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A Chapter from MAN POWER GOD POWER, by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

A Dialogue with the Combined Saint Germain and Lord Sananda Christ Consciousness Energies

After the 2012 (a year of increased vibratory frequencies) American presidential elections, there was a quantum shift in human consciousness, which allowed a dispensation from source that allowed truths to once again come forward. Now during the 2016 elections and the July 4th celebrations these words become even more essential. This is a dialogue between two ascended realms that are very involved in the creation, destiny, and evolution of America, the heart of the world. It matters not if you do not recognize or believe the source of this conversation. Can you hear the content and, if it resonates, apply it?

Phillip: Beloved Saint Germain and Sananda, what is the most important thing you wish to say at this time?

Saint Germain and Sananda: America “belongs” to the higher realms of light that created it, not you. America belongs to God Power. We feel the same way about the nation as you do. We are one in the same; we are one.

Phillip: What exactly does this mean?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Unknown to most of you, we beloved forces have been working for mankind for eons, especially in the creation of America.

Who do you think inspired your founding fathers and those enlightened papers they wrote? Through our love and support, America is a gift to those who wish to be free. And even though things are not yet perfect, you are the freest people in the world. And this is about to shift even more…

Phillip: What do you mean “a gift to those who wish to be free”?

Saint Germain and Sananda: You see, dear ones, America belongs to the we conscious people of the light, not to any dark forces that have attempted to control you for so long. The gift is your awakening into freedom, at last.

Phillip: How did all this start? Why is America so important to the rest of the world?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Most of you do not know that America is where humanity first took human form in the original land of light, called Lemuria. Only a brief part of that physical world still exists in your Western United States. It was in Lemuria that your soul blueprint as a nation began through the direct connection and service to all there is. This was millions of years ago, not hundreds or thousands. That unconditional loving energetic blueprint still exists within each of you through the central Sun core of Mother Earth. As many of you are choosing to complete your ascension, along with Mother Earth, into higher realms now, many chose to do the same in the time of Lemuria.

Phillip: So you are saying that our American origin came from the light and still belongs to it and our genetic coding connection to previous light people still exists with us? And you and they are guiding and supporting us in our ascension process now?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Yes, dear one. You have more love and support from us than what exists within most of you. Can you receive now what we have to give?

Phillip: Can you further explain exactly what happened during and after our presidential election?
Saint Germain and Sananda: Through your ascension process, what has been most importantly revealed (again) is the necessity for a “God-Powered government,” an authentic, transparent government filled with justice and equality for the people of the light, you. So far, you have had man-made (Man Power) governments reflecting all your wounds and ego defenses. This must end, dear ones.

Phillip: Why are you doing all this?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Because we came from the people (we were once just like you). We are now returned to the light, and our mission is to guard it and never again allow the darkness to prevail, for America belongs to the higher realms of light, where the light and we came. And our destiny is to unite in oneness.

Phillip: So how can we make sure this return to the light happens?

Saint Germain and Sananda: You must be careful to no longer give your power away to those who think they are the rulers of the land. You must now move away from any and all concept or belief in giving your power away. America, the Land of Light, must be ruled by the people, for the people, we the people through Man Power becoming God Power.

Phillip: Is that where “we the people” came from?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Yes, dear one, where else? We the people came from the beings of light. America belongs to that light. America, you can and will now set yourself free by the light within you. Can you now demand and command that the light rule the land (God Power), not the man-not-so-kind Man Power?

Phillip: How else will this transformation take place?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Through the love of self, others, and nation, the destruction of negative forces can appear near.
Let the light hourly grow and expand through the American hand throughout the land and the entire Earth. This process has greatly begun, and you felt it during your past elections.

Phillip: It seems you are ever present?

Saint Germain and Sananda: The higher beings of light from which we came are waiting and watching for every possible opportunity to bring into your 3-D reality an awakened people ready to return to the way of the light, oneness, we consciousness. This is the true feeling within most of you, isn’t it?…In spite of your dualistic and confrontational ways.

Phillip: Please further explain the cause and effect.

Saint Germain and Sananda: Stop accepting “wounded,” nonhealed authority outside yourselves, which has kept you in bondage so long. Command and demand the light authority, the I Am presence, to God-govern and lead you. The lengthy wait of humanity is over, if you can only receive and accept this God Power within yourselves. Remember, Earth and you and we are one.

Phillip: Please continue…

Saint Germain and Sananda: So much of your struggle and energy has not helped your ascension process and only created more lack and limitation. Examine how you use your time and energy. Does it always serve your highest good? Now embrace your inner light and power forevermore…and finally, shut off the separation of human creation!

Phillip: It seems now is the time for us to demand that our world be free of man-made authority (Man Power) and embrace our freedom that can only come from the light within.

Saint Germain and Sananda: When you finally embrace this light, almost instantly, the barriers will fall like the Berlin Wall. Any other way can only cause more delay. Aren’t you ready?

Phillip: So we have got to break the destructive cycle that has controlled our nation and the world too long.

We need to set America and the world free from all authority that is not rightfully from the light within each of us.

Saint Germain and Sananda: This will allow a God Power to be used on your ascension process that will create great joy.

Phillip: What further prevents ascension?

Saint Germain and Sananda: You cannot take separation and duality and confrontation into the ascension frequency. This density is what is keeping you where you are now. Your present frequency simply is not allowed within higher realms.

Phillip: But it is our destiny to ascend?

Saint Germain and Sananda: Once you fully connect to the light within, the mass (we) consciousness of humanity can and will shift. Can you accept with compassion and forgive the past and the present? It’s merely how you choose to learn. Then you will be truly free, forever, dear ones. Remember, there is no law in the universe that can ever enslave humanity by the light within; God Power is always good.

Phillip: So let’s briefly recap your teaching…

Saint Germain and Sananda: Human Man Power authority is what has enslaved you; the light within authority (God Power) is the freeing power that has always been available and with you. It is time for you to be free from the many things you struggle against within yourself and others. The higher realms are pouring their love and light into you every day to assist in freeing you from your human authority. We can only do so much not to interfere with your freedom of choice and will. Are you willing to do the work and join our efforts moving Man Power into God Power?
If you so choose, you can serve the light within you and radiate it out in world service. And be totally free, at last.

Phillip: Thank you, beloved beings of truth and the light.

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