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                                                                        HUMAN SPIRIT

A Jewish man made this clock while in a Nazi camp during WW2. He craved the white marble and hand lettered the clock face. The clock works came from stolen Jewish items. He even put a level into the clock so it always ran well.

This dramatic artifact shows the will of the human spirit under the harshest of circumstances.  This Sacred Season let us honor that spirit in all of us.


Sunday, December 19, 2021



Interviewer: Joel D. Anastasi
Channel: Phillip Elton Collins

Sunday, December 12, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Message for November 2021

A Grand Release


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving into new parameters in your life, new destinations in your life and new energetic destinations as you move from the old energy into the new energy. More so, releasing the old energy, the old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors and then into the new energy.


What we mean by this as you are exiting the old as you move into your month of December then gradually into your new year of 2022, you are moving through the end of a period of releasing, letting go, death and dying. 


So what is transpiring for many is you are moving through portals of time.  Various different portals of time where you are revisiting aspects of your life, aspects of the old so you can see these aspects of the old life and bid them adieu. Close that chapter in your lifetime. Many are experiencing this in this lifetime and many experiencing this with past lifetimes. As you know, you come into this lifetime to heal aspects of the wounds from past lifetimes. 


As you move through the final period of releasing, letting go and the death and dying of this, many are moving through these portals of time. Reliving past life situations so you can move through this and release it.  This is a Grand Release so you can step into the new of your year of 2022. But what is most important as you undertake this, it is not something that is naturally and organically happening to you. It is happening naturally and organically for you. It is most important that you engage in this process as you move forward. 


If you are thinking in your mindset, I am moving though this period of releasing and letting go and feeling my feelings through the death and dying period, this is not solely what is transpiring. What is transpiring now is humanity as a whole beginning to take responsibility for themselves. You are now moving into a period where humanity as a whole is taking responsibility for themselves. Taking responsibility for their well being, their personal life, and for where they are in this time / space continuum right now. 


So in many ways, this process is about you taking responsibility for engaging in the process. As you engage in the process you then begin to engage in the process of life. 


Life is not happening to you it is happening for you.

The only way life can happen and experience the aspects of life is to begin to engage in life. Engage in your process and engage with others. 

The natural way of being is community, peacefulness, harmony and equality. 


Where are you engaging in life?

Where are you engaging with others? 


You have moved through a period on your earthly plain in these last two years of separation and isolation. You are now moving back into a place re-engaging life, re-engaging with people. So as you move through this process that began in your month of October, it is about engaging in the process. Engaging in your personal process. It is about becoming a part of. A re-connection to community, to a new collective consciousness that is about community, peacefulness, engagement with the world around you. Engaging with those around you and what is transpiring in  the third dimensional realm that raises your resonance and vibration. 


It is not about engaging in the illusion of the third dimensional realm, it is about engaging with reality. What is your reality? The engagement of your reality. The engagement of raising your resonance and vibration with others. Engaging with the new collective consciousness of community, harmony, equality. Where are you engaged now? 


So as you move into your month of December and continue the process of releasing and letting go and through the death and dying of releasing and letting go, this will culminate at the end of your year. You will then move into your year of 2022, A Year of Engagement. A year of community, peace, harmony and equality in a new collective consciousness that you are creating with your soul family. It is about engaging with your soul family. Re-engaging with your efforts to raise the resonance and vibration of others and your-self. 


Your year of 2022 will be a year of engagement. A year of re-engagement into the fullness and oneness of the whole. Completely,where you are concerned, releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm outside of you. Completely seeing the illusion and folly of what is transpiring in your world today. It is about dis-engaging from that and re-engaging to the very purpose of life. 


What is the purpose of life? 

What is your purpose of life? 


So it is opening up the depth and breadth of your heart space and moving to the engagement of the self. Moving to the engagement of the self, whereby asking your-self, where am I with what is transpiring in the world right now? Am I looking at the illusions of the third dimensional realm and partaking in them? Or, am I simply observing it and moving to a place of steadfast wholeness in the depth and breadth of my-self? And ask, what resonates and what doesn’t for me? 

Where are you re-engaging with others on a level where you are moving at a high vibration of peace, community, harmony and oneness within you? 


So as you move through your month of December continue if you so choose your process of releasing and letting go. As you move through these portals of time each and every one of you will experience them in your wake state and many in your dream state as well.  In these portals of time you will be re-engaging these aspects of your life as a whole from past life experiences that have led you into this lifetime to heal what you need to heal and engage in that healing process. 


As We said, What is most important is life is not happening to you, life is happening for you. 

