Friday, November 24, 2017


St. Germain channeled by Phillip Elton Collins & Transcribed by Joel D. Anastasi, The Angel News Network

ST Germain 11/24/19

Greetings beloved students nationwide and worldwide,

I come to you at this time, this time of the chaos within your nation. Through the chaos will come the creation and the manifestation of the protection of these United States of America mirroring out into the world at large. 

Those of you who have chosen to be way showers and light workers, this is an auspicious decision to have made at this particular time within the incarnational cycle and the ascension cycle of the planet and of humanity upon the body of this planet. 

Exactly what is taking place is the light workers and way showers are experiencing mental, emotional and physical disruption, if you will. What is happening is a clearing and a cleansing of the nervous system. Your nervous systems have been activated by your emotions and thoughts in many incarnational cycles. In many cases the activation of the nervous system has been 
a negative one in order to know that you are worthy and good enough to be alive. 

So what is happening now with many of you with nerve situations, whether they be impingements or viral attacks, is that the nervous system is clearing and cleansing all of the negative emotions and thoughts that have been stored from past and present incarnational cycles. This is what is taking place. 

What will happen at the end of this? You will have a clearer path to your personalized ascension process in combination with the ascension process of the planet herself. 

To recapitulate:  what is happening is the clearing and cleansing of the human nervous system for those of you who have been light workers and way showers as a result of the negative emotions and thoughts that have been stored and activated in the nervous system in the past. What will come of this as a result of this clearing and cleansing will be no need to have a negative activation of the nervous system. There will only be a positive emotion, creating a positive thought, allowing the energetic flow within the body to flow without the need for creating what is called disease. This is what is taking place. Questions?

Q: What do you recommend we do as we go through this process?

Surrender to it. Focus on what is in your life, not on what is not. Attempt to not ask the question, why, since I have answered it. Embrace this explanation and trust and surrender to that is the truth. Does that help you?

J: Trust and surrender. 

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