turf.  This science gifted from the higher realms, is an explanation how creation works, combining human and universal reality. Religion has not been able to accomplish this because its intention   was control, not freedom of the soul. During this ascension epoch, our souls are insisting upon the truth; so that the truth can set us free from any human control; to free us from our unhealed selves.

An explained earlier the soul is that part of our consciousness that exists beyond emotions, thoughts and the physical body. The illusion of space and time is the way humanity is able to partially view our soul. Cause and effect is the way the soul “acts-out” in our lives and lets us know it exist.  Since quantum physics is the vehicle gifted from higher realms for us to be able “to see” our souls, it is not surprising that the unseen world of subatomic particles and the unseen world of spirit have much in common since they are aspects of the same thing: the true us. See if these five explanations help: 

*Quantum is another way to explain consciousness since they both don’t need time or space and they can both occur in two places at the same time. The same way messages come in from higher realms.
*Another way consciousness and quantum work the same way is that  aspects of each can communicate with each, with energetic exchange, when they are vastly separated from one another.
*Both quantum and consciousness can move from one location to another without travelling through time and space. Our spirit does this all the time.
*As in consciousness and quantum reality you can know both the location and movement of something simultaneously outside of time and space.
*Recognizing that all things come from the unknown, the void, both consciousness and quantum reality exist in the unknown before they are known. In effect, both are living all along in our timeless, spaceless  souls.
Don’t worry  if some or all of above five principles make any mental sense, your heart already knows it all. It will all be revealed in divine order when you are ready. For those who comprehend, there are formulas and equation galore to prove mathematically all that is presented is true. For the moment know our souls are multi- dimensional and beyond space and time. It is your soul that animates your emotions, thoughts and physical body, and assist in creating our reality.
In quantum physics there are five parallels that describe our soul.  Let’s see if  these assist in further unraveling mystery:
*Our soul assists all possibilities and probabilities to manifest into reality through our emotions creating our thoughts creating our actions.
*By setting aside what we think is reality, and surrendering to not knowing, divine order will manifest.
*Our soul is cosmic and lives within the laws of the universal; it is multi-dimensional and without any one location.
*Out of no-thing our soul creates.
*Our soul is connected to us without any appearances to make it so. 

The virtual reality worlds that we are creating in our games and shows reflect the true nature of our soul, creating reality beyond time and space into our physical space.
Since we are the Creator creating all the time, we are a reflection of the consciousness within the universe; we are both ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ at the same time. The relative is our emotions, thoughts, words and actions. The absolute is the possibility and probability to be and do what we intend.
As we advance in our consciousness as a human species, more of us are waking up and alternating between space and time and the virtual realms. This is especially true of the youth coming into the world at this time; better equipped to assist in the ascension of the planet and humanity. 

The most challenging aspects of all this for our mental body is that we create from what appears nothing. But this is how creation works. But that nothing is filled with energy that becomes consciousness that becomes intention whether in the form of a human being or a planet. Our soul is the vehicle that turns one form of reality into another. The purpose of humanity is to create the reality of our emotions, thoughts and actions through our free will and choice; mastering what we need to learn, the way we need to learn in order to evolve/ascend beyond our self (self being a reflection of All There Is). 

The universe would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here. We have been doing the incarnational cycle dance for a long time with our cosmic- self  returning  each time to experience our human self. Quantum wisdom is now explaining it all to and with us in a new gifted light. It is now our souls awakening our emotions and minds and serving as a way-shower to our divine destination; our divinity. 

Once we evolve/escape from much of our religious dogma (that was controlling), we shall know that being in direct contact with our souls is the only way to go, be and do…then we can better build communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance (reflecting the reality from which I soul came). Here are four further ways to help: 

*Love is the building block of all reality. Make it a priority in all we intend. Simply ask, “what would love be and do now?”
*Stay in touch with our souls through disciplined spiritual practices that you resonate with, meditation, prayer.
*Master knowing your soul, and then we know all. Our souls are our only true reality.
*Transmute you beingness into our doingness by being your message/teaching the best you can. This is being and doing from your soul perspective. The best way to connect with your soul is through your heart. Learn to think with your heart. 