Saturday, December 11, 2021



                                                EXPLAINING THE LAW OF CYCLES

With the Planetary Council

And Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

We have often heard that reality is in “Divine Order.”  Let this essay be a further explaining of exactly what that means as I interface with the Planetary Council who is composed of Ascended Masters, Inner Earth and Star beings.

Since we are the creator creating our live all the time the following wisdom will assist further in being the master within our own destiny:

Everything we can see, hear or touch, everything we can be aware of in any way is subject to COSMIC CYCLIC LAW. We know that the mastery of energy is the key to mastering ourselves that’s what the ascended masters and other higher being have done. Everything vibrates or responds at a certain frequency. Our planet revolves in its axis every 24 hours, creating day and night.  In fact, everything within the universe lives and moves in cycles.

Revealing the source of these cycles is an ancient task of we metaphysicians. Many of us know it is the energetic result/consciousness of creation itself which has always been and will be the source of these cycles.

We humans decide to incarnate, are reared, play, work, love, some reproduce, grow older and make our transition from this dense 3D frequency. These are our human cycles. Since we have individuated soul plans, unlike the planets, animals, plants and stars (with universal soul plans) we through the gift and learning tool of our free will and choice can create a large degree of the what and when of our existence. We need not be victims of fate.

Although we have this free will, the power of choice, we need to consider the nature and source of our emotions, impulses, urges that effect our choices. If we did not have these there would be no need for our free will. Nor would we have occasion to reason or to think or to use our will.

On this planet, of all living things man uniquely possesses the ability to act freely, unfortunately many choose unwisely and impede their advancement/ascension. Other life forms are directly connected to creation through something we call intuition. Our advancement into a higher frequency of existence is left to we ‘teacher souls’ of which you can become one, if not already.  So, let us discuss further how-to live-in harmony with the law of cycles:


As stated at the beginning of this essay, everything in the world, whether created by nature or a human being has a cycle of existence distinctly its own. That includes you and me. These cycles are like lines drawn out from a central core with various lengths and duration into equal segments. See this as a cosmic wheel with these energetic spokes coming off the cosmic core of the wheel.

Each life begins at a certain time and place and is divided into periods like a calendar. Most people are not aware of these periods which present opportunities or obstacles at different times; thus, they are not prepared to meet them until they are in full manifestation. Then we are handicapped in resolving them properly by our lack of knowledge of the assisting or hindering tendencies which exist in that period.  Not only our lives but every enterprise we enter has its cycles which begin at its inception.

Thus, this teaching is of value not only to us personally but can be applied in health and business or any project we undertake.

Medical science, biology and physiology agree that human life divides into a progression of periods of seven years each. From birth to seven years there is a period of self-discovery in which we learn our relationship with the material world and begin to respond to it. From seven to fourteen physical growth and muscular control are essential; the mind expands but is a secondary consideration. Towards the end of this period/cycle the distinction between the sexes reveals itself. We are now learning there are more than two genders and many ways to express human sexuality beyond standard male and female. The third cycle is one of emotional, mental as well as physical growth. The fourth is one of spiritual awareness, as we realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The fifth cycle is the realization we are the creator creating our lives bringing our talents and gifts out into the world.

We humans are designed to live (are given an energetics supply) within twenty-and one-half periods of seven years each or about 140 years. This is what is within our spiritual DNA. In fact, half, or seventy-two years is usually the norm. This shortening of the human life span is the result of our failure to live according to the laws of nature, although our life spans are gradually lengthening.

Most cycles have seven divisions like the seven days of the week or the seven notes in a musical octave. The seven cycles have to do with the origin of energy itself since creation is formulated in perfect geometrics. There are other numbered cycles but we shall focus on seven which effect we humans the most.


Just as a human life is divided into cycles (periods) of seven years, so each year in that life is made up of seven periods. Starting with our birthday there are seven cycles of approximately fifty-two days and each one of these periods provides us with different probabilities, possibilities to be gained or problems to be solved and/or lessons to be learned. The calendar year has nothing to do with these cycles. This is our personal process cycle and it extends from the day of our birth in one year to the day before our next birthday.

To work effectively with our yearly cycle, get a calendar and with your birthday count off fifty-two days. If it resonates make a chart of this for the entire year so you know which cycle you are experiencing.  When you have done this write the following and keep it handy for easy access:


(Date___________to Date_________)

This is a cycle of opportunity, a time to advance your interests with others who may have power and influence to help you.  This a great time to further activate your reason to be here (soul plan) and bring your talents and gifts out into the world. This the best time to be you.


