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A FEELING THAT OCCURS IN A MOMENT (Jeff Fasano featured in Shorewood Living Magazine)


CAST OF CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF: Phylicia Rashad, Adrian Lester, Sanaa Lathan and James Earl Jones ©Jeff Fasano

For most of us, seeing cargo boats line up at port might elicit a pleasant feeling, an unpleasant feeling or no feeling at all. But for celebrity photographer Jeff Fasano, the views from his home in Palos Verdes are a visual reminder of a past chapter in his life. “When I look out my living room window and see all the ships in the Port of Long Beach and in San Pedro at the Port of LA, and the containers on the ships, it’s a reminder every single day of what I did.”

It took an awakening for Fasano, who worked in the import/export steamship business for nearly 20 years back in his native New York, to lead him to a new joy-filled career, one that would have him shooting celebrities and musicians, and capturing much more than just their likenesses.

“I had always loved it,” says Fasano of photography, a childhood pastime that motivated him and his brother to build a basement darkroom while growing up, and had Jeff shooting football games in high school, a hobby that earned him a camera from his father for graduation, a prized model that he still owns.

But it was the ending of two relationships, along with wise life counsel from a girlfriend and the realization that he profoundly lacked career fulfillment that Fasano counts among the events that “aligned” for him—approaching 40 at the time—to seek a different vocation, and with it, a new life. He enrolled in photography classes at Parsons School of Design in Greenwich Village, where he met instructor Mario Cabrera, an accomplished Associated Press photographer who would make up a pivotal rung in Fasano’s quest to discover his calling.

“If it wasn’t for Mario Cabrera I wouldn’t even be sitting here,” says Fasano. “He was like, this drill sergeant and an amazing teacher.” Fasano recalls his mentor’s early assignments—first, analyze how Dutch master Rembrandt painted light; and second, go to one of your favorite places, three times in one day, and study how the light changes. “His class is where I really started to get it. Things started to click for me and I thought, ‘I love doing this.’”

His first professional gig, flying to Chicago to shoot flute virtuoso Sir James Galloway, came as a result of a coworker who connected Fasano to friend at RCA Records while he was still working at his import/export job. Other gigs followed, and he quit his day job. But it was a stint at Gotham Magazine in the early 2000’s that had him soon shooting high-profile Manhattanites, from chefs at Nobu and Le Cirque to architects, fashion designers and writers, that got him energized. “As I was doing it,” says Fasano, “I discovered the art in what they do. It was blessed.”


12 SHOREWOOD LIVING [OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2015] Photo courtesy of Paul Jonason

STING ©Jeff Fasano

A few years later at Gotham he began to shoot musicians and celebrities, including actor Terrence Howard, about a decade before the actor would star in the hit Fox television drama Empire. “This was before Crash and Hustle & Flow,” recalls Fasano. “Nobody really knew who Terrence was, but all my actor friends knew who he was. They said to me, ‘He’s a great actor, you’re gonna know him when you see him.’ So we shot at the W Hotel in Union Square, and I go up to his suite and knock on the door. He answers the door and I look at him and he goes, ‘Now you know who I am.’ From that moment on we became friends.”

It was through Howard that Fasano ended up coming to shoot in Los Angeles more and more, due to the actor connecting him to valuable players in the industry and up-and-coming actors, including Howard’s friend and fellow thespian Taraji P. Henson. But it was on a morning in 2010 that Fasano woke up in his Manhattan apartment on 85th and Columbus and thought, “I think I’m finished with New York City. I think the part of my life here is done.”

He came to Los Angeles for a longer-than-usual spell at the suggestion of a friend, and quickly felt that he had found the location for a new life chapter. It was the desire to put down roots, though, in his chosen city that led Fasano to the South Bay. “My friend Merlin David, who is the publisher of M Music & Musicians Magazine, said ‘Come down to Redondo Beach.’” After a meal at Good Stuff and a stroll around Riviera Village, Fasano was sold. “There’s just this vibe about this area that is really cool and calm. You’re away from the hustle and bustle of what’s going on even in Santa Monica or Venice. You can come down here and be in a great beach community and have calm and peacefulness.”

Does Fasano have any foundational words of wisdom for aspiring professional photographers, or to those who like to tinker with their cameras and want to know how to tinker better? “It’s really simple,” says Fasano, who recommends asking oneself a question that his mentor Cabrera would ask him relentlessly—a question with an answer that doesn’t always appear quickly: “What do you want to say to the world with your work?”

Speaking of, though Fasano’s work may focus on celebrities and musicians, there’s a larger pursuit he’s after: To capture the moment when a person’s inner self is revealed.


“What are you responding to when you look at Dorothea Lang’s photographs of migrant farm families, W. Eugene Smith’s photographs from the streets of New York and Walker Evans’ portraits?” asks Fasano, citing iconic and familiar works of the 20th century’s most acclaimed photojournalists before answering: “You are feeling those people through a photograph.” Likewise, Fasano explains that his intention is to capture, and thereby share, “a feeling that occurs in a moment.”

To that end, he considers his shoots as collaborations between him and his subjects, with the best work produced by him creating a nurturing environment that allows his subjects “to show themselves”—and for Fasano to capture such golden moments as they occur. “It requires me to get out of the way and allow the moments to show themselves and appear, while staying conscious enough to capture them.” Part of the beauty of shooting people, Fasano points out, is that even the most highly styled, meticulously laid-out shoot can only be planned up to a certain point. “You can have a general idea of what you’re after, and you can set it up with the artist and an art director, then a stylist and makeup artist,” says Fasano. “But the bottom line is this: It’s going to go where it’s going to go.”

