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Joel D. Anastasi is a Spiritual Journalist and Author of The Second Coming, Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, Life Mastery and The Ascension Handbook.

                                      It takes a woman all powdered and pink
                                      To shine a bright light on political stink.

Apologies to my friend Jerry Herman for taking rather crude liberties with his wonderful lyrics from his blockbuster musical comedy, Hello Dolly!

Obviously, I’m no lyricist, but I couldn’t resist. For I am amazed at how spiritual prophecies about emerging transparency and the unmasking of corruption in political, financial, government and other systems seem to be manifesting everywhere. Not to mention spiritual predictions that a great balancing of the feminine energies with the masculine energies is unfolding which will loosen masculine control over the affairs of mankind in our world—healing separation with unity and conflict with cooperation.

One recent example occurred Saturday on MSNBC when I heard the female mayor of my home town of Hoboken, New Jersey, Dawn Zimmer, drop a bombshell when she told the disturbing story of how she was warned by a New Jersey state official that funds to bolster Hoboken’s defenses against another storm like hurricane Sandy were being blocked because Zimmer would not approve a major development project favored by New Jersey Governor Christie and his powerful developer friends.

Some eighty percent of Hoboken was flooded after hurricane Sandy in 2012, leaving residents without power, heat or water for over a week.  Since rail connections with New York were severed, I had to wait three days before ferry service to Manhattan resumed, which allowed me to take my un-showered body and a suitcase of half frozen food to shelter with friends in Manhattan.

Zimmer’s testimony comes on the heels of a growing scandal about the Christie administration allegedly creating huge traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge by closing traffic lanes as political payback to the Democratic mayor of Ft. Lee, NJ who would not endorse Christie in his re-election campaign for governor.

Another example of the constructive, healing influence of the female energy occurred recently in the U.S. Congress where female members got together and through “compromise”—a word many macho male members of Congress don’t seem to understand—worked out a congressional budget plan which is winning approval in Congress. It’s reported that these congresswomen have been engaging in the unthinkable—they’ve been having lunch and dinner together! Something the male congressmen of opposite parties consider verboten.

Archangel Gabriel told me when I was preparing my book, The Second Coming, Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, that high vibration energies were coming into the Earth plane to raise mankind’s consciousness and help us move into a new age of love and unity. He said the feminine energies would play a critical role in that unifying process.

Since then messages from the Archangel Michael, published on our Angel News Network Website, and statements by the Two Marys—Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ twin flame—in my book, The Ascension Handbook, written with channel Jessie Keener, have confirmed the vital role the feminine is and will be playing in mankind’s spiritual transformation.

Of course, the feminine and masculine energies are not so much about sexuality as they are about states of being. We all have feminine and masculine qualities, and we each can choose to consciously develop and use them in our lives. The masculine is a directional force, taking charge and moving forward.  The feminine tends to be about process, considering all options and making sure everyone has a chance to be heard.

Carried too far the masculine can run roughshod over others, excluding them from the decision making process, often using fear to impose their will. Carried too far, the feminine can stay stuck, mulling over options, never making a decision. Clearly we can see how important it is to have a healthy balance of the masculine and feminine in the affairs of mankind. In fact, a consistent teaching from the spiritual realms is that until there is a balance of the masculine and feminine—loving process combined with wise action—mankind’s ascension, our coming together as one, will not happen.

I designed and conducted management development programs at all levels of corporate America for several decades. The best managers created open working environments where workers had an opportunity to process and share their opinions and participate in the decision making process. This creates healthy, motivating environments in which employees contribute the full measure of their gifts and talents which significantly contributes to the organization’s success. In contrast, controlling managers who impose their will and manage by fear tend to alienate the best talent and generally produce mediocrity and often failure.

Of course, it may not take a woman to bring a healthy balance to the affairs of mankind. But it will take a healthy balance of caring, inclusive feminine energy—whether it comes from a man or woman—together with an appropriate blend of masculine energy to heal the conditions that separate us and bring about the unity of mankind.

So, bravo, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and American congresswomen. You are in the vanguard of the feminine energy that is transforming mankind on Earth. You are demonstrating the fundamental difference between force, which the Two Marys say is from man, and power, which the Two Marys say comes from God.

It can’t come too soon. 

Joel D. Anastasi is currently teaching The Life Mastery Program in Ft. Lauderdale adapted from his book with Channel Jeff Fasano, author of Journey of the Awakened Heart based on the material from the Teachings of Archangel Michael.

Joel D. Anastasi, Jeff Fasano and Phillip Elton Collins are the co-founders of the Angel News Network.

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