Thursday, March 31, 2022



                                                                NOW IS THE TIME

Before it is too late now is the time to heal our separation and duality within the human experience and project it all into knowing we are diversified version of one another from the same source. Creation would be incomplete without each of us, we are all here on purpose. Let us choose a collective consciousness and create the world we all want: one of equality, harmony and balance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022



                                                             THROUGH THE HEART

Only through our knowing heart and thinking with our hearts can we behold our final destination to be gained by The Creator of All, at the end of times.

Sunday, March 27, 2022



                                                     FOSSIL FUELS FOOLISHNESS

By Phillip Elton Collins

Fossil fuels are not only threatening the life of our planet but in some cases are financing some of the most dangerous regimes in human history.

It is essential that we now apply alternative fuels to prevent further damage to our home planet and our human freedoms.

Fuels based upon light, air and water are available. Let us now apply them for the sake of our planet and ourselves.




By Phillip Elon Collins, The Angel New Network

There is no birth,

There is no death.

We just are eternally are.

The rest is mere aire!

Saturday, March 26, 2022



                                                           VOICE OF THE UNIVERSE

 The sound of silence is the ‘materialized form’ of the Universe. Every enlightened human heart can hear and understands it.


Friday, March 25, 2022



                                                               FROM ONE SOURCE

As soon as humanity fully accepts and applies that we are all from One Source ever more advanced philosophies and sciences will be created to support our ascension into a higher frequency of existence.

Thursday, March 24, 2022



                                                           HIGHER REALM WISDOMS

Humanity is constantly being given higher realm wisdoms nourished by the truth/roots of our being from One Source.  This supports our evolution/ascension and paves the path/journey into our future of advancing into a higher state of existence.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022




We are now transpiring a period of ‘high intelligence’ to spiritual consciousness contained in our hearts. We are learning to ‘think’ with our knowing hearts.  This will allow a world of equality, harmony and balance based upon universal love.

Sunday, March 20, 2022



                                         MORE HIGHER REALM ENERGY THAN EVER

As Mother Earth takes her Spring in-breath we are receiving more universal, cosmic, aligned energy than ever before. This Equinox is a power pathway to our collective consciousness creating equality, harmony and balance.  Since there is no death, some are choosing a transition from this frequency to expedite their ascension.

Saturday, March 19, 2022



                                                                   TOXIC MASCULINE

Aggressive masculine energy is affecting the entire world, supporting dense 3D consciousness. This is the time of the great awakening allowing the balance of the masculine and feminine energies.  This is being played out now on a world stage. Only through this balance can we create a collective consciousness of equality, harmony and balance.

Friday, March 18, 2022


                                  THE WORLD PLAN HAS A BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND AN END...

Thursday, March 17, 2022


                                                         LUCK OF IRISH TO YOU ALL

Wednesday, March 16, 2022



                                                    MICRO & MACRO PERIODS

As a human species we are transmuting from a now micro period of density into a macro period of light. Each period has a duration as humans shift our way of being….

Sunday, March 13, 2022



                                                            DEMOCRACIES UNITE

The Ukraine war is uniting the democracies of the world. The repressive regimes of Russian and China cannot support the evolution of humanity but are here to show the rest of us a pathway of collective consciousness.

Saturday, March 12, 2022



                                                         JOLT TO ENLIGHTENMENT

Most have been asleep far to long.  Through a new collective consciousness, we can create a unified world and shift the balance to peace, compassion and balance. Our global current events are the jolt we all need!

Thursday, March 10, 2022



                                                         DIVINE PLAN OF UNIVERSE

The Divine Plan of the Universe is for us to develop a collective, unified consciousness to navigate our dense reality into a higher frequency of existence.

Monday, March 7, 2022



                                        HOW DO WE HEAL OUR WOUNDED WORLD?

We heal our wounded world by having all our actions based upon love. Love of self, reflected to others….

Sunday, March 6, 2022



                                                             QUOTE OF A LIFETIME

                                         “Death is a reprieve from the stupidity of being alive,”

                                                        Adama, Father of Humanity 

                                    Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Saturday, March 5, 2022



                              Interview with Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light

                                                  Interviewer: Joel D. Anastasi

                                                  Channel: Phillip Elton Collins





Greetings, beloved beautiful human beings of planet Earth:


We come to you from the Galactic Federation of Light. We are a council of beings who service many of the planets within your galaxy, many, many of them.


At this time your particular planet is in the process of waking up to its divine soul plan of being and applying love, which is the purpose of the creation of this particular planet. As many of you know, many star systems and beings of light came together within the creation of this particular planet.