(Date____________to Date__________)

A good time to plan short trips of immediate importance. This is a period for changes that can be started and finished within this period. This is an excellent time for endeavors which cater to movement/transients. It is not a good time to start a new career or effect permanent change or borrow or lend money or speculate in the stock market or gamble in any form.


(Date___________to Date___________)

This period requires discernment and resonance. A great inflow of cosmic energy which supports your reason in being here. Excellent to improve your health or build a business. But remember your resonance and discernment. Good time to tackle and overcome past obstacles due to lack of energy then such as competitors or other wounded souls.


(Date______________to Date___________)

During this time the emotional, mental and spirit aspects of us is stimulated. Excellent cycle to write a book, produce a play. Focus on matters requiring imagination and quick thinking. Listen to hunches and impulses, since we shall be optimistic now while somewhat restless and nervous since we are highly charged. It is also a period when falsehood is easily expressed as truth.  A good time to study and gain knowledge that can be applied into wisdom.  Not a propitious time to enter marriage, to hire help or buy homes, businesses or property.


(Date__________to Date__________)

A time to achieve our greatest success in our personal affairs with our interest expanding and our abundance increasing. Our minds will be clearer, have more confidence, and have more compassion for others as our interaction with others grows.  Our minds are moving more in service to our knowing hearts as we are beginning to think with our hearts. Good time to plant seeds for new ventures that may take time to grow.


(Date_____________to Date_________)

The best time in our yearly cycle for rest, relaxation and fun (this does not mean that financial matters cannot prosper). Good time to make short or long trips for the purpose of renewing friendships or creating new ones. Excellent period to prosper from financial investments.


(Date_____________to Date__________)

This is the most critical period of our yearly cycle. During these fifty-two days the old elements in our life that are no longer needed for our growth gradually fall away to make way for the new. Can cause a sense of loss and distress (dying of the old). Remember there is often a breakdown before the breakthrough.  Allow the needed clearing and cleansing to happen. Not a good time to start a new venture or to make new expenditures in an old one.


To a certain degree the influences of each period will overlap the one before and after it. Thus, be careful in all decisions and actions on the last two and the first two days of each period.

If we so choose let us create a chart with the opportunities and hazards that exist within each period. Remember to use your resonance and discernment with all decisions not just what is written here (this is merely a guidepost to show how Divine Order works). This essay is again showing and proving you can be the creator creating what you say you want all the time. The Higher Beings who shared this wisdom only intend full self-empowerment, and self-mastery for us all!


Friday, December 10, 2021

as the new year approaches

                                                       AS THE NEW YEAR APPROACHES

For the remainder of this year let us let go of what no longer serves our highest good. Let us release the unhealed aspects of ourselves that have been running our lives. What attachments to this dense world do you still hold that prevent peace and harmony?

Tuesday, December 7, 2021



Pearl Harbor Day 2021

Not so long ago, a small island nation attempted to conquer the United States of America one of the most powerful nations on Earth.  Thousands of Americans were killed in a long nasty war.  On the day I was born we dropped the largest bomb ever created on the Japanese to cause them to stop fighting. Today the Japanese auto market dominates the American market crushing the American cars. We are a strange species, we humans. Let us finally learn war does not work. There are no winners.

Phillip Elton


Sunday, December 5, 2021



                                                  WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU AND GOD?

Suppose the multi-verse (beyond universe) God and you are One. And that change is all there is. And you are God experiencing itself.  Does anything in your life change?

