Sunday, March 27, 2016



With The Christ Consciousness Energy (transcending all beliefs into cosmic truth)
Shared By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans, at your Easter Season, In large part your erroneous belief systems have supported the idea that the Jesus Christ resurrection was something only He could achieve. That it was some kind of high and mighty miracle only achievable by a higher power through a certain religion. As a result of accepting this as your truth you are experiencing lack and limitation and so called death as a natural aspect of life.

Dear ones, one of the most important reasons the Christ (meaning soul) experienced the resurrection was to maintain and sustain an energetic pathway within your consciousness that all of humanity is capable of employing the same thing each and every day.

This resurrection gift and energy is the promise to humanity of your transcending what you have been experiencing as lack and limitation, and separation, evolving back into your divinity.
The resurrection energy is being activated within your spiritual DNA, and expanding chakra system ever more quickly on during your Easter Season when your Mother Earth takes a massive out- breath creating your Springtime and rebirth of all there is.  The winter is the in-breath of the planet. This is how your planet breaths and maintains and sustains your life upon and within her body
What resurrection means is to return to a normal state of being by transitioning your wounds and ego defenses to higher realms.  Who you are is not only God being beingness, but you as a co-creator. This truth brings resurrection out of the miraculous into a universal law, and availability in which you can heal and restore all imbalances into wholeness and Oneness..  Seeing so called death transmuting into life is the normal state of every divine soul.

True resurrection transcends any one belief or organization that attempts to take ownership of something
They did not create.

If a plant that has been dormant all winter can come to life again through the resurrection energy from within the core of the Earth, at Spring Season; why not you? 

This resurrection energy is actually available all the time, a limitless free supply (for you to see yourself worthy enough) to invoke and apply. Take a deep breath and allow yourself especially at this Easter Season to feel the resurrection energy awaken within you. Invoke this birthright empowerment until you can actually feel and know it.  Connect with your higher self I AM Presence and allow your affirmation be,” I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” 

With these simple yet, powerful  universal few words you can build/employ this resurrection energy within and throughout whatever needs to be healed and released from your emotional, mental and physical bodies, thus world. 

These divinely inspired words allow you to resurrect yourselves from any and all crucifixions (learning to love self and others).

Repeat several times out loud Dear Ones, “I AM the Resurrection and Life,” and follow these ‘coded’ words with whatever needs to be healed and released from your life. Allow yourself to accept with compassion and gratitude the divine gift of resurrection. Your divine birthright of always being able to resurrect yourself back into your divinity will be the eventual pathway and returning to your eternal, immortal state of being.

Are you ready to resurrect and release whatever is necessary in order to return to your divinity? This is the true Christ’s (meaning soul’s) second coming; a process of inside out, not outside in. Your ascending world awaits the resurrection of all human wounds and ego defenses into Oneness.
Everlasting Easter Season Resurrection Energy to One and All…

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