It has gone through many, many epochs of advancement, not always forward, back and forward, but always ending up forward. It is called the Ascension Process of this particular planet, and we have been observing it since the beginning.


At this particular time, we are housed on your planet Saturn where we are observing many activities on your planet. We remind you briefly of your ancient history, of the Annunuki who came from another part of the galaxy and genetically engineered what became human beings. We remind you of your ancient past assertive Atlantean energy which is expressing itself now as something called the Cabal or the Illuminati.


Each individual has a soul plan, a divine plan, as a part of your ascension process and have chosen it on some level. Again, we are monitoring the current activities that are happening on your planet within the process of creating what is called collective conscious, unified energy.


You are divine beings of light, and you are waking up to that reality more and more. Your current event, particularly regarding your Ukraine situation, is about a further awakening.

It is about an event that has allowed more and more of you to become aware of what is taking place on your planet and deciding individually and collectively what you may do and be about it.


Remember, each planet has a soul plan, in your case, you are a Lover-versity, learning to apply the building block of all creation, love. Each nation, each individual, also has a soul plan, and all of you are in the process now, particularly with the current events which you are creating on your planet, of activating those soul plans, to understand how they interface and interact with a nation’s soul plan or a planetary soul plan. You are actually receiving everything you need to move forward within that process. For everything you are creating is not a punishment. It is a learning tool for you moving forward.


Again, you are waking up from a long, deep sleep. We will continue to monitor what is going on on your planet and, as has been explained to you in the past and the present, if there is ever a sincere threat, an immediate threat to the survival of the planet, we will step in, which we did with the Atlantean civilization not so long ago when they had the technology and the ability to destroy the planet.


What we are observing at this time is not that necessarily taking place. Remember, each one of you has chosen to be, in your vernacular, a character within the soul plan of the planet within the soul plan of you being an individual.


Let us begin a dialogue and see if we can further clarify what is going on in support that you have always had from the higher realms, particularly in this case, the Galactic Federation. How may we help you? I am Captain Ashtar speaking for the Federation.


J: Captain Ashtar, it is an honor to speak with you. Thank you for joining us.


A: It is our honor to do so.


J: You outlined what is clear to some of us that this invasion by Putin’s Russia of Ukraine is certainly waking up the world’s consciousness as to what the essence of Authoritarianism really is because over the past several years authoritarianism has been gaining strength and spreading throughout the world. And this invasion and its monstrous consequences is waking everyone up to what authoritarianism really means and represents.


A: Can you begin to see how each of these individuals is also playing a role in the advancement of the planet?


J: Yes. We’ve been told that Trump on a soul level chose to play the role he played to threaten our democracy so its citizens would awaken to the preciousness of our democracy and fulfill our mission to bring peace, love, equality, harmony and balance to the world.


A: And it is your choice through your resonance and discernment what to apply from that learning experience. With your communication and transportation being what it is now, you are able to see almost in live time exactly what is taking place in order to make a decision, and what that decision, if it is a positive one, will engender and create within the human species is a compassion for your fellow man. Once you have that compassion as a human being, you can develop that state of being into a positive action of doing by awakening all the nations of the world and allowing that voice to be heard, with the current transportation and communication, like it has never been before.


J: Looking at this situation is a little bit like watching a bully kill people, and we’re all watching this happen and we’re afraid to become involved because of the possible nuclear response by Russia. You said you would not become involved unless there is an immediate threat to the planet. Is that not a real threat to the life of this planet, the threat of nuclear bombs?


A: It is not an immediate threat. The bully, as you would call this divine soul, is putting that out there in order to create fear. Your leaders are prepared to act in an aggressive way, if necessary. What is being evaluated at this time is exactly how this would take place beyond the sanctions which have taken place at this time.


J: I understand that, but as we watch more and more people being killed, you have to wonder, what are they waiting for? For more people to be killed? What has to happen before they decide to defend these people physically and not just with economic sanctions?


A: On a soul level, which we have addressed at the beginning of this conversation, each individual who is choosing to leave their body or this frequency at this time, see it as a sacrifice, as an aspect of their soul plan, which they may become fully conscious of once they leave their bodies. Do you understand that?


J: Yes, I do. There may be people who are reading or hearing this for the first time. Just for clarity would you repeat the teaching that you just gave about the agreement we have made?


A: The most important thing to understand is: There is no death. That you are eternal spiritual beings, and you are formatted in an energetic spiritual beingness that can never die. That you have had many, many lifetimes on this particular planet and other planets which we have observed for millennia. That is the most important thing to understand.