Thursday, November 18, 2021




Adama, Father of Humanity shares

 Adama 11/12/21

Greetings beloved sons:
I come to you from the band of consciousness within the ascended mastership known as the fatherhood of humanity, Adama.
You are completely blessed and surrounded by all the information that you need, beloved son.
You have recently communicated with brother Michael who has alerted you with all the information you actually need. What may be slightly missing is that everything is perfect just the way it is.  If you accept that perfection, as an aspect of your eternal divinity, things will move through a period of grace and ease.
The information that you are receiving from the higher realms, from the messengers through this channel and other channels, your use of it will be dependent upon where you are within the parameters of your own individuated divine plan, allowing that to move out into a collective consciousness of planetary, solar and universal and galactic soul plans. For they are all interconnected, and we are all working in concert for the same effort, which is the ascension of any planet that you are based upon and the ascension of you as a human being returning to a being of light, which is predicated by your soul divinity, by your I Am Presence. You are learning to master the tools of this divine energy and remembering that all ascended mastership is predicated upon the mastering of energy and allow it to manifest, with no intention of harm, your soul plan, reflected out in the soul plan of other individuals and then the planet and so on and so on.
Let us begin with your questions and allow that to expand into a deeper meaning of what we have begun with. How may I help you?
J: It is so great to talk with you, thank you. (Teary)
A: It is great for I and we of the higher realms to talk to you too, to understand that we are united in a common universal effort which is our continued ascension as well. And by working and assisting you within the densest frequency within the universal plane, we also are assisting ourselves within a balance of giving and receiving.
J: What I got from your introductory comments was the integration of my own ascension experience with the integration of earth’s and mankind’s ascension experience.
A: That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Yes, and remembering that the ascension of the planet can take place with or without humanity. So, it is a matter of, within your free will and choice, to make a conscious decision to say, yes, I’m going to jump on that boat too. And we know the answer to that, don’t we?
J: Yes. I’d like to begin by discussing the health issue I am dealing with right now, which has to do with my urinary tract, my prostate, my bladder and my kidneys. Yesterday, Michael talked about taking a natural approach to dealing with it. And I said to Phillip, well, he can certainly see what is going on. Can’t he just tell us, is there cancer involved or not? It’s not a prediction, he is just reading what is. Can I ask that of you?
A: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, dear son, if there is cancer or not. What beloved brother Michael is addressing is the fortification of what you already know and eliminating any doubt, fear or ignorance. What you are in the process of—and you have already had this revelation and shared it with the channel yesterday—you are dealing with the organs of elimination. You are eliminating relationships and activities that no longer serve your highest good. As was explained to you by beloved brother Michael, particularly with your biological family, all the efforts that you have made in the past, you are releasing a need to continue doing them in order for them to like you or to accept you for who you are, which, in many ways, they are incapable of being or where they are within their evolutionary path, or they are within their soul plan which is decidedly different from your own.
So, you have this situation, and if you look at the chronology of the male gender who eventually a majority of them continue to have this at the end of their incarnational cycle, organ elimination issues. It’s about being able to release what no longer serves you prior to making your transition. Does that make sense?
J: Oh boy, does that make perfect sense.
A: That’s what it’s all about! There is the answer that you are asking for. It isn’t whether you have got cancer or not. Most of you have cancer raging throughout your body all the time in addition to other organisms. And it is a matter of whether your immune system is fortified enough so your consciousness and your spiritual work and practice can deal with balancing that. Do you understand?
J: So, I fortify it by engaging in my spiritual practices.
A: Yes, that’s your RX. That’s your prescription. That’s your remedy. That’s your medicine.
J: I told Phillip about my sister’s rejection of all therapies and solutions that don’t come out of a conventional doctor’s office and the information I was bringing her. It was almost like a click in my brain (that I would not continue to go out of my way to help.)  I said that but I wasn’t sure how much of a click it really was.
A: Oh, it is a click, dear one. It’s a pretty big click. It’s a matter of you waking up and realizing—not so much about what they are being and doing but what you have been doing to get them to love and like you or accept you or to understand what you have to say. As the channel has explained to you many times, he does not even engage with others with whom he does not resonate. He senses that initially and doesn’t even encounter those in conversation.
J: When I experienced my “click” I remembered him telling me about the click he experienced with his nephew. And I thought of that somehow when I was having the same experience.
A: Yes, it allows you to set boundaries within your own needs and to support who you are and why you are here. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less or that you wish them any harm. It is that you will stop continuing to make efforts for them to love and like you and to accept who you are.
J: I have been having trouble sleeping in the middle of the night and a couple of nights ago I had the Life Mastery book open and I was reading about what Michael said about our conditioning. It was before Phillip and I had the conversation about the click. It was the day before Michael addressed it, and I suddenly saw so clearly that this conditioning I had as a child to take care of my siblings, and my mother too. I was brainwashed. It was so much a part of me that I felt driven to really do that.
