Sunday, September 18, 2016

                                  TEACHING US?

The Presidential election campaign in the United States has a lot of people here and around the world confused and scared.

This is especially true of many of us in the spiritual community who have been told by the highest spiritual realms that we have entered a new spiritual era in which mankind will come together in brotherhood to recognize at last that we are all one.  These realms also have said it is the destiny and mission of the United States to lead the world to this unity.

Yet, we are witnessing in the United States the most divisive presidential election within memory, perhaps in our nation’s history. One of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump,  fearlessly and repeatedly  appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and makes not so veiled threats of violence against his opponents.  Shockingly, half the U.S. population appears to be supporting him. Students of history can see the parallels between Trump and past villains of history, including Adolph Hitler, and the ruin they inevitably brought to their nation and people.

How can this be happening in this land founded, (divinely inspired we are told) to foster freedom and equality? How does this mesh with spiritual teachings of the coming enlightenment of mankind?

We at the Angel News Network regularly receive messages of wisdom from the higher spiritual realms including the Archangelic and Ascendant Mastery which we post on our website and in social media. All the spiritual wisdom is consistent with the  comments I am posting here made recently by Archangel Uriel channeled through Phillip Collins:

. It looks like things are moving backward. That is not the case. There is always a breakdown before the break through. This is the era of evolving into equality, harmony and balance. There is more harmony on Earth than ever before.

. Humanity is divided between those creating duality and those creating unity. One is moving forward through love, and the other is vacillating through fear. They are aspects of the same oneness. All of life is about integrating it all rather than judging and taking sides.

. HOW CAN YOU CREATE EQUALITY, HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH THOSE WHO WOULD DO YOU HARM AT ANY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY? You all have the same needs: to love and be loved. It begins with compassion. By learning about others you can understand what they feel, need and their belief systems and what guides and motivates them. Without love you fall back into separation, duality and often confrontation. Lack of love (fear) never overcomes love.

. Your emotions and thoughts create your reality. It is time to free yourself from this form of creation. FORGIVING SELF AND OTHERS IS THE NEXT STEP FOR HUMANITY CREATING A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS FREQUENCY. This gives you the opportunity to set positive energy into motion for yourself rather than reacting to someone else’s emotion.

. You cannot solve a problem with the same negative energy that created it. Build a parallel path by stepping out of your negative emotion and start creating a higher frequency of love (which carries more light.)

. That is why The Christ Consciousness energies have been teaching love thy enemies for eons. Expand that into LOVE ANYONE DIFFERENT FROM YOU FOR THEY ARE A DIVERSIFIED VERSION OF YOU AND CREATION. You are all each other in disguise. IT IS THE LACK OF LOVE THAT IS KEEPING HUMANITY WHERE IT IS.

. You are all players on the stage of life on this planet learning to love. This is why you have decided to come here. Before you decided to return to this planet you were collaborating with the very beings you are in conflict with now. You were agreeing to the Earth dance you would do to learn what you needed to learn.

. When enough of you wake up to create critical mass, the old paradigm will be instantly replaced with a new one based on creating equality, harmony and balance.

So, folks, according to Archangel Uriel, before we came here we were all collaborating with the people we are in conflict with (as Mr. Shakespeare once told us) in this drama called life to learn what we needed to learn. Perhaps this Act can be called a Clearing and Cleansing, as we have been told we are experiencing. Meanwhile, we might consider what this messy campaign drama has to teach us. Love  (including thy enemy), perhaps?

Next week I’ll share what the Cosmic Keepers of Creation (another divine realm) has to say about the U.S. Presidential Election 2016 and what it will NOT do to our United States of America.

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