Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last week I had a conversation with Adama, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, and Sananda who were channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, author of Coming Home to Lemuria and Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages. An audio recording of the entire conversation will be available next week on our Website: The Angel News Network

These divine beings opened our conversation with the following teaching, which describes the role that the United States will play in the development of what they describe as the seventh and last golden age of planet Earth.

"The energetic vortex that you call the United States was and continues to be the Garden of Eden, which is being reactivated at this particular time in a process that you know as Ascension--Ascension of yourselves from inside out in concert with the Ascension of your planet. For both of you to return to the beings, the eternal beings, the immortal beings of the light, dear ones.

Oh what an extraordinary journey this has been. So what is the meaning, value and purpose of this United Union of States called America? What does the word, union, mean?  What does the word, united, mean, dear ones? It means a connection of your divine selves with source, with your creator.

It is not the United States. It is the united divinity of you in combination with the source that maintains and sustains and creates you. So what is happening now is a reactivation, a rebooting, a new downloading through various portals and vortices within your continental United States to assist humanity in clearing and cleansing your duality, your separation, your confrontations and your wars and allow through the resonance of this to allow the entire planet to go into this final golden age. That is your destiny.

This was most recently reflected in the forefather’s documents which founded the United States of America. We--Adama, Michael, St. Germaine, Sananda and others--gathered in concert to inspire your forefathers with your documents, your Bill of Rights, your Constitution, these wonderful papers, and to give individuals such as George Washington the inspiration to know the destiny of this particular country called America.

So how exactly will this take place? It will take place through a clearing and cleansing of the selfish consciousness of humanity that has kept you in separation and limitation to allow you to go into a constructive endeavor of self that will be reflected to the entire world.

Once you maintain and sustain through this healing process of self--which we of the Archangelic realm have taught you for many, many eons now of moving from the mental body to the heart space--once the individuated self moves from the harmful self to a constructive self, we of the 5th dimensional realms will be forthrightly available to you to assist in this endeavor of Ascension. This is what is taking place at this time. This is why there are so many tools and teachings coming through to humanity through various 5th dimensional sources.

So it is a great time to move from your limitations, your separations, your lack, into an immortal state of being that allows you to stay permanently connected with us in a final golden age, which will prevent the death and destruction of this age as has happened in the six previous golden ages before. It is a divine moment in your history where you will become telepathic, and the mistruths and the deceits that are taking place in your communication systems and with one another will no longer take place, and truth will reign supreme.

You will also be gifted, once this connection is complete, with free energy sources that will change the structure of your financials and your relationship with self so that a small percentage of you are not controlling the vast majority of you, and you will no longer be giving your power away. Right now, as you know, within your governments, your corporations and your religious organizations, there is much untruth and deceptions taking place, which will be cleared with your direct connection to source, dear ones.

You all chose to be here for this distillation, for this creation, of your final golden age to move into a process of Ascension, to go into a mortal state of being, to truly begin your true service to source. We ask you, as we join our energies, to accept with compassion and begin the process you’ve had to go through for the various reasons you’ve had to go through them to know that the end time has come.

It is a time for the healing of the self in order to move into a oneness with all, in order to have a connection with source and to allow the Archangelic realms, the star realms that seeded your planet, the inner Earth realms that were once upon the surface of your planet, for all to work in concert to assist you by your merely asking us in a constructive format, a format that does not include harm of others, dear ones.

So, oh what a marvelous, divine moment this is for humanity! We ask you, no matter how things appear outside--as there are final clearings and cleansings of your third dimensional frequencies of past and present lives as well--we ask you to be aware of and not to doubt this process. For one iota of doubt can interrupt the process within yourselves, dear ones. Accept and know within your hearts that the time has come now."

Monday, March 25, 2013


The Catholic Church, as nearly everyone knows, recently chose a new Pope. Throughout its history this church and its leaders have not been shy about condemning, ostracizing and sometimes killing (hopefully not recently) anyone whom they judged as "sinners" or worse.

