Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins


Those of you who have been reading my journals know that St Germain has been warning that democracies around the world are under siege and the United States, as the world’s leading and most powerful democracy, is a prime target.

Donald Trump, St Germain says, is a key figure in a plan to subvert our democracy and charges that Trump’s victory was helped by the collusion of his campaign staff with the Russian government, the most powerful dictatorship in the world today.

St Germain is the spiritual guardian of this new spiritual age and was a major influence on our Founding Fathers and the founding documents of the United States of America. His mission is to support the success of democracy in the United States and around the world because it is through the vehicle of democracy—reflecting governments of the people, by the people and for the people--that mankind will one day come together in communities of equality, harmony and balance.

I spoke with St. Germain, through channel Phillip Collins, after explosive press reports that President Trump had disclosed top secret intelligence information to Russian officials—the day after abruptly firing FBI director James Comey, who was investigating Trump’s campaign ties to Russia. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

“More and more of you are realizing the emperor has no clothes. That you have brought into the presidency of the United States of America an individual who is completely unprepared within his life experiences to take this on. He has been brought in because the majority of the people of the United States do not vote, and those who did vote for this individual had no understanding of the checks and balances of your democracy.

“Many were voting against the candidate who was fully qualified for the position. In their ignorance, fear and their lack of love, they brought someone into the position to create the experiences that you are having right now.

“So what exactly is taking place? As has been explained to you, this individual, the president of the United States, in the past had gone through many financial and business failings. As a result, to maintain and sustain his various investments he borrowed money from the Russian oligarchs.

“What you are seeing taking place now is the control that they have over this individual (Trump) actually taking place within the oval office of the Whitehouse. So what he is setting up
is like a television program, if you will, that he has had experience with in the past: ‘I’ll do this right in front of everyone. I will exclude the American press, and I will pretend nothing is wrong.’

“But what is wrong is, in your vernacular, he is buddying up to the Russian oligarchs who he is indebted to to give them the information that they are asking for. What you are seeing now in your media, in your free press, are the checks and balances in your democracy taking place. It is the era, once again, of the investigative reporter, the free democratic press, coming in to rescue democracy--to bring light where there is darkness, to bring truth where there are lies.

“You’re also beginning to see the role this individual is playing very blatantly within the soul plan of America. Let us remember that this individual who has chosen to be this role, this clown, if you will, is serving as a test and a wake up call for the American people to realize that the democratic process is not a spectator sport, and it requires the participation of all of you.

“So, in many ways, he is like a Shakespearean character. He is a Macbeth. He is a King Lear. He is a Hamlet on the stage of humanity. And he is revealing all of the follies of being human. His wounds--of daddy love me, take care of me, please accept me--revealing the wounds of humanity itself in a very dramatic way unlike anything that has ever happened in the past before.

Joel: You’ve explained where we are now. Now what do we do?

SG: Those who continue to support this individual as a player upon the stage of humanity now need to make a choice between nation and democracy and their political party. There will come a divide in your mid-term elections, but what is needed at this time is action prior to that.

By remaining silent and loyal to the tyranny and the ignorance, they are perpetuating what is going on and on and on. Your world leaders already see the folly in this individual and have lost their trust in him. It is now open to the congress, supposedly of his party, which in reality he is not, realizing it would serve the nation and the world to not support this individual and allow--in addition to the judiciary and the free press--to have the congress come in as the salvation and the protection of the democratic process.

Joel: What do you suggest the congress do?

SG: ”Act and speak up. Challenge his actions and appointments. Many of the individuals he has selected for his cabinet are not qualified to be in the cabinet and are attempting to undermine the democratic process itself. Go to Trump and let him know that they no longer support him unless there is a shift in his ways and to stop pretending that what he is doing is normal. It is important not to normalize these actions. They know within their own truth, their hearts, that what he is being and doing is not for the betterment of the nation and the people.

“Many people who supported him, some still clinging to the hope of continuing to support him, are beginning to realize he is not who he said he would be. They are beginning to realize they have been deceived.”

J: So it comes back to what you said earlier, loyalty to nation, not party.

SG: “Exactly. Loyalty to the WE consciousness rather than the ME consciousness. What you are seeing is the thrashing about of an individual within ME consciousness who does not have the tools or the experience to know what he is doing. He has isolated himself within his own internal staff, berating them, judging them, shaming them. The reason the leaks are continuing is because they are frightened and do not trust him themselves.

“So he is left with his preferred way of communicating through an electronic means (tweeting), which, inadvertently, is actually revealing exactly who he is because he does not trust the press."


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