A: You’ve taken it another step farther with your need for them to like and love you. But let’s deal with the insomnia. What is causing the insomnia is you are constantly replaying in your mental body all of the elements and the conversations and the situations that you are discussing.  It’s on a loop within your brain and your ego within your mental body replaying it and replaying it. So, the solution to that is to quiet your mental body. Suggested this meditation mantra: She-Ray. Creates a quieting and a calming of the mental body.
Find a word not associated with sleep or not working, a neutral word or sound that may have no meaning. She-Ray. A Sanskrit word, modern English spelling. When can’t sleep simply focus on the mantra, She-Ray She ray,
J: I want to talk about Thoth. Discussed my visit to Mt Shasta, buying the book, The Emerald Tablets.
A: They are universal wisdoms. They come from the highest consciousness of the Atlantean culture. Thoth is a being of enlightenment for the world. What he has written from the Akashic Records in the Emerald Tablets through the divine soul you have met with, Ashalyn, not unlike other wisdom like the Dead Sea Scrolls that are coming forward to assist humanity in their ascension and evolutionary process. He is, in your vernacular, one of the “gang.”
J: I thought he was one of the “gang” because when he was talking about the original entities that came from the star systems I felt as though we had worked with him and then when he said when Atlantis sank he went to Egypt, I felt we were with him.
A: You were. Remember, any entity that you feel a resonance with, that is a past life connection.
J: I felt the connection to Ashalyn, but I don’t know to what degree she felt the connection with us. I don’t know if she fully trusts us or not.
A: The divine soul you call Ashalyn is someone who really believes in many ways she singularly has a truth and has a path and a wisdom that perhaps others do not have. One of the things she is attempting to heal and work on in this lifetime is realizing the inclusion of others with similar missions but whose paths may be slightly different, but the destination is the same.
J: When I was speaking with her she was testing everything that I was saying.  (Laughing)
A: She doubts, she doubts, she doubts.
J: Earlier today when Phillip was giving me acupuncture,  suddenly a recording began broadcasting out of his phone of the meditation from Patricia Cotes-Robles that she presented yesterday. It was very powerful what was coming through her about the positive effects of the high vibration energies coming into the Earth plane over the next 40 days. According to her there would be a real assault on the powers that have controlled mankind for eons. What comments would you make about the revelations she gave yesterday?
A: The revelations are true. It will not affect everyone. It takes place for those who can receive the revelation, the wisdom coming from the Inner Earth and the Cosmos. If you are not part of the soul plan for that, if you doubt it, if you don’t trust it, that will not take place. The channel is very cautious about giving specific time lines on any of the wisdom that he receives. Where we are there is no time. So, as we come through various channels, we have to go through layers of how time has been measured, how calendars have been measured throughout the eons of humanity. Even a time when there was no time on this particular planet. So, when you go through all of those layers of time and no time and you put it into a current language, in this case modern American English, a number can be distorted very easily.
That does not mean that there are not divine beings on this planet that actually has been foretold will take place, but it may not necessarily be everyone. I ask you to go to you’re a third, a third, a third. One third may possibly be able to achieve this, one third will resist it, and one third will have no idea what is going on. I would use that calculation.
As far as the 40 days, it is not that she is misleading people, she is getting that, but it would be helpful if she explained the different layers of time and no time whenever you are predicting a number that represents time in this dense frequency.
J: She was essentially saying the same thing SG said a year ago December. He said that mankind was on the verge of the greatest awakening in our history.
A: Yes, and that is true.
J: You just can’t pin it down to a tight time line.
A: Or to everyone.
J: I said I had gained heart from what she said about the forces of control being undermined so that Biden and others could continue the healing of America.
A: In manifestation have no expectation of results, especially for a specific timeline. The most important thing to take away from these teachings is that it is in divine order, and those who choose as a part of their divine plan to be a part of that intention will and those who do not will not. That is the most important thing to take away. It’s not necessarily one administration or another administration. As you have been taught by Brother Michael, begin to more and more release yourself from 3D because it is no longer your full place of habitation. It is no longer the place where you depend upon that you are in the process of. As you move more and more through your chronology you are in the process of truly releasing your attachments, your habits, your patterns, your rituals, as Michael would say, to this density. And, in effect, it does not matter long term who’s in, who’s out, who’s right, who’s wrong, for the whole premise of the governmental situation is mom and dad taking care of you. And you are evolving beyond that, are you not?
J: Well, Phillip captured it perfectly. I was telling him I no longer wished to stay on top of all the drama of the politics of our time and all the conflict between the cultures of America right now. He said, I feel the same way. “I don’t want to be involved in the fight”. I feel the same way. As we’re moving away from the drama of the 3D I just want to be free of that.
A: So, focus on the divine plan of it all, which you know. It doesn’t matter in the 3D realm who is in control and who is not. For you will never know the deals that are being made behind closed doors between one party or another. The one question to ask is, with all of the affronts and the attacks on your democracy and the attack on the capitol itself, why are these people not be tried for treason instead of getting some minimal sentence in a “feel good” prison? The answer must be because those who are in a position of power are making a deal with those who are not. So that their hidden agendas, no matter whether it is one party or the other, can be protected, no matter who is in power.
