Tuesday, August 16, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
August, 2016
Beginning on August 13th through the 19th, 2016  , – the planets of Mercury Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter comes into our cosmic night sky for another special alignment which represents a recurrence of energies of the Harmonic Convergence which first occurred during my birthday August, 16, 1987. Since more people are born in August than any other month, this is a grand birthday gift to us all.
Some 29 years ago I celebrated that special birthday by gathering hundreds of people at my home on the beaches of Fire Island Pines, New York to seed the planet at sunrise with crystals and gratitude for this extraordinary celestial event.
GOD’S GLOSARY, A DIVINE DICTIONARY, defines the harmonic convergence as a cosmic event that ushered in what is called The New Age, beginning in 1987, a five year period where humanity was able to develop and raise its consciousness; thus preventing humanity from destroying the planet; a powerful astrological/cosmic configuration ushering in a new unity consciousness age.
What is happening now will provide further solar systemic ascension energies for more transformation/integration to come into the planet. Each of these five planets represents a different aspect that is being integrated into Mother Earth to assist humanity to wake up and shift, and fully activate our reason to be here: to learn to love. This will allow us to create communities of equality, harmony and balance.
Mercury  ushers in the importance of how we communicate with each other.  Venus reflects  the balance of relationships especially with self to allow the essence of love to flow inside out (bringing forth the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Energies). Mars represents the action and desire to move forward. Saturn is our protective guardian giving humanity a sense of responsibility/consequence in order not to let our fears (absence of love) and limitations get in the way. Jupiter represents the mental body within spiritual growth and expansion allowing us to transmute into we consciousness, thus world service.
Within the above alignment, the Full Moon of Aquarius and Leo will be the guiding energies with a Lunar Eclipse. This is when humanity fully experiences the exchange of energies to be represented by what we have manifested through the past cycles, especially during the New Moon we experienced August 2nd.
This is a time of leadership (Leo) bringing forth great resonance/discernment of the Light/Dark (Aquarius). We shall be in a space when we realize that change has to occur and it must be a personal process of inside out, not outside in. It is a time of unity consciousness and bringing that essence into being. The Lunar Eclipse represents emotional feelings allowing the receptive feminine self (self being a reflection of ALL THERE IS) to be part of the process; further assisting in balancing the masculine and feminine energies. This period is also the locking of the door of the old and proceeding with trust, fearlessly into the pathway of the new.
Now at this ‘anniversary’ of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence let us continue to celebrate the beginning of allowing all these energies to align with our planet and humanity. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude for the higher realms that never stopped sending their love and support to a world that often was not even aware of their existence. .
As I look back on that first Fire Island ceremony so long ago, I honor all those divine souls who were present and the many that have left this frequency. It was a joyful time filled with the hope and promise of creating a better world.
As we experience our world today filled with chaos and upheaval, we can easily understand why this cosmic configuration has occurred again. We need it like never before.
 Let us now together apply the teachings and tools we have so vastly received from the higher realms since that last Harmonic Convergence and create the lives and world that lives so deeply in our hearts. Surely the reason so many of us are present on the planet now is to be and create a reality that reflects us being spiritual beings having a human experience.
All I want for my birthday present this year is that you join me in fully receiving these energies and create the world that mirrors our reason to be here; TO LEARN TO LOVE.
In Unconditional Love,


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