And when it goes to that perfect moment, it’s up to Fasano to lovingly seize it. 




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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Transformation, Identification and Clarification

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you now as many are becoming aware that your consciousness and awareness if heightening. You are becoming aware that it is important to move out into the world with your endeavors and modalities and teachings. Utilizing the wisdom that comes from us and other multi-­dimensional energies. Releasing being entrenched in the personal process.

There is a heightened awareness and many can now feel a heightened level of kinetic energy flowing through them. Many are feeling a sense of urgency to move and bring their teachings out to the world. It is an urgency where what they have to give to the world is important. It is a heightened urgency within, a state of energetic beingness. It is important now to be where you need to be and bring your teachings, modalities and endeavors to the world.

What We mean by urgency is this. It is not important and urgent to do it now in the physical. The urgency is a direct connection to the next step in their soul’s divine plan. The human perceives it as an urgent calling and for some it may be so. It is a heightened awareness to self-importance and self- love as well as a heightened awareness that their modality, endeavor is important to bring to the world for transformation.

Transformation and Information

It is important to understand that the key aspect here is transformation as opposed to information. It is not so much about giving information it is about supplying information for transformation. 
The heightened awareness is for those who are utilizing their personal transformational process to bring themselves out into the world. If you look at your life you have transformed from what was to what is and who you are now.
This period of time is no longer about information it is a period transformation. So many who are seeking a higher awareness are realizing that something needs to shift and change in their lives and within themselves. They have accumulated an inordinate amount of information through inspiration to now move to transformation. We are addressing those who are looking to transform themselves and utilize their endeavors, teachings and modalities to transform others.

Identification of Self

This next ten week period is about stepping into the unknown. As you move into the personal process and utilize the energies, the tools, the messages, the lessons you have been given, you are shifting and changing yourself. Thus your identification of self shifts and changes. In the past you may have identified yourself though what may be transpiring out in the world, or possibly though an endeavor you are giving to the world. What is shifting and changing is releasing looking outside of you for identification to identifying yourself in an entirely different way that comes from within. With this your perception of the world outside of you shifts and changes.

As your self-identification begins to shift and change, your perception of self, that might have based upon looking outside of you is shifting and changing. This is all based upon a new meaning, value and purpose.

Many may be asking: 
What is the meaning, value and purpose of this endeavor? 
What is the meaning, value and purpose of my life? 
These questions come up because of your personal transformation. 
Many may be in a place where they are wondering what their life is about. The reason for this is based on the new you.

Also your old identification of self may be a reason why you are in the geographical location you are in. Moving forward now, the resonance and vibration of a geographical location or vortex of energy now is a match of your energy and vibration.

Thus will allow you to flourish and bring your teachings and endeavors out into the world with more grace and ease. It is a shift from the outer to the inner and then to the outer. Many are in the inner process of wondering and possibly feeling lost or disconnected.

Perhaps a place of disassociation to what is transpiring in the world and whom it is transpiring with. Thus why it is important to look at your relationships.

Many of you are in a Limbo period a period of being in between. Within this is a period of self-examination. Examining yourself, your needs, what you want, examining the resonance and vibration and looking at who is in your life now and taking stock of you, your modalities, your endeavors and why it is important to bring them out into the world.

Many are in this place and now. The eclipse of your moon was an ignition point of transformation and clarification, a period of clarifying you and your endeavors. So you may be feeling as if you are in between lives, in between worlds, in between relationships and wondering why and how.

This period of time will bring greater clarification to those at this place and to those who have a heightened awareness of themselves. It is about releasing the status quo of the old. Releasing the reasons why you are in a certain geographical location, why you are in a certain relationship that may be based upon the wounding of the old self.

Many are moving through a period of growing up to the full-fledged adult that no longer needs gratification and validation from outside of the self. For those who now can stand fully in their powerfulness and greatness and begin to state to the world their needs and what they want and what they would like their life to be. 
This is now a movement from the inner to the outer and not based upon the circumstances of the outside world. This is all based upon joy. 
What brings you the greatest amount of joy in life? 
Who brings you the greatest amount of joy in life? 
Are you seeing a reflection in the mirror with another the relationship you are having with yourself?

Meaning Value and Purpose

It is now important to utilize the information or wisdom you have received for transformation. It is wonderful to receive the wisdom, it is now important to use that wisdom for transformation. Utilize the wisdom, the teachings, the information to transform you within then relaying the wisdom, the teachings, the information to other so they can begin their transformation.

By not only seeing yourself and seeing the old there, many now are seeing the old of the earthly plain. Perhaps in you political systems and your governmental systems. This is a direct reflection of you raising your level of meaning, value and purpose. Many are questioning, the meaning, value and purpose of their life or their relationships?

As you transform within this shifts your meaning, value and purpose, the meaning value and purpose of you and your endeavors. Thus it is important to identify when you move into a new endeavor the meaning, value and purpose of it. 
Are you doing it to become well known for validation and gratification?

Or are you doing it to serve and transform others? 
The impetus for this transformational period is Meaning Value and Purpose.

You are now beginning this period and this transformational process. 
Many are disillusioned with and their life an not quite sure about their life. Many are questioning their life. 
As you move from the old to the new, which is a consistent process, many are at the place of the ending of the old and why the questioning comes as well as the disillusionment comes in.

The identification of the self in the old is shifting and changing. You move from the old to the new but not immediately. You move through a transition period of releasing the old and moving into the new. Many are seeing this shift in resonance and vibration.

The lunar eclipse signified the beginning of transformation and transition for those who are considering the next step.

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