So, if you know this is going on, and beloved son it is going on, you must release yourself from that drama and that deceit and that trickery, for it is no longer your fight. It is no longer your involvement. Yes, you have preferences because one party appears to be supporting the democratic principle more than the other. But there is an opportunity to take a firm hand from those who have violated ____ and that is not taking place. One may choose to ask why not?
But to ask why not is to become involved deeper. So, ask yourself, perhaps just releasing             myself from it is my divine path.
J: That feels very right.
A: Indeed, it does.
J: Of course, we spent the last few years with St Germain focusing on Trump’s role and the politics of it.  
A:  But explaining it with a higher perspective, that he is revealing the wounds of humanity, that he is a player on the stage. And even if that divine soul were to be re-elected again, it is a continuing process of that healing that is no longer your concern, if you so choose.
J: We are planning to repost the podcast from last January in which SG said Trump had planned the whole insurrection from beginning to end. Also, SG said several months ago that Trump would begin to experience the consequences of his behavior. So, it’s hard to remove myself from that understanding and to not revisit it.
A: Make an attempt to do so, to begin to slowly release it because you may never know all of the truths of how something is played out. But one has to ask the question, why that divine soul has not experienced the consequences of his behavior, including treason? And if a party really wanted to right the wrong one has to ask themselves why hasn’t that taken place? And when people who have attacked the very symbol of American democracy are getting a minimal sentence in a light security facility, one has to ask oneself, why aren’t these people being tried for treason, which is what was taking place, the attempted overthrow of the government.
J: The thought in my head was that the wheels of justice grind slowly.
A: Or not at all. But the point is as you play with this and you become involved with the drama of it, the question to ask yourself is, is it serving your highest good? Is it the best use of your energy? I think you know the answer to that. You have done your duty. We have done our duty with that book, The Refounding of America. Let it lie there, let it be there, let it be a templet. It explains exactly what needs to be done, why it needs to be done to those who so choose to apply it—or not. That mission is complete, dear son, if you so see it.
J: I recounted that I had recently found more dialogues with SG that did not get in the Dialogue book and wondered if we should add them to the published manuscript or just let it go.
A: Well, that is your decision. Within the arena of your podcasts you could pull certain element out of it and share it if you so will. But do it with a certain amount of detachment.
J: Thank you for that. That is a lot of wisdom. Phillip sits down and a Niagara Falls of wisdom falls out of him in like 10 minutes. Don’t criticize me, I’ve just got to say this, I kind of suffer and agonize in my writing as I put together all the components. I’m the opposite of him, but my process works. I think the books that I have produced with you wonderful higher realm folks have been wonderful, and my next piece is going to be wonderful but I have my own  process. One of the values in reading the Emerald Tablets and the teachings of Thoth was that it gave me much greater insighst into the massiveness and complexity of the universe. All the cultures and civilizations. It just demonstrates that we truly know nothing. 30.34 I watch these programs on PBS explaining how we are sending more sensitive telescopes into space that can see many times beyond what we have detected before. There explanations include no hint that there may be intelligence or consciousness driving any of what they think they are seeing in the universe. It’ just forces like gravity, magnetism but no intelligence is ever discussed or considered.
A: They can’t see the unseen, dear son.
J: Make a statement about the unseen for us.
A: There is a hierarchy, a very complicated hierarchy, that is in control of creation, what your religions call God. But it is not one entity. It is not one personality. It begins with your planet; it extends to your solar system; it extends to your galaxy; it extends to the universe, and it extends farther out into the Multi-verse. Within each one of them there are layers and layers and layers upon hierarchal beings allowing seen and unseen manifestations and creations, whether it be the creation of a new planet, the creation of a new species, whether it alters the configuration of the atom, which is the basis of all physical and non-physical life; whether it addresses the spin of the nucleus of the neuron in that atom, that is how intricate it is.
The channel that I am coming through now has been very very careful not to overwhelm humanity with this structure. It is multi-complex. There are some ancient texts that have attempted to do a chart, if you will, by diagramming the structure of it, and they have some of the information, but not all of the information, because there is no human being who can receive and comprehend the complexity of it, dear son.
J: Can we describe it in a simple way? You mentioned there are beings involved.
A: There are hierarchal beings with different responsibilities depending on what council or non-council or group that they are working within, what planet, solar system, what point in a particular galaxy. When you look up into your own galaxy, realizing you are looking at millions of other galaxies, and within your galaxy are billions and trillions of stars and planets, can you understand how complex it is that there are hierarchal beings for every one of those aspects of creation? That is overwhelming to the human mind. So, humanity has created God to explain it all to try to simplify it and to begin to get an understanding of what creation is all about.
J: So, God is not one being.
A: No!
J: God is what, then?
A: A multiplicity of hierarchal beings.  (Is God then a creative team?)
J: So, there is no one entity. We are all one and collectively that becomes God?
A: Exactly! That’s it.
J: And that is all it is?
A: Yes!
J: So, the mistake we’ve made is that we’ve tried to define God as being a single entity.
A: Not necessarily a mistake. In an attempt to understand creation with the limited view that humanity has of what it is, you have personified it as a reflection of yourself, which ironically enough is the truth! Because it’s all one. But you cannot understand the oneness without understanding the complexity of everything that makes the oneness because each aspect of the oneness is a diversified version of the other, including yourselves, dear son.