Within your incarnational cycles within each planet, this one or others, you may make a decision to sacrifice that physical life for the advancement of that specific planet, in this case, planet Earth. All of this is called the divine order, which you have heard. But to understand life is to understand death. To understand death is to understand life. Do you understand?


J: Yes, you’re creating a vital spiritual context for people to understand what is going on in our 3D world right now.


A: You are all the creator creating what you need to create the way you need to create it in order to learn the way you need to learn it. The current events that are taking place in your Ukraine are what is exactly necessary to wake up the deep slumber of most of humanity.


J: St Germain said this to us in one of our discussions. He was talking about the role that Donald Trump was playing in America that people were becoming increasingly alarmed that our democracy was under threat: “This is happening now to awaken humanity to the preciousness of democracy and to understand that democracy is not a spectator sport and involves the participation of all of you.” Is that what this tragedy is doing for our entire world, awakening people to the preciousness of democracy?


A: Exactly. Awakening themselves to the event and how it affects them in their relationship with themselves, developing a compassion for self, a compassion for others, and realizing that you are all diversified versions of one another from the same source.


J: What do we do now? Russia is increasing the violence, expanding the destruction, destroying one city after another. I believe Ukraine has 15 nuclear power plants that may be targeted which would create an international disaster. You said we are watching this in real time. We are, so what do we do as we watch Russia kill as many people as possible and destroy the country?


A: Continue to build the collective consciousness, the planetary consciousness. Surround the entire country of Ukraine with that consciousness and that intention and know the power of that energy. Also know you are not alone, that there are many forces within the higher realms, not just we of the Galactic Federation of Life but the Archangelic Realms, the Inner Earth Realms and the Star Realms that seeded your planet, just to name a few.


We are here, all of us, monitoring you, understanding what you call suffering, understanding the plight that has been created and understanding the role play of the soul choices that individuals have made to awaken humanity. If and when the planet becomes threatened, truly threatened, we will have a dispensation of the higher realms to step in and prevent that process.


You have heard many, many times, dear one, that the planet will ascend with or without humanity and move into the light, what you would call a star. If you look into the night sky, all of those stars were once planets that went through the Ascension Process you are going through now.


There are enough of you who have already awakened into a collective consciousness that the ascension of the planet and humanity together is assured.


J: I want to end our conversation on a positive note. We had a conversation this week with Adama, who is the father of mankind, and he said this: “Demand that your governments unite in oneness to give full support and protection to Ukraine and all the nations of the former Soviet Bloc to defend them and to let them feel the entire global brother-sisterhood of love and compassion around them.”


I must say it feels to me as though that is exactly what is happening.


A: See the entire nation of Ukraine surrounded by this loving, supportive collective planetary consciousness filtering into every point of the country. To enter into the fray at present would to become a part of it. Allow the end, knowing of your inner energies, your eternal energies, moving forward into the country of Ukraine. Allow that to take place. Trust in it. Know that it has an effect. Know you are not alone within this process. Know that all the things being created are soul plan characterizations acting out in divine order. Know this. Trust this.


Bring this wisdom into this current event beyond the past wars, and then humanity will wake up and be able to say, “War won’t work anymore!”


J: That was very powerful. Thank you, Ashtar. Thank you for joining us.


A: You are welcome.









                                                             A MAJOR IMBALANCE

What we are experiencing in the Ukraine war is an extreme imbalance of the aggressive (rather than assertive) masculine energy with the receptive feminine energy. This is toxic masculine energy at its most dangerous. In order to resume peace in the world we must create a balance of the masculine and feminine energies to survive as a human species.

Friday, March 4, 2022



                                            TIME FOR HIGHER REALM’S SUPPORT

 Universal truth: Humans cannot control what they did not create.

Russia is trying to control a nation and people they did not create.

Higher Realm’s cannot intervene in the free will and choice of humanity unless it threatens the survival of the planet. The Russians have attacked a nuclear plant in Ukraine that could threaten the planet and all people in this world.

I call upon all nations of the world to unite against a mad dictator who is trying to control what he did not create and establish a global regime of no humans’ rights for anyone.  I call upon the Galactic Federation to send in your fleet of cosmic vehicles to stop the destruction of a nation with one of the most powerful nuclear plants in Europe and save  the freedom of choice for its citizens.

Phillip E. Collins

Co-founder The Angel News Network

Tuesday, March 1, 2022



                                          GLOBAL COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS

The people of the world are creating a collective consciousness of unity and support for the attacked peoples of the Ukraine. Where governments cannot and will not enter, the people are! Once and for all we are proving we are ONE!