Tuesday, April 12, 2016



From ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN, by Phillip Elton Collins

(Cosmic Codes of Conduct)

Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Beloved Earth Beings,

(1)  First and foremost, remember from whence you came. Be conscious of the forces that created you and maintain and sustain you; consider serving these forces as a priority in your life.
(2)  Do not allow your emotions, thoughts, and actions to harm yourself or another. All harm returns to the provider in increased magnitude and caustic karma.
(3)  Focus on creating a world of equality, harmony, and balance, joyfully loving all things. This can and will create a new you and new world paradigm.
(4)  Allow your self-love to reflect out to the planet (your home) and others, thus keeping your wounds and ego defenses in check.
(5)  Know that your body and the planet are sacred temples. Treat both with respect; the consequence of not being respectful of these is death.
(6)  Begin to know, embrace, and embody the empowerment of simply being silent, being your message through resonance, creating peace on Earth.
(7)  Know that heartfelt gratitude for “what is” creates abundance; reduce focusing on “what is not.”
(8)  Acceptance and compassion through forgiveness frees and empowers you and replenishes your world.
(9)  Allow your emotions, thoughts, and words to reflect the life and world you say you want, for they do create everything around you.

(10) Know you are Creation experiencing itself. Know that each of you, your planet, and the cosmos are all interdependent.

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