J: And so, taking everything you’ve just said, can you make a statement about what creation is?
A: Creation is the grouping of all the hierarchal beings that manifest creation.
J: That is a wonderful statement you just made. I’ve never heard or read that.
A: It’s never been told.
J: Well, let’s tell it, then.
A: Tell it.
J: That is what I want to do.: Would you complete it with that or would you add anything?
A: There is nothing to add.
J: Would you say it one more time please?
A: No.
J: (Laughing) I am recording this so I have it captured.
A: Yes (Sort of tongue in cheek.)
J: Sometimes when you repeat things you add little things.
A: The most important thing to realize is that what you call God is a multiplicity of higher realm hierarchal forces, entities, working in concert to create individuated aspects of creation, whether it be a new planet, a new star, a new solar system, a new galaxy, a new universe, a new multiverse.
J: So, when creation decided to create Earth they wanted to create something that was different from anything that had been created before. Is that right?
A: Yes.
J: Which is what?
A: A multiplicity of all of the elements of the twelve star systems that came together to solidify the planet.
J: Why did they want to do that?
A: It’s an experiment. It is a part of the ever expanding nature of creation. The expansion of creation is endless. You are all in the process of ascending wherever you are for infinity.
J: They must have had a specific mission in mind in deciding to create this experiment. What was the mission they were looking to create/achieve?
A: It was to create a planet based upon the universal building block of love to allow the planet to be a Lover-versity, to be a university to master the building block of all there is, the highest vibration in creation, love.
J: Then what did they want to do with it?
A:  Master it and then take it out into other worlds.
J: I thought that love was really what creation was all about. Didn’t love already exist everywhere in the universe?
A: There are different aspects of love being mastered and assimilated all throughout creation. Some worlds have mastered it. Many have not. Some are at the beginning of it. Some are more advanced than your planet. Some are further back in their evolutionary process, not necessarily denser.
J: So, we were going to have this experience with the diversity of twelve star systems. This would create master teachers who would then go out into the universe wherever it was needed to teach love?
A: Yes, you chose as part of your soul plan to come into the densest frequency in existence in order to master love in order to become a master teacher of love and to teach that through all of the aspects of creation the need to master love, yes.
J: I don’t remember the exact words, I think it was St Germain, it could have been you, in our book, The Refounding of America, stating something like, Earth’s mission is the most important mission that has ever been created.
A: That is why the Star Systems, so many star systems came together, that is a unique form of creation, to bring the very best of why they exist within their star (system’s) soul plan and infuse that into this particular planet. It is, indeed, a planet of divine mission, yes, and you chose to be a part of it. When you look at life with that perspective care not about your elections, dear one. Yes, have preferences for what happens, but be a part of that starship of evolution.
J: This conversation is really powerful and profound. When we talked about creating the three scrolls you wanted me to work on, you indicated that the Gabriel manuscript would be the second scroll, the conversations with the Two Mary’s would be the third scroll and the first scroll would be composed of what spiritual information I thought to be important. I have been struggling to capture a lot of what you just said as simply as possible but also as clearly as possible. I think you have gone a long way to helping me do that today.
A: And so it is.
J: I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
A: Gratitude equals abundance.
J: (Laughing). You almost brought me to tears earlier when you said hello. It felt so good to reconnect to you. OK, coming back to my health issues, because, as you know, I am meeting with my urologist next Wednesday and I am going to learn what I am dealing with.
A: What did you take away from what I said about that meeting?
J: It’s not a big deal even if the diagnosis in cancer. Use my spiritual tools.
A: If most men live long enough they will develop some form of cancer in that portion of their body, which is predicated upon their inability to eliminate from their being what needs to be eliminated in this incarnational cycle. And you are in the process, particularly with your biological family and in your past relationships with other people, to master eliminating habits, patterns and rituals that no longer serve your highest good. Are you not?
J: Yes. I think I just made a big leap forward this week, and you confirmed I did.
A: Yes, yes, so that’s all this is about.
J: (Laughing) That’s all this is about. God, you clarify everything so beautifully.
A: And, in effect, whatever is said in that meeting, doesn’t matter in some ways, dear son. What matters is that if you apply your tools, your tools of spiritual fortification, and using whatever wisdom that you can, and whatever decision you make going forward see where that decision is simply a tool to support that process as well, whether it is a traditional form of therapy or not.
But you will cross that bridge when you get to it. We’re not allowed to predict the future for you, but we can assist you in your response or possible reaction to that information. Can you feel, can you see clearly from the messages you received from Michael, the message you received from this divine feminine soul, the message you are receiving from your father today, how you are being prepared for whatever information one way or another that is given in that meeting?
J: Very powerfully because I have the strong knowing that everything we have talked about, as disparate as it may seem, is all the same thing.
A: Feel the support, feel the love, feel the wisdom.
J; Thank you my beloved father. I love you so much
A: The love is received and given in like time as I take my leave, remembering it is all perfect just the way it is.
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Monday, November 8, 2021