Ten years ago next month (April 11, 2003 to be exact) I began the extraordinary experience of interviewing divine spirits, asking them all kinds of questions relating to my dimension (3D Earth) and theirs (5D and up). My first interviews were with the Archangel Gabriel channeled through that brilliant trance channel Robert Baker which led to the publication of The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age.

In 2003 Pope John Paul II had attacked homosexuals as "evil" and condemned the idea of gay marriage. I asked Gabriel about the Pope's statement and what he would say to the Pope. Here is Gabriel's response:

"You know nothing about spirit. Spirit embraces all being. It embraces the soul's individuation of being in all forms. The Catholic Church and all other churches to a great degree are nothing more or less than separated indoctrinations of ideas about the duality between spirit and matter, and they serve to continue to enforce that duality in the collective consciousness. The Catholic Church is the largest and the richest corporate structure in the world. The entire religion is based upon keeping the people down, keeping them under control, keeping them in fear, in fear of God, not in love of God.

"That does not mean that there are not certain individuals in the Catholic Church who aren't like that. There are. But the body of government of the church as a whole is in duality and represents and teaches the duality between matter and spirt and uses it to produce fear and control."

Fast forward ten years to 2013 and the retirement of the conservative Pope who replaced John Paul II and the selection of the new Pope from Argentina, the first from Latin America. I thought it a good sign when the new Pope became the first to take the name of the beloved saint of peace and love, St. Francis. But then I read of his condemnation of homosexuals and of the adopting of orphans by same sex parents. His views echoed John Paul. Last week I asked the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene channeled by Jessie Keener,  for their view of the new Pope, the papal election process and of the Catholic Church itself. Here is an excerpt from our conversation of 3/15/13:

 M: Indeed it is the same old same old. Do not put any hope in these giant establishments and institutions. In fact, we think hope is sinful at that point. It misses the mark entirely.  There is nothing to be hopeful about with that institution. The wheels of change in these giant institutions move so incredibly slowly.

When these types of questions come up, we have always said essentially the same thing. It is the individual’s awakening. It is the individual’s awakening in creating soul families. It is the soul families connecting to other soul families rippling across this globe through the internet, through telepathy, through mass webinars, mass conference calls. This creates the change.

These institutions will go down very slowly, and they will fight tooth and nail every bit of the way, beloveds.

J: I was listening to some of the observations of people being interviewed as they were waiting for the College of Cardinals to choose the Pope.  One said that this selection of the new Pope was “giving God a chance to weigh in” on the church’s leadership. Another said, “It’s in God’s hands now.”

M: Blasphemy, we say. We say, blasphemy. We are the Two Marys and we say blasphemy. There is nothing like that in those words. There is nothing about going to God for that decision in this type of situation. There is no authentic emptying of the mind and allowing the higher self to connect with the higher realms. There is simply the programming through the hypothalamic structure of the brain for the way it is in that institution. They have replaced God with their concepts.

J: And their concepts are essentially?

M: Control, force and manipulation. If our beloved Messiah walked on your surface today, He would not be allowed to be a participant in the Catholic Church. Think about it. What does that truly say about the Catholic Church? If our beloved Jesus walked on this surface, he would not qualify for admission. He would not be allowed to preach, nor would we. I think that says it all. This is the Mary of Magdalene speaking.  I think that says it all, does it not? The Magdalene has spoken.

Gabriel said back in 2003 that high vibration energies creating higher consciousness were streaming into the Earth plane that would destroy all systems contributing to inequality and separation, including governments, religions and corporations. The wreckage has been startling, including the scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church. 

Look out all you systems in which the few control the many for their own benefit. 
Archangel Gabriel and the Two Marys have spoken. 


I saw a famous actress in a funny play a couple years ago who, it was recently announced, has a terminal disease and is not expected to live more than a few months. Death and sickness have been on my mind recently because I have a few old friends who have had long stays in hospitals recently and seem to be nearing the end of their lives here on Earth.

One of the rewarding things about regularly talking with the Two Marys is that they are willing to share their wisdom about almost any subject I choose to ask about. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener. Here is an excerpt of our conversation about disease and death on 3/15/13:

M: The mind creates disease. The mind creates it because it is a read-out of the thought process itself. All disease comes from consciousness. Any disease of the owner/occupant of the body comes from the consciousness of the owner/occupant of the body. Death itself comes from the consciousness. The belief in death, of course, is completely optional as far as the fifth dimension is concerned.