Quantum physics is fueling the second coming of our souls by teaching us there is an unseen, often unknown realm that is our true home and source.; a consciousness filled with love, intelligence capable of creating the universe and us (for ever and ever and ever)…


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Colllins


All of creation is a vehicle for God expressing and experiencing itself so that it may know itself as God.  All that is necessary for God to know itself is for each part of God to know itself. That is what all of God’s creations are doing, including us.

Humanity is involved in an experiential process of discovering its divinity through an ascension process, a process of rising awareness of its divinity. More specifically, humanity is attending a “Loveversity” called planet Earth, learning to be master teachers so that we may teach and manifest love throughout the Universe. We humans on Earth are in a final 2000 year spiritual age in which this mastership may be achieved (it is our individual choice) which began in the year 2012.

This great creation story began with No thing which is simply energy. Consciousness is energy in awareness of itself. Out of that consciousness came the decision to create various worlds, each of which would engage in an ascension process of moving from a limited consciousness of who they are to the full consciousness of knowing they are God (love). This is the process, as we said, of God experiencing itself so that it may know itself.

In time, consciousness created this galaxy, solar system and planet. Planet Earth was designed to be the ultimate experiment in the universe because it was seeded by 12 star systems instead of the usual one. That seeding created the huge ascension challenge in which human beings would work through the diversity represented by twelve star systems to discover the truth that we are all individual expressions of the one creator; therefore, we are all one.

Earth, in effect, offers the rigorous curriculum needed to prepare humanity for the enormous challenge and privilege of being master teachers of the universe. This is the contract we human beings have made.

Mankind, in its growth and development, has gone through many golden ages, each with the guidance of the divine realms:  Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece, Aztec, Incan etc. Each collapsed when their populations disconnected from the higher realms and tried to go their own way.

It was always the intention of the higher realms that We consciousness take root and thrive on planet Earth, as the necessary path to humanity’s mastery and divinity. There were many attempts during the various golden ages to seed We consciousness, but they all expired with their civilizations. In the last millennium, beginnings of We consciousness gradually found expression in some writings of western philosophers and in legal documents such as the Magna Charta.

However, We conscious and the foundations of democracy took root in a more powerful way through the inspiration of the higher realms in the English colonies which became the United States of America. The Founding Fathers of America and the founding papers they produced, including the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were all inspired by St Germain and the Ascended Masters.

That is why St Germain tells us, “America is the hope of humanity. It is the way shower for the rest of the world. The destiny of America reflects the oneness destiny of the world.”

But, in many ways, America as a model of We consciousness and democracy has lost its way. Our democracy is now dominated by huge global concentrations of corporate wealth and power, so that our government is more focused on the needs and desires of the powerful few rather than those of average citizens.

The frustration of citizens contributed to the election of Donald Trump, an authoritarian who, St Germain says, threatens our democratic institutions and our democracy.

But, St Germain also encourages, Trump is really serving as a wake-up call to the citizens of America who have taken our democracy and freedoms for granted, as half don’t even bother to vote. It is this failure to take responsibility for our democracy, he tells us, that has put an autocrat like Trump in power and our freedoms and democracy at risk.

St Germain sees the wake-up in the large demonstrations protesting the Trump presidency and policies, especially women. “These people who feel this passion within themselves will run for office or support those whose truth is the same as their own.”

These demonstrations, he tells us, reflect the same energy that inspired our founding fathers and those who fought for America’s independence. This energy is now inspiring a new generation of Americans to Refound America, to re-establish the We consciousness that inspired the creation of our country.

This Refounding movement will be led by the feminine energy, which is correcting the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies that has existed for millennia. This imbalance has caused war, destruction, confrontation and much of the misery of the human race.  

The Refounding of America, St Germain says, represents the Second Coming of the soul plan of the planet and of humanity itself. That is why St Germain calls America the “remaining hope of humanity as the way shower for the rest of the world.”

--> Meanwhile, all is in divine order as we, like the rest of creation, continue the divine process of experiencing, discovering and knowing ourselves to be God.