                                                 ONE PLANET UNDER CREATION

It is the divine plan for this planet to have a worldwide government representing all nations. The United Nations is just the beginning. As a united planet we can create a world of equality, harmony and balance based upon universal love of self and one another.

Friday, November 5, 2021



                                          RESULT OF WORLDWIDE CONSCIOUSNESS


Sunday, October 24, 2021



                                                     THINGS ARE NOT GETTING WORSE.

                                                        THINGS ARE BEING REVEALED.

                                               LET US LOVE & SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER

                                                       AS THE VEIL OF ILLUSION FALLS.


Saturday, October 16, 2021



                                                          WE REALLY DO NOT DIE,

                                                 WE SIMPLY MAKE A TRANSITION

                                                              By Phillip Elton Collins

The big question in life is “what happens after life?” As a trained metaphysician I have been teaching for decades “if we do not fully understand death, we cannot fully understand life and there is much more to life than just one life”.  So, we have lots of chances to get it right!

Most of what I am about to share comes from ancient texts such as THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS and my own personal, clinical experiences. No matter what you have been taught or believe the intention of this article is to reduce or eliminate any fear you may have around death by giving you a possibly new perspective. For the remainder of this article, I asked that you just stay open and see if it enhances what you know now and perhaps makes you feel better about something that is going to happen to all of us.

In truth, we are divine eternal spirits having this human experience through our physical bodies, emotions and thoughts, and non-physical souls which become our eternal spirits. When it is time for the body to transition (and no one leaves this world one moment before they are supposed) the eternal aspect of us, our spiritual being remains. This energetic component of us can never die. We remain fully conscious, some of us do not even realize for quite some time we have actually ‘died’.

At so called death most people fall into a deep slumber which is most restful and enables us to heal from much of the unpleasantness and tensions of this life. This might be called a ‘spiritual vacation’ from the trails of this world. The average person anticipating a reunion with departed family members and friends is given every opportunity for a period of time to visit with these loved ones and to renew their connection. These departed loved ones begin to explain where we are and what we can expect having left our bodies.

We later meet with our ‘guardian angel’ or a Higher Being who is with us to minister to us. They are not present to judge or punish us but to assist us in reviewing our past life and how that life affected ourselves and others. Were we kind or cruel, compassionate or cool? Did we accomplish what we set out to be and do before coming here?  This information is given to “a higher realm board’ to review. The purpose of this Board is to find a way by which each soul may be given the greatest possible opportunity to balance our its ‘debt’ to life and learn how to best evolve as a divine being of creation (God).

Probably the worst experience of the newly departed soul is the feeling of remorse and regret it experiences as it stands free of the physical body and looks back at what it might have accomplished yet failed to be and do. Some call this hell but it is not hell but a learning experience,

The Board always acts at all times for the good of the individual and for the best interest of the entire human evolution. After the soul and the Board have together examined the life just passed, a decision is jointly reached.  Usually, the soul’s decision is much too severe and needs to be tempered by the mercy and farsightedness of the Board. Then the soul sets to work to clear and cleanse as much of the negative past as possible. This is not a period of purgatory but personal insight and growth.

After a period of time the soul awakens finally in a refreshed state and is able to take the necessary steps leading toward their own development. This may be to select another Earth life, another incarnation or the decision may be made to stay in a non-physical format for a period of time until they are ready to advance.

Ultimately, our mission in being human is to advance/ascend/grow beyond the dense dimension within which we now live, and to return permanently to the higher realms from whence we came. This is our divine right, destiny, and destination. Let us all love and support ourselves and one another within this personal process and our transitions.