Very few people in your modern world, and we use that word modern very carefully, want to admit, confront, and integrate the truth that death is purely a product of the mind. Now it is not as simple as saying (this actress) is thinking some kind of terrible, evil thought and, therefore, over years and years of thinking that thought, she created brain cancer. It is not that simple.

The mind is where all the memories are stored. But where is your mind? It’s everywhere. It’s in the body. The memory charges store in the soft tissue of the body. The memory stores in the brain. So it is not necessarily the conscious mind that creates disease. Much more typically it is the unconscious mind that is completely addicted to separation and duality.

So there is that and then there is this. The extreme pollution on the surface of your planet has reached formidable levels. There is so much invisible pollution that you are unaware of. It is overwhelming. If we couple that with the fact that for most people there is a dungeon full of demons in the unconscious mind, it becomes very clear how people generate disease.

It is true that in the times we walked on the surface there were terrible diseases such as leprosy. It did not require vast industrial pollutants to generate leprosy. It did require unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy elimination habits, and it required fear in the conscious mind and those demons in the dungeon of the unconscious mind.

We do not want anyone throwing in their towel, exasperated that what is going on on the surface means that they cannot thrive. It means that the understanding of how the mind works is paramount. It means that the relationship between the mind and the body must be purified, and the body itself must be purified or there will be disease, rest assured. Things are just too far gone on your planet for that not to be true.

It takes great vigilance for your surface dwellers to thrive in today’s world. That is the simple reason why many, many, many will not opt for their thrive opportunity. The overwhelm is huge. The lines of force are potent. Many will simply become exhausted and lie down. And that is perfectly acceptable. For when they choose to succumb to their exhaustion and lie down, truly they are finished with their life. Do you see?

J: Two thoughts come up. Certainly the Ascension Handbook is a guide for surviving.

M: Indeed it is.

J: Is there something simple and short in addition to the handbook that would help people survive in this toxic soup we’re living in?

M: It is not simple, but it is coming. The body of work that is being generated by this channel, Winston and Paula will create a thriving opportunity even for those who do not understand Ascension. The work will have to do with creating particular brain wave lengths and help people administer to the stuck parts of their brain.

J: Many people are choosing to leave the Earth plane as we have been told will happen. The old way of looking at and fearing death is alive and well. I have been suggesting that we should all embrace death as a new opportunity to move into a new cycle of growth and experience. What would you invite them to do?

M: We assert that the most appropriate state of being for any of those individuals is deep relaxation. That is the thing they long for the most, the sense of deep peace and deep relaxation. However, if they are very diseased working with their breath becomes challenging. They have to truly want the deep peace and the deep relaxation that lies beyond the breathing exercise. And so they have free will.

It is not your life purpose to create happiness on deathbeds. However, it is in your life purpose to serve love. So then the question becomes, how shall I be as I encounter these individuals who are still very much in the illusion? How shall I be with them? The answer is, be a loving servant of peace and relaxation, much like the gentleman who spoke at the end of the lovely poetry sharing last night. He shared about being. He shared about everything being love. This disease is love. This pain is love. This suffering is love.

Imagine for just a moment the suffering on the cross that was very real physically for our beloved Jesus. Of course, the giant lesson there is what he did with the suffering, is it not? He made his suffering the greatest sacrifice. He gave it to God. He surrendered completely.

So sometimes there will be places from religion that you can draw on. Sometimes there will be little questions you can ask that individual such as, would you like a deep relaxation response? I can share something with you that creates that. Would you like that? Does that appeal to you? Or maybe a simple Reiki or a foot rub is better. Do you see?

J: Yes, I wish I could soften the fear. I have a friend who is in the hospital with pneumonia right now and he doesn’t seem to be getting better. I know he is afraid. I know it’s not my life mission to take the fear away. It’s his experience, but at the same time I wish I could soften his fear.

