Saturday, December 2, 2017

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: Truth is Rising: All Inclusiveness. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

As truth continues to rise in your world many who have been rooted in old dogmatic belief systems are beginning to feel threatened.  The threat is not through fighting, it is through bringing the new consciousness or new thought to the world.  This new consciousness is All Inclusiveness. As you come from a place of community, harmony, equality, peace this will threaten the status quo of the old. 

Since you are being asked to move out of comfort zones in your life, do you feel threatened? For many the answer is yes.  Yet many have the courage to move within and into the heart space and release the mask and the armor to fully be you.   This all begins with accepting with compassion where you are. 
By doing this, you raise your resonance and vibration and can energetically have a hand in revealing of truth and un truth in your world.

There are many dogmatic congregations that are beginning to feel the energy of inclusiveness and equality and are feeling threatened by it. Thus choosing to defend themselves.  This will be revealed more and more. Dogmatic belief systems are being questioned and those professing this are reacting by moving into defense of them.

Many who have discovered their new found truth are seeking sanctuary. They are seeing what is transpiring in the world, at what no longer resonates and their nervous system is being triggered.  They are realizing what their truth is yet are frightened to express it.  You can now create a sanctuary and safe haven for those who are experiencing this so they can be heard and seen.   You will see more and more most wonderful and glorious souls speaking their truth.

Look now at your truth and open your heart to others. Open to those who are opening their heart to their truth and being challenged and not quite sure what is happening. As you move deeper within to your truth you begin to see those with whom you were in relationship reveal who they truly are. And for many this no longer resonates.    

You are beginning to see the breakdown of duality.  You can create a safe haven for those seeking a higher truth. Many are seeking this asking; How can I entrain myself to peace, community, harmony and equality?  How can I release my fear that is based in my old belief systems?  Many are feeling alienated because the truth of old relationships is being revealed that no longer resonates.

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