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By Joel Dennis Anastasi

Everyone knows the story. The U.S. and world economies are gripped by one of the deepest recessions (dare we say depression) in a century and stock markets worldwide have been hammered to levels not seen in a decade. Financial institutions considered cornerstones of the U. S. financial industry have suddenly imploded and vanished. Others are on life support and survive through huge infusions of taxpayer bailouts. Billions in real estate values have evaporated while millions of shocked homeowners and speculators are swamped by mortgages that exceed the value of their houses. Meanwhile, home foreclosures soar along with the numbers of unemployed.

If this bleak scenario weren't enough, it was topped off by the scandals surrounding tax payer funding of bloated AIG executive bonuses and Bernie Madoff, who managed to pull off the biggest fraud in Wall Street history by bilking billions from naive individuals and institutions who thought they were members of an exclusive “insider” investment club. Madoff and AIG suddenly became the poster boys for the greed, corruption and secrecy many believe lies at the heart of the current economic crisis.

Of course, it's difficult to know at this point exactly where the truth lies in this tangled mess. Every day we hear “experts” explaining the causes and predicting what and how long it will take to turn this economy around-often from the same people who failed to see the crash coming.

One expert who did predict the crumbling of the financial system and its recovery is unlikely to get much attention or respect from the financial establishment--or from the public: The Archangel Gabriel. Yes, I know. That's crazy! At one time I may have reacted the same way. After all, I'm too sophisticated to believe that man can speak to a heavenly messenger. I have degrees from two respected universities. I'm a former news reporter and editor and was a VP at Merrill Lynch where I participated in many economic and investment policy meetings. Advice from an archangel? Give me a break!

For open minds, here's how I came to speak with Gabriel. In 2002 I began studying the energetic healing art of Reiki in Manhattan with Reiki Master Robert Baker who I soon learned “channeled” the Archangel Gabriel. Raised Catholic and trained as a journalist, I was more than a little skeptical. But after observing several channeling sessions, I was convinced this was a spiritual event of major significance that needed to be brought to a wider audience.

I spent two years interviewing Gabriel and published The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age in November 2008. Gabriel and I discuss such topics as creation, God, the purpose of the universe, why we are here, and why he says we are entering a new 2000 year age of the spiritual unity of mankind. Phenomenon associated with the dawning of this new age, I believe, largely explains the current economic meltdown.

Gabriel claims man's journey on Earth is a path of awakening consciousness. Up to now, he says, man has evolved through separation, which has been played out for millennia in conflict, wars and vast concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the relative few. In this new age human beings will come to truly understand their unity with each other and all that is as individual expressions of God, ultimately creating a new world of harmony, community and equality.

To usher in this new age, powerful new energies are radiating into the Earth plane raising the energetic vibrations and consciousness of mankind. These energies of high vibration, Gabriel says, are destroying all systems of lower vibration that foster separation, inequality, and haves and have-nots.

What kinds of systems? “Your corporate systems, your economic system, your capitalistic system as you have known it, your governmental and political systems. All systems that attempt to keep you in fear and separation. What is taking place will bring, in the crisis, humanity together, to build something anew, a new system, a new form that will embrace the good of the whole.”

The original intention of the United States, Gabriel tells us, was to create such a system. The United States, he says, was a divine idea created to be the prototype of what the world would become in this new age of unity. It was to be “the New Jerusalem, the land of the awakening of the new spirit,” signified, Gabriel says, by the fact that the letters USA are the central letters in the world Jerusalem. The United States was “to lead the world into a new level of unity, oneness, communion and freedom.”

But that mission, he says, has been distorted because our democracy became increasingly dominated by huge global concentrations of wealth and power that have greatly reduced the power and influence of the individual, which is fundamental to the success of democratic societies. The few came to dominate the many, he says, by fostering conflict, separation and disunity and by gaining control through fear. That control by the few is now being destroyed so that the original intention of the United States of “equality for all” can be restored.

So how long will this economic distress last? “As long as it takes humanity to learn there is enough for everyone, that we must have equality on the planet--race, sex, nationality, etc. Then those boundaries will evaporate. You will fall into unity. It's all up to you.”

In truth, it has taken some time for me to accept Gabriel's descriptions of reality. Shortly after his first warnings to me, the Enron collapse was followed by one corporate debacle after another. Unfortunately, I didn't take Gabriel seriously enough back then to move my portfolio heavily into cash. I have now. But then I had the counsel of an archangel, something Mr. Madoff and AIG executives could have used.

Joel Anastasi has a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University. He has worked as a public relations specialist with the New York Stock Exchange, a news reporter for the Asbury Park Press, economic affairs editor with Scholastic Magazines, a VP of the Portfolio Management Division of Merrill Lynch, director of marketing for the Economic Consulting Division of Merrill Lynch, and a management consultant for many small and large organizations. He has also been a student of metaphysical, spiritual and religious subjects for many years.

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