M: Indeed. Fear is such a potent active resistance. That’s all it is and nothing more. Actively resisting God. Actively resisting what is in the now moment. So can you soften that blow? Perhaps. But only a little, for the commitment is up to that individual. At the end stage when there is a lot of fear and a lot of adrenaline—and this is important—the actual chemical bath in the body from that flight or fight response truly changes how the mind operates. It’s very difficult to engage anyone at that point and create a bridge that they can walk on, so to speak, out of that into something more peaceful and restful.

But here is the truth about death, beloved Joel. Your friend will be released from that fear. Your friend will have an enormous pineal gland activation on his exit, and he will be in peace.

J: I’m aware of so many people who seem to be in the state where they will be leaving the Earth plane.

M: Indeed, a necessary part of the whole process. For if they aren’t awake now it is truly appropriate that they leave and find the nest pathway for them to evolve with.

Monday, March 18, 2013


My partner at the Angel News Network, Phillip Collins, is becoming quite a channeler. Last week we filmed an interview in which Phillip channeled Adama, high priest of Lemuria and Telos, The Council of Twelve and the Archangelic Realm of Uriel. They came in with an introductory teaching before my questioning began.

Here is an excerpt from their introduction in which they explain that during this period of Ascension, mankind was being given an opportunity to restore five chakras that had been disempowered from us as part of our dumbing down in the past. They give us an exercise for "rebooting", so to speak, our chakras eight through twelve.

"Your planet is an amalgamation of twelve diverse star systems that bring all of their diversity and all of their intentions into one planet which you call mother Earth. And it has been an arduous, divine evolution where you have gone through six previous golden ages, which have lost themselves due to their disconnection from source, which had maintained and sustained them. Now, at this time, your final golden age will allow you to be permanently connected to source, the forces that maintain and sustain you, and allow you to go into full service to this source, to God, to this all that there is.

So what are the tools? What are the teachings? What are the mechanics, the science that is exactly taking place? Many of you know about the seven chakras that you have, which have to do with survival all the way to your highest self, within your formatting.

Now you are going to be connecting with eight through twelve to complete the twelve star systems that seeded your planet. So we will start with the eighth one just above your crown chakra, the seventh, which goes out in various degrees of what you call distance depending on your individuated soul plan. For some of you it may be a few inches out, a few feet out. For others it will be a longer distance. But that matters not.

Then we go out into the ninth chakra which goes out towards your satellite known as your moon. Then we go out to your tenth which incorporates your solar system, from your closest planet to your sun going all the way out to your farthest planet, realizing additional planets are being discovered. Then we go out farther to the entire galaxy holding your solar system and millions and billions of other solar systems within your galaxy, yours being called the Milky Way.

Then as we go farther out into what is called universe containing, again, millions and billions of galaxies, you have this system awakening. You have twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight chakras coming into your beingness in this process called Ascension, which will fully awaken your beingness and give you the reconnection to source and the tools that you need, if you choose to apply them, to go into your higher frequency existence into a mortal state of light being, which is your destiny, which is your divine right at this time.

Needless to say, the discussion of the star systems and the discussion and the science of each chakra systems are lessons and teachings that can fill volumes, But for the moment what we wish to do, we of the inner earth, in connection with the archangelic realm of Uriel, combining below and above, if you will, as below so above, we’re combining these energies to tell you exactly what is taking place and why it is taking place at this particular time. Feel it strongly now in your mental, emotional and physical body as you move into your spring as the energy from the core of the earth moves out from the interior of your planet to the surface of your planet, through your bodies, for this process largely has to be experienced through your body housing your mental, emotional and etheric bodies out into the cosmos, out into the universe, connecting, if you will, to this twelfth chakra.

Now each of you, depending on your soul plan, your evolutionary path and your incarnational cycle will be at different points in the awakening of different chakras above seven, (eight through twelve). Don’t worry which chakra you are at. It’s not a question of a competition or race. You will all get to the same destination whenever you are supposed to.

But it is your divine right, it is your mission to awaken these which have been dumbed down, which have been veiled and shut down by various forces which have attempted to control you. You see vestiges of that control in your governments, religions and corporate systems. This is diminishing and being released.

It is the intention of your planet, which is in the process of Ascension, to move into the full body of light that she is to become the star that she is; thus, everything in and upon her body will become a light body as well. So, in effect, you are all aspects of the star systems that seeded this planet, in effect, being star beings. How does that make your feel, dear ones?

To realize this is the gloriousness of you. This is your divinity. This is your divine right to know this truth and how this will transpire at this time. Many teachings from the interior of the Earth and the expanded realms beyond the interior of the Earth, archangelic, inter-galactic star fields are all combining together in this integration process to allow you to awaken to the truth of what exactly is happening, and that is why there are so many of you on the planet at this time. There are billions of you here at this particular moment. Most of the souls who have ever incarnated on the planet are here presently in one form or another in order to experience this.

Many are leaving this third dimensional frequency at this time for they are not able or ready or capable to make this transformation, if you will, into this Ascension process. They’re leaving this frequency going into the 4th or 5th dimensions gaining the empowerment they need, making a decision as to whether they want to come back here in a final incarnational cycle to complete their Ascension process. Many of you are making it in your present bodies, in your present formats at this time.

Again, it doesn’t matter which. The destination is the same for all of you. It is a glorious moment. We are combining and getting dispensations for these different frequencies and layers of consciousness to come together at this time like never before. That is why we are able at this time to combine below energies, if you will, and above energies.

So take a moment to ground yourself. Imagine yourself planted on the surface of the planet. Imagine the energy going down into the core of the earth transcending all the way through the Earth out the other side, out into your solar system, out into your galaxy, out into the universe which houses all these galaxies, circling back around collecting chakras 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 and bringing them down into your crown chakra seven, down into your chakra six, into chakra five, chakra four, chakra three, chakra two, and down into your chakra one. Allow the integration, the amalgamation, the transformation of you to receive these higher chakras. Take a deep breath and know it is time for this process to take place." 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


A few years ago I began studying channeled material from Archangel Michael that I developed into a training program I call Life Mastery, A Guide for Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It. Michael's messages were channeled by Jeff Fasano, a co-founder of the Angel News Network.

I had presented life/career programs in corporate America for years, but Life Mastery goes deeper into our psyches than any program I had worked with. It continues to raise my consciousness. Life Mastery has changed my life forever.

Life Mastery is about realizing our full potential as human beings.

I believe in synchronicity and pay attention to it. Last week i attended a Sunday service at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ft. Lauderdale and heard the pastor quote the church's founder, Ernest Holmes:

"You are an individual expression of spirit. Therefore, you have a responsibility to live from your highest potential."

Mr. Holmes is right. I believe each of us has chosen to come here with a mission, and we should not squander this opportunity.

I know life can present enormous challenges. I have encountered many myself including several career endings and, hardest of all, losing a beloved partner in the prime of our lives.

These are hard economic times with millions of people unable to find jobs. Millions more are underemployed or stuck in jobs that they dislike. Add to that the countless people in retirement limbo, and we have a pretty depressing picture of much of mankind, at least in the United States, living nowhere near their potential.

So what can we do about it? This is the subject for a book, or, shamelessly, a training program called Life Mastery.

Here is a snapshot of Michael's guidance captured in some of the lesson titles:

. Break Old Habits and Patterns That Keep You in Lack and Limitation.
. Release Attachments  That Do Not Serve Your Highest Good.
. Shift Your Focus to the Inner Self as the Creator.
. Develop Discernment to Make Choices that Serve Your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All.
. Think with Your Heart.
. Harness the Power of Intention and of the Word.
. Find Your Joy.
. Decide What You Want.
. Set Your Boundaries.
. Let Your Gifts and Talents Reveal Your Joy
. Create Your New Life with Joy.

Yes, it takes commitment, perseverance, and passion to keep working through this process of living to our full potential.

Where do we get the strength and will to keep going and find that joy (notice it is mentioned three times)?

"It is the love and truth within that is most important," Michael says. "It is this love and truth that powers your courage to be you."

That great metaphysician, William Shakespeare, had it right when he said, "To thy own self be true."

So did our contemporary metaphysician, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Corp., when he advised:

"Your time here is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living according to other people's thinking. Don't let the opinions of others drown out your own inner voice. Most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Somehow they know what you truly want to become."

So there you have it: Archangel Michael, Ernest Holmes, William Shakespeare and Steve Jobs all urging the same thing: Don't squander this opportunity. Create the life you want and the courage to live it. Go for it!

Remember: We are individual expressions of spirit.  We have a responsibility to live from our highest potential.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


With Channel Jessie Keener 

We all know that everything is energy. But I find that I constantly need to be reminded of the implications of that fact.

One reminder showed up recently in a teaching from the Buddha channeled through Elizabeth Trutwin. Here is an excerpt:

"Everything in the cosmos is a vibration. The food you eat is a vibration. Eating meat which is cultivated in crowded conditions, killed and butchered for the masses carries that vibration. The animal kingdom is ascending with humanity and Earth and they are asking humanity to change their ways.

"As your body becomes more crystalline it requires food filled with light, green food, fruit.

"Physical disease is directly linked to what you eat. Toxins in the food cripple the organs and immune system and over time there is a breakdown leading to disease."

As many of you know, Jessie Keener is a channel for the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, who have joined their energies for the purpose of assisting humanity in their Ascension Process. Jessie and I produced The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God, through the teachings of the Two Marys. We meet regularly to discuss our continuing work together and usually bring in the Two Marys for a channeled teaching.

Last week I discussed the above teaching from the Buddha with the Marys. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

"Trust that you have inherent in your being the ability to generate love and to emit frequencies of love into your food.

"If you are consuming flesh that has been abused and mistreated, then that abuse energy, that separation, that fear, the adrenaline in the meats, absolutely is real and then through consumption you take that on.

"Your native American Indians had it right that you truly sang the spirit of the animal to higher dimensions; you gave it mid-wifery, if you will, to a larger beingness when you released its form for your well being. They truly appreciated it. We as Essenes truly appreciated our food, and we would set it with frequencies. But, remember, there was little corruption back in those days around how we generated our food, how we grew. We didn’t have the issues that you have today.

"Even the notion of organic today, even that notion can be often tainted.There are companies out there that generate that label but are doing a sleight of hand. So how can the student truly be sure? Can they move back to the country and recreate those idyllic times? No, they cannot. So they must become modern in their upgrading. They can use sacred geometry, like what is used by Corey Herder. Sacred geometry elevates the frequency of the food that it contacts. So instead of beautiful place mats, what would it look like if your place mat was actually sacred geometry for your plate? What would your frequencies be like if you rested your plate on a frequency generating sacred geometric design?

What if you used the principle found in the glorious documentary and book, Messages From the Water, by the brilliant Japanese scientist, and you simply wrote the word, love, on a piece of paper, and put your plate on top of that?

"You see, the power is there, beloved students."

J: In the Helpful Hints of the Ascension Handbook you suggest we do a quick simple prayer over our food.

M: "Indeed, singing to it or whispering to it words of love, or if you are in a situation where it might be considered inappropriate, simply smiling at your food and thinking, I love you. That is sufficient to raise the frequencies as well as, whenever possible, placing your food in sunlight lifts the frequencies, gives it a new vital charge."

J: So as we raise the vibration of what we’re ingesting, how does it benefit us?

M: "It benefits you by allowing your physical form to have lighter frequencies. The ability to maintain light in the body increases this way. It is a practice that has been done literally forever on your planet, and many times with no ritual whatsoever because it was not necessary. The thoughts were simply enough. The native would see the berry on the bush and would light up with delight and reach for the berry singing thoughts of love, deliciousness, jubilant discovery, enthusiasm. It was inherent in the behaviors. Food wasn’t something to get through. Food was a gift."

Ascension is about raising our energetic vibrations (consciousness)  through everything we feel, think and do. 

Albert Einstein expressed that idea as follows:

"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy This is physics."

So we have the Buddha, the Two Marys and Albert Einstein all agreeing. Here are the keys to the "kingdom," the secret of creation. What we do with this wisdom is up to each one of us. 

What do